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Celebration : Kate Middleton�s Amazing Royal Wedding in this Century

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 15:46:00 +0000

Celebration : Kate Middleton�s Amazing Royal Wedding in this CenturyBirth Name: Catherine Elizabeth Middleton Birth Date: January 9, 1982 Birth Place: Reading, Berkshire, England Occupation: Training under photographer Nikolai von Bismark Relationship Status: Engaged to Prince WilliamCelebration : Kate Middleton�s Amazing Royal Wedding in this Century 2Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (usually known as Kate, born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on 9 January 1982) is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Catherine grew up in Chapel Row at Bucklebury, a village near Newbury, Berkshire,[1] and studied in Scotland at the University of St Andrews, where she met Prince William in 2001. They started a romantic relationship that continued until a break-up lasting for several months in 2007. However, they continued to be friends and rekindled their relationship later that year.Prior to her wedding, the Duchess attended many high-profile royal events. She has been admired for her fashion sense[citation needed] and has been placed on numerous "best dressed" lists. Once their relationship became public, Catherine received widespread media attention and there was much speculation that she and Prince William would eventually marry. On 16 November 2010 the office of the Prince at Clarence House announced their engagement, with details announced one week later. Catherine Middleton married Prince William on 29 April 2011 (Feast Day of Saint Catherine of Siena) at Westminster Abbey.After so much speculation, it looks like the Creative Director for Alexander McQueen was given the honor of designing the dress for the Royal Wedding!Celebration : Kate Middleton�s Amazing Royal Wedding in this Century 3With just hours until Kate Middleton shows off the wedding dress the whole world is waiting to see, it looks like the big secret is out! British news outlets are reporting that Sarah Burton, Creative Director for Alexander McQueen, was spotted checking into Kate�s hotel, The Goring!Burton was an early favorite, but when recent reports claimed Kate was wearing up-and-coming designer Sophie Cranston, it seemed like a distant possibility. Personally, I think it�s the perfect fit � Kate is modern and chic, and I�m sure Burton�s creation will look gorgeous on the bride-to-be. We�re not the only ones who were pulling for Burton � even Nina Garcia wanted to see Kate in one of the designer�s dresses!If Sarah Burton is definitely the designer, it may also explain why Dior has yet to reveal John Galliano�s successor � especially since Burton�s name keeps coming up regarding Galliano�s replacement. Celebration : Kate Middleton�s Amazing Royal Wedding in this Century 4Did you not see Kate Middleton�s dress as it was revealed in real time because you�re not insane and you didn�t want to wake up super early? Or are you just as insane as us and did wake up to watch the grand reveal but were a little bleary eyed and didn�t get a good enough look? Or do you just want to marvel at the splendor of Kate Middleton�s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown some more?Don�t worry, we got you covered. Here�s a better look at the Duchess of Cambridge�s wedding gown from every angle.Hats were expected at the wedding today and the ladies in attendance didn�t disappoint.Celebration : Kate Middleton�s Amazing Royal Wedding in this Century 6The Queen was striking and regal in her lovely yellow hat, as was Kate�s mother, Carole Middleton, in a sky blue topper.  Many ladies chose fascinators to complete their look, with others sticking with traditional hats of neutral colours.A favorite among the styles was London milliner Philip Treacy, who provided designs to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and Victoria Beckham.As expected, Kate did not promise to �obey� her husband when she said her vows, but contrary to some rumors, the pair exchanged traditional sentiments, rather than penning their own verses.According to a lipreading expert, William cracked a joke with Kate�s father Michael Middleton[...]

Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block gives back to his long time fans.

Wed, 27 Apr 2011 06:43:00 +0000

Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block 1Prepare yourself, boy band fans, for what could be an overwhelming amount of nostalgia: The New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys have announced they�ll be touring together in 2011. Joey McIntyre, AJ McLean, Jordan Knight, Howie Dorough, Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Littrell, Danny Wood and Nick Carter all got together to shoot the first official tour picture.Some fans are sure to be sad as Kevin Richardson is no longer in BSB and thus, won�t be part of the tour.Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block 2Ryan Seacrest announced the news this morning on his radio show. The first joint performance will be at the American Music Awards on Nov. 21.New Kids on The Block Star Donny Wahlberg gives back to his long time fans. You might be thinking yeah right he sings a song for someone, not this time he helped a Tennessee women get a kidney.Bobbette Miller needed a kidney transplant and when Wahlberg heard he jumped into action. Wahlberg age 41 now can hardly be called a kid but used Twitter to help find a suitable donor for Ms. Miller. After hearing of the problems she was having from her blog and receiving many tweets about the illness he re-tweeted it to his fan based, now over 183,000, and sure enough a suitable donor came forward.Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block 3Abbie Vicknair a close friend of Miller�s started the process by sending the information to Wahlberg and within two hours Donnie got the message out to his entire followers list. Miller is now scheduled to undergo a transplant in June. Vicknair never expected this when she began following New Kids on the Block star a few months ago.Although the New Kids On The Block have not been too popular lately they gained huge fame in 1980's with hits like �You Got The Right Stuff� and really were the forerunners in the boy band sensation that swept the nation. Leading the way for groups like �Backstreet Boys� and � �N Sync�.Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block 4New Kids On The Block will begin touring in May with the Backstreet Boys, hopefully this random act of kindness was for Bobbette Millers sake and not for a little hype to kick the tour off.Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block 5Backstreet's Back ... Alright! And oh yeah, so is NKOTB. Both discarded products of the boy band craze that swept the 90s, the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block have joined forces to form a boy band supergroup. The boys are scheduled to go on tour this summer, and it's about time too. We haven't heard anything from New Kids since they came back with their comeback album, 'The Block' in 2008, almost 15 years after lip-syncing allegations led to an eventual breakup. As for BSB, 'I Want It that Way' continues to be a karaoke hit ten years after it was released along with the group's multi-platinum 'Millennium' album. The boys went on hiatus following a fall out with Jive records. Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block 6The group has put out a few albums since 2006, but their real comeback promises to happen this summer when they take the stage with New Kids.[...]

Photo Sexy : Audrina Patridge Looking Sexy in The Series Premiere of Audrina

Tue, 19 Apr 2011 15:40:00 +0000

Audrina Patridge Looking Sexy 1Audrina Cathleen Patridge (born May 9, 1985) is an American television personality, actress, and model. She is known for being one of the four original primary cast members featured on the MTV reality series, The Hills. She also hosts The Talent Contest Network,, and has starred in the films Sorority Row and Into The Blue 2.Patridge will return to reality television in April 2011 with the premiere of her new series, Audrina.Audrina Patridge Looking Sexy 2Patridge grew up in Yorba Linda, California, the daughter of Lynn and Mark Patridge. She has three younger siblings: Casey, "Marky," and Samantha. In August 2008, she purchased a house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Dell neighborhood. On February 22, 2009, Patridge's home was burgled by two members of the Bling Ring.In March 2008, nude pictures of Patridge were published online. "They were taken when I was just out of high school and beginning to model," Patridge has explained. "I was na�ve, overly trusting of people, and inexperienced."Audrina Patridge Looking Sexy 3Last night was the premiere of Audrina Patridge's new show, Game of Thrones. She played Eddard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell, and she showed her might by decapitating a deserter in front of her 10-year-old son.Of course last night was also the premiere of Audrina's other new show, Audrina. And in this one she did what she does best: stand there and breathe while other people take pictures of her. Although this photographer, Willy, was especially creepy.Well you're half right. By shot 14 one of you will be naked...but the other will be fully clothed and holding a can of mace.Audrina Patridge Looking Sexy 4Audrina Patridge's new show, "Audrina," debuted on VH1 last night. Oh, you didn't see it? That's cool. You can read a full recap at Reality Wanted. Or, if your only interest in Audrina is what she looks like (no judgement), then check out a few of the screencaps that Egotastic  was kind enough to prepare. Producers on the show must be psychics, because she just happened to be involved with a bikini/lingerie shoot in the premiere episode. Coincidence? Doubtful. [...]

TIPS : Pencegahan Wabah Ulat Bulu.

Fri, 15 Apr 2011 10:16:00 +0000

TIPS : Pencegahan Wabah Ulat Bulu. 1
Ulat bulu telah mewabah di Indonesia. Binatang itu telah menyerang belasan ribu pohon di Jawa Timur, Bali, NTB, Jakarta dan terakhir di Yogyakarta.

Sudah banyak yang jadi korban. Jangankan menyentuh badannya, bulu-bulu halus yang rontok dari tubuh ulat bulu itu bisa membuat kulit gatal, bengkak, dan menghitam.

Menteri Kesehatan Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih memberikan cara agar warga tak menderita gara-gara ulat bulu. "Jika terkena, cepat dihilangkan bulunya dengan dicuci, kemudian kalau gatalnya tidak hilang bisa berobat ke puskesmas tidak perlu bayar," kata dia di rumah duka Rosihan Anwar, Kamis 14 April 2011.
TIPS : Pencegahan Wabah Ulat Bulu. 2
Menurutnya, hingga saat ini pihaknya belum mendapat laporan mengenai bahaya besar dari wabah ulat bulu tersebut, "Hanya gatal ringan mudah-mudahan tidak ada gangguan lebih dari itu," tambah dia.

Meski menyebar di banyak wilayah, menurut Menkes, wabah ulat bulu belum bisa dikatakan bencana nasional. Pasalnya, pemerintah kota setempat masih bisa menanggulangi penyebaran ulat bulu.

"Belum, karena kalau dibilang bencana nasional masalahnya pertanian, kalau di kesehatannya belum terlalu mengganggu walaupun gatal-gatal lumayan nggak enak juga ya tapi sementara ini masih bisa diatasi," ujar Bu Menkes.

Sebelumnya, Wakil Menteri Pertanian, Bayu Krisnamurthi mengatakan ulat telah menyerang 2,5 persen dari populasi pohon di Indonesia. "14.500 pohon dari 1,8 Juta pohon sudah diterkena ulat bulu," kata dia usai mengisi kuliah umum di Universitas Gajah Mada Yogyakarta, Kamis 14 April.
TIPS : Pencegahan Wabah Ulat Bulu. 3
Bayu mengakui, meski merebaknya ulat bulu adalah siklus yang sudah terjadi, apa yang terjadi baru-baru ini memang luar biasa. Ini disebabkan dampak perubahan iklim di tahun 2010.

Bom Bunuh Diri di Polresta Cirebon

Fri, 15 Apr 2011 09:50:00 +0000

Bom Bunuh Diri di Polresta Cirebon 1
Jajaran kepolisian belum mengetahui secara rinci terkait kasus bom bunuh diri di kompleks Polreta Cirebon dikarenakan tim masih bekerja di lapangan untuk melakukan penyelidikan.
Bom Bunuh Diri di Polresta Cirebon 2
� Untuk sementara ledakan bom di Cirebon merupakan bom bunuh diri,� kata Kapolda Jabar Irjen Pol Suparni Parto, kepada wartawan Jumat (15/4). Kapolda mengakui, pihaknya belum mengetahui pasti dibalik bom bunuh diri ini karena petughas hingga kini masih melakukan evakuasi korban.

Kabid Humas Polda Jabar, Kombes Pol Agus Riyanto, saat dihubungi melalui ponselnya menegaskan, di Cirebon itu berdasar laporan sementara merupakan bom bunuh diri.
Bom Bunuh Diri di Polresta Cirebon 3
Dikabarkan, satu orang tewas, dan puluhan lainnya luka dan kini dirawat di sejumlah rumah sakit di Cirebon. � Kami belum mengetahui secara gamblang karena masih dalam perjalanan menuju Cirebon,� ujarnya Jumat (15/4).

Berdasar laporan yang masuk ke Mapolda Jabar aksi bom bunuh diri yang terjadio di mesjid di Kompoleks Polresta Cirebon berdasar laporan sementara ada 28 korban luka dan satu tewas. kemungkiunan besar jumlah korban luka akan bertambah karena laporan dari rumah sakit yang ada di Cirebon belum terdata.
Bom Bunuh Diri di Polresta Cirebon 4
� Ini berdasar catatan laporan per pukul 14.30,� kata sejumlah anggota polisi, Jumat.

Dilaporkan Kapolresta Cirebon AKBP Heru Koco mengalami luka akibat bom yang meledak di mesjid tadi.

Shenae Grines Remember Japan EarthQuake

Fri, 15 Apr 2011 01:29:00 +0000

Shenae Grines Remember Japan EarthQuake 1I suppose I'l start at the beginning. It's still an overwhelming blur of events, so pardon me if I lose my train of thought here or there. The initial earthquake hit around 2:30pm on Friday afternoon. Nikki, our translator Sisko and I had just arrived to visit the Buddha in Kamakura, a town about two hours outside of Tokyo. We had not been on the shrine grounds more than ten minutes when the earth began to shake. At first, our translator pointed it out with a giggle, as it's something the Japanese are quite used to and I had recently told her I'd never felt one myself. After about a minute however, her expression quickly changed. She said, "Okay, this isn't funny anymore," pulled us into the center of the courtyard and told us to sit as this point was furthest from any tree or statue that could fall. There we sat still and silent while the earth shook almost constantly for an hour and a half. None of the phones were working and Sisko was repeating that no earthquake had ever lasted this long and she'd never experienced something like this in her life. The look in her eyes told us that this was very bad. But we didn't know how bad until the shaking finally subsided around 4:00pm and we felt comfortable and safe enough to get up and leave the buddha's watchful eye. We stepped outside to a world much different than the one we'd left at the shrine gates just hours before. Cars stuck in gridlock traffic, a total power outage, emergency sirens blaring and a complete state of shock and concern in the air.Shenae Grines Remember Japan EarthQuake 2We knew we had to dive into traffic immediately and head away from the oceanside and back west towards our hotel in Tokyo. An earthquake of this magnitude was inevitably due for major aftershocks, and there was likely a powerful tsunami coming. But, we couldn't go anywhere just yet. Our car was being held into a parking lot by an electricity-powered metal rod that could now no longer be released. It took the hands and determination of about four men and two women to finally remove the rods, releasing the six trapped vehicles approximately two hours later. No one left that parking lot until every car was free and every rod was fastened back in its original place. I was so shocked and comforted by the selflessness and community of these people in a time of such immediate crisis. It calmed my initial panic to know that we were all in this together. We were all Japanese that day. Once everyone was free from the parking lot, we finally began our seven hour journey home.Our van had a small television that was playing the news. As soon as it turned on, we saw the terrifying live images of the tsunami flash across the screen and that burning panic rose in our chests once again. We asked our seemingly calm translator Sisko to tell us the truth despite her instinct not to, as we needed to know the severity of our current situation. We asked what the chances were of the tsunami reaching us here in Kamakura and she took a breathe and said simply, "It is possible." The images on the screen suddenly overwhelmed our imaginations and Nikki and I knew we had to turn off the TV, eliminating our only source of light on the pitch black drive. We cried quietly in the darkness of the barely moving traffic.After seven hours of driving, endless conversations varying from life/death to our favorite home-cooked meals, and a hike up almost 1000 stairs, we made it to the comfort of our hotel room on the 48th floor. Thanks to the internet we were finally able to contact my parents and were relieved to see their reassuring faces on the other end of Skype. Online social networking services were the only reliable form of communication over there. The power of the internet has never proven more valuable to me. Being able to see and speak to them was the only thing keeping us sane as we prepared ourselves for the terrible aftershock earthquakes b[...]

Jejak Paku Yesus Diketemukan

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:42:00 +0000

Jejak Paku Yesus Diketemukan 1JERUSALEM - Seorang jurnalis Israel-Kanada percaya bahwa ia mungkin telah berhasil melacak dua paku besi yang digunakan untuk menyalibkan Yesus Kristus. Atau setidaknya, benda itu merupakan "peninggalan lama hilang".Bersama timnya, dia tengah menyiapkan tayangan Secrets of Christianity untuk stasiun televisi History Channel. Host dan produser Simcha Jacobovici menemukan fakta yang mengejutkannya: Pada tahun 1990, arkeolog Israel menggali sebuah gua penguburan berusia 2.000 tahun dan menemukan dua paku yang dibuat oleh orang Romawi, tetapi menyembunyikan temuan itu.Berdasar negosiasi, akhirnya HC boleh mempublikasikan penemuan dua osuarium - kotak pemakaman batu berisi dengan tulang manusia. Dalam peti itu tertulis inskripsi "Caiaphas" dan "Joseph con of Caiaphas". Peti terakhir sekarang ditampilkan di Museum Israel di Yerusalem.Menurut Injil, Caiaphas atau Kayafas adalah imam besar Yahudi yang menyerahkan Yesus ke Roma untuk disalibkan. "Ada konsensus ilmiah umum bahwa makam dimana paku-paku yang ditemukan kemungkinan besar milik Kayafas pada waktu itu. Sekecil apapun, tapi menemukan di dalam kubur adalah sangat langka," kata Jacobovici di luar tembok batu yang tinggi di Kota Lama, di mana Yesus menghabiskan hari terakhirnya.Jejak Paku Yesus Diketemukan 2Ketika Jacobovici menemukan referensi singkat soal paku dalam laporan arkeolog resmi, ia mengaku, "Rahangku serasa turun," ia mengibaratkan."Ini akan menjadi seolah-olah, 2.000 tahun dari sekarang, para arkeolog menemukan gua Muhammad Ali namun lupa menyebutkan sepasang sarung tangan tinju yang ditemukan di sana. Tak ada yang istimewa dari sebuah sarung tinju, tapi bila itu sarung tangan khusus yang memiliki arti penting khusus untuk petinju terkenal, akan beda artinya bukan?" katanya.Jacobovici pernah menjadi host program Naked Archaeologist di stasiun History International dan bekerja sama dengan pembuat film James Cameron pada 2007 untuk membuat film dokumenter kontroversial, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus."Dia sebelumnya pernah menanyakan pada Israel Antiquities Authority soal paku itu. "Saya diberitahu mereka telah hilang."Kayafas, katanya, dikenal karena satu: pengadilan dan penyaliban Yesus. "Dia mungkin merasa terdorong untuk mengambil paku tersebut bersamanya ke kuburnya," kata Jacobovici.Ada juga kepercayaan di antara beberapa orang Yahudi kuno bahwa paku dari salib yesus memiliki kekuatan penyembuhan dan "tiket ke alam baka".Jejak Paku Yesus Diketemukan 3Namun Gabriel Barkay, seorang profesor arkeologi di Bar-Ilan University, meragukan temuan itu. "Tidak ada bukti apapun bahwa mereka berasal dari makam Kayafas," katanya. "Itu dugaan semua."Paku digunakan untuk "berbagai tujuan," kata Barkay, "dari memperbaiki gerbang besi untuk pintu kayu dan peti mati, selain untuk penyaliban."Ronny Reich, arkeolog Universitas Haifa yang juga pernah meneliti Gua Kayafas, percaya gua itu "milik anggota keluarga Kayafas". Namun ia tak yakin dengan otentifikasi paku itu sebagai dari kayu penyalib Yesus.[...]

Miss Understanding Catherine Zeta - Jones' condition

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:21:00 +0000

Miss Understanding Catherine Zeta - Jones' condition 1Actor Michael Douglas' courageous and very public battle to fight a cancer diagnosis may have taken a toll on his wife. Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was announced Thursday, has been treated for bipolar II disorder, a condition made worse by stress.The actress has also faced stressors outside her husband's illness.Last April, her 31-year-old stepson, Cameron Douglas, was sentenced to five years in prison on drug charges, despite her begging the court for leniency. In addition, Douglas' ex-wife is waging a bitter court battle, seeking earnings from his 2010 "Wall Street" sequel.Miss Understanding Catherine Zeta - Jones' condition 2Pictures: Celeb families through thick and thinMike Fleeman, senior editor of People magazine, told CBS News, "During the cancer struggle of Michael Douglas, she made many references to feeling low, having to rebound, 'This is going to hit me in a few months'; again, innocuous enough at the time, but when you look at it now, it is very telling."The star's publicist issued a statement Wednesday about Zeta-Jones' illness. It read, in part, "After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check into a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her bipolar II disorder."Miss Understanding Catherine Zeta - Jones' condition 3Whitaker noted, though milder than classic bipolar disorder, bipolar ll is characterized by severe depression.Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport, of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said, "One thing that isn't clear to people is the fact how brave individuals with bipolar disorder are. They slog through it, but feel as if they're carrying an extra 50 pounds of weight on their back, and they just power through it."Until, Whitaker noted, they seek help, as Zeta-Jones did."The Early Show" contributor and psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein noted Zeta-Jones' condition is similar to the bipolar disorder many people probably know.She explained, "We think of the highs and lows, the real mania. Bipolar II is characterized with more depressive episodes. That's where it kind of fits. And there's at least one episode of a hypomanic episode, which is not the very high out-of-control mania that we might come to expect. But much more elevated mood or rapid speech, or thoughts that are kind of all over the place. So it's that mania, but kind of mania-like. Not really so extreme."Hartstein said the stress the actress has faced in recent months is a likely part of why Zeta-Jones checked herself into the mental health facility.Miss Understanding Catherine Zeta - Jones' condition 4"Stress in and of itself isn't enough but it is a trigger," Hartstein said. "We don't know what her predisposition was to bipolar illness before. The fact is, has she had any mental health problems? We don't know. Family history will increase the likelihood of this being a problem. The environment can play a role, and then the biological. The two in combination, the stress is going to exacerbate the symptoms.""The Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill noted six million people in the U.S. are thought to suffer from some sort of bipolar disorder. What are the signs? Hartstein said a person with a bipolar disorder does not have typical highs and lows."We all have ups and downing during our day or during our week," she said. "... We first want to look at the depression versus the hypomania. Are we having highs and lows that are extreme? Are we having an elevated mood (that's) out of character? Are we not getting enough sleep? You can really, three hours of sleep, not because you have to, but because you feel fine and rested. And are you having rapid speech? Those are just some of the symptoms that we want to look for. There are more, but those are some hallmarks."Treatment, Hartstein said, is usually psychotherapy, specifically cognitive [...]

ABOUT : Catherine Zeta-Jones heading back to work after treatment for bipolar disorder

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 15:24:00 +0000

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Date of Birth
25 September 1969, Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Birth Name
Catherine Jones


5' 6�" (1.69 m)

Mini Biography
Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on 25 September 1969, in Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK, the daughter of Dai Jones, who formerly worked for a candy factory, and Pat Jones. Her brother David Jones (b. 1967) is a development executive and brother Lyndon Jones (b.1972) works at her production company. Catherine showed an interest early on in entertainment. She starred on stage in "Annie", "Bugsy Malone" and "The Pajama Game". At 15 she had the lead in the British revival of "42nd Street". She was originally cast as the second understudy for the lead role in the musical but when the star and first understudy became sick the night the play's producer was in the audience, she was given the lead for the rest of the musical's production. She first made a name for herself in the early 1990s when she starred in the Yorkshire Television comedy/drama series "The Darling Buds of May" (1991). The show was a smash hit and made her one of the United Kingdom's most popular television actresses. She subsequently played supporting roles in several films including Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (1992), the miniseries Catherine the Great (2000) (TV) and a larger part as the seductive Sala in The Phantom (1996) before landing her breakthrough role playing the fiery Elena opposite Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro (1998). She starred in many big-budget blockbusters like Entrapment (1999), The Haunting (1999) and Traffic (2000), for which many believed she was robbed of an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. In November 2000 she married actor Michael Douglas. She gave birth to their son Dylan Michael in August 2000.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is heading back to work this week after seeking inpatient treatment for bipolar II disorder.

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the Oscar-winner said that "After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her bipolar II disorder. She's feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films."

Zeta-Jones' husband, actor Michael Douglas, battled stage four throat cancer last year and announced in January that he is cancer free after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. The couple has a 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter.

A friend told People magazine that the actress' stay in the undisclosed treatment facility lasted about five days.

"Catherine has had to deal with Michael's illness, and that's been hard," the friend added. "She went in for a few days because she's about to start working, and wanted to make sure she's in top form, which she is."

Bipolar II disorder is characterized by mood swings and depressive episodes, which can be triggered by stress or major life changes, and is commonly treated with medication and psychotherapy.

Shakira lays the foundations for new school in Colombia to help 1,500 impoverished children

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 11:24:00 +0000

Brick layer: Shakira took time off from her The Sun Comes Out World Tour to lay the foundations for the school in ColombiaShakira seems to be on a charity mission this month, and made her home country of Colombia her latest location as she lay the foundations for a school in Cartegena.Just weeks after visiting a school in Haiti, she jetted down to South America to help with the construction of the project led by her foundation �Barefoot�. The Hips Don�t Lie singer, 34, was snapped laying the first brick for the institution, named Cartegena de Indias, which is set to help 1,500 children in poverty. Helping hands: Shakira was joined by the president of the foundation Howard Buffett (right) and General Secretary of Unasur, Maria Emma Mejia (left)Grammy-Award winning Shakira, who was joined by the president of the foundation Howard Buffett and the General Secretary of Unasur, Maria Emma Mejia, said she was very happy to be there.�We are very happy to be laying the first bricks of a school being built by the Barefoot Foundation in Cartagena.' Giving back: Shakira founded her non-profit Barefoot Foundation to help poor children in the AmericasShe continued: �I want to thank so many people, but especially the mayor�s office because I think this is a very high risk area, it has been identified as a high risk area, and it is an area that a lot of other governments would have simply thrown into the waste basket.�The school is being built in the impoverished neighbourhood of Loma del Peye and will be large enough to take in 1,500 students, according to the Barefoot Foundation. Heavy work: Shakira was dressed down for her brick laying duties, in a beige vest top and casual black trousersThe complex, that will include science labs, technology and audiovisual centres, and sporting fields will be spread over 7,500 square metres.Shakira founded her non-profit Barefoot Foundation to help poor children in the Americas.The singer took time off from her The Sun Comes Out World Tour to take part in the charity exercise. Meeting the locals: Shakira took time out to chat with the local residents, who will benefit from the schoolBut she will hit the stage again tomorrow in Panama City at the Figali Convention Center before heading to Abu Dhabi at the end of April.Shakira was dressed down for her brick laying duties, in a beige vest top and casual black trousers and took time to meet the local residents and play with the city�s children.At the beginning of April the stunning singer danced with students in Haiti to celebrate the forthcoming renovation of an historic school, which was ravaged by the devastating 2010 earthquake.Back to work: She will hit the stage again tomorrow for her concert in Panama City at the Figali Convention Center[...]

Sexy : Fern Britton dramatic weight loss has given her a new lease of lifeat 53 years old.

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 11:21:00 +0000

Sexy : Fern Britton 1She may be half the woman she was but Fern Britton showed viewers that her dramatic weight loss has given her a new lease of life.The 53-year-old surprised viewers on her Channel 4 tea-time show by dropping to the floor to perform the splits.Dressed in a figure-hugging red dress and fishnet tights, she kicked off her shoes to perform the gymnastic feat.Sexy : Fern Britton 2Miss Britton had been hosting a feature on the forthcoming series of Britain�s Got Talent when she decided to show of her own special skill.Most women half her age would struggle to do the splits but the star delivered the move with aplomb.The presenter dropped from a size 22 after having a gastric band fitted in 2006 and is now a size 14-16.The surgery involves fitting an inflatable silicone ring around the top of the stomach to create a small pouch so that the patient feels fuller quicker, and consequently eats less.Sexy : Fern Britton 3She also lost weight by undertaking a new exercise regime which sees her cycle and power walk.There was controversy when critics accused her of failing to mention the gastric band and only crediting her diet and exercise when her weight loss began to be noticeable.Miss Britton said in a recent interview with the Daily Mail: �I had the gastric band for health reasons.�My cholesterol was high. My knee joints were starting to hurt. I wasn�t able to run. I was approaching 50 and I thought: �Do you know what? I�m going to be different when I�m 50.��I was cycling like mad and nothing was happening. My GP said I was a good candidate for a band, so I went ahead. I needed to get healthy. I wasn�t unhappy the way I was; I was unhealthy. I�d been recovering from having children, having a divorce, all those emotional things.�The mother of four � she has two sons from her first marriage, twins Jack and Harry, 17, and two daughters for her second marriage to TV chef Phil Vickery, Gracie, 13, and Winnie, nine, - said that turning 50 inspired her to make a change in her lifestyle.Sexy : Fern Britton 4She said: �Maybe eating was a self-comfort. Up to my 50s, I�d had people to please. Then you get to the stage where you go, �Actually, I don�t need to please any of you any more. I�m not breast-feeding. I�m not pregnant. My body�s my own and I�ve only got myself to concentrate on, so I�m going to do that.� It was wonderful.�For me it�s worked. I�ve got good cholesterol now. I�m incredibly fit. I�m the same size I was at 24. I can do the splits.�Miss Britton has had a mixed response to her new weekday tea-time show with ratings not as high as Channel 4 executives hoped.The series is halfway through its month�s trial but averaged just 970,000 viewers in the tough 5pm slot � behind all its terrestrial rivals.Sexy : Fern Britton 5It was beaten by BBC1�s Weakest Link, ITV�s Britain�s Best Dish, BBC2�s Escape To The Country and Five�s Neighbours, which all pulled in more than a million viewers.In July 2009, Miss Britton left This Morning, which she had co-hosted with Phillip Schofield for a decade, amid reports she was annoyed to discover he was paid �45,000 compared to her �15,000 for presenting All Star Mr & Mrs.[...]

Portable : IDM UltraCompare Pro

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A complement to your file management suite, UltraCompare Professional is loaded with features to enable you to compare text files and folders, as well as zip files and jar archives. Text file compare features include binary and text compare of two or three text files at a time, with the ability to merge text differences between compared files. Folder compare supports comparison of local/network directories (and subdirectories with recursive folder compare) and zip file compare as well, and like text/binary compare, you can merge differences between compared directories. With automatic integration with UltraEdit or UEStudio, UltraCompare Professional is a compare tool you should not be without!Chances are if you"re reading this you already use UltraEdit, but you probably don"t have UltraCompare Professional yet. You may not realize how important such a text file compare tool is or how versatile it can be.You may have even used UltraCompare Lite but are now finding that this lightweight comparison utility is not robust enough for your text editing purposes. UltraCompare Professional boasts a fuller text compare feature set with text file compare for two or three files AND includes folder compare for two to three folders. Of course, we"ve also included merge capabilities, ignore options, FTP support, and more. Compare the differences yourself between UltraCompare Lite and UltraCompare Professional.If you are inspecting your file or code changes by hand you are losing precious time, accuracy and productivity. Compare and merge operations are the cornerstone of a differences tool, and we have placed many merge/post-merge features into UltraCompare so you can easily compare your differences and merge your selections with confidence and trust. Whether you are a lone developer or work as part of a team, how many times have you wanted to compare your text files or compare source code to modified versions, and merge your changes into the newer versions?We all know to make backups - but what happens when something goes wrong and you need to compare your legacy backup with your current backup? Ever needed to compare SQL files between two databases? That"s where a compare/merge/sync tool can help. Do you find yourself needing to compare FTP files? Use UltraCompare"s integrated FTP/SFTP to download your text files from the remote server, perform compare/merge operations, then save your files back to the server.How many times have all of us downloaded a software update or text file and wondered what"s changed since the last release or version? Still not convinced? Look over our feature maps or our complete feature listing, or take a tour of the newest features. Finally, make sure to download your free trial today to start comparing and merging your files and folders. Don"t forget: UltraEdit users can save big when bundling UltraCompare Professional with an upgrade of UltraEdit!DOWNLOAD :[...]

Christina Grimmie will performed 3 of her own songs live at opening act for Selena Gomez & Allstar Weekend�s summer tour

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Christina Grimmie LOGOChristina Grimmie is a YouTube star who was discovered by Selena Gomez's dad and became famous by her beautiful voice and piano talent. She mostly sings covers' but she does write her own songs.Christina Grimmie 1Very exciting news for 16 year old Christina Grimmie! She will be the opening act for Selena Gomez & Allstar Weekend�s summer tour. You can hear her exciting news in the video at the bottom of this post to hear from Christina herself.Christina Grimmie 2This is exciting news for such a new singer! I wonder how her team was able to get her on such a huge tour? This is great news for her, and most of all it will give her a large chance of getting more media attention. This is what every star needs after all.Christina Grimmie 3Christina Grimmie performed 3 ?f h?r ?wn songs live ?t Selena Gomez� UNICEF charity concert ?t Th? Roxy ?n LA ?n Oct 26 2010. Th? songs ?r? called (?n order): 1. Advice 2. Unforgivable 3. Liar Liar In th? beginning ?f th? video ??? see: � A small ??rt ?f Christina�s interview f?r � Selena Gomez introducing Christina Grimmie Delight ?n!Christina Grimmie 4Are you excited for her? Have you followed her journey on YouTube? I think that this will help her break into the business, which will give hope to all young hopefuls. I am surprised that Justin Bieber is not going on tour with Sele. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' /> [...]

PHOTO : Marisa Miller Ketahuan tidak pakai CD saat main BaseBALL pantai

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Marisa Miller Ketahuan tidak pakai CD 1

Marisa Miller (nee Marisa Bertetta) was born and raised in Santa Cruz, the sunny surfing capital of California. As a naturally beautiful girl who just didn't realize that the odds for supermodel stardom were stacked heavily in her favor, she developed a liking first for volleyball, surfing and the friendship of boys. Though she regularly dressed in heavy clothes to obscure her figure, Marisa Miller did manage to catch the attention of two Italian modeling scouts at age 16, when she strolled by them in a San Francisco eatery. An invitation to visit Italy quickly followed.

Marisa Miller Ketahuan tidak pakai CD 2

Marisa Miller's subsequent trip to Italy with her mom offered her a quick look at the modeling industry, but she still had to get over her shyness if she hoped to enter the industry as a professional. Three years later, back in California, Marisa Miller literally stripped off her shyness in 1997 as the cover girl for the debut issue of the magazine Perfect 10. Appearing au naturel on the cover, Marisa was indeed a perfect 10. She would repeat the feat with two more covers for the magazine in 1998 and 1999.
Marisa Miller Ketahuan tidak pakai CD 5

Marisa Miller Ketahuan tidak pakai CD 4

Marisa Miller Ketahuan tidak pakai CD3

sexy PHOTO : Kate Upton Serious With Her Journey

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Kate Upton Serious With Her Journey 1 Born : June 6, 1990Height : 1.78m (5ft 10in)From : AmericaKate Upton is an American model. She appeared in advertisements for Dooney & Bourke, Guess, Guess accessories, Guess lingerie.The Kate Upton Experience A website dedicated to overwhelming swim suit as well as slip indication Kate Upton who was featured in a 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition feating cinema videos news Welcome to a Official Website of a subsequent large Supermodel Kate Upton Kate Upton in Boracay Island Philippines from a 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit print art studio See Kate Upton as well as alternative Models in a SI Swimsuit Edition during SI comFlorence Kate Upton Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia Florence Kate Upton twenty-two Feb 1873 sixteen Oct 1922 was an American innate Upton was innate in Flushing New York to not long ago emigrated British parents Where does Kate Upton arrange upon the AskMen com celeb draft Take the theory check it out along with some-more Kate Upton photos bio review Kate Upton photos Body Painting in New York New York from a 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit print art studio See Kate Upton as well as alternative Models inKate Upton Serious With Her Journey2PHOTOS Of Course Kate Upton Is A Victoria Secret Model Now Important headlines Bros Kate Upton is right away a Victoria Secret indication Like is any one essentially astounded thisshell is right away removing a paycheck from the Sexy pics of indication Kate Upton in bikinis for Beach Bunny Swimwear Get a ultimate Kate Upton photos headlines report video clips as well as some-more upon Guyism comKate Upton LinkedIn View Kate Upton s veteran form upon LinkedIn LinkedIn is a universe s largest commercial operation network assisting professionals similar to Kate Upton discover Kate Upton posters buy print prints of important Kate Upton during IDposter com See Kate Upton during your series a single luminary apparatus as well as picture hosting serviceWireImage Listings Sports Illustrated swimsuit indication Kate Upton arrives during Club SI Sports Illustrated swimsuit indication Kate Upton arrives during Club SI Swimsuit hosted by Vanity Kate Upton is an American super indication that has the blonde hair blue eyes as well as the palatable lips that creates her some-more attractive Kate Upton A impressive form with photos film clips as well as blogKate Upton She is Kate Upton good well known for her appearances in a 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well as crowned as Rookie of a Year during the launch week in Vegas Dazzling us with some-more of heriness is Sports Illustrated hottie Kate Upton Kate Upton KateUpton is upon Twitter Sign up for Twitter to follow Kate Upton KateUpton as well as get their ultimate updatesKate Upton Looking Incredible Once Again In Lingerie Here s a brand new displaying prodigy Kate Upton seeking positively overwhelming as common in petty slip for Bare Necessities Florence Kate Upton s Golliwogg in grave muse clothes in Golliwogg as well as Friends in 1895 Florence Kate Upton was innate in 1873 in Flushing New York the Your finish beam to Kate Upton together with headlines articles cinema as well as videosFlorence Kate Upton Biography BookRags Com Florence Kate Upton outline with eighteen pages of doctrine skeleton quotes section summaries investigate thesaurus entries essays investigate report as well as more APHA Exhibitor Kate Upton Featured in 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Just an additional WordPress weblog News Beautiful indication Kate Upton is an additional luminary to stick on a joining of stars who have been regulating amicable networking site Twitter for self promotionKate Upton Serious With[...]

Perajin Gelang Kaku & Display Cincin - CIPTA KARYA JEWELRY BOX

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CIPTA KARYA JEWELRY BOXPengrajin : pembuatan dan perbaikan Display Perhiasan Emas / Perak ( Terutama Bermacam-Macam Baki )workshop : Jl Banyu Urip kidul 1 A No. 2, SurabayaMenerima Pesanan dalam bentuk Eceran dan PartaiSemua Harga Boleh "NEGO" GLK = Gelang KakuGLK 1 tingkat = Rp. 13.000GLK 2 tingkat = Rp. 18.000GLK 3 tingkat = Rp. 25.000CIPTA KARYA JEWELRY BOX 1Spesifikasi :Diameter = 5 cmpanjang GLK 1 = 20 cmpanjang GLK 2 = 24 cmpanjang GLK 3 = 28 cmTELP : 031 562 18 45 | 031 77 22 33 28 | 081 703 866 800 CIPTA KARYA JEWELRY BOX 3DCH / DCMSpesifikasi :Luas = 21,5 cm x 35,5 cmIsi = 6 x 10 = 60 kotakBahan : kain beludru kabulon (merah / hitam)TELP : 031 562 18 45 | 031 77 22 33 28 | 081 703 866 800CIPTA KARYA JEWELRY BOX 2Masih tersedia produk lainnya, seperti :DISPLAY GELANG RANTAIDISPLAY GELANG KAKUDISPLAY CINCIN PRIADISPLAY CINCIN PEREMPUANMACAM-MACAM BAKIDISPLAY KALUNGDISPLAY GIWANG - BELUDRUDISPLAY LIONTIN - BELUDRUDISPLAY ANTING (BELUDRU)DISPLAY GIWANG AKRILIKDISPLAY LIONTIN AKRILIKDISPLAY CINCIN TUNGGAL AKRILIKDISPLAY CINCIN DOUBLE AKRILIK[...]

Google Doodle Celebrates 119th Anniversary of First Ice Cream Sunday

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Ice Cream Sunday 1Google's homepage doodles are getting a tad random, but delicious. Today's image honors the 119th birthday of the first documented ice cream sundae.The pastel-colored image replaces the two Os in the Google logo with a cherry-topped ice cream sundae.The history of the ice cream sundae has actually spawned quite the rivalry between two U.S. cities that claim to be its birthplace � Ithaca, N.Y. and Two Rivers, Wisconsin � and Google appears to be siding with Ithaca.On April 3, 1892, the Rev. John M. Scott visited the Platt & Colt Pharmacy � and its owner Chester Platt � in Ithaca after services at the Unitarian Church. Platt served up two bowls of vanilla ice cream, but decided to jazz it up with cherry syrup and candied cherry, according to What's Cooking America. The duo were so pleased with the creation that Scott suggested it be named after the day it was created, and the "Cherry Sunday" was upon us.Google Doodle ice cream sundaeIce Cream Sunday 2By April 5, the pharmacy was advertising its 10-cent Cherry Sunday in the Ithaca Daily Journal, reports.The Wisconsin story, meanwhile, puts the creation of the sundae in 1881. Someone at Ed Berners' Ice Cream Parlor ordered an ice cream soda, but because it was the Sabbath and fizzy drinks were frowned upon, Berners instead put chocolate syrup on ice cream. It's a nice story, but according to What's Cooking America, Wisconsin birth records suggest that Berners would've only been 17 in 1881 and, therefore, unlikely to have owned an ice cream parlor, so the Ithaca story is more probable.Those aren't the only cities who claim to have created the sundae, however. As notes, shops in Buffalo, Norfolk, and Plainfield, Ill., among others, have also laid claim.Ice Cream Sunday 3Google has made headlines for its recent doodles, including an interactive undersea-themed drawing in honor of author Jules Verne's 183rd birthday and 17 holiday-themed doodles that were live for two days in December.Recently, it was revealed that Google obtained a patent for its popular homepage doodles, covering "systems and methods for enticing users to access a Web site."[...]

The Rockologist On Leon Russell Vs Elton John

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The Rockologist On Leon Russell Vs Elton John 1Songs from the much-anticipated forthcoming album from Elton John and Leon Russell have begun hitting the web. Two tracks, �If It Wasn�t for the Bad� (the disc�s first single) and �I Should Have Sent Roses� are now available for listening, via The Elton John Corporation.As previously reported, the collaborative album, titled The Union, was produced by T-Bone Burnett. It was recorded live in the studio and touches on multiple genres, including pop, soul, country, and gospel. John, who first met Russell in 1970, has cited the legendary Tulsa, Oklahoma-based artist as a prime influence.The Rockologist On Leon Russell Vs Elton John 2�In the late '60s and early '70s, the one piano player and vocalist who influenced me more than anybody else was Leon Russell," John said, in a statement. "He was my idol."Russell and John are scheduled to perform together on November 3, at the Hollywood Palladium. The Union will be released on October 19.So I have to honest here. The first time I ever heard of Leon Russell was as a pre-teen kid cruising my way through the pages of Circus Magazine, where I came across an an ad for Leon's debut solo album, which was at the time still called Can A Blue Man Sing The Whites?.The Rockologist On Leon Russell Vs Elton John 3Cool title, I thought.The album was of course eventually released as Leon Russell's 1970 self-titled debut solo album by Shelter Records (not sure whatever happened to that original title), and upon the first time I heard it, I was instantly enthralled.But to be completely honest here, the first side of this album did absolutely nothing for me at the time. It was the second side that I really liked.The Rockologist On Leon Russell Vs Elton John 4I liked Leon's weathered, sand-papery voice well enough, and the production of the record, populated as it was by the then very much in vogue Muscle Shoals sound of people like Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, by way of British pop stars like Eric Clapton also went down very easy.The Rockologist On Leon Russell Vs Elton John 5But to me, the songs were still kind of lacking.The second side however? Well, that was something else entirely.Kicking off with "Delta Lady," and proceeding from there to scream through an entire side of New Orleans delta funk like "Pisces Apple Lady" and "Roll Away The Stone," this damn thing didn't let up for a second. I was instantly hooked. Anchoring it all was Leon's world weary rasp, set against some of the funkiest, Nawlins' honky tonk piano you will ever hear in this lifetime.From this auspicious debut as an amazing solo artist who was clearly (at least to my pre-teen ears) one to be reckoned with, Leon went down hill fast, at least for my money he did. Latter albums yielding hits like "Tightrope," as well as ill-advised experiments like the country tinged "Hank Wilson Is Back" albums, just never completely recaptured the spark of that initial, brilliant debut album for me.The Rockologist On Leon Russell Vs Elton John 5[...]

PHOTO : Happy Salma Looks Sexy and Glamour

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PHOTO : Happy Salma Looks Sexy and Glamour  1 Happy Salma lahir di Sukabumi, 4 Januari 1980. Happy dikenal sebagai seorang model, sebelum kemudian melebarkan sayap sebagai aktris sinetron, bintang layar lebar, teater dan presenter TV.Lulusan Universiatas Trisakti Jurusan Administrasi Perusahaan ini pernah membintangi sinetron seperti BUJANGAN, SI CECEP, KUTUNGGU CINTAMU, NYONYA NYONYA SOSIALITA/LABA LABA CINTA, DARI LUBUK HATIKU, COWOK-COWOK KEREN, HIKAYAH dan lain-lain. Sebelum kemudian juga membintangi film layar lebar GIE bersama Nicholas Saputra. Happy juga pernah mendukung pementasan teater berjudul Nyai Ontosoroh di Graha Bhakti Budaya TIM, Jakarta yang disutradarai oleh Ken Zuraida.PHOTO : Happy Salma Looks Sexy and Glamour  2Selain itu, pengagum sastrawan Pramodya Ananta Toer itu setiap hari masih tetap menjadi presenter Cerita Pagi di Trans TV dan pernah juga membawakan acara Lensa di ANTV.Hobinya dalam membaca buku, membuat Happy mendapat anugerah sebagai ikon Siti Nurbaya pada awal Juni 2009.Kekasih Tjokorda Bagus ini kembali berakting di layar lebar. Ia bermain di film CAPRES (2009) dan MAU DONK AH (2009). Selain itu ia juga tampil di sinetron stripping, MUALLAF.Menjelang Ramadhan 2009 (21/08/09), Happy harus kehilangan sang ayah tercinta akibat penyakit stroke yang dideritanya.PHOTO : Happy Salma Looks Sexy and Glamour  3Setelah lama menjalin kasih dengan Tjokorda Bagus Dwi Santana Kerthayasa, Happy akhirnya menyelenggarakan pernikahan secara Hindu di Puri Sareh, Bali, Minggu, (3/10).Karena suami Happy Salma yang masih keturunan raja Ubud, pernikahan ini pun menjadi sakral dan meriah. Nama Happy Salma-pun berganti menjadi Jero Happy Salma Wanasari. Nama Jero didapatnya karena dia adalah anggota baru kerajaan, sedangkan nama belakangnya berarti taman.PHOTO : Happy Salma Looks Sexy and Glamour  4Happy, yang dikabarkan juga berpindah agama menjadi seorang pemeluk Hindu, walau tidak mau dengan terbuka mengakuinya, berencana akan tinggal di Bali, meski dirinya juga akan sering ke Jakarta demi pekerjaan. Hal ini juga disebabkan restoran yang dimiliki Happy dan Tjokorda di Petitenget, Seminyak, yang bernama Biku. Seusai menikah, prestasi gemilang di bidang perfilman berhasil disabet Happy pada ajang Festival Film Indonesia 2010 sebagai Pemeran Pembantu Wanita Terbaik lewat film 7 HATI 7 CINTA 7 WANITA.PHOTO : Happy Salma Looks Sexy and Glamour  5[...]

Turis Jepang Menghilang 7,47% dari Indonesia

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Turis Jepang Menghilang 7,47% dari Indonesia 1Jumlah wisatawan manca negara (wisman) asal Jepang ke Indonesia berkurang 65 orang per hari atau 7,45%, pascagempa dan tsunami yang melanda Negeri Sakura itu pada 11 Maret 2011. Hal itu berdasarkan data Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS).Turis Jepang Menghilang 7,47% dari Indonesia 2Menurut Kepala BPS Rusman Heriawan, wisman dari Jepang sebelum tsunami rata-rata 864 orang per hari. Pascatsunami, jumlahnya menurun menjadi 799 orang per hari. Terjadi penurunan 65 orang atau 7,45 % per hari."Jumlah wisman Jepang per bulan selama Maret 2011 tidak alami perubahan berarti," ujar Rusman dalam jumpa pers di kantor BPS, Jakarta, Jumat (1/4).Turis Jepang Menghilang 7,47% dari Indonesia 3BPS optimistis bulan April ini jumlah wisman asal Jepang juga hanya akan mengalami sedikit penurunan. Rusman menyatakan, alasan utama mereka adalah karena telah menjadwalkan perjalanan ke manca negara jauh sebelumnya."Saya yakin April pun alami hal selama. Karena mereka sudah menjadwal perjalanan ke Indonesia," katanya.Miyabi - Salah Satu Turis Jepang ke Indonesia [...]

PHOTO : Sandra Dewi Sexy with Blue Dress

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PHOTO : Sandra Dewi Sexy with Blue Dress 1
Sandra Dewi, who has a full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri was a star acting star model and also Indonesia.
PHOTO : Sandra Dewi Sexy with Blue Dress 2
Although considered a newcomer, Sandra who love to eat snakes and monkeys are known to the public so quickly through his acting in Quickie Express together with Tora Sudiro and Aming and chase running soap opera LOVE BEAUTIFUL.
PHOTO : Sandra Dewi Sexy with Blue Dress 3
Born in Louth, Bangka Belitung Island, August 18, 1983, the eldest of three siblings moved to Jakarta in 2001 to study at London School Of Public Relations.

SEXY : Pauley Perrette is set to release an R&B duet with a Navy veteran.

Fri, 01 Apr 2011 16:57:00 +0000

The actress and star of Ncis has teamed up with a veteran named B. Taylor to record 'Fire in Your Eyes', an upbeat duet set for release on 3rd May 2011, reports Forbes. Perrette and Taylor first met when he paid a visit to the set of the hit Cbs legal drama about Naval investigators.

He was invited by a friend who is an advisor on the series and was soon introduced to the 42-year-old actress. The two hit it off immediately and she invited him to attend her church, the Hollywood United Methodist. Their time together inspired the veteran to write 'Fire in Your Eyes' and Perrette was only too happy to feature on the record.

The actress's spokeswoman Belinda Foster says the single will be released on Universal Music Group's Bungalo Records and will be available via iTunes. A music video is also planned but further details are yet to be released.
Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby Sciuto on Ncis, recorded the song 'Fear' for the show's official soundtrack back in 2009. She was also the lead singer in the Los Angeles-based all-female band 'Lo-Ball'

�Ten UN workers killed� at Afghan Koran protest

Fri, 01 Apr 2011 16:40:00 +0000

KABUL � Ten foreign UN workers were killed on Friday in an attack on the UN headquarters in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif by demonstrators protesting at the burning of the Koran by a US pastor, police told AFP.A spokesman for the UN mission in Kabul, Don McNorton, said: "We are aware of an incident in our Mazar office, we are currently working to ascertain all the facts."Afghanistan had condemned the "disrespectful and abhorrent" burning of the Koran by evangelical preacher Pastor Wayne Sapp in a Florida church, calling it an effort to incite tension between religions.President Hamid Karzai called on the United States to bring those responsible for the burning of the Islamic holy book on March 21 to justice.Sapp set light to a Koran under the supervision of Terry Jones, who last year drew condemnation over his aborted plan to burn a pile of the holy books to mark the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.Jones cancelled his plans under enormous pressure from world leaders including US President Barack Obama, but the mere threat to burn the Muslim holy book sparked large protests in Afghanistan, where the UN and aid groups warned that civilians and aid workers in the country could be killed if the pastor went ahead.Afghanistan is a deeply devout Islamic country where even rumours that the Koran has been insulted can result in deadly violence.In January last year seven tribesmen were killed when Afghan security forces opened fire at demonstrations sparked by the alleged desecration of a Koran by US troops in the southern province of Helmand, a hotbed of insurgency.The demonstrators were trying to overrun NATO bases and police facilities when they were fired on.A subsequent investigation by NATO and Afghan authorities found that no Koran had been torched during an operation by the Western troops.Afghan officials say the Taliban, the main militant group fighting the insurgency, fabricate stories that Western troops have insulted the religion in order to whip up anti-US sentiment.These attempts are often successful.In May 2008, a foreign soldier serving under NATO command was killed during demonstrations by Afghan tribesmen against the shooting of a Koran by a US soldier in Iraq. Two Afghan protesters were also killed when the shooting broke out.Friday's attack followed a protest march led by religious clerics and attended by around 200 in Kabul on Friday against the Koran burning and plans announced by Karzai in February for possible permanent US bases in Afghanistan.The demonstrators, who left from mosques in downtown Kabul after Friday prayers, burned a US flag and stamped on it, shouting "Death to America".[...]

Content on Facebook: What Separates a Popular Fan Page from the Rest?

Fri, 01 Apr 2011 11:53:00 +0000

Facebook fan pages are an excellent way to track and share new products with consumers. As always, content is king, and you may be surprised by what the most important factors of Facebook content are. There is a large difference between generally active fan pages and fan pages with extremely active fans, and only part of it has to do with the previous popularity of the brand. By examining the returns on a variety of different surveys and reports I was able to elucidate what allows a Facebook fan page maximize its impact. Owner Content Pages with over 1 million fans have 3 times as much owner-generated content, compared to the average fan page. The most popular types of content, in order, are: Image with textImageVideoTextExternal linkPoll Among pages with over a million fans, the average had 70.4 pieces of owner-generated content. The top reasons fans choose to follow a page include: Being treated in a special way by the brand (95%)Be spokesman for brand (94%)Talk/interaction (77%) The top two reasons to follow a brand are for promotional benefits (84%) and because the fans already enjoy the product (89%). 83% of fans would like more exclusives from the Facebook page, whether via special offers or Facebook-only content. In general, fans appreciate pages that have numerous applications (such as games) that are exclusive to Facebook. In order to raise the value of liking a brand on Facebook it is important not to duplicate content from other sources, such as Twitter. The most important content, whether it be text or app, has a specific call to action for the fans. An especially successful campaign for the NBA had fans fill out a poll asking questions like, �Which dunk was best?� After the fan took the poll, it was shared on their wall and friends with similar interests would take the poll as well, while also friending the NBA. This drove millions of hits to the website as well as boosting their fan page. Another way to successfully gain fan interaction is to ask them for their opinion, such as an Anheuser-Busch campaign where fans chose the design of their next beer bottle. A sense of competition can help fans enlist their friends for their �side.� It is useful to remain interactive with your fans conversations, but posting too often in fans discussions make them feel like they�re being monitored. Wall posts can attract a lot of attention and maintain fan interaction, but there is not a significant correlation between the number of wall posts and the popularity on a page�an active wall does not necessarily mean a popular page. Frequency of posts are extremely important. The fan needs to feel that there is a reason to check into the Facebook page often, but too frequent content is also the 2nd most cited reason for unfriending a fan page. The best choice is generally thought to be 2-3 posts a day. Lastly, people that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users; it is important owner content is viewable to mobile fans. Fan Content The top reasons fans join a brand page is to, Find discounts (42%)Just love products (33%)Get latest news on products (24%)Give company ideas on how to improve products (12%)Get customer service (12%)Complain (6%) Fans enjoy feeling like they�re being treated in a special way by the brand (95%) when they join the fan page. 94% wish to be a spokesman for the brand, but only 77% look to fan pages as a source of [...]

Women and girls as young as 13 to get morning-after pill for free

Fri, 01 Apr 2011 11:43:00 +0000

Women and girls as young as 13 in Wales can get the morning-after pill free without a prescription from pharmacies, beginning Friday. The legal age of consent for sex in Britain is 16, and some critics have slammed the policy as hypocritical and encouraging young girls to have sex. The initiative is aimed at fighting teen pregnancy and was first announced last year by Welsh Health Minister Edwina Hart. She said new ways were needed for teenage girls to get access to emergency contraception. Wales has some of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Britain, which in turn has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in western Europe. The morning-after pill contains hormones that stop women from becoming pregnant if taken within about three days of having unprotected sex. It is not suitable for women with certain health conditions like a history of blood clots or liver disease. The morning-after pill is already free to women across the U.K. if prescribed by their doctor or a sexual health clinic, but Wales is the first region to offer the pill for free without a prescription in its more than 700 pharmacies, though there are similar small-scale policies in parts of England and Scotland. If bought over the counter, the pill typically costs about 25 pounds (US$40). Welsh officials said their plan focuses on preventing teenage pregnancies by offering sex education and condoms but that it is also necessary to introduce wider use of the morning-after pill. "While (condoms) remain the best form of contraception, from 1 April, pharmacists in Wales will be able to provide the morning after pill to individuals and provide discreet counseling and advice on contraceptive use," said the Welsh Assembly government. "Pharmacists have a key role to play in the reduction of unwanted pregnancies, especially when coupled with advice." Some critics called the initiative superficial and doubted it would have much impact on the teen pregnancy rate. "This will be looked upon as a quick fix for girls," said Josephine Quintavalle, founder of the Christian group Comment on Reproductive Ethics. "It gives them carte blanche to do whatever they want without talking to their parents." Elsewhere in Europe, the morning-after pill is available in Germany with a doctor's prescription and is free for women under 20. In France, teenagers under 18 can also get the pill for free at a pharmacy without a prescription or their parents' consent. In Scandinavia, the morning-after pill is available to teenagers over 16 in pharmacies but the age limit is not strictly enforced. The pill is free in youth clinics but must be paid for in pharmacies.[...]