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head tattoo

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 04:37:00 +0000

Tattoo Kepala ini biasanya dibuat di bagian kepala yang dicukur gundul. Sedangkan gambar tattoonya kebanyakan seperti wajah orang. Tattoo kapala sebagian juga menyerupai tattoo 3D seperti dibawah ini sebuah mata manusia.




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tattoo machine

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 04:33:00 +0000

http://wyattjamescolt.blogspot.comTATTOO MACHINE FILES (Group) · Getty Images Call for Artists (Group)Posted by Zanisa in 3D Tattoo Machine · No Commentstattoo machine gun for shaders. Source: http://www.getbetterlife.comAluminum Tattoo Machineoften referred to as the father of the modern electric tattoo machine.If you have an interest in owning a Dringenberg tattoo machine for yourself, Comments: Skully Tattoo Machine With Blood Tattoo. this is my version of a Custom Monster Machine home tattoo gun machine.jpg. Times are tough. Companies all over have been back wing tattoo tattoos on your head 3 coil tattoo machineWelcome to my site - Custom Tattoo Machines by Ross VickersRelated topics: tattoo, tattoos, atm, automatic teller machine, cash point, Handmade tattoo machines offering exclusive (often signed) designs.Tattoo Machines.2 pcs of professional tattoo machine gun for lining and shadingWholesale - Pro top grade pure brass handmade custom tattoo machine gun Platinum tattoo machine. Item No:LY-1100161Steel tattoo machine frame. Extremely smooth running with a strong Tattoo MachinesThe Limem tattoo machine is designed for outlining & shading, and can be ran [...]

tattoo baptims

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 04:32:00 +0000

http://kaseemchaneyvincent.blogspot.comNative American Indian TattoosAfrican American Tattoos (Group) Aerosol Inspired Graffiti Tattoos, African American Tattoos (Group)Extreme TattoosTATTOOS Lower abdomen and behind neck Last wearing Brown Bob Marley T shirt tattoos african american « AUSFAHRTSize:640x427 - 87k: African American TattoosSize:290x352 - 27k: African American TattoosSource url: african american angel tattoos. miami ink angel tattoo good angel tattooAfrican American Tattoos (Group)short rihanna african american hairstyletattoo removal african american skinRated Sep 08 2008 • 1 review • photography, tattoos • Tatto sebagai seni dan hobby, inilah yang mungkin cocok buat David Beckham, lihat saja hampir seluruh tubuhnya dipenuhi dengan tatto. Mulai dari yang bergambar Cupid sam pai gambar Yesus juga ada.. Btw anunya ada tatto tidak ya? Apakah ada yang tahu??[...]

tattoo tribal

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 04:19:00 +0000

butterfly Tattoos more skinI got my first tattoo, girl tattoo at the age of, oh, about eight. It was a traditional anchor, displayed proudly on the forearm, like sailors the world over. Well - like Popeye.It remained there for at least two weeks until Mum ordered that I put the arm in the bath, and down the plughole it went (the tatt, not the arm). It was probably just as well it was a bubblegum transfer, given that a minuscule greeny-blue anchor would, 38 years later, look silly on these now manly forearms.Back then, of course, tattoos (real ones) were restricted to soldiers, sailors, dockers, hookers, prisoners and druggies. A tattoo marked you, literally and figuratively.Now let's fast forward to 2002, when my son announced he wanted tattoos of the monster Scylla on one shoulder and her counterpart, Charybdis, on the other. All terribly classical, it must be said, but he was only 12 at the time and studying Greek mythology at primary school.Today the parlours are studios and the tattoo is here to stay. In more ways than one. Like puppies, the real deal isn't just for Christmas, so it's probably no bad thing that the law makes you wait until you can vote before getting a tatt. By which time, hopefully, your son's not still watching The Simpsons and insisting on a very different Homer.I'm also hoping to catch another Tattoo convention when they hold them closeSnake Tattoo DesignsMore tattoos from Japanese categoryIt is usually depicted as a wingless, heavily-scaled snake-like creaturejapanese yakuza tattooTagged with: Japanese Snake Tattoosthe Calgary Expo to appear at the Calgary Tattoo Festival (Aug 14- 16)Oriental Japanese. Tattoos by Vinnie in Japanese Tattoo DesignsSource url: Tattoo ArtistTips for Finding the Perfect Japanese Dragon TattooIs Angelina getting rid of her snake tattoo? It looks like it's faded and Idragon japanese tattoo designs 0 dragon japanese tattoo designsstock vector : V ROSE AND SNAKE TATTOO - Tattoo Design. Vector drawing.Snake and Tiger Tattoo designTagged with: Japanese Snake TattoosClose up of small snake tattoo.View All Photos | snake tattoo by phil holt | redletter1Snake tattoos are a popular choice and strong, often combined with a dragon,Labels: Hand Japanese Tattoostribal tattoo [...]

tatto full body pictures

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 04:13:00 +0000

If you are a guy and you are looking for your next tattoo, tattoos for menBack in the day, tattoos were only for sailors,I love Men with Tattoos!unusual tattoos these menWhen you are aware of different styles of henna designs for tattoos and bodySide Tattoos For Men The side of a man's neck. This is VERY sexy becausePictures Of Tattoos For MenTattoos For Men 57.jpgDragon Tattoos for MenThe second place is the tattoo studio wherein you can request your artistTribal Tattoos on Chest For Men & GirlsTattoos for Men 47.jpgAngel tattoos on men usually signify strength,Football Players Tattoos from Argentina | tattoos for men | tattooFull Back Tattoos For Men. af Cool Tattoos Pictures 05 okt 08Tell me what you're thinking about design of this Star tattoos for men.Chest Tattoos For MenUnique back tattoos for men - Tattoos - Zimbio20 Worst Tattoos For Men | Stupid Idiots We’re not sure why guys get elaborate, over-the-top tattoos (like these 5 Crazy Ronald Regan Tattoos). We just know the people who get them have serious issues we don’t even want to know about (especially, if you got this Patrick Swayze tattoo). That reminds us, we should call our parents. Check out the 20 Tattoos You Don’t Want To Get (If You’re A Guy).20. The One that Makes You Look Like SkeletorNeedless to say, this man’s dream of becoming a grade school teacher ended the day he picked out this tattoo design. On the bright side, at least he knows what his Halloween costume will be for the rest of his life.19. The One That’s Sure To Get You Pulled Out Of Line At Airport SecurityNothing irks us more than being subject to extra security at the airport. But, if you’re sporting Osama Bin Laden ink, you have no one to blame but yourself… and the infidel American dogs18. The One That Makes The Back Of Your Head Look Like David CrosbyAs “interesting” as we think this tattoo is, we prefer tattoos that make the backs of people’s heads look like Stephen Stills or Graham Nash.17. The One That Makes Your Naval Look Like A Cat’s RectumThere are bad ideas, there are really bad ideas and then there’s this guy. Spending time and money to have this rendered onto you stomach illustrates just how enamored this guy is with the feline poop shoot.16. The One That Looks Like A Heavy Metal Album CoverWe’ve always wondered what Hell looked like. Now, thanks to this one man’s back, we feel like we’ve got a clear image. Thanks freaky, crazy dude.15. The One That Proves You’re A Good CatholicYour grandmother can talk all she wants about how many Rosaries she’s said in the last week, but until she gets some papal ink, you’re the one on God’s good side.14. The One That Makes A Dead Loved One Look Like A WitchIt’s tough when a loved one dies. It’s even tougher when said loved one has to spend the rest of your life looking like a witch that lives on your shoulder.13. The One That Answers The Question Of Whether Or Not You Believe In AliensBased on this tattoo, we know one thing. There are plenty of unintelligent life forms here at home.12. The One That Depicts Your Head As A Grand Slam BreakfastWe love a greasy, diner breakfast as much as anyone, but at no point in time have we ever thought that breakfast should find permanent residence on the top of our heads.11. The One That Clearly Outlines Your PrioritiesSome people have a hard time getting their priorities in order. Others are so certain about them they have them painted into their back flesh. Daughter Courtney must be very proud to have beaten out America and “Star Wars” for the top spot.10. The One that Shows The World Hulkamania Isn’t Dead“Whatcha gonna do, brother… when Hulkamania runs wild all over your pale, doughy, sorry excuse for a back!”9. The One That Puts Your Excessive Shoulder Hair To Good UseThere are two types of people in the world. There are the ones who are self-conscious about excessive body hair, and the ones who use that body hair to cr[...]

tatto pictures

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 04:03:00 +0000

Tattoo Cross DesignTattoo Cross DesignTattoo Cross DesignTattoo Cross DesignSeveral steps of preparation involving the workstation, equipment, and pigments take place and may mean some waiting time spent idly gazing at flash or watching somebody else get tattooed. The design is prepared with either a transfer or a stencil.The skin, no matter the part of the body involved, is shaved and given an alcohol wipe. A temporary ink outline of the design is placed on the surface of the skin and checked in a mirror. And all of these steps take place before a single part of actual tattooing begins.This article is designed to relieve the natural anxiety that any new experience brings, by demystifying it and laying it bare. Knowing exactly what to expect, in the order it will likely happen, and the amount of time it will likely last, can mean the difference between a nerve-racking experience and an enriching one.This article advises tattooees of some of the potential regulations involved, their responsibilities, the responsibilities of the tattoo shop or artist, and the requirements of payment up front and signing contracts. In addition, the prospective tattooee will learn that tattoo artists also have their own expectations, and that fulfilling these can make for an even better experience and better tattoo.[...]

I could make living from My Dreams...

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 17:04:00 +0000

Yeah, I have weird dreams, epic dreams, dreams were I’m the director of casts of thousands and I call all the shots. Wishful thinking? Affirmative.My dreams are extremely vivid and I can remember my dreams most mornings when I wake up. I look forward to going to bed at night so that I can have another weird and wonderful adventure.In my dreams I can fly, I can ice-skate, I’m a rock-star and can sing my little lungs out. I dance like Ginger Rogers and can woo anyone with my sensual violin playing. One wiggle of my hips and all the women want to be me and all the men want me. I can pretty much do anything my warped little mind concocts in my dreams.I don’t need to use recreational drugs to be transformed into a wicked world of complex plots that are all shot in full colour, panning the surroundings with wide angled lenses. I simply close my eyes and lay my head on my plump duck-down pillow.I’ve blogged about this before.Remember a while ago, I told y’all that my favourite part of the day is when I get into bed at night and I rest my head down and start drifting?  I love those dozy last seconds before you fall into slumber and then my bonus it when I get whipped off on all sorts of thrilling quests - all over the world - and beyond.Last night, I was a famous Gymnast performing in the Olympics. I was super skinny and ultra fit with dozens of cute figure-hugging sparkly lycra unitards in my tog bag. There was not a dimpled butt cheek in sight. My abs were like a wash-board and my bum shaped like a cute little peach, which a bullet could bounce off of. I was strutting and prancing around the Olympic stadium knowing that I was going to win. Watching the crowd watch me.  Everyone went silent as I walked past and I knew that my competition had nothing on me. I’d been training for this moment since I could remember. I was a fine tuned machine. I took to the beam, spinning and leaping through the air like a butterfly, so graceful and strong. The crowd went ape-shit when I finished and I was standing their back arched, hands in the air, so smug and totally satisfied by their wild applause. My attitude reminded me of those popular girls at school we all hated – you know that ones....the pretty girls that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t penetrate their posse. I loved and hated myself at the same time oozing confidence.Waiting for the results to appear on the score board, I smirked to myself knowing I would get the perfect score and get the Gold. When, the numbers appeared on the score board my mouth hung open in shock. I was stone last! Did the judges not watch my performance? Did they not know I was the best? Did they not see my cartwheel to a handstand, full turn and then double somersault dismount off the beam? Were they all fekking blind and stupid? I was livid! I couldn’t contain myself. I started ripping the place apart, flinging chairs, hurling cups at the judges and stormed out of there only to fall down a flight of stairs and literally snap my ankle at the bottom.So here’s just one of my adventures that I live through every night. Wanna come with me?By the way. Why do people say cats are clean animals? Aren’t they covered in cat spit?[...]

A Birthday Party

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 12:10:00 +0000

Kaylin was invited to a friend's birthday party at a local indoor party venue.  Killian had a Ben 10 4th birthday party and everyone enjoyed the cake and Ben 10 party bags filled with toys and sweets.Killian on his Birthday ThronenNathan tuck ing into his Party BagI let Megan phone a friend to take with to the venue because she wasn't actually invited to the birthday party.Megan chose Wade who has just returned from Australia after a 6 month sabatical with his mum and dad.They were so excited to see one another again.  Wade talked non stop and Megan was happy to see an old friend.Here they are waiting their turn to slide.Kaylin, Alyssa and Nathan ChristopherKaylin on one of the ridesMegan and Wade shoving each other to be the centre of the lensTrampolineWade amongst the ballsFriendsMegan and her beloved Pickles[...]

Smile Pickles

Sat, 30 Jan 2010 09:42:00 +0000

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Some Arb Pix from This Week

Sat, 30 Jan 2010 08:35:00 +0000

We have been focusing on family and trying hard not to think about our horrid circumstances with my Boerewors' job on the line. It's hard but I have the most amazing little family.  I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful little girls who make me smile every single day and friends and family who really care.  Thank you for all your messages and prayers.  You have no idea what it means to me.  This weekend we will be chilling at home with my wee family and recharging my very flat battery.Kaylin, Gillian and Megan before school todayPicklesKKKaylin playing with goggles and face mask.  A MJ imperssionation...Megan with her 2010 Soccer World cup Bafana Bafana Tee onPickles pondering over a book My girls and Pickles[...]

Denisse Padilla (Galeria 2)

Sat, 30 Jan 2010 05:35:00 +0000

Fotos:Revista MaximOtras fotos:Denisse Padilla (Galeria 1)Revistas Playboy y MaximRevista H Xtremo[...]


Sat, 30 Jan 2010 03:45:00 +0000

(image) Kiss the Chef Hello Kitty coloring page - click on it to see it full size the press CONTROL and the letter P on your keyboard to print it...

Freaky Friday - Episode 10 - Pranks

Fri, 29 Jan 2010 04:46:00 +0000

Theme : PrankstersDid you know there is an "art" to pranking?  I said, pranking, not spanking... aka Prankonomy."There's a sucker born every minute." "Take or be taken." "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see." These aphorisms are so ingrained in our life, they're practically commandments. And for good reason: We are a credulous people.  A hoax, we are taught, is an invasive, aggressive stratagem - a nefarious short-circuiting of our natural social instincts, a hack of Trust itself, a deterministic, zero-sum shell game with a clear winner (the prankster) and loser (the gull). Ways to Annoy People in the Office:Every time someone asks you to do something, ask them if they want fries with that. Email your boss the message: I know what you did last vacation. Page yourself over the intercom. (Don't disguise your voice.) And who could forget JackAss?Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man and his crowd of weirdos...This is my favourite clip from Jackass movie. [...]

Chocolate Heals All Wounds

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 16:06:00 +0000

If you know anything about me at all, its that I'm the world's most dedicated Chocoholic.

So let me just say this is THE competition for c'est moi.

Head on over to Being Brazen and take a peek at her chocolate giveaway.  No, wait! What am I saying??? On second thoughts, just go to The Chocolate Club and bloody well buy yer own.  I've had a rough week - that's the under-statement of the decade!  I've had a fekking week from hell and back and haven't really felt like blogging about the depressing details.  Everyone else in Bloggerville seems to be so happy, content and chipper so I didn't want to piss on anyone's battery. 

So Back Away from the Chocolate....This giveway is mine!  All mine!  *evil chuckle*.

Members of The Chocolate Club are introduced to new, unique flavours each month and receive fine chocolates, beautifully presented and delivered direct to their doors (by courier) on a monthly basis. To become a member, just go HERE and sign up. Your first month is free and after that you will be billed R169 a month.

Look at this little orgasmic package including a mouth-watering and intruiging little rarity called Vodka Surprise.  Hmmmmmmm bring on a case of those babies!

Ashley Greene Covers Savvy Magazine

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 14:33:00 +0000


The February 2010 issue of Savvy Magazine features a new interview and cover with Twilight and New Moon star Ashley Greene.

This time it's Savvy, in which she also has a ten page fashion spread and interview:

"In a ten-page fashion spread and interview, the actress discusses her independent film, Skateland, as it debuts at the Sundance Film Festival. She also shares a behind the scenes glimpse at filming The Twilight Saga movies and discusses her most recent endeavor, landing the lead in the new Warner Bros. thriller The Apparition. "To actually be the lead of a studio film and to have input on it is just really cool." said Greene. The movie begins shooting early this year in Berlin."

Michelle Trachtenberg Does Complex Magazine

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 10:18:00 +0000


Michelle Trachtenberg, also known as the younger sister, would you Buffy’d left at a bus protection on Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a complex, Cover Girl. The actress best known for his roles on Buffy and an evenly annoying character on Gossip Girl, which covers the February / March 2010 issue of Complex Magazine.

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)


Eva Mendes (Galeria 2)

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 03:51:00 +0000

Fotos:Hollywood PressOtras fotos:Eva Mendes (Galeria 1)[...]

A Sparkling Elegant Valentines Prezzie (and won't break the bank)

Tue, 26 Jan 2010 19:42:00 +0000

Head on over to Environmental Booty and get your Valentine a bottle of this gorgeous scent that lasts and last.

Sweet P's Organic and Vegan scents not only come in this stunning crystal heart container, they are inexpensive and contain no animal by-products!

I cannot think of a better gift to give or receive for Valentines Day.

The presentation is Eco-beautiful that contains essential oils which will last and have beneficial properties. Essential Oils-contain natural preservative action and produce real changes that our bodies recognize & process safely. Wow, all that in a scent? Yes, all that and more…

Rihanna Exposed Her Body for Russian GQ

Tue, 26 Jan 2010 12:08:00 +0000

Rihanna braless on Russian GQ magazine for this February 2010 issue.
What do you think?

Rihanna - GQ Magazine Russia, February 2010
(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Just waiting for my arsehole to fall out...

Tue, 26 Jan 2010 10:41:00 +0000

My dad was in a car accident on Monday morning (see previous post) and is in Port Shepstone hospital. Mum doesn’t drive and I’m more worried about her being on her own dealing with all of this. Her landline was out of order yesterday which made it even worse for her.  She felt so alone and isolated because she couldn't get to my dad.  Thankfully my dad's CT scan came back clear but they wanted to keep him because of his high blood pressure and his head injury.  Waiting to hear the outcome of the blood tests the paramedics took.

Secondly, I get a call yesterday from my Boerewors to say he’s been suspended pending an investigation and he has no idea what its all about. His job is on the line and he has no clue what its all about.   Labour lawyers here we come!

Thirdly, Megan is desperately unhappy at school and is acting out. The after-care teacher asked her what is wrong and she said she's bored.  I had to chat with her last night to try and find out whats up with her. She's battling to fit, I think. Because they don't understand she's always played with boys (Megan is a die-hard Tomboy) and finds it difficult to fit in with the girls. They don't know her that well yet to know these things and she's finding it difficult to make friends and find her space at school.  Its making her very unhappy.  She said she's too shy to make new friends.

Our home was flooded over the weekend again with all the rains, luckily a good friend, Percy, came over and fitted a circuit and bouy attached to a pump that kicks in and drains water when the level gets to a certain point.  Thank you Percy!

However, we're living in what looks like a squatter camp.  My lapa is a mess, the grass and garden is so saturated in rain water that I have to put my Wellies on and squelch through the mud to get to where the cars are parked.  Its a nightmare. 

I have not had a good few days…and a person can only handle so much.

Asking for positive karma and prayers (thats all)

Sorry I haven't been reading or comment on your blogs.

Odalys Garcia (Galeria 3)

Tue, 26 Jan 2010 04:51:00 +0000

Fotos:Revista FHM, y Calendarios OficialesOtras fotos:Odalys García (Galeria 1)Odalys Garcia (Galeria 2)[...]

My Dad was in a Car Accident

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 06:37:00 +0000

At 8pm last night my Mum gets a call from the Paramedics to say my dad has been in a car accident. 

They took him to Port Shepston Hospital for a head injury, cracked ribs and his knee has been torn open.  My mum doens't drive but even so, not having a second car, she had to get someone to take her to the hospital to see my dad.

By the time she got there, my dad was in the ER.  She said when she got there she got such a fright when she saw all the blood.  You bleed pretty bad with a head injury, so she wasn't prepared for all the blood.  She says his face looks terrible - all swollen and grazed.  Mum went with him to x-ray to make sure he has no fractures.  Everything looks clear but they need to keep him for observation with his head injury. 

He is in a normal ward for now and mum is going to see him again today after the doctor has been around to re-asses his situation.  She needs to take his eye-glasses because my dad's blind as a bat without them and they were completely smashed in the accident.  Mum is now stuck on her own with no car and unable to drive!  I wish I could be there for her - she is 700km away.

My dad says he was pulling out of a petrol station after filling up, when a mini-bus hit his car on the side.  It doesn't matter who's fault it was because the Paramedics took blood on the scene and my dad was well-over the blood alcohol limit.  I'm so glad he's okay but I'm angry that he was drinking and driving - again.  Perhaps, this will be a wake up call for him...

The car is a complete write-off and because of him being over the alcohol limit, the insurance won't cover him anyway.  So, he'll have to fork out money to buy a new car - another wake up call.

I know I sound harsh, but my dad has had a drinking problem for years and he has never admitted to it.  He could've had hurt or killed someone else in the other vehicle and then it would've been a lot more serious.  We're talking manslaughter then.  Luckily the little girl that was in the other car only sustained minor injuries and is at the same hospital as my dad is (so we can keep an eye on her situation too).

What a way to start a Monday morning!   When your phone rings at 5:45am - you know something is wrong and immediately you go all cold.

Will keep you posted.

Monday Male

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 05:00:00 +0000

Meet Bob (not his real name) from NoWriter, JustAnOverthinker who is another interesting Scotsman who's blog I love to visit.Oh great thanks to Gillian and her Monday Male, I have a chance to talk about myself in a new arena, just the excuse I need. I suppose those of you who don't know me might wonder who I am. In the blogging arena my alter ego is known as Scotsman and my blogging home is No Writer, Just An Overthinker. As you might guess from that I am Scottish. I can be found living in the Good Ole U S of A in a State where the people rarely understand my accent. The reason for living there? Well that comes down to having met a Chilean woman, only the second Hispanic I ever met, what happened to the first? Well as nice as he was he just didn't do it for me. What else can I say about me? I'm a protestant Glasgow Celtic fan, which to the rest of the world probably doesn't mean that much but if you were from Glasgow and knew the history of the place it might go some way to explaining why I no longer live there. I have two step kids, one six, one a couple of weeks shy of being four who both have been converted into loving their 'chips' but on occasion think I'm too 'Scottish.' Kids!I started blogging because I wanted a book deal, a movie deal and a biography deal. Actually that's a lie, that sounds like too much pressure and commitment for someone with no writing skills. I blog because its fun and I occasionally need an outlet for the pish that rolls around inside my heid. Now to the questions that Gillian set, I was hoping for multiple choice but nae such luck. 1. Where were you born in Scotland and when did you leave to go to the good ol' U S of A?I was born in Glasgow in the year of the snake a few hours after the King of Rock N Roll died and moved to the USA last year not much more than a few months before the King of Pop died. Sounds egotistical but I might be bad luck to musical royalty.2. Are you a true Scotsman in the sense that you're stingy with your money or will you, on occassion, buy someone else a pint?I'm careful with my money but if I've got it I'll spend it. Though you won't find me in a bar in Utah very often, thanks to the Mormons its kind of hard to find one.3. What is the best thing about being married to a Chilean woman? Oh thats easy, milk chocolate nipples. They are better than Tunnocks Tea Cakes any day of the week.We are surprisingly very similar despite our upbringing so its probably a close run thing between my poor attempt at picking up Spanish and my lack of dancing skills that give my new family the most laughs.4. Why do most men refused to ask for directions?Men like the scenic route. Dr Livingstone wasn't lost, he was exploring, meeting new people. 5. As a Scotsman - Celtic or Rangers?I was never a season ticket holder due to not having the time to take Saturday's off work so I never saw a Celtic vs Rangers game at Parkhead. However when I was younger and a student I did work at Ibrox for a season and a half as a match Steward. As a result I did take in a couple of Rangers vs Celtic games. I spent most of the game looking up to into the stands with my back facing the pitch so instead of enjoying the game I was looking at around 15000 very angry Rangers supporters while their team was getting beat. Any time I heard the words "He's a Celtic fan!" I would shrink a little more into the neck collar of my jacket unti[...]