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Updated: 2017-07-29T01:28:48.961-07:00


Add Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons to blog


If you often chatting with yahoo! messenger, possibly you will familiar with emoticons such as :                   How to adding Yahoo Emoticons to your post? there is very easy. You just add the codes to your post, what you want to put. However when you post an article, you must choose tab, don't at tab. This is the codes : :)happy (image)

Add Google talk to blog (2)


Several days ago, a was post how to add Google Talk. now, i will post about this topic again, why? because there are some of bloggers feel google talk at this post is to big for added at sidebar. If you feel previous google talk is out of proportion to added at sidebar, you can use the button of google talk, such as the following button : How to add this button to your blog? this(image)

Add Yahoo! Messenger to Blog


Do you know what is Yahoo! messenger? I sure you is surely knew it. Yahoo! messenger is one of service very popular in the world. Then what his relation with blog? some blogger wish to be in his blog attached yahoo ! messenger icon , hence if him online in yahoo! messenger can in knowing by his blog visitor and also can easy to in contacting for chatting. If you ask to me, can (image)

Recent Posts and Recent Comments at Sidebar


Many from bloggers wish insatlling the widget of Recent post and Recent post at sidebar, and for this matter is several blogger creating recent post and recent comment widget by JavaScript, However i think that is not good for your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Besides not good to SEO, installation JavaScript risk to slow down your blog loading, so that matter it's can make your (image)

Make a News Paper Style Drop Caps


Do you have read a magazine or newspaper? the answer is surely have. In this opportunity I will study concerning how do to make an alphabet which in printing bigger in comparing with other ordinary alphabet such as in writing in a newspaper or magazine. For example : Many the way to back up the data in Widgets / page element, but I'm limitation of time to comment it in detail, hence I (image)

Add Google Talk to Blog


I'm sure you are surely knew what is the Google Talk, with Google talk you can send instant messages, make voice calls, leave voice mail messages, transfer files and etc, however of course must with other Google user. Do you know, now you can add Google talk to your blog? not yet known its way? please follow the steps following : makeityourring diamond engagement rings   Login to blogger (image)

How To Make a drop down Menu


Do you ever seen the menu such as below? please click at the menu to see the effect of this menu : The name of this menu is drop down menu. makeityourring diamond engagement rings To make the dropdown menu, you only make the code be like this :