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Full spectrum of EPC services-From concept to commissioning


Eminent global engineering services companies today are offering a comprehensive mix of engineering solutions. The services offered are aimed at reducing the product development cost, increase the capacity, increase resource availability, lessen lead times, proper instrumentation, effective data documentation and thorough product analysis amongst others. As a multi-disciplinary engineering consult

Engineering Services-Efficiently delivering EPC projects of varying size and scope


Lately, diverse engineering requirements and demands have resulted in the increased emergence of engineering services companies. Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), is a common form of contracting service these companies take up. They lay the foundation of EPC projects with best-in-class engineering solutions for clients worldwide.These leading enterprises use efficient resources and hig

Engineering Services: Building Tomorrow’s Engineering Enterprise


Engineering was regarded as an important sector since decades. However, it has become a necessity in today’s world. Every field whether its health, hospitality, mining, oil & gas, petrochemicals or food & dairy industry, engineering service is at the heart of the operation. Therefore, engineering has rightly been termed as ‘one of the finest art of modern world.’With the advent of globalization an

Detailed Engineering-An essential aspect of engineering process


The roots of engineering are so widespread that the list of engineering services of a engineering consultancy could go on. Primary arteries of engineering service covers Process Engineering, Design & Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Digitization & Drafting. Design & detailed engineering is the connecting link between basic designing and the construction ph

Engineering Services-Building a better world


Representing one of the largest sections of the industrial world, engineering services comprise an extensive swath of engineering design and support services that are fundamental for the operation of practically every industry. Even for smooth, trouble-free functioning of everyday life, engineering services are the best antidote.As a leading multi-disciplinary Engineering consultancy and Des