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The Infamous Sith Lord

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The Infamous Sith Empire


Taking place three hundred years after the Knights of The Old Republic is BioWares and LucasArts newest work of magic Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Despite the value in which the Treaty of Coruscant stands upon, which is truce between the two allegiance, the flames that were continues to rise even more.The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire which we as fans know, has been at opposite ends of the spectrum for quite some time now. Everyone is still confused as to where the Sith originated. Some speculate three thousand years ago is when their rise sparked within the Jedi bloodline. As soon as the Dark Jedi stepped on Korriban soil they began ruling. With years and years of intermarriage between the Dark Jedi and the people of Korriban, came the 'Sith' race along with the passion for ultimate power and the hatred towards the Jedi Order.These days the Sith is force sensitive hybrids just as the Jedi. The Sith who has a destruction and power purpose for the Force as oppose to the Jedi's good related purpose. The Great Hyperspace War came about as a result of the Sith civilization reaching the Republics boundaries. Since then the thousand war between the two orders, the Sith Lord of the Sith Empire and the Jedi Order of the Galactic Republic prevails.In the Great Hyperspace War the Sith were badly defeated, though the Emperor did manage to escape, along with his dark lords to plan for the future. With the new society, their mindset is to destroy the Republic and the Jedi order, in order to gain ultimate controlling power. Over one thousand years, the Empire grew strong with mighty warriors and machines. Within this time frame the Emperor is using the dark rituals to keep his blood flowing, so he can one day taste the satisfaction of victory.The new Empire, which is better in all areas and are filled with imperial agents and also bounty hunters who are tasked to assassinate political leaders. Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters are two of the four classes featured in SWTOR. You can say that the Imperial Agents are the evil versions of the Republic Troopers. The Bounty Hunters are the assassins in the game trained to take down specific targets. The Bounty Hunters must work just as the Secret Service does in real life, i.e., undetected, unrelated, covert, and undercover within the Galactic Republic.No one really knows how the popular battle really ends, but I for one am very intrigued to one day know the results. Which will conquer the Republic and their views of peace and order or the Sith Empire with their views of ultimate domination and control through fear and force. Until that time you can check out more about SWTOR at[...]