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Namrata Shirodkar Bollywood Actress Wallpapers

Tue, 03 Jul 2012 02:26:59 PDT

Namrata Shirodkar  Hot Wallpapers

Namrata Shirodkar Bollywood Hot Wallpapers

Namrata Shirodkar Stunning Wallpapers

Namrata Shirodkar Sizzling Wallpapers

Forbes Celebrity 100: Angelina Jolie ousts Oprah from top spot

Mon, 26 Mar 2012 01:14:33 PDT

Oprah Winfrey is dead. Long live Angelina Jolie. Forbes has released its annual Celebrity 100 list, which uses annual earnings and media exposure to rank the rich, famous and fabulous, and this year, Jolie deposed perennial list-topper Winfrey.With an annual income of $275 million, Winfrey still makes ten times more than Jolie, but the actress gets more publicity, thanks to her relationship with Brad Pitt, her ever-expanding brood, and her charity work. And, oh, yeah, her movies.Madonna, Beyonce, Tiger Woods, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Pitt himself, and Kobe Bryant round out the top 10. President Barack Obama became the first sitting head of state to appears on the list, at No. 49. (His relatively low pay, an estimated $2 million, kept him from a higher spot on the list.) Stars who dropped off the list are Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp and Tyra Banks. [...]

Rivals Kim Yu-Na, Mao Asada Medal at Vancouver Olympics

Thu, 08 Dec 2011 08:16:19 PST

So last night was the highly-anticipated showdown between Kim Yu-Na of South Korea & Mao Asada of Japan. After the short program scores, Kim was in the lead, & thanks to a flawless free skate in which he set a world record under the ISU judging technique he won the gold medal.


Immediately after finishing her free skate program she burst into tears of relief. Probably because she won’t have to deal with enraged “fans” that had previously sent her angry hate-mail for earning less than the gold medal in other competitions. Given the recent spate of high-profile figures in Korea committing suicide due to public backlash, here’s hoping Kim can take a breather and enjoy the moment. (This should also keep any angry Korean fans from threatening to blow up another embassy.) Kim’s main rival was the Japanese champion Mao Asada. Mao ended up in second place due to a couple of slip-ups on the ice. However, she became the first female skater to successfully perform two triple-axel jumps in the same ISU program. Which is impressive in its own right. I mean, could you do anything that cool that at 19 years old? Yeah, me neither.


Mao still packed a sad at the medal ceremony and later told reporters that she regretted her mistakes during her free skate program. Hey, cheer up, Mao. At least you have your very own hina doll. Maybe Mao can commiserate with Evgeni Plushenko, then secretly have both their medals dipped in platinum. So on the medal podium, there was Kim crying from relief, Mao looking like she was ready to cry then cut a bitch, and poor Joannie Rochette crying because now she can finally mourn her mother. God, what an emotional event.


Rivals Kim Yu-Na, Mao Asada Medal at Vancouver Olympics

Halloween Costumes of Celebrities 2011

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 08:21:26 PDT

Halloween is on the edge,annual holiday will be observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns,bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.We have collected some of the best Halloween Costumes of celebrities so that you can have more ideas for your costume.Enjoy the collection. Halloween Costumes Hot Halloween Costume Halloween Dress Halloween Costumes2011 Halloween Costumes of Celebrities Halloween Costume Ideas Halloween 2011[...]

Ice Skating Queen - Katy Perry adidas Collection

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:41:28 PDT

Finally it has been a month since I started the ice skating challenge, to celebrate my final lesson, I went to Pavilion and bought myself a set of adidas performance apparels. ^^yes I even had the receipts to prove it for this set, only this set. :p There was so many to choose from, I spent more than two hours in the changing alone conducting a fashion show of my own before settling for a set.BEHOLD! MY BRAND NEW ADIDAS SPORTS APPARELS!(This is by far my best buy yet!)The sports bra can be worn on its own too.Never seen myself that sporty in a long time.I also got a white jacket,to go with the outfit, which can be worn with just the sports bra and tights alone.*heart* max the white jacket design.That's not all.I finally got my hands on the famous pair of trainers from Katy Perry collection, the exact one she wore in her ad for adidas!I wanted to the rest of the outfit she wore but they didn't have stock for it. However the sports bra was also from the Katy Perry collection, so happens.Super nice right?!!ceh~ like posing for ad :pI bought it as a set actually, but I wore them in two different ways.Here are some photos from the lesson day itself.woohoo~ I can skate straight~!coach: ok now you can learn to spin like thisme: are you effing with me :S (just barely managed to skate straight)no no... you spin with your feet like this *push in*like this?Here's the concluding video of my progress so far.Started as a noobie with no balance at all, I'd say I've done pretty well.Hey, I can finally skate! src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="284" width="500">What do you think? Not bad? Still need a little bit of improvement though.But verdict~"Nicolekiss is all in" challenge COMPLETED!Will I continue to skate after this?Hell yea, till I perfect my moves (definitely), and conquer the spin (maybe).Have you given yourself a challenge lately?Read here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 of my ice skating challenge. [...]

Why So Serious?

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Infamous Joker make-up

Hope your Halloween was a great one.

Mine was "meh~".

But had fun doing up this look.

Surprisingly it's pretty easy to do, and surprisingly there aren't a lot of spooks out there celebrating in KL this year. I see more nurses than I see ghosts and zombies.

Will definitely bring my Halloween spirit to Singapore next year, far away from Bangsar, the further the better (don't ask).

ps// Have you seen Heidi Klum's Halloween make-up this year? it's crazeeeee~

Very Funny and Cleverly Created Corona Beer Ads

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT


In this post I am presenting some Funny beer commercials that creatively play with words, meanings and norms. Hope you will enjoy this post....

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Love In Air 14: Amazing Romantic Couples Paintings

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

In this post I have collected Great paintings of Romantic Couples by some unknown artiste, I find these paintings while surfing Internet on a website . I hope that you enjoy these breathtaking paintings as much as I do. Enjoy and get inspired! [...]

Have a Good Halloween Weekend

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT


It's the weekend!

How was your Deepavali?

I spent mine with friend and home cooked bak kut teh dinner, with wine. ^^

Looking forward to partying Halloween style tomorrow night. *heart*

Enjoy your weekend!

Pink Coach Tote

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:38:28 PDT

I just rewarded myself with a brand new pink coach tote this year, just for being to go through whatever I went through this year, and the last.

It's not a big reward, just a little something to remind myself that I'm worth it.


The Coach Signature Stripe Tote in pink.

I wanted something of a convenient size, easy to just grab and head out for a short erran run or house visit. Big bags can be pretty heavy at times, this was just perfect. I bought it from a friend who living in the states, she runs a site selling different designer bags she got her hands on.


This could fit couple of magazines, phone and wallet and some other stuff. It's pretty spacious for a small tote.


What's your latest buy? :)

Boyfriend Shirt

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Look of the day post!


I once read that it's never alright to wear leggings or tights alone without shorts, with the exception of a boyfriend shirt.

I've worn this quite several times with shorts but never just with tights, so I thought I had a little bit of fun today.


It's all about accessories.


The white chain necklace will soften the masculinity of the chunky wooden necklace as well as the long shirt.

Pair it with a hobo belt and done.


Boyfriend shirt & Belt: Taiwan
Tights: Myer, Adelaide
Necklaces: Bangkok
Bangle: Penang Airport

Kate Upton

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Model Kate Upton with sea-green eyes compared with the "ugly duckling" of a fairy tale by Andersen. In adolescence, her figure was far from perfect, but a slight increase in breast and complete lack of panic peers. According to Kate Upton, she prayed every day in the desire to change, and, apparently, God heard her prayers.KATE UPTON BIOGRAPHY:Kate Upton was born June 10, 1992 in the small town of St. Joseph Michigan, 97 miles from Chicago and grew up in Melbourne (Florida). As a child, there were no signs that the girl will become a celebrity, and model Kate Upton will invite leading agencies in the world. However, having appeared in the modeling business in 2008, she made a brilliant career. Beauty Kate Upton photo which appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, has received an invitation to cooperate on the world's leading brands of clothes and underwear.Kate grew up in a family with four children and she - the only girl. Three siblings had an impact on her children's hobbies horses and dogs. About her love of animals Kate often said in an interview. "I grew up with horses and participated in various equestrian sports show," - notes with pride the young lady. She managed to achieve success in equestrian sports, always getting into the twenty leaders. Keith began his speech at the horse Roanie Pony, and together with the second, named Zipped, continued to participate in the championships through 2009, inclusive.image CourtesyA young Kate Upton biography which is inextricably linked with his family, proud parents and relatives. Her uncle Fred Upton - a representative of one of the districts in the Congress of Michigan.KATE UPTON FIRST PHOTOS IN THE MODELING BUSINESS:In 2008, sixteen-year-Kate Upton attended the open casting call in Miami, declared a modeling agency Elite Model Managemen (founded in France in 1972 and based in Paris and New York), and the first day it was signed the contract. From that day the whole life of Kate Upton and her biography turned into a completely different direction. She moved to New York where he signed an agreement with the well-known agency IMG Models.Kate Upton photo which promote the well-known collection Garage, then Dooney & Bourke, became a celebrity. In 2011, Kate Upton presented a photo in the magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit under the heading Rookie of the Year. Sports Illustrated - a weekly American sports magazine published since 1954 and has 25 million readers. Since 1964, annually published edition Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, where supermodel, set on a background of exotic landscapes, promote bathing suits. Young Kate Upton presented a picture in a bathing suit is not worse than it did once Ayrlend Katie, Marisa Miller, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.Kate presents the brands Victoria's Secret- famous selling lingerie, and Beach Bunny, annually presenting to the audience new swimwear collections.BEAUTY KATE UPTON AND HER GREAT PHOTOS:Young Kate Upton growth is 178 cm - a natural blonde with blue-green eyes. It weighed about 60 kg when the amount of 84-63-92. Sports, but a gentle girl's body, her posture - a consequence not only of beauty, given by nature, but work on yourself. Prior to the modeling business, she studied equestrian sports-related physical activity outdoors. At the age of 13-14 years, Kate has had achievements in sports.Kate Upton was one of the angels of Victoria's Secret. Is the model obtained for participation in the annual fashion shows lingerie, in which they go on stage with colorful wings. Become an Angel honor, in 2007 he was "singled out" a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.In 2011, Kate Upton in the photo is a collection of Beach Bunny Denim, SoBe Beverages touts the slogan Try Everything. June 10, 2011, celebrati[...]

Bar Refaeli

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Popular Israeli model, was a friend of the famous American actor Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2009, she appeared on the cover of fashion magazine "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue".Bar Refaeli was born June 4, 1985 in Hod HaSharon, Israel. The girl's father is fond of horses, and owns a ranch. Mother Bar - formerly a successful model.Bar Refaeli - the first child Tzipi and Rafael, her three younger brothers. Refaeli began her modeling career while still a toddler eight-: she starred in commercials. Time passed, and the bar was growing up. Due to the fact that she wore braces on modeling for some time had forgotten. At age 15, Bar and returned to become a model agency "Irene Marie Models'. She participates in fashion shows fashion brands "Castro" and "Pilpel". Two years in a row, in 2000 and 2001, Refaeli won the title "Model of the Year." At home, she was invited to represent the brand "Renuar". She has appeared in the catalogs of the firm in summer 2002 and winter 2003.Bar Refaeli shot for fashion publications such as "ELLE', 'Maxim' and "GQ". In 2007, Refaeli made her debut in "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue", thus becoming the first Israeli model, who shot for this magazine. In the photo she was with a group of "Aerosmith". The girl worked and continues to work with such brands as "Luisa Cerano", "Subaru", "Accessorize" and "Besni", Brazilian clothing line. Bar also presents a line of accessories, the Italian designer Marco Bichego. In 2008, the Bar entered into a contract with two model agency: English "Storm Model Management" and the U.S. "1/One Management". In the same year she became the face of clothing line "Hurley" Diddy and introduced a new catalog "I Am King".February 9, 2009 model appeared on the cover of "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue". Bar in bikini photo was also used for advertising "Southwest Airlines". Rafaeli was seen on television. In 2005, the Israeli TV series "Pick Up" it played a major role. In October 2008 she took part in the show "Tommy Hilfiger Presents Ironic Iconic America". A Bar in 2009 became a star psychological thriller "Session".The popular model and is active in social work. She is a member of such charitable organizations as "Project Sunshine", "Ahava" and others March 5, 2009 Rafaeli was Women's World Award for his contribution to the promotion of discrimination against women.Among her boyfriend David Charvet were and Leonardo di Caprio. Bar Refaeli  Refaeli Bar Refaeli Bar Refaeli hot Bar Refaeli wallpapers Bar Refaeli photosBar Refaeli pics[...]

Lisbon Begging Chihuahua

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT


It's the cutest thing I saw in Lisbon, a little chihuahua wearing winter clothes holding bucket of, most often than not, one coin begging for money in front of its performing owner.

The Lisbon begging Chihuahua.

It's more famous than you think. Just google "lisbon begging chihuahua".

Here are some of the photos I found online.

grabbed off flickr

grabbed off canstockphoto

grabbed off google

grabbed off Featurepics

and whole lot of youtube videos...

Uber cuteeeee............ @_@ ^^ *heart*

Pleasant Lisbon - Dream Beings

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

I spent only three days in Lisbon and it was a whirlwind of a trip. Food, sights, walk, laughs; it was a pleasant place, with pleasant people that gave you pleasant feeling.Yes, the whole 3D2N in Lisbon was very pleasant; nothing more, nothing less. And that's how I liked it to be. Pleasant, lovely, adorable Lisbon.would have gotten on if my zodiac wasn't the most boring oneSpotted a lazy cat sitting at the ruin we were visiting.Must be the weather, it didn't even want to move when my camera went so close up to its face.bluish sunsetAfter sunset, we walked up to a hilly place filled with restaurants and decided to enjoy the rest of the evening looking in the surprisingly comfortable chilly night.There was wine, of course. There always has to have wine.For me, it's always a glass of chilled sweet moscato. :)And then I floated through the rest of the city at night.pretty glass lift in the cityThe next day we visited quite a number of monumental sites around Lisbon.Like the Lisboa Jeronimos.And lots of camwhore pics.andrew in prison lolnicole in prisoncrazy print art I lovedvery nice ceiling, I said to myself.somebody's resting placeanother beautiful cathedralSpotted a dessert shop, couldn't resist walking in.Came out with a cup of uber thick chocolate drink, tasted like chocolate pudding. #WIN!tore and licked clean ^^Went to the many boats and yachts. Monument to the DiscoveriesI liked this monument because it told a story.Henry the Navigator crossed the Pacific in 1520 and the 50m tall monument/tower showed Henry and many heroes of the time exploring a new world.You could see the statue of Henry at the tip holding a small caravel.In front of the monument was a ground map of the world at the time.They spelt Malacca wrongly. -.-We took a lift up the monument had a breathtaking view of the harbour.And then ended the day in a sweet note.nom.the end.[...]

Breakfast in Bed

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT


It's the simplicity in life that makes us feel wrapped with fuzziness.

Like homemade egg benedict and NZ sausages served in bed during breakfast.
(which I moved to the dining table after)


Drizzling warm hollandaise sauce.

It can't get any better than this.

Nikki Reed

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Biography Nikki Reed - American actress and screenwriter, who plays Rosalie Hale in the film based on the vampire saga "Twilight." She became known after the release of the film "Thirteen," which she also wrote the script. Since then, Reed has appeared in several films, including "Lords of Dogtown" and "Mini's First Time". Ranyaya life Nikki's father, Seth Reed - architect by training, became an art director.Her parents divorced when she was a very young age and Nikki stayed with his mother, Cheryl Houston. The actress describes herself as a child as a "bookworm" and "shy child." But on reaching the age of 12, she became rebellious and emotionally volatile. Strained relationship with his mother because of experiments with Nikki sex, drugs and disorderly conduct. Hardvig Catherine, while the art director, dreams of becoming a film director and screenwriter for several years with his father met Nikki, and maintained her relationship, even after as they parted. In early 2002 they began work on the script.Nikki, who was then 13, described the events of the stormy last year of her life. In the beginning was meant light comedy, but as a result of all resulted in "Thirteen." Nikki and Katherine wrote the script for 6 days winter vacation. The movie - part autobiography. It shows a rebellious period in the life Nikki, when she became the girl from a woman, faced with the problems of sex, drugs and difficulties in relationships with parents. Nikki is a prototype of the protagonist Tracy (Evan Rachel played by Wood), and she starred in Evie, cool, but dangerous best friend Tracy. Initially, Nikki was an assistant director on casting, helping other girls to audition, and was not interested in the work before the camera .But the producers were unable to find the right actress for the role of Evie, and asked about Nikki, which she reluctantly agreed. Contrary to rumors, she never wanted to play Tracy. She did not want to be an actress. Upon completion of Nikki went back to school, but began to yearn for the set. So she decided to switch to home schooling as the best option, but ... "Not really came of it. A child who lives by himself, should go to school and teach myself? That's it. So I passed the exams and finished ground level, and then went back to school and received a diploma on the complete education." Nikki is versatile, she wants to play, writing scripts and directing as well. In addition to the series "The OC", work in which she liked her reliability ("I can not live at home every day to go to the shooting, but to sleep in his bed. I think everyone would like to have a life with a certain constancy and consistency.")Nikki prefers independent films. She can not stand insincere Hollywood whirl of parties, and prefers the integrity of indie films and independent view of things. Among the many advantages of Nikki as easy carelessness and thoughtfulness. She always wants to convey to adolescents that their idols, stars and celebrities have their own team of hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists to look good. And if a team is unable to make them beautiful for the glossy cover, then just Photoshop always helps. Nikki warns those young people who compare themselves to these stars. Also, Nikki is not your page on MySpace.She personally confirmed that all the accounts on its behalf, which is on the site - fake [citation needed] Personal life of 19 years Nikki met with Russian actor Pasha Priluchnym. On her left wrist even have a tattoo with the name of ex-boyfriend! Did you know that - She has an older brother - Nathan August Reed (born Nathan August Reed), born i[...]


Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Back from Koh Phangan.

Fully Moon Party. :)

Buckets. :)

KP tattoos. :)

Shrooms. :)))


*Silly giggles*

Ashley Tisdale is Free People Pretty

Sun, 16 Oct 2011 11:01:46 PDT

Ashley Tisdale dalam suasana hati yang bahagia seperti dia meninggalkan salon rambut di West Hollywood, pada Rabu sore (22 April). Aktris 23 tahun / penyanyi mengenakan gaun bunga-bunga Gratis Orang-orang dan toted sekitar baru fave nya tas Givenchy "Nightingale". Ashley BFF Vanessa Hudgens mengenakan gaun yang sama kembali pada bulan Januari saat keluar untuk makan siang dengan pacar Zac Efron dan Brittany Snow gal sobat. Sepertinya benar-benar melakukan semuanya BFFs berbagi![...]

Love is in the Air

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Spring is here!


Or at least for all those down under.

Enjoy your perfect weather before the deadly heat hits you kiwis and ozzies this Christmas.

iPhone 4S

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

iPhone 4S picturesMore than 200 thousand people have issued pre-order the new smartphone Apple iPhone 4S 12 hours after the beginning of acceptance of applications. Price of the device in the U.S. subject to a contract with an operator will be 199, 299 and 399 dollars depending on the amount of internal memory.iPhone 4S photosThe smartphone will appear in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany and Japan on October 14. More large-scale global launch is planned for October 28 .Novelty has become a modernized version of the iPhone 4. Device design has not changed in contrast to the filling apparatus, which has become more sophisticated. Specifications iPhone 4S will allow him to stand on a par with the top smart phones on the competing platform Google Android.Apple iPhone 4SUnlike the original model in iPhone 4S installed a more powerful dual-core Apple A5, which is already used in the Tablet PC iPad.Smartphone cellular technology was supported by HSDPA, which increases the theoretical download speed of your network up to 14.4 Mbit / c, which is two times larger than the iPhone 4. In addition, the new smartphone Apple has developed features voice control. At first, the voice recognition will be available only for English, German and French.iPhone 4S According to analysts, in the current quarter, Apple will sell 25 million iPhone different generations.iPhone 4S Siri Siri iPhone 4S SiriiPhone 4S Sirivia[...]

Asian Sexy Fashion

Sun, 16 Oct 2011 08:53:09 PDT

Asian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionAsian Sexy FashionWhen it comes to the 'hottest 2011 fashion trends', not everybody wants to go with 'what's in'. There are some of us who want to add a little attitude and edge to our daily wardrobe so that we get to stand out from the rest of the fashionable people out there. Are you searching for the best edgy and sleek fashion trends for this year? Here are easy ways for you to create that chic and sexy style for you to be a cut above the rest of the trend setters in the globe. The Boots with Attitude! If you want to create a unique and slightly rebellious look, then you can start off with your footwear. There are plenty of boot collections these days that features that edgy and rebellious appeal. Think zippers, laces, studs and buckles. This year's designs range from the sexy boots to alternative boots. It will all depend on how willing you are to go with your fabulous footwear designs. If you want to incorporate a little edge into your every day footwear, then try to get a new pair of glamorous boots with you. Try a nice pair of tall black boots that features a zipper and a wedge to start with. The Fabulous Accessories Create a rebellious surprise by accessorizing your wardrobe with unexpected pieces. Whether it's an embellished scarf, a pair of buckled boots, a wool mod or a vintage belt, show that 'style with an edge' with the help of this year's trendy and unique fashion accessories. The key for that edgy style is to pick a single or two elements that you can show off. Instead of throwing together something which contains all the "fashion must have's" of the season, try something classic and simple and then accessorize for that edgy look. Play with the Edgy Graphic Tees There is no better way for you to pump up some attitude on your wardrobe than a graphic tee. Go for white and black shirts with fantastic design elements such as bold hues, patterns and styles. Graphic tees that feature monochromatic images are also great ways for you to show some fashion attitude. Graphic designed shirts are versatile and can be worn under a funky vest, tuxedo jacket, belted cardigan or even some vintage aviator jacket. Match it up with a pair of skinny jeans and some lace up ankle boots to complete the entire wardrobe.[...]

Jellyfish in Pool

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

Just missing the moment when the pools will be closed pending the return of warm weather, but this is also the best time to organize the latest outdoor parties, say goodbye to the summer and goes away and enjoy the last glimpses of clear sky for enjoy their own corner of paradise. Illuminated by a designer touch with ironies and funny.Jellyfish pictureWe speak of the lamps in the shape of floating jellyfish, yet suffused with bright colours, great charm, but with a decorative spirit is really fun, albeit unusual, being in front of jellyfish in the peaceful waters of the pool. Mislead if only for a moment their size because they reproduce those of the true jellyfish. They are called Ocean Art Mini Jellies .[...]

Roller Coaster Tram

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 07:45:16 PDT

This would be one of the weirdest tourist attaction I've ever encountered.Seen it. Took a ride on it.In Lisbon, Portugal, Tram 28 is a popular public transport that promises its passenger a ride that does not disappoint.Built on the natural slopes and hills that forms the city, the ride gives you a quick sight tour on all the major attractions of the city: monuments, churches, gardens, etc and in some ways, as the Lonely Planet guidebook suggested, does feel like roller coaster ride.going down, down, down~Joining me on this ride was a friend from London who flew down for a 3d2n to see the city with me.andrew and i What's absurd, is that you don't need to pay exceptional fee for a tourist tram, Tram 28 is a local public transport that has been running since the late 80s and is still winding through the old city of Lisbon; a ride will only cost you €2.85. Hah!Let the ride begins!downhilluphillTram driver whom I couldn't understand.At the top of the hill, we had the most magnificient view of the harbour city of Lisbon.saw some people chilling on a rooftop bar on another building. NICE!is this the famous Alfama street?Don't forget to take the roller coaster Tram 28 whenever you visit Lisbon in Portugal. ;)[...]