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Preview: Death By Knitting (and Other Various Crafts)

Death By Knitting (and Other Various Crafts)

"I can take rejection, I've got my knitting." - Grey's Anatomy

Updated: 2018-03-05T19:53:37.853-05:00


Good Bye


Dear blog and readers,
I think it's come time for me to shut down this blog. I won't delete it, but I need to concentrate on school and other things, and I just don't have time to effectively write or blog anymore. Also, since coming back from Chile and not having a computer or regular internet access there, I found out what being "in it" was like, all the time, not just the times that I wasn't online. Yes, I found a lot of awesome people through my blog and ravelry, people I still want to keep up with, but right now, I feel it's an extra pressure I can't deal with right now.

I shut down my etsy shop, and I've been cutting down my time on the computer in general. Upcoming in this semester I need to write about 20-30 pages to finish up the next four weeks. This summer, my plans include working about full time and going to the beach all the time.

I'll still be active on Ravelry. I might post occasionally on my Tumblr. It's just hard keeping up with a full on blog as a student with a social life, trying to get a 3.6 GPA and work. Please if anyone has any questions about patterns or anything email me at SamDOTedgeATsbcgobalDOTnet (replace every word with symbols!).

Leaving On a Jet Plane Pt 2, with FOs


Today I'm leaving for Chile. I'll be back the 29th of March. I'm so excited. We're meeting at the school in a couple hours and then driving to the airport - a flight to Alanta then to Santiago! I think we will have wifi, but I don't know if I'll blog. I might blog a bit here, because there's an ipod touch app for tumblr!

But quickly, I have two FOs to post!


Pattern: BFF Socks from Cookie A.
Yarn: Patons Kroy Sock, 2 skeins
Needles: Size 2.5mm Dpns
Mods: I changed a couple things but not much, nice pattern!


Pattern: Quick Cable Hat (here)
Needles: Size 8 and Size 9 16" circs
Yarn: Stitch Nation Full of Sheep, 1 skein

I don't think I'll have a lot of knitting time, but I am bringing yarn for 3 pairs of socks. It's small yarn! Also, bringing some crochet hooks in case my needles are confiscated!
I'll take a lot of pictures and update when I get home!

Leaving On a Jet Plane


My almost fully packed suitcase.
(Yes it is tiny....I've come to terms with that)
I have not spun in .... 4 months? I did start spinning some white merino, and then stopped about a month ago. I like to spin. I just stopped doing it. I think the reason is that with knitting or reading or writing (Even for school!) it's a rather passive activity. I can sit on my bed or the couch and do anything of those things while reclining back. Spinning I need to sit straight with my feet on the floor, and my bed is too high for that. I think crafts that are more "lazy" I'm more likely to do! My parents just bought a new couch (to be specific, my dad's away on business, but has consulted with my mother throughout the couch buying process), for upstairs, so maybe my wheel can live up there and I can use it upstairs? We'll see.

For those still interested, I'm still posting on my Tumblr. A little more often than here, it's going to be more of a personal blog than anything.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I think I'll explain about Chile. I'm in a class in my university which is taught throughout the semester but as part of the class, we go to Chile during spring break. So in less than two weeks, I'm headed out! There's about 16 of us going on the trip, and we'll be spending about 4 days in Santiago, 4 days in Chepica with host families and then another 4 days in Santiago. We'll actually be there the same time as Obama. Because of his trip, we're going to La Moneda Palace the day we get off the plane. It'll be interesting to get off the plane the same day and jump into nicer clothes to go to the La Moneda.

I will definitely take tons of pictures and post about my trip when I get back! I'm not planning on knitting a lot but I'm going to bring a couple projects. One unstarted for the plane as well as some cotton and crochet hook if they take the needles away!

Also, all this stuff:


Needs to be packed, as well as dealing with an almost full week at school! Wish me luck!

FO: Monkey Socks


First, before the FO, some sad but hopefully temporary news. I'm a student, and I work. I'm taking six classes, one studio painting class. Because of these things, I'd had to shut down my Etsy shop. I hope this is temporary, and I can reopen when I have more time in the summer, but I'm not promising anything. I'm sorry to the people that were waiting for me to start sewing again.

In more happy news, I finished some socks! These are for my sister. She likes orange!


Pattern: Monkey Socks!
Needles: Size 1, 2.25mm
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarn's Fannie's Fingering.
Mods: I did the toe differently.


My parents got me these sock blockers for christmas! How awesome are they? I liked that with the monkey pattern, it nicely blocked out the lace.

I also started another pair of socks from Cookie A's book, Knit. Sock. Love. I started the Wedge socks for my brother. I'm loving them.


Very interesting wedge/short row construction so not boring to knit but not too hard for class or TV knitting. Interesting heel too!

FO: Cream and Sugar Copycat Cowl


My blog anniversary was Friday! I meant to post but I just became too lazy. This little blog is four years old!

I also finished my cowl!


Pattern: Sugar and Creme Cowl
Needles: Size 5
Yarn: Madtosh Sock yarn in Ginger... yes, the same as the original version. I HAD to!

What I would do if I knit it again (planning to, mom loves mine!): I would not knit a bit of extra ribbing at the top like I did on this one. I will go down a couple needle sizes on the ribbing so it doesn't want to fold over. I like how it looks though!


Apparently, I'm Reviewing Things


A lot of things have happened this week. A couple big personal things, so I'm not going to talk about them for a while.As for knitting, I finished a cowl. I'm waiting for it to dry. I'm leaving for Chile in a couple (3?) weeks and I'm really excited. It'll be a nice distraction. I'm like going crazy looking for solid alternatives to liquids like shampoo, etc because we're not checking luggage. So I bought solid shampoo from an etsy seller. I'm really impressed with it. It lathered up really easily but it did make my hair feel odd and I did have to rinse it with vinegar but I've read that eventually your hair gets used it. I've bought a lot of things for this trip, and I'm not even two weeks away! I'm still planning on making at least one skirt (we have to wear pants even though it's going to be warm because we'll stick out like sore thumbs otherwise!). I bought Tom's Classic shoes, which I've been planning on for a while but when I realized I had no walking shoes? I had to buy them, and I bought a pair of walking brown sneakers as well.The sneakers I've owned a pair in the past and I wore them to Europe when I visited with my grandfather in high school. I think we got them when I was about 13, and I still had them when I was 17. Holes and all, I loved them. Cute, but still had support and not too stiff so you don't get blisters when you break them in. I normally wear boots, flats or sandals, I rarely wear sneakers. I don't run in these, but really, it takes a lot for me to like a shoe. Also, they are not unfriendly to the wide footed people. I have wide feet that are not wide enough for wide size, so these are perfect. My new pair is good so far, I wore them two days and it was nice to not be walking flat on the ground like I normally am with boots or flats in the winter!As for the Toms, I cannot speak for them personally, but I have a friend and her and her boyfriend love them. I think they're both on the second pair of them. My friend actually wore threw the fabric of the toe rather fast, and when she called Tom's replaced them for her!Another thing is that I discovered this ice cream. I bought it at whole foods but I'm hoping to find it in my local Stop and Shop (which has a natural foods section). I'm lactose intolerant, as well has being allergic to Lactaid pills, so I have few options when it comes to ice cream. This coconut stuff? It was so good. It was not low fat in any way but it had a handful of ingredients - and get this - I could read and pronounce ALL of them(I got the dark chocolate flavor). And if you're on a "no processed sugar diet" it fits into it, with only agave syrup as sweetener. Obviously, it tastes like coconut milk, so if you're not a fan, I couldn't suggest it. But it's heaven for a coconut lover/non-dairy consumer. It wasn't cheap but, for the occasional treat it would be fine. I didn't really mean to review things in this post but I guess that's what it turned into? I think I will try to post this weekend about knitting! I'm hoping to sew but I'm making no promises! And just so everyone knows, I bought all this stuff myself and I'm getting no kickbacks from the companies/sellers![...]

Race Towards Thursday


Every week just feels like a race to me, it's like I just go go go. I know I do have more time than I used to, but six classes and working like 12 hours is a lot. I end up on thursday night with my room a wreck and tons of homework to do that weekend (yes, my weekend starts thursday night. I have no class friday, but I babysit friday).

Before the race starts tomorrow I have a couple things to update on. This weekend I went to Northampton with a couple friends. Although we did go to Webs, we also walked around the town a lot. I'm looking forward to going back soon, because it was great spending the day there. Tons of little shops, not overpriced and lots of neat stuff. We went out to breakfast at Sylvester's, which was awesomely delicious. We all got the twobytwobytwo, pancakes/french toast, eggs and bacon. I got cinnamon bun french toast. It was the best!


Mckayla had apple pancakes and did like them, despite this face.


Mullica liked the fresh squeezed orange juice!


I don't remember why they were doing this, but they were "psyching" up to go to Webs! It was a really great day. I also got some yarn (one ball! can you believe it?) at Webs, as well as some plastic needles that were cheap so hopefully security on the plane to and from Chile won't take them away!

FO: Bitterseed Shawl



Just rolling out the FOs, here! I started everything around the same time, so it's all being finished now!

Pattern: Bitterroot from knitty
Yarn: Mad Tosh Sock yarn
Needles: Size 6 circs
Mods: Uh. I ran out of yarn. For the cast off row. I found a very similar yarn I had already and luckily, you can't even tell unless you look closely!


I love it. The yarn looks silky and has gorgeous color variation and was a joy to knit with. I would not want this on my feet, and many people on Rav say that as gorgeous as the Tosh Sock is, it doesn't last for socks. So that's that!

About the pattern: I think this was one of my favorite shawl patterns. It had long enough sections of pattern repeats that I was able to knit it primarily in class but still changed pattern throughout the shawl so it held my interest and my knitterly happiness! A five star FO!

FO: Two Hats


I finished the Choochoo hat for my little cousin. We had fun taking pictures of it on his head but I did get a couple ones.


Pattern: I found the chart from a pattern on Rav, and made up the rest.
Yarn: Leftover from Various Sweaters: Valley Yarns Northampton
Needles: Size 8


Mike also needed a hat, so I started it on the ride up to Vermont and finished it yesterday.


They are out of the same yarn, from Mike's Sweater. For Mike's hat, I used double stranded, 80 sts ribbing. That's it!

FO: Owls Sweater


I finished! I think this sweater took me only a couple weeks, and if I had just knit the sweater I probably could have finished in a week.
I'm currently in Vermont and everyone is skiing and Mike wanted to go outside but was not aware I wanted him to take pictures, so some of these are me getting mad at him about not wanting to take pictures!


Pattern: Owls
YarnL Louet Riverstone Chunky (I wish I had knit it tighter, but you know. Hindsight is 20/20)
Needles: Size 10.5
Mods: Um I did weird should shaping. I knit the short rows after the initial decreases, tried it on, said "Heck no!", and looked up what others had done. Then, I decreased on a each top of the shoulder 6 sts on each side over 12 rows (I think) and then did more short rows to bring up the back and push the front down. It worked pretty well, until I realized I did it off center....So I did it again!
I also cast on for the body with the 38" size and only increased back up to the 36" size because I have hips, people. The designer only made the bottom 1 or 2" smaller than the bust, but I normally need 38" around the hips.


And here's some when I was making funny faces!



"What do you mean, you don't WANT to stand in the middle of the road and take pictures of my NEW sweater?"

I love it. I wish it was a bit longer. But that's always my complaint with everything with my long torso.

What I'm Into:


Law and Order SVU on Netflix
I have had two snow days, this is the second. I am getting the message: yes, universe, I will knit. I've been watching Law and Order SVU constantly. I watched it a lot during winter break and I found myself depressed. I wondered why. Then I realized what I had been watching constantly! So, I will try not to watch it as much.

I don't want to shovel. But we have a giant driveway. L-shaped and has a wall on one side so, it's diffcult to shovel up and over. Luckily, dad mostly snowblows everything.

I knitting this whole day. This weekend I'm going to Vermont, I'm pretty excited. I had school Monday, no school Tuesday or today and then classes tomorrow on Thursday, no classes on Friday. We leave at 2pm for Vermont. Very excited! When I was younger, we would go and I would snowboard or ski. I only do it once a year so it ended up that I was in major pain the next day. So I gave up on that! We go there, and I might sled or ice skate, but mostly I'll knit and play with my little cousin! I'm going to try to finish my Owls sweater before this weekend but we'll see (I'm on the sleeves!).


Credit for "What I'm Into:" from Julie!

FO: Socks of a Spy!


Currently avoiding my painting homework. It's a reproduction painting. Argh, it has a little cupid in it and he just looks terrible. But yesterday was Mike Brown's birthday and conviently I finished his socks!


Pattern: Plain socks, 64 sts, then 66 on the foot
Yarn: Several. Left over black sock yarn, and both the others are Online Supersocke.
Needles: 1.5 Us size dpns.


These were fun to knit, and I'm hoping to do a similar thing with the other leftovers I have. I have a lot and they all are pretty sizable. Now that I made a yarn diet, I'm really not buying yarn, except if the project is urgent - and not urgent for me, but for other people. My grandfather who has been a huge support and always interested in my education made me the awesome shelf I had a picture of a couple posts back. I sent him a thank you letter offering up any type of knitting and he asked for a pair of socks. So I bought some grey yarn for that but that's IT so far! Not bad for me, at least.

FO: Chinese Ice Queen



Pattern: Ice Queen (Knitty!)
Yarn: Kangaroo Dyer Silk/Mohair Blend, Halo.
Needles: Size 8 and 6 circs 16"
Mods: None. I think I may knit more repeats.

I like it. It's so similar in color to the ice queen that I made myself and still wear, so that was strange. But I love the color variation in it, blue/green is just gorgeous!
Hoping to finish my boyfriend's socks by tomorrow for his birthday and my owls sweater by the end of the week! Stay tuned!

Works In Progress: Snowy Thursday


Yeah, so it's been snowing. Like pretty much everyday here. We got 12 inches, no big deal.

I don't know if it's because I went back to class for the semester, but I've been casting on for everything I've wanted to make in a long time, which I think is a good thing. I've kept it under control, I only have four WIPs.

First off, the one closest to completion:


This is an Ice Queen for my Dad's coworker in China. He's leaving in February sometime, and I think his plan is to mail it to her. I think I have a couple more repeats to do on this and it'll be done. The yarn as been in the stash for about three years now! So I'm glad to have something to do with it!

Second closest:


Mike's Spy socks! I finished the first last week, and I'm working on the second. It's good plain class knitting but it's been recently losing out to other things...


This is a Bitterroot Shawl (Knitty!) that I've had plans for a long time. I didn't want to make socks out of this yarn (MadTosh Sock Weight!!!), because it's 100% wool, and I thought a shawl would be nice. Not only is this yarn soft and squishy, it's color makes me want to swoon! I'm sure you can see why it's been wining the WIP battle!


Finally. My owls sweater. I finished the body I believe on Monday. I've been going to school and doing readings, painting, etc so I haven't had the time (=energy) to cast on for the sleeves. I want to do them 2 at once, too, to make it more complicated.

Hopefully I'll have an FO post soon for one of these WIPs!!!

Cleaning with Buttons


I've been cleaning. I'm not an organized person. At all. It's like pulling teeth to make myself be organized. And I'm not anywhere near the level of my college roommate that I fought with about cleanliness. My grandfather built this shelf for me, and one of the reasons I want it is because I want to try to stay organized during school. We'll see.


I also found out I have a rather sizable button collection. There's a couple sets, the wooden ones on top I bought at Joanns and they only had a couple left. Then I went back recently and bought more - so, I have 12 buttons now of those. Those metal ones are from the Audrey sweater and they were too heavy. My mom has a large collection of mismatching buttons but it's from her grandmother, who apparently used to cut the buttons off everything she didn't use, and saved them. Now I've started my own!


FO: Toddler Socks


After I finished my mom's sweater the other day, I promptly cast on for two more projects (one, an Owls sweater that I've been planning for a while, and a cowl too!). And now, I feel like there's nothing I *have* to knit, so I've been switching around, focusing on different project what seems like for an hour then switching again.

These little socks I started to get rid of some leftovers almost entirely (this was mostly successful. I have a bit left but I should keep it for darning).


Pattern: Cast on 40, heel on 20, decreased to 44.
Yarn: Sheep Shop 3, Sherbet
Needles: Size 1, 2.25.

They are for my cousin Max that I babysit all the time, and hopefully today I may get some pictures of him wearing them. But I have to somehow act like I really don't want him to wear them then maybe he'll want to... or I could try to put them on my feet and he'll be jealous and want them? Anyone have any suggestions to get a two year old to wear things you want him too?

I've been doing really well on my yarn diet - I've knit about 200 grams of yarn, (probably more) and I haven't used up my yarn "credit" yet. I'm even thinking I should try to knit twice as much of the weight of yarn before buying more. I realized I really need to plan out before Rhinebeck this year - like buy no yarn from May to October and knit like a mad woman because I normally buy 600 grams + of yarn there! But I'm thinking this year, I should try not to buy a sweater's quantity, unless something really grabs me! I can't believe I'm planning all this in January for October!!!

But, currently, I've been splitting my queue on Ravelry up, into things that I have the yarn for and am planning on knitting and things that I will knit someday but I don't have the yarn for. I have a lot of sock yarn currently that I want to knit shawls out of. Any favorites that are not-so well heard of?

FO: Mom's Girl Friday


Wow! I know, this is abnormal, two days, two blog posts! Well, I had to share right away.

I finished my mom's sweater! According to Rav, I don't even know when I started this, but I finished the knitting sunday, and finished the sewing everything up last night (I like seaming!).


I think I started in Ocotber or somewhere around that, and I took a break for Christmas knitting, so I think with all things accounted for, this maybe took a month and a half. I used Valley Yarns Northampton. This is the 3rd time I've used this yarn for a sweater. I made myself a sweater out of it, my boyfriend and now my mom. I really suggest it if you're not quite a sweater knitter yet - it's $5 a ball, 247 yards. This sweater took 5 balls. You really get a lot of bang for the buck. My sweater is the one I've had the longest - 2 years now, and it's pilling but not excessively. Northampton is not the softest yarn, but $25 = a sweater! And the colors! Ok, now I'm gushing....

But. As for the pattern: Girl Friday. At first, I wasn't so into it. I thought my mom would like it but I didn't really like it. First, the lace pattern grew on me. Now that it's blocked, it's less textural but still has a nice "bump" going, like cables only they're not. The shawl collar makes it feel cozier I think, and the lace makes it stretchy so it fits nicely and doesn't need a lot of shaping.


However. I totally forgot about it while knitting the fronts, but I did do some waist shaping in the back! But, it was only about 4 sts each side so it didn't end up making a difference. Other than that, my only other mods were the length - I think I knit it about 3" longer than the pattern called for. And, I knit the sleeves in the round (much more complicated than I thought).

Pattern: Girl Friday
Yarn: Valley Yarns Northampton, Midnight heather. 4.8ish skeins.
Needles: Size 8 Knitpicks interchangables.
Buttons are from Joann's, they're coconut. Nice and lightweight.


Catching Up


I delivered the wholesale order in a couple days ago. I also got more zippers so, hopefully I'll be making more box bags for my shop soon!


I also got a neat mannequin foot from my friend Mckayla to display my socks on!


My mom's sweater is so close to completion. I just bought the buttons today, I'm working on sewing in the sleeves now. I have the edging done on the front, and I seamed everything else!


Yellow Heels and Sweaters


Now that I've gone back to work, I have a lot less down time! I've been sewing for that wholesale order, and luckily, we might have a snow day Wednesday. I'm working tomorrow and taking the day off wednesday so I can stay in and sew! (I need to sew 5 more box bags, and I'd like to update the shop a bit!)

As for knitting I haven't been doing much. My mom's birthday festivities were this past weekend and I put the pieces for the sweater in a gift bag, everyone thought it was funny that I hadn't QUITE finished it yet! I'm currently working on the sleeves.


Other than that? I started a toddler sized sock for my cousin, and that's it! I also went to a consignment shop with some friends yesterday, where I drooled over the purses and walked away from them when I saw the prices! I did get some heels, $5!


Blogging Twice.


So, I have been blogging on my tumblr along with my co blogger about everyday...which means I don't thinking about blogging AGAIN. I apologize that I have not been around, but I have been sewing. Alot. I have 12 bags finished, I have 12 more to go. 6 of those are for my shop, and the other 18 are for the LYS that will soon be carrying Fat Penguin Bags!

But, before the sewing started, I went back to work after a two week long holiday from work and school: strange and nice but yet so annoying. I'm working babysitting and at school during the break, and the last week of January I go back to school.

As for knitting, I had the best idea ever. In an effort to clean out some of my scraps of yarn (rather a large amount of scraps too), I'm making mike dress socks...


But, they are not normal dress socks. These dress socks are going to be black by looking at them and then within the shoe, on the part of the foot you can't see? They will be colorful and stripey! I'm so excited.

Also, today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom! I'm making her a sweater (besides what you see here, I have an almost done sleeve!)


Off to babysit!

Stash and FO


My outfit a day idea is going really well: but my partner in crime is having camera issues (she isn't too good with things with wires). But I posted yesterday's outfit and todays: check it out!

In knitting news: I've decided to try to knit up 1.5 the amount of yarn that I want to buy. For example, I want to make a infinity scarf and a shawl, and make an order for knitpicks of 250 grams. So I have to knit up 375 grams of yarn before I order it. I don't know if this will work because I need to finish the shawl by February!

Want pictures of the full stash, fiber, leftovers and all?
"Real" full skein stash:
Leftover/fiber Stash:

Also, I finished a hat!


Pattern: Rose Red by Ysolda
Yarn: Gedifra Angora Merino 1.5 skeins
Needles: Size 6 circ
Mods: None!

I love it. It's so soft and light, and is very warm. This picture is preblocking but I haven't taken any since! Currently I am working on my mom's sweater. Her birthday is Thursday and I have two sleeves and a collar to finish! I doubt that I will be able to finish it but soon it'll be done!

End of Year Collages


First, check out my new joint tumblr with my friend Molly who is also doing the outfit a day thing: here! I'll occasionally post things over here, as well but generally, we'll be posting over there!

Since it's new years, I decided to do a collage of my favorite Finished Objects!


I know that the third one down on the right is not a FO from this year, but I had to add it because I babysat that little squirt for the majority of the year, and he's become a big part of my life, along with my uncles and aunt.

Another thing that became a big huge, SUCCESSFUL part of my life is Etsy! I started an etsy this year, I dropped off it a bit but still have been making sales and shipping. Amazingly, I will be soon carried at a yarn shop in CT. I'll let you know when it starts!


For now, have a good year and I hope to greet it by finishing a hat!

New Year


I'm going to make a few resolutions and my family who read my blog might laugh at me, but I don't care.

1. This isn't really a resolution but! I have A LOT of clothes, as my mom reminded me the other day. Tons. So, for the first month of the year, I'm not going to repeat an outfit. I'm going to post a picture everyday on my facebook, and if I get inspired, I'll put some up here. I have a couple rules (like, I can wear sweats at home, but if I'm not going out all day, I need to put on something besides sweats for a while), but it's mostly just, don't repeat! I can wear the same clothes but not the exact same outfit. It should be interesting.

2. I want to comment on more blogs. Idiot me has been wondering why my comments dropped off recently. It's because I don't comment. Silly. So I want to comment on posts I find interesting. I normally read and think, oh they don't care. But I'll just comment anyways!

3. Knit more! Buy yarn less! I currently have a very full yarn shelf and under bed bins of scraps AND a small cedar chest full of roving. I think I might be inspired to get all of it out and take a picture. Maybe that will make me buy less. I'm not totally overwhelmed with my stash and I won't say I'm not going to buy yarn this year, but I want to end up at the end of the year with less yarn than I started with.

In other news, ironically I already bought yarn. But it's for socks for Kimmy, and it's so orange (one of the favorite colors) I had to get it for her. I visited Mckayla who lives near Connecitcut Yarn and Wool (Farmhouse Yarns, anyone?). Then we played with her new swift and my ball winder. Obviously, the orange is mine. The blue is yarn I got LAST CHRISTMAS for an owl sweater: see resolution # 3.


And although I finished the Liesl sweater today that I didn't finish for christmas I have no pictures of it and have not blocked or woven in the ends. Bad knitter. But here is me knitting and drinking tea with Mckayla. This was the "I'm going to hold my finger over the flash so you don't look terrible" shot. She couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash.


Dreggs of Christmas


Christmas came and went, and I recieved many gorgeous gifts (highlights: Harmony DPN set from my parents, lace blocking wire, a purple peacoat, from my cousin, and a box full of fabric from my aunt anne) and gave a lot too. I gave momma (mike's grandmother)
her hat:


And a lot of other knitted gifts that I didn't get pictures of! But they all seemed to be a hit!

The truffles I made were VERY chocolate-full and although they were liked, we still have leftovers.


My grandfather Burt was at it again this year, and made my cousin Max a wooden train set and a chest of blocks!


I told Burt a couple months ago I wanted a shelf with drawers in the bottom, gave him a drawing and measurements. I told him, whenever you can finish it is fine with me! Well, on Christmas he showed me the almost completed shelf and said one week!


It's absolutely gorgeous in real life, and the bottom slot will have drawers in it. I wanted to get rid of my desk in my room that I never use and I though a wide shelf with drawers would be the perfect solution.

Our white new england christmas came a day late, and I think we're all thankful! Except for maybe this cardinal, he probably never wanted it to come!