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Yeah, it's been a while. I'm hoping to get back into blogging (like I say every time) now that I'm completing projects again. I'd like to have a record for myself, even if no one else reads this :).

I'm blogging from my phone, so I don't have a ton of photos, but I'll post a couple now, and then will blog from my normal computer later. (just want to get a post in while I have the motivation!)

So my main project, the past many months, was my wedding veil. It was quite the undertaking, but I managed to finish it. With 5 weeks to spare on the knitting! Below is a photo from my photographer (the amazing Mandie at Red Gecko Studio).


Sigh. I love this photo. She captured the knitting so wonderfully!

The pattern was Deep Forest by Nicole Hindes. The yarn is The Plucky Knitter 100% Cashmere in Candy Apple. I used a little more than 3 skeins for a total of about 1250yds.

Other things were knit for the wedding as well: the ring bearer pillow and bouquet wraps. I don't have any photos of those now, but will get them for my next post. I also knit Caleb some socks (well, I only had one done by the wedding).

There were other craft projects too, including some headbands for the flower girls with big felt dahlias I made (see photo below).


They turned out really cute!

There are many more photos to share from the wedding, so maybe I'll save them for another post :).

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll be back after the holiday with more pictures and posts. Have a happy Thanksgiving! (image)

Hello again...


Right. So quick update: did purchase house (close on May 7!), forgot to post pictures from the Knit In (will do that now!), finished the shawl I talked about in the last post (will post pictures today too), and am now a full pattern repeat into my wedding shawl (making me feel a lot better!).

So... yarn pictures:

Sandy Haven's Prime Alpaca, Sport weight, 665 yards

The Plucky Knitter 55/45 Cashmere Silk, Lace weight, 400 yards (Though I think I may sell this as someone has contacted me saying they ran out of yarn on a project. I'm a little nervous about how much I have for my veil, so maybe I'll earn some good yarn karma.)

The Plucky Knitter 100% Merino Superwash, Worsted weight, 645 yards (in 3 skeins).

And it's now this:

Springtime Bandit (free pattern on Ravelry) by Katie Osborn
Used 2.5 skeins (~540 yards)
Size 9 needles
62" wingspan (ie huge on little ole me!)

OK, that's all for now. Busy, busy, busy!

OK, so maybe not so often.


Apparently in my world "once a week" = "once every other month." Sigh. SOOOO busy right now. I am just trying to make it through (and probably won't be blogging very often). I am currently in the process of huge projects/travel at work, planning a wedding, and possibly (VERY possibly) buying a house. It's just overwhelming. And all I feel like doing when I get home is laying on the couch. I really wish I could take an entire month off of work to get the rest of my life in order, but even if I had the vacation for it there's no way I could with all the stuff coming up. Oh well.

My veil is coming along. I'm about 12-13 rows in (of about eleventy BILLION), but they get shorter as I go so it actually does feel like progress. I did just cast on for a shawl Saturday that's out of worsted weight. It is going very quickly and will be a satisfyingly quick knit in comparison I think. I need that right now. It's made from The Plucky Knitter 100% Merino and is the softest, squishiest thing.

Our knitting guild held it's annual Knit In this past Saturday and it was a nice way to "get away from it all" so to say. The women who write the Mason-Dixon Knitting Blog spoke, and I took a class on stranded knitting (I've finally... somewhat... learned how to do the knit stitch in Continental!). There was also of course a lovely market of vendors there. I restrained myself fairly well. The Plucky Knitter was there and since her yarn is difficult to purchase online, I took advantage of having it in front of me. I bought 3 skeins of 100% Merino worsted in a beautiful tonal grey to make the Springtime Bandit (the shawl I mentioned above), as well as a skein of 55/45 Cashmere Silk in a blue/green colorway to do.... who knows but it was beautiful. From another vendor I purchased an oversized skein (650 yds) of sportweight alpaca in a lovely coppery colorway to make another shawl. I also purchased a cute needle vase from Jenny the Potter. (I will add pictures as soon as I get home... I'm writing this from work on break. Have to multi-task nowadays you know...).

That's about it from me for now. I may have exciting news about a house in the coming weeks, but I'm trying not to get worked up about it. Also, as an aside, I've had to add commenting security to the blog because I've been getting a ton of spam on older posts. There will be no moderating unless you comment on a very old post, but you will have to do the captcha box. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm Ba-ack!


Why hello there. Didn't think you'd ever hear from me again, did you.Well 2009 was fairly eventful, though not necessarily in the knitting realm of things. I did finally get a new computer in the end of March, but a severe case of tendonitis struck shortly after in my right wrist, leaving me barely ablet o type on a computer, let alone write or knit. I finally was abel to get the pain under control again in August.Of course, the months in between were not without news. Caleb broke his arm biking a week and a couple days before we were to leave on an exciting 2 week trip to Europe. Luckily he was able to have surgery immediately and once off his painkillers was in good enough shape to still make the trip. Though more low key than planned due to 2 unusable right arms, we still had a fantastic time exploring Dublin and London and visiting friends and familiar places in France and Germany. The trip was not without excitement as Caleb proposed while we were hiking on Howth Head, just north of Dublin.Knitting did resume in August once the pain was back in control (my wrist was at points in so much paint that they feared I had fractured it or torn ligaments). The first projects I cast on was the Gail (aka Nightsongs) Shawl in Wollmeise Lace Garn (Gewitterhimmel colorway).Of course I didn't start with something simple - I hadn't been able to knit for 5 months! I then finished some long marinating socks and knit my first pairs of mittens (yes there's an s. The first mitten turned out way too small, so I knit two more in the correct size, then knit the mate for the first one because I still had enough yarn left)The Christmas season found the completion of another long marinating project - the Swallowtail Shawl I was knitting for my great aunt.So that's a brief synopsis of what has happened since I last left you. But of course the beginning of each new year requires not only a look back at what has happened, but a look forward to what is to come.2010 already has some big stuff planned, the biggest (knitting-wise) of which is the wedding knitting for my October wedding. I am planning on knitting my wedding veil (details are on Ravelry - I have a swatch listed. I don't want to post here in case Caleb goes looking, haha). I also have a few other projects planned. Bouquet wraps for me and my bridesmaids - like this:Only better :o). Also, the ring bearer's pillow and some leaves perhaps as decoration.The next big resolution is to "cold sheep" it. Though I'm not very good at self-restraint, so perhaps I'll do $20 for every 10 "balls" (50g) knit that some other people are doing. That way I can still get some things at the Knit In my knitting guild puts on or at the WI Sheep & Wool festival. Of course, all of this came about because I totaled my yarn up on Ravelry (and we moved, so I got to see it all in one place).I have over 100k yards worth of yarn!! That is more that 50 miles (and I'm actually closer to 60 that 50)!! YIKES! It is a real eye-opener. Especially with the tendonitis when I shouldn't push so hard to knit a lot or fast. So I am going to try to knit only from stash this year and not buy too much, at least :o).A final 2010 resolution was to restart my 101 in 1001 Challenge. I re-wrote a list (as I already had a few checked off the last one). I also re-worded many of the tasks so that nothing was "Do X once a week/month." If I wanted to do something weekly, I simply said "Do X 150 times" (the approximate number of weeks in 1001 days). This way I still have a chance to succeed even if I miss a week or 2. The new list can be found here. I hope to update over there somewhat weekly with accomplishments, photos, etc. One of the goals is of course to blog here more often as well, so you'll be hearing more from me!That's about all the catch up I have for now. Hope you all are well and Happy New Year![...]

Computer Issues


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My computer died a couple weeks ago and I haven't broken down to get a new one yet. I can do most things from my iphone, but posting to the blog just isn't convenient. The typing is awkward for long periods and I can't post pictures or anything like that. I'm hoping to get a new laptop soon, but I'm also super busy with travelling for work over the next couple of weeks.

So, sorry to be nonexistant, but it may have to last a few more weeks!

Warm Ewe Up weekly Question #4


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so …

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

Well... we don't have any specific plans as of right now. And Caleb thinks he doesn't have to get me anything for Valentine's Day (or my birthday later this month) because he got me a pretty big gift for Christmas (a plane ticket to Europe). Which I kind of agree with, but I hope he still gets me a card at least! I got him a really good present though, and I can't wait to give it to him! He luckily has the weekend off, so we may try to go to a nice restaurant or just stay in and watch a movie. At least I'll get some good boyfriend time :o).

Crafting in 2009


Well, my computer is back in somewhat, if tenuous, working order. So now, more than 3 weeks into the new year, I bring you my knitting/crafting resolutions for 2009.

1. Finish or Frog all UFOs by the end of June
• I have so many UFOs hanging over me that I really need to set this deadline to clear the air and allow knitting to be fun again. I always have this nagging feeling whenever I think about all the UFOs I have sitting in my basket.

2. Knit more for myself!
• Of all the UFOs I have, only maybe one or two are for me. It's so bad that my knitting group has made it a running joke that nothing I knit is for myself. My hope was to make 2009 the "year of me," but that will have to wait until I finish the UFOs/promised projects for everyone else. Sigh.

3. Knit from Stash!
• I hope to eliminate either 15000 m or 100 skeins from the stash by the end of the year. I have a lot of pretty yarn that really needs to be used. I hope to avoid most purchases, but I won't guarantee all.

4. Update Ravelry and my blog once a week, even if there aren't pictures
• I've been slacking off (as you can see). I need to get more organized and keep better records.

5. Craft more
• I have become a collector of crafts, gathering supplies for ones I've rarely, if ever, done. I would like to craft more in general -- not just knitting!

Well those are my main resolutions, in addition to chipping away at my 101 in 1001 list that's in the sidebar (which I need to update). Hopefully I can stick with them, though it hasn't started out so well!

I'll post again soon (I hope!)

Happy New Year!


Well, 2009 is here. Can I have a do-over?

So far 2009 hasn't been the best. My computer completely died (along with a lot of the photos I wanted to show you). I did have the photos from the Autumn Coffee Swap on Flickr though! So without further ado (and only a month later, haha):



Thanks to Maria E. for a fantastic package! There was Starbucks coffee and cute little coasters, a yummy candy bar (which was gone later that day.. haha), cool sheep kleenex, and a bunch of yarn! It was great and all colors that are fun.

For the Winter Warm Ewe Up Swap, we were posited with the question of why we learned to knit. Here is my response:

The very first time I touched the needles was when I was 10. My dad and Grandma (Mom's mom) had been knitting, and I wanted to learn. I made it about 10 inches into a scarf before getting bored and giving up. Years later in my freshman year of college I was trying to figure out what to give my (then new) boyfriend for Christmas. He is the kind of guy who wants practical gifts, and I am the type who likes to give sentimental ones. So I was faced with the dilemma of trying to combine those seemingly opposing ideas. I realized though, that I could knit him a scarf! That would satisfy his want for a practical gift (a scarf is practical!), but also my need to make it have some sort of sentimental value (it's handmade by me!). I worked all Christmas break and gave it to him when I saw him next. He loved it! That began my interest. I knit a few dishcloths and potholders, but not too much. As I was studying in Europe my Junior year of college, I became bored on the long train rides to visit my boyfriend. We went to a store and found some yarn and needles, and I was able to knit him another scarf. When I came back to the US I went to my first LYS and picked up a pattern for an afghan which kept my interest long enough to get me back to Europe. I then discovered socks and the internet knitting community and the rest is history!

I'm going to do a separate post for my 2009 knitting resolutions, so that's all for now. Hopefully my boyfriend will continue to allow me to use his computer until I can figure something out with mine (or get a new one).

Happy 2009 everyone!

Happy Holidays


Well... that C word has caught up with me. I tried. I really did. But half the stuff I wanted to get done I didn't. Oh well.I'm long over due posting pictures from the Autumn Coffee swap, but I don't have my memory card from my camera near by and I have to get to bed soon. After Christmas I will post a bunch of pictures.But right now I have to post the questionnaire for another swap!! I love swapping because I love trying to come up with fun stuff for my pals. So without further ado:The Warm Ewe Up Winter Yarn Swap Questionnaire: Do you knit or crochet, or both? How long have you been at the craft?I knit. I've been knitting regularly since about 2005, but learned when I was 10. The very first post on this blog has a little background for you. I would like to learn to crochet, the Babette blanket is calling to me, but haven't been able to get the hang of it so far. Do you spin?"Yes"... I have a wheel and have spun a couple skeins (and has some still on the bobbin!), but knitting has taken back over for the past several months. I'd love to get back into it though. What yarns/fibers are your favorites? Alpaca! I love alpaca... it's so soft! I also like sock yarn, but I have a lot of it.What yarns/fibers do you not like?I have become somewhat of a yarn snob in that I don't care for a lot of the man-made yarns (that's part of the reason I haven't finished an afghan I started a while ago--it's made out of Red Heart). I also am not a fan of yarns with a lot of halo (ie most mohair)... it's just not my style. What yarns/fibers would you like to try but haven’t? I have to admit I've tried a lot of what I would like to. I'm always open to new indie dyers though, I haven't tried many of those.What are your favorite colors? Colors that you don’t like? I love love love deep red. I am also really into blues and greens lately. As far as what I don't like... I would prefer to stay away from pinks and purples. They can be OK in combination with other colors, or in muted tones, but I'm really not a fan.What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? I've been knitting a lot of shawls and socks lately. I like socks because they're easy to take around, and I like shawls because I like the complexity and following the charts. I really like to knit just about anything though!What are you currently working on? Christmas projects! Haha... umm... a couple shawls, a couple scarves, hats, a cardigan, etc etc.What is your favorite FO? (Please post a picture if you have one.) My favorite FO so far is the Icarus Shawl I knit for my Grandma last Christmas (look in my Ravelry projects for pictures!)Are there any techniques that you want to learn? I want to knit mittens! I bought myself a kit and a few patterns.... it's what is next on the docket for 2009. I also would love to learn how to knit continental.. I just can't get the hang of it.Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift? I am lucky enough to have both!How do you store your needles/hooks? I have KnitPicks Options that came in their own binder. My DPNs are in a little case that I sewed myself, as are the few straights that I have.Do you collect anything? When I lived in Germany I picked up the cardboard coasters that each bar/brewery had... I have quite a large collection of them. I also like butterflies a lot.Do you like sweets?Hahahah........ YES. Milk chocolate is a weakness of mine-- especially with hazelnuts. What are your favorite scents?I like the spicy scents (cinnamon, etc) and clean scents (cucumber melon, "rain", etc) Are you having a birthday du[...]

Mobile blogging!



> I got a new toy this past weekend. And then I got sick for a couple
> days. But I've been having fun playing with it. I got my Amazing
> Autumn Coffee Swap package on Monday. It was a nice suprise because
> that was a day I stayed home sick. I'll blog about it more later
> when I can include photos. Have a great day!

ETA: hahaha..... I sent it to the wrong email address at first, and then had to forward it to avoid retyping and it got all screwed up! Ahh.. the wonders of technology.

The C Word


Chr... Chris...........Ch... Christmas.

The word that every knitter/crafter loves and loathes at the same time.

You get excited because of all the fabulous things that you plan on making for people, and then you realize that you only have 45 days left to complete this giant list you've made. Ah!

I have quite an extensive list this year, with no real likelihood of completion unless I spend hours a day working on projects and knit through Thanksgiving (despite having relatives coming here this year). I always see something that is "perfect" for someone though... and this year I want to knit a sweater for MYSELF too. Now is not the time to be "selfish" I suppose, but I would love to be able to wear a handknit sweater for Christmas.

From my list, I have only promised a few of the gifts, and those are the ones I would like to make sure I get done. I am going to post my list here, and before any comments are made: yes, I know this is incredibly ambitious of me, and yes, I know there is no chance I will get it all done. But I like to think I can make gifts for all the people I love (and am acquaintances with apparently).

To "for sure" complete:
-Alpaca Neckwarmer for my Mom (just need to sew in ends and add buttons!)
-Simple Silk Scarf for my Mom
-Hat/Scarf for my Dad (half way through the hat)
-Slippers for Caleb
-Pajama Pants (sewn) for Caleb
-Shawl for my Great Aunt (I promised her this last year and haven't done it yet!)
-I Spy Pillows (sewn) for my cousin's son and daughter
-Baby Blanket for another cousin's baby who is due Christmas day
-My February Lady Sweater

There is also a list of things I would love to complete:
-Shawls for Jennie and Kelly (I started them for their weddings and neither is complete yet)
-Mancala board for Caleb's Niece and Nephew
-Business Card holders (sewn) for my boss and another coworker
-Pig Stuffed animal for my sister
-Socks for Caleb's Mom (I'm almost done with the first one)
-Socks for Caleb

Hmmm.. it seems my list of stuff I "have to" complete is longer than I thought. Sigh. I'll try to surface once a weekand post updates. I hope to sew the buttons on my mom's neckwarmer this week and get an FO picture. The weather's just been so crappy that there hasn't been any good light for pictures.

Oh, just an FYI for those of you in the US. Michael's has Paton's SWS on sale 2/$3. It's normally $6/ball... that means it's 75% off right now!! Go! Go get some!!

Coffee Topic #3


I have a post about the knitter's "C word" in the works, but I'll get this post up first to keep you entertained!

This morning I sit here sipping a fresh cup with a bit of cream and some sweetener.. and the first sip makes the morning seem just a bit better than it was before. I love the smell, the warm feel of the cup in my hand, the taste - just everything! What is it that you love about your first cup of the day? Are you a daily drinker? How do you take yours? Tell us how you love to enjoy your first cup!

I'm an almost daily drinker... depends on if I get up in time to get the pot going. The smell of coffee is really what does it for me though. Just smelling the pot brewing can get me going in the morning. I love the warm feeling of the cup in my hand -- but I usually have to wait for it to cool down a bit. I have a sensitive mouth I guess :o). I take my coffee with a good amount of sugar and flavored cream. I have a pretty big sweet tooth, haha.



Well, first here's my answer to the topic of the week for the Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap:

With Halloween coming up this Friday, tell us what you think of when you think Halloween! Do you love it? Hate it? See it as a sign of Fall? Are you a total sucker for candy and little kids in cute costumes?

Well, I don't get all gung ho about it... I typically don't dress up or do much decorating... but I am a total sucker for the candy and little kids in cute costumes. We carved a pumpkin and turned on the light and waited and waited for trick or treaters to come by. Alas no one did. Oh well, more candy for me I suppose. Here's our pumpkin:


Otherwise this weekend has been one for casting on. Before I show you what I've started this weekend though, I'll give you a poorly lit FO shot of the socks I finished a couple weeks ago. I started these sometime around when I moved back from Germany and the first sock sat in my knitting pile all alone. About a year later I decided I should really knit the second sock so that I didn't have to worry about my gauge changing. Luckily it hadn't and I know have a wonderful pair of socks.


Ooh... it's really blurry too when the picture is bigger. I need to take another one when I have natural light. You can't tell how pretty the Wollmeise color is!

Anyways, on to what I've cast on. Reading some knitting blogs lately I came across one discussing NaKniSweMo -- National Knit a Sweater Month. I read on and decided to join in. So at midnight on November 1st I cast on for the February Lady Sweater and hope to finish it by the end of November (or at least in time for Christmas).


I've gotten reasonably far -- I'm just about to separate out the sleeve stitches-- and am excited about how it's going. I'm a little nervous that it may be too small, but I won't be able to tell until I separate offthe sleeves.

I also cast on a cute little neckwarmer for my mom out of Misti Alpaca chunky.


It's turning out so dense and soft and I absolutely love the pattern. I make have to make one for myself too!

So that's all I've been up to for now. Hopefully there will be a lot more FOs in the coming weeks. After all, Christmas is less than 2 months away and as always I have big plans as far as knitting and crafting goes.

Summer to Fall


Well, I'll begin with the Fall because I have a weekly question for the Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap.The topic is:I took the above photo in Colorado on my recent mini-vacation. It was about 45 outside, the leaves were crunching, and I was so in love with being there. So this week's topic - what makes a "Fall day" for you? How do you know it's here, and what do you love about the weather, the scenery, or something else that makes Autumn lovely?The "I" above refers to the host of the swap. I have my own fall pictures :o)These are from a recent trip to the UP of Michigan. I love the beautiful colors and the crisp air -- being able to wear sweaters and scarves without the heavy withercoat and boots. I love the excitement of the upcoming holidays and... sigh. I love everything about fall. It's my absolute favorite season.And now onto some of the fiber festivals I went to this past summer (well, August and September).First, was Stitches. It was a fantastic time as the Knitter's Guild here in town had a bus go down so I was with my knitting friends the whole time. Unfortunately they don't allow cameras inside, so I only have pictures of my extensive purchases. Ha.I got a lot of sock yarn... Some yarn to make some fingerless glovesSome 100% Alpaca yarn for a sweaterAnd a great deal on a bag of yarnI also got a pattern for a great cabled sweater, but I don't have an individual picture of that.I also went to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool and unfortunately forgot my camera. I went with a couple members of my knitting group and we had a fantastic time wandering amongst the booths, looking at sheep, and watching the herding dog demonstrations. We even got to see (and pet!) a day old lamb. I think I want sheep now. I have pictures of teh things I brought home though, so wihtout further ado:Some more sock yarn purchases. (OK, I admit it, I'm a sucker for red, orange or yellow sock yarn. Now I just have to use some of it, hahah!)I also bought a few types of roving... some suri alpaca in fawn, some white rambouillet, some black and white Finnsheep, and some dyed merino that reminds me of the northern lights in that it's really dark with splashes of magenta and green. I haven't taken any pictures of that because I haven't put any of my fiber stash on Ravelry, haha.The prize of the day though was some yarn to knit the February Lady Sweater (ravelry link).I'm so excited!The final exciting yarn related thing from the past few months was that I got a spot in the Wollmeise Sock Club! I found out about her when I was living in Germany -- when she was still taking custom orders via email and was barely known here in the US. I love her colorways and so when I heard about the Club, I decided to throw my name into the lottery, not expecting to get a spot. But I did! Since everyone has received their packages (we got them in the middle of September), I won't put up the "spoiler" warning.The contents:The knitting needles are size 2.5mm dpns (what I use!) made from the wood leftover after manufacturing cellos! The pattern has twisted stitches and cables to make a beautiful bavarian design. The yarn colorways are of course amaazing... and even better in person. The package was well worth the cost of the club. Now I can't wait for December though!Well, after that onslaught of pictures I think this posting is done. I'll post again soon though with pictures of the pair of socks I finally finished last weekend![...]

Back to Blogging


Hey there folks! Long time no see! I've kind of fallen off the face of the planet, haven't I? Well, as the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to turn colors, my little fingers begin itching to be knitting again. Caleb is also changing shifts this week, so we will finally be back on the same -- and now new and improved day -- shift! Hopefully all this means that I can get back into normal routines that have been disrupted for the past several months, and will actually have something to write about in the coming weeks.As far as what has happened in the last month and a half craft-wise... not too much other that stockpiling, haha. A lot of things have progressed some, albeit slowly, but nothing has really been completed (other than a chemo cap for a member of my knitting group which I didn't get a photo of). I've also been organizing and redoing my craft/guest room (making it more crafty, haha), but it isn't in a state to be photographed yet. So all in all, some progress, but no real pictures. I have a few pictures of the stuff I bought at Stitches and WI Sheep & Wool, but none from the actual events. I'll post them in another post later so that I can actually get this one posted :o)...And now to leave you with a questionnaire for a new swap. I participated in the Spring Coffee Swap earlier this year, and am super excited about the Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap that is beginning now. Sign Ups are open until tomorrow, October 15, so go sign up now!QuestionnaireAbout Your Yarn Passion1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both? When did you first learn?So far I only knit, but I would love to learn how to crochet. I learned when I was about 10, but then didn't really get into it until I went off to college... and even more so when I was studying abroad in Germany. See my first post on this blog for a more detailed account :o).2. Do you like using a particular type of needle or hook? (wood, metal, straight, circular) Is there something you've been wanting to try, or a particular size you always seem to be short on?I use dpns for socks and circs for most everything else. I usually use metal because I'm a rather tight knitter and am always afraid I'll break wooden ones. I did recently get a gorgeous pair of wood dpns in a sock club package though... I may have to try them.3. What kind of projects do you enjoy making? Any types you just haven't ever gotten into as much as others?I've done a lot of socks, but am really on a mittens and sweater kick right now (well, I haven't actually knit any, but I got yarn for a few patterns I really like - ha!). As far as types of projects I don't do.... I don't think there are any really. I love any challenge!4. What's on your needles\hook right now? What's your oldest UFO (unfinished object)?I have a lot of WIPs/UFOs. A lot. Like about 15 -- as you can see from my Ravelry list on the sidebar. I get distracted very easily. I have a few pairs of socks, a couple shawls, a stuffed pig, an afghan, a couple more pairs of socks, etc. etc. Haha. My oldest UFO would be an afghan. Since we can use the part that is done, I don't really have any motivation to work on it. I should get back to it though.5. If you were going on vacation tomorrow, what project(s) would travel with you?The socks that I'm almost done with and the shawls for my friends that recently got married. They're all almost done.... and I really could use some free time to work on them!6. What are your favorite types of yarns? Any you're allergic too, or just hate working with? Anything in particular you've been dying to try?I love (and have a lot of) alpaca. It's the softness that does me in. I've also recently purchased a merino-tencel blend.... sooo pretty! It [...]

Large Post Coming Soon!


Hi Everyone!

A large post full of pictures and a swap questionnaire is coming soon, I just haven't had a chance to add the pictures in! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the onset of the fall weather!




I have a new job!!!

Sorry to have left you all in the lurch at the end of the last post, but I hadn't heard officially yet, and I hadn't told my current job, so I didn't want to talk too publicly about it. I'm really excited about it though. I will be doing training and method development for a chemical instrumentation company. I get to go to the Netherlands once a year (to work, but still :o))!

Tomorrow I am off to Stitches Midwest (!!!!), so I have to go finish planning and getting ready for that. I'll post more tomorrow about knitting topics!!



Life has been a whirlwind the past few months to say the least. We've been back in Michigan almost every other weekend and working pretty much the rest of the time.

It has not left me much time to do anything, let alone knitting or blogging. I have been in general crafty (gotten into some cross-stitching and embroidery), but that still hasn't progressed much. I have been stocking up for when I will eventually have time though, ha.

Anyways, not too much news wise that I can tell you right now. May have a big announcement in the next week though (cross your fingers!).

And now I will leave you with a photo from my friend Kelly's wedding:

Yes, that's right folks! I caught the bouquet and Caleb caught the garter!

Oh, and P.S., no, I did not finish the shawl I was knitting for Kelly in time, nor have I finished the shawl for Jennie yet. I am no longer allowed to promise knitted presents ahead of time. I can knit things for people, but without their knowledge so I don't have deadlines. Ha.

Disorganized, Disheartened, and Discontent


(Sorry guys, this one is going to be a downer. Jump to the end of the entry for a nice picture of C and I at my friend's wedding if you want something happy.)Life sucks right now. I feel like my job is screwing me over and I really just want to quit. This job has almost made me hate chemistry (which is pretty impressive since I've loved chemistry and known I've wanted to do it FOREVER... and even biochem (which I hated with the passion of a thousand suns) didn't make me want to choose a different profession). C keeps telling me to just quit, but I feel like I need to have something else lined up first, because I really don't want to go without health insurance or an income for too long. I really don't want to look for a new job though. I have seriously considered just becoming a bank teller. At least it still involves math.The working long shifts and at night has taken a toll on both of us. We've become very irritable and even little things can set us off. We haven't gotten into any huge fights (mostly because I think we each know where the irritability of the other is coming from), but it has put a damper on some of the little time we get to spend with eachother. C may have an opportunity to move to day shift (though still the 12 hour shift and odd schedule) in a couple months, but I don't see one opening up for me where I'm working. At least that would be an excuse to look for a new job other than "I hate my current employer." It will be odd looking for a job while being currently employed though... I've never had to do it.All of this stress at work has led to me being somewhat lazy at home. I just don't want to do anything (even knit really... it's been more than a week!). I feel like I have stuff all over the house (which I do, really) and even though I have all these big plans for organization, I never feel like implementing them. I'm too tired, or just don't want to do anything that feels like work.I also have been really lazy about my 101 in 1001. I realize I still have a ton of time (969 days according to my countdown), but I haven't been doing a lot of the stuff I said I would do once a week. Like go to the gym. It opened 2 weeks ago and I haven't been there yet (though of course, there have only been 2 nights in the past 2 weeks that I've been not working and in town and one of them was C's birthday). I may have to re-examine my list and eliminate some of those goals.I have so much half finished stuff lying around the house too. Lots of craft projects. I feel like I can't accomplish anything right now (whether at home or work). Sigh, well I'm going to end my complaining rant now. I'll leave you with some fun pictures!C and I at my friend Jennie's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and I'm so glad I was able to share the day with her. The shawl I'm knitting for my friend Jennie. It was supposed to be done for her wedding, but obviously it's not. It's turning out really pretty though and I am quite happy with it.OK, that's it. Hope you guys are having a better time of it than I am. I'll try to keep this updated, but I've been gone every other weekend and working almost the rest of the time. Time for bed for me though.[...]

Still Around


Hi, I'm still around, just not having a lot of spare time. I went back to Michigan this past weekend for a friend's bachelorette party (and was soaked in the rain!) and now I have a new schedule at work...grrrrrrr... and so don't have time off until the weekend. I'll give you guys a bigger post then. With pictures of the lace wrap I'm knitting and a hat and other various knitting related things.

Enjoy the last few days of the week!


Coffee Swap Package!


My Coffee Swap package arrived on Monday! Angie was an amazing pal. I hope we keep in touch!! Anyways, on to the goodies!The package arrived covered in a very prettily packaged box!There were lots of things wrapped in pretty spring wrapping paper as well, but I was too excited to open it to remember to take pictures. You're lucky you got a "before" picture, haha.Here's all my goodies:And now some close ups. Here are some pins, stitch markers, earrings, and a bracelet. Angie did the beading herself! Isn't it pretty?!My butterfly coffee mug (I love butterflies!), a cute little hen, ice cream cone magnets and candy!Of course there was coffee...And there was some gorgeous sock yarn (each with their own customized patterns and sock blockers!! The purple one also came with beads to do a beaded sock with!)!The whole package was also "padded" with various vintage yarns she had received. An amazing package all in all. Thanks again Angie![...]

Distract with Cuteness?


Work right now sucks BIG TIME. I just found out through other people on my shift (READ: haven't heard it from my boss, who never talks to me!) that we are completely changing our schedules as of June 9 (READ: only a little more than a week away). Instead of working 7 12 hour shifts in 2 weeks (with a 2 on 2 off-esque schedule), we are switching to 4 10 hour shifts Monday-Thursday. And my shift is going to be later (10pm-8:30am instead of 6pm-6:30am). Now work-wise this is not wholey and entirely bad. I will finally have someone in my department on my shift. And not working 12 hours days is a definite plus. I also will be getting 4 vacation days back that I was using in July for weekend weddings and family functions. Life-wise though this is terrible. It means that C and I who were on essentially the exact same schedule are now on only slightly overlapping schedules. Our non-sleeping face time will be cut practically in half. The only time we see each other when neither of us work will be 3 day weekends ever other week (which this summer will be filled with travelling to above mentioned weddings and family events). I cannot do this for 7 months. I don't know what we're going to do. (Also means a rather hefty pay cut... which isn't horrible... but definitely sucks. Especially with the rise of gas prices and all the travelling we're going to be doing.)

Now for the distraction. A coworker is having a baby boy the end of June! So I knit a cute little blueberry hat for him (note: I don't really know the coworker, but how often do I get to knit cute baby things!):


I (and apparently everyone else.. I couldn't make the shower) thought it turned out rather cute! (Oh, this also counts towards one of my 101 in 1001 items. Horray!)

I also have decided on a pattern for my friend's wedding shawl and am about 25% done with it. Didn't get a picture of it yet though. Maybe next time, if I need to be distracted more.

101 in 1001


Hi All,So sorry it's been such a long time! I've been somewhat busy with doing life things and not having a lot to blog about really. Also, I have been drawn in by a project that has been circulating around the web lately. Well, I'm kind of hitting the end of its popularity, but it sounded so cool that I couldn't help but do it! What am I referring to? 101 in 1001 of course! It's a project in which you write down a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days (that's about 2.75 years) and keep track of their completion, etc. Some of the things are "Do x once a week" things, while other are "Do this really exciting thing!" or "Do this thing that REALLY needs to get done even though you don't want to do it." Anyways, without further ado, my list:Knitting and Spinning1. Knit 5 things for myself to wear (0/5)2. Spin enough yarn for a sweater3. Knit myself a sweater out of my handspun4. Knit an item from every book and magazine I own (0/20)5. Blog once a week (0/143)6. Write 101 comments on other blogs (0/101)7. Don't knit or go on Ravelry one (non-work) day/month (0/33)8. Design a sock pattern and post it for free on Ravelry9. Dye self-striping sock yarn10. Organize my knitting patterns11. Knit everything required to decorate a small Christmas tree12. Update the sidebar on my knitting blog13. Be an Angel in a swap14. Knit 5 things in the recommended yarn (0/5)15. Learn to knit continental16. Finish my current WIPs (as of 5/29/08) (0/13 )17. Make 20 items as gifts (ones currently started count) (0/20)18. Finish the Rambling Rows afghan ( /30 squares)Creativity19. Do something creative (not knit or spin) 1 hour/month (0/33)20. Learn to crochet21. Cook something from every cookbook I own (0/ )22. Make a fun scrapbook for me23. Finish the scrapbooks from Europe24. Make a t-shirt quilt25. Bake a cheesecake26. Buy a coloring book and finish every page27. Buy something on Etsy28. Take photos of 3 recipes for Family Cookbook29. Complete a 1000+ piece puzzle30. Buy the Green Grocer (or one of the other 2) Lego/complete it31. Use the 2 canvases I boughtHealth32. Lose 35 pounds (0/35)33. Go to gym once a week (0/143)34. Don't eat out for 2 weeks (0/14)35. Use stairs at work (if I don't, I get a strike)36. Drink a glass of water a day (0/1001)37. Whiten my teeth38. Go to dentist39. Run a mile in less than 10 minutes without stopping40. Shave every 3 days for 3 months (0/30)41. Eat breakfast at least once a week (0/143)Travel42. Go to Wisconsin Dells (not for Noah's Ark)43. Visit the Grand Canyon44. Visit England45. Revisit 5 places I've been but C hasn't (with him) (0/5)46. Ride on Amtrack47. Go to 3 states I've never been (0/3)48. Visit my grandparents (not for a holiday) 5 times (0/5)49. Visit Canada50. Go on a cruise51. See a Frank Lloyd Wright houseFor Others52. Earn 1,000,001 grains of rice on (0/1000001)53. Send 20 unprovoked letters to family/friends (0/20)54. Do something nice for C once a month (0/33)55. Donate clothes I don't wear56. Send Christmas cards (on time!) each year (0/3)57. Put flowers on a grave that doesn't have any58. Host a dinner partyLearning59. Learn to identify 10 birds/trees/plants around my house (0/30)60. Learn basic French61. Read 10 books I own and haven't read (0/10)62. Read 10 "Must Read" books (0/10)63. Get good at HTML64. Try a new drink/month (must drink entire thing!) (0/33)65. Subscribe to the newspaper/read front section once/week (0/143)Financial66. Save $100/paycheck (0/71) and $5/task comp[...]

So much to do....


... so much time spent on Ravelry. Agh.

I have so much knitting that I need/want to do.. and I always seem to be on Ravelry instead of doing it. Sigh. Here are a few FO pictures though:


Started: October 2007
Finished: May 11, 2008
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino
Needles: HiyaHiya 2.5mm circs (2)
Notes: They were a 2 at a time toe-ups class that I took at a LYS. They were my first toe-ups, and first socks not on dpns (I think I'll stick to the dpns). I was supposed to finish them for my mom for Christmas, but other projects got in the way. She loves them though and wore them all day Mother's Day! I wanted them a bit taller, but time ran out on me. My mom said that was OK though because she likes shorter socks.

My second FO is something that was finished a while ago, but I finally was able to get a picture of it!


Started: December 2007
Finished: December 2007 (the night before I gave it to her..seems to be a pattern here)
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in varying colors
Needle: US 10.5
Notes: I modified another scarf pattern because she said she wanted vertical stripes. It turned out super long (it's wrapped around her neck twice in the photo). She appreciates my handknits, so I keep making them for her!

Hopefully I'll have some lace WIP pictures soon... I need to have a shawl done for my friend's wedding by June 7 (and I haven't started)!

Coffee Swap Topic #6


We'll go free form this week - Post about your WIPs, post about your package, post about the weather where you are - just be sure to include that the post is for the Spring Fling Weekly Topic somewhere inside it when you tell us it's there! I'd love to hear how folks are enjoying the goodies they received, if they have, or how much fun you had shopping for your pal!

Well, I think I might just be squeaking in on the deadline for this one. It's been a pretty crazy week. My parents are visiting right now, so there was lots of cleaning and such to do before they arrived. It just barely got done :o).

My package has already been sent (and my pal should get it in the next day or so!! I can't wait to see her reaction!). I can post a couple pictures here about what was in it. I made some felted Gerber Daisies:

(image) (image)

As you can see in the second picture though, the wire I chose wasn't heavy duty enough and the flowers just "wilt". I also made a coffee cozy (that ended up too big for the mug I got her) and baked some almond biscotti (which turned out really tiny). Ha. Nothing turned out quite as I imagined. But the biscotti still tasted good, and hopefully she has a mug that the cozy will fit!

I have to go quick bind off the socks I'm giving to my mom tomorrow, so I have to cut this post short. I hope to find more blogging time soon! I never did tell you guys about my adventures in dyeing...