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Preview: Firestarter Sock-A-Long

Firestarter Sock-A-Long

a fun knit along to try some new methods for fabulous sock knitting!

Updated: 2017-09-05T19:09:54.328-07:00


Me and Mine


Hi everyone,

I just joined your KAL, which is a good thing, because I cast on my first Firestarters last weekend. What a fun sock pattern and a lot of first for me.

These are my first toe up socks. I found the toe to be very interesting. I just had to tell myself to follow the directions, whatever they say (one of my knitting commandments). And it all worked out. I got about half way through the short rows when I figured out how it worked. I always wondered how those Kmart socks always had the seam on the top of the toes.

These are also the first time doing cables without a cable needle. When I think about all that time wasted on the Koolhaas using a cable needle. I am so ready to face the world now. (image) Well, here it is. My beginnings of a Firestarter. I'm using Conjoined Creations Flat Feet, (also a first time use). I picked this pattern for the stitch count. I liked the way the colors looked on 60 stitches. The cables are showing up much nicer then the picture gives them credit for.

Thanks ya'll for letting me stop by. I've had so much fun looking at all the beautiful socks and yarn choices. Looking forward to seeing more and sharing mine.

You can check me out on my blog. Or on Ravelry: FreeRangeChick. --Krissy



firestarters are done - yay!!

great pattern, great yarn (koigu), great experience!

(image) (image) (image)
details are here (rav link).

thanks for putting together the sock-a-long!

Finally! Firestarters! Finally.


Started in November. Finished May 1st. Finally!
Great Pattern plus Great Yarn equals Great socks!

Wollmeise 100% Superwash Sockenwolle
Raku-Regenbogen Dark
Only 3/4 of a skein.

I modified it slightly by knitting the front of the leg in stockinette, my intent was to showcase the gorgeous colors of my yarn. After seeing them finished I'm still undecided if this was a good decision. If I knit another pair I'll probably rib the front also.

I totally cheated and used "written words" and a cable needle to knit these. I was so intimidated by the pattern, but at the same I loved it. After binding off (which by the way was cool double stranded like that-never did that before) I cast on immediately for another Yarnissima pattern and when translating the Very Terhi into words I suddenly "got it". I can totally read her charts now. No more translating! Yea!!! On to Fratello, La Digitessa, and Spina after the Terhi's!

I tried to find a way to photograph the socks that was symbolic of the name. It was hard to do without fire...there was no way I was going to put these pretties anywhere near any flame so I settled for a pile of potentially firestarting wood chips.

First Firestarter



This is my frist Firestarter, I chose this yarn specifically for this pattern. I like this yarn, not sure if its the yarn or how it was wound (because I know the lady at the store was new and had a lot of trouble with the swift) but I keeps tangling in the ball and I have to cut and attach a new strand - after getting frustrated enough to cut once I try to untangle for several minutes.

Other than that, I am loving this pattern. Its a little confusing at times and I've had to un-knit a few rows and start again two or three times, but I think the second sock will go really well.

I was worried the sock may be a little loose, but the guage averages correctly and I think once the leg is done with ribbing it'll hold up on my leg and take up the slack in the heel that's there now.

Angela T.

Single Sock Finished



I just participated in a Single Sock Swap and decided to try out Firestarter. For a new mom who's already delirious, it took a while to wrap my brain around this pattern. But I absolutely love it and plan to knit at least three more pair in the somewhat near future. I wish this picture better represented the cables, after all, they take work, but I feel that the yarn I chose perhaps didn't highlight the pattern very well. Oh well, my swap partner loved it, so I'm happy!





What fun to knit! I knit these with Fleece Artist Nova Sock (colorway "Jester"). Now I can't wait to start "La Digitessa"....


I failed knitting thoses socks


Such a long time ago I started to knit the great Firestarters socks for myself, very stylish pattern, however, I encountered some big difficulties while starting the reversed heel, after a lots of frogging and reknitting, I accepted that I failed to knit thoses so cute socks, the reverse construction and the cables are quite a big challenge for me and in general, (hum in fact all the time) I prefer top down construction, and cables are not my best friends. Finally, I only managed to knit a single baby sock, with the confortable top down construction.

(image) (image) I'm impressed by all of you, for being able of knitting them, in adult size, following the reverse construction.

Bon tricot à toutes et tous.


KAL newbie


hi everyone! so glad i found this kal. i am totally and completely enamored of yarnissima's firestarter socks. and i had just the right KPPPM for it!

(image) (image)

since taking this, i've finished sock #1 and am working up the foot of sock #2.
my mods:
used magic cast-on (instead of crochet cast-on)
no twisting / cabling on the foot - just plain ribbing
i think i'm doing garter stitch in the gusset, not reverse stockinette (what's it
supposed to be???)
shortened the leg a little; no increases at the top of the leg ribbing

can't wait to see everyone's beautiful finished socks!



It just took me 6 months to finish the pair, but now they're done!

The second sock seemed to have gone much faster than the first one. I was much more comfortable with the twisted stitches and now I'm already thinking about my next twisted stitches project!

I definitely could have made them longer but I never seem to have the patience!

Thank you Yarnissima for such a beautiful pattern! I so wish I could afford your other kits!

Finally started sock #2!


After 4 months of abandonment I have started knitting the mate to my first Firestarter. It's not that I didn't want to knit on it but I just had other socks I had to work on. Also, I've noticed that for complicated sock patterns, if I wait a while between the first and last, the second one usually is much easier and goes much faster.

So here are my sock 1 and 2, soon to be worn together after all this time!

The yarn is Phoenix Fiberworks in Nymph.

Le Sacre du Printemps (Firestarters - FO)


Le Sacre du Printemps (Firestarters - FO), [366:13, 05.02.2008]
Originally uploaded by elemmaciltur

Start: 03rd October 2007
Finish: 04th February 2008
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle, colourway "Bob"
Needle: 2.5 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Pattern: Firestarter by Yarnissima via The Loopy Ewe
Modifications: I needed to modify the stitches to make it fit my foot. 72 stitches instead of the 60 stitches from the pattern and one extra cable repeat before the gusset increase as well as extra cable repeats on the leg. I also used the Judy Magic Cast-On instead of the provisional CO as well as EZ's sewn bind-off instead of doubling the yarn and do a normal bind-off.

Woohoo! Finally, it's finished!!!! This is the best fitting pair of socks I've made up to date. It's pretty snug.....and not to even mention the brightness of it all!



This pattern looks terrifying to me! *L*
I may be biting off more than I can chew...I printed it off just now, and perhaps I'll have the yarn by the weekend, depends on finances.
I've never knit anything with a chart before...

OK, no major problems so far...



I have now started my first Firestarter! I bought some lovely sockyarn from Wollmeise and first out is a pair of Firestarter in "Granatapfel". The pattern looks great in this color but I'm very sorry that it doesn't show in the pictures. The light in Sweden is very weak, if not totally absent, this time of year. Last weekend the sun, after two weeks absence, finally shone from the sky. I run home and tried to capture the sock in a picture... Hm, not my best attempt but it's still a proof that I have joined this Sock-A-Long!!!

I can't believe they are finally done! yay!


It seems to have been forever but I'm happy to report my knee high Firestarters are done.

Some what details on my blog. This pattern was a challenge and I'm so happy that I was able to get through it. Thanks to everyone for posting tips and tricks. I think I would've gone crazy without ya'll. :)

finished! yippee!


(image) They're done! And I love them, but I don't get to keep them. I've been called in as an emergency Secret Pal, and I just happened to be finishing up this pair of socks, so they're bound for beautiful Sweden. I hope she likes them, I sure do. Enough to make a second pair, very soon.

Le Sacre du Printemps


Le Sacre du Printemps (Firestarter)
Originally uploaded by elemmaciltur

Start: 23rd September 2007, frogged and restarted 3rd October 2007
Finish: WIP, 1st side on 07th January 2008
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle, colourway "Bob"
Needle: 2.5 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Pattern: Firestarter by Yarnissima via The Loopy Ewe
Modifications: I needed to modify the stitches to make it fit my foot. 72 stitches instead of the 60 stitches from the pattern and one extra cable repeat before the gusset increase as well as extra cable repeats on the leg. I also used the Judy Magic Cast-On instead of the provisional CO as well as EZ's sewn bind-off instead of doubling the yarn and do a normal bind-off.

Yeah!! One down and one to go. I LOVE this sock. It has been a bumpy road getting the first one done. I hope that the twin will go better.

The sock is a perfect fit. I decided to learn a new technique and used Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind-off instead and I have to say that I like the look and feel of it very much.

As to the name, I was trying on the sock last night when I finished it and the colour combination and the pattern name suddenly reminded me of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps in French). I think that the name suits it very well than just calling it "Bob the Firestarter".



She received it & loves it!! (And it even fits!) I'm so glad I did this sock for her; can't wait to get back to my own, but it will probably be at least a month.

Firestarter: It's a heel!!!


Firestarter: It's a heel!!!
Originally uploaded by elemmaciltur

Finally, I managed to fix the mess and successfully re-knit the heel-flap.

Now to the leg and the cuff...

...then there's the twin. ;-)

Fixing the Firestarter, vers. 74234589


Fixing the Firestarter, vers. 74234589
Originally uploaded by elemmaciltur

WARNING: Do NOT read the entry if you're easily offended by the F-word....


After I fucked up my Mystic Waters (still too painful to even take a photo) last week, I took time off knitting anything more complicated than a Koolhaas until yesterday when I decided to pick up my Firestarter again and knit on it. I left it off when I finished the gusset increase. I needed to make the heel extension and turn the heel and make the heel-flap then it should be smooth sailing from there.


I promptly dropped some stitches while picking up the wraps from the heel-turn. I put it away, drank a glass of Port and ate some chocolate. When the alcohol was gone, I ripped it back out (thank goodness I put in a lifeline), picked up the stitches with difficulty and re-started the last 6 rows of gusset increase and then re-knit the heel extension and turned the heel successfully.

That was 3 a.m. this morning.

Now that I picked it up and was going along the heel flap carefully, I managed to dropped a fucking stitch where I was supposed to be picking up the gusset stitches together (p2tog and then turn the work at the gusset). Of course, things had to run and I couldn't fix it (I don't even know how to explain it...the p2tog's from 3 rows below came undone and it's just a fucking mess)....

...yeah, I was holding the scissors against the whole damned thing already.

I counted to 50 (yes, it took that much) and frogged it back to when I started the heel extension (I had already pulled out the lifeline last night before going to bed - yeah, spank me) and have carefully picked up the stitches...first with the knitting needle and now I just threaded the waste-yarn through.

I'm going to call it a day...because I can't deal with this freaking thing right now...lest I might have to say: "R.I.P., dear Firestarter".....and then really set fire to it.

(Sorry about the F-words here, but you can guess how frustrated I am right now.)

Punkin Head Firestarters


Hi all! I'm finally getting around to posting pics of my finished Firestarters:

These were fun to knit and it was lovely to see all of your finished Firestarters for inspiration. More pics and info can be found here. Thanks! Tiennie

Whew, finally a chance to post!


I finished the sock for my HSS pal a couple weeks ago -- I love how it came out! And although I was stressed that I couldn't finish one for myself first (in case I made any mistakes, etc), it's actually better that I didn't -- because now I can see what mods I want to make to my own pair. More about that later, though - here's the pic of the one I finished in STR Metamorphic:

I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Happy New Year, all!



(image) Hello everyone,
I'm glad to have join this great KAL, I had a look on your knitted Firestarters, and I wanted to knit them as well, so here I am, just the toe, I will work on it this week, and I will show you how it goes, the yarn is some regia socks yarn (I lost the label, hum in fact put it in the bin without consideration shame on me).
Have a great knitting time.

My second pair is done, too!


I'm definitely still addicted to this pattern even though this colorway doesn't really do it for me.


I've posted a wrap up on my blog, two knits of ivory.

My second pair are done!


I love how my Wollmeise Rhabarber knits up. It feels divine.

The only problem I had this time around is that I seemed to get some laddering when I picked up the gusset stitches (both on the p2tog & k2tbl sides) and I don't know why. I didn't have this issue with my STR medium weight pair.

usual details:
Judy's magic cast on
72 st count
extra cable repeat in the foot
size 2.25 & 2.50 mm (US 1 & "1.5") Knitpick circulars
But I'm not done w/the Firestarter! I also picked up Yarnissima's adorable XS Firestarter kit to make at least 1 mini-Firestarter ornament. The only question now is when I'll get to it.

Finally some socks to show for.


I've been slowly working away on these socks. I have to frog the first one because it's a tad to lose and long and well, the second one I made a booboo and did not pay attention to the heel flap pattern, but with some mods it fits well so I'm just gonna stick with the mistakes. So these will be my semi-firestarters. hehhe :)


I'm sticking to it because I don't think I can take anymore frogging.

Here the two are hanging out and the left one is saying goodbye to the right one. hehe