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Beyond Your Peripheral Vision

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Meet Rebecca Young, My Favorite Speedskater


 I want to introduce you to an inspiring young woman I'm lucky to know. Rebecca Young is a high school student (chasing a dream to become an astrophysicist) and a speedskater (chasing an Olympic dream) while living with Type 1 diabetes. I learned about her last year and my Tour de Cure team pooled some money to help fund her training. In February, I got to watch her skate in the Jr.

Diabetes Blog Week - Friday Life Hack, Saturday Snapshots


  I fell a little behind in my posting so this Sunday morning, I'm posting a combined Friday and Saturday post. (Diabetic) life does that to a person now and then. First of all, the topics: Click for the Diabetes Life Hacks - Friday 5/16 Link List. Share the (non-medical) tips and tricks that help you in the day-to-day management of diabetes.  Tell us everything from clothing

Diabetes Blog Week - Mantras and More


Click for the Mantras and More - Thursday 5/15 Link List. Yesterday we opened up about how diabetes can bring us down. Today let’s share what gets us through a hard day.  Or more specifically, a hard diabetes day.  Is there something positive you tell yourself?  Are there mantras that you fall back on to get you through?  Is there something specific you do when your mood needs a boost? 

Diabetes Blog Week - Poetry Tuesday


  Poetry Tuesday: This year, Diabetes Blog Week and TuDiabetes are teaming up to bring out the poet in you! Write a poem, rhyme, ballad, haiku, or any other form of poetry about diabetes. After you’ve posted it on your blog, share it on the No Sugar Added® Poetry page on TuDiabetes, and read what others have shared there as well! Do you love it? They ask about my new insulin pump deliverer

Diabetes Blog Week - Change the World


It's Diabetes Blog Week and I'm jumping right in. Today's topic is: "Change the World" Let’s kick off Diabetes Blog Week by talking about the diabetes causes and issues that really get us fired up. Are you passionate about 504 plans and school safety? Do diabetes misconceptions irk you? Do you fight for CGM coverage for Medicare patients, SDP funding, or test strip accuracy? Do you work hard

Warming Up


Spring is making a valiant effort to push winter out of Minnesota and it's starting to bring me out of my winter funk. The bitter cold and mountains of snow had me thinking hibernation sounded a whole lot better than just about anything. When I didn't actually sleep, I spent way too much time huddled under a blanket, staring at the glowing screen of my phone. I couldn't even get myself to read a

Firefly Creative Writing


In October, I went to California to attend a creativity retreat. I learned many great ways to open up the creative channel (I am starting to crave those practices I've let float away in the whirlwind of life and coagulate in the bitter cold of winter). I also met many inspiring women. Among them, Chris Kay Fraser felt simultaneously like a forever-known kindred spirit and a long wished-for guide.

Gardener in search of a coach


You might say the garden I just emptied was organic. All summer, though, it felt better described as chaotic. I want to record this so I might learn from myself for next year. Because despite my frustrations, there will be a garden again next year. There was a moment when it went in that it felt good and full of potential. But I was warned immediately that a boarder of marigolds would not be

A Beginning In the Middle


It's been a week since I dove into something I'm quite certain started a big shift in my life. Being me, the shift is unlikely to be sudden, dramatic, or complete all at once, but I feel the motion. Last weekend, I immersed myself in the Opening the Creative Channel retreat hosted/led by Andrea Scher and Laurie Wagner. There were 17 (I think) amazing students, many of whom have their own



On November 19, Becca and I took part in the graduation ceremonies at Can Do Canines. We were one of 15 assistance dog/handler pairs to graduation that snowy, icy day.  We arrived about an hour before the ceremony that day and were greeted by a volunteer. Becca was delighted to see her. The dogs went to the training room where their handlers could watch through windows while they had crazy

Where in the Web?


I wanted to let what few readers I may have left know that you're more likely to find my words over here: these days. I have been granted the title "Communications Associate Director" at Team WILD: We Inspire Life with Diabetes. This means I'm managing/editing the blog (and writing content when I run out of time to ask for posts) and getting up to speed with our social media

Wright Stuff BADASSERY


Sunday was the culmination of my summer of training with Team WILD Cycle (2011). I woke at 4:30 and had my breakfast according to plan, donned my WILD kit, loaded up the car, patted Becca on the head, hugged my parents, and drove toward my childhood home with a U2 workout playlist T3 gave me before he was T3 accompanying my drive. sleepy, but ready to ride I chuckled as I reached Mt. Horeb

Start as you mean to go on


It seems to me that a birthday, especially one deemed significant, is a great day for starting in the way that Brenda Dayne recommends. So today I took the day off of work. I got up earlier than I intended, but due to Becca alerting a high BG and then being awake rather than an alarm set in order to be not terribly late to the office. We took a nice walk, a little longer than usual, grateful for

100 miles


For a change, this post has nothing to do with biking, though as I typed the title my Sept. goal flashed brightly in my brain. This, however, is just a quick link for anyone "within miles of a diabetic" (which I read as 100 miles, hence the title). Everyone is within miles of a diabetic so everyone probably ought to read this from AmyT and this from Wil. While we're on the topic, The Behavioral

D-Blog Week, Part 5 - Awesome Thing(s)


Lots of bloggers are writing about their awesome DOC friends for this post. I don't want to skip the amazing effect you've had on my life, but the prompt "What awesome thing have you (or your child) done BECAUSE of diabetes?" made me think of something more outside normal for me than finding great friends. The most remarkable (to me) thing I've done because of diabetes is that I have become an

D-Blog Week, Part 4 - 10 Things I Hate about Diabetes


In no particular order (and not a complete list):