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Expanding Your Insulation Thinking - Spray Foam Insulation

Thu, 29 May 2008 23:49:00 +0000

Although some people will continue to use the original pink fiberglass insulation, there is a new product being used which is not only more effective, it will even save you money on your energy bills after it's installation. This spray-on foam insulation is made of a polyurethane liquid. When it is sprayed through a pressurized spray nozzle it then expands and creates foam when it lands on any hard surface to create an insulating barrier. This may not sounds like a miracle product, and it doesn't claim to be one, but its high R-value and the way it is able to reach places that traditional fiberglass insulation can't, helps it rate as the new way to insulate a building.

An R-value, when you are describing insulation, measures the thermal resistance of the product and how well it holds back heat. The higher the R-value, the better quality the insulation. This is important information to know when you are trying to decide whether to use the new spray-on insulation, or stay with the traditional pink fiberglass insulation materials.

If you are building a home, it can not only save you money in the long-run to use the new insulation, it can actually give you a little bit more space in your home. This is because when using the spray foam insulation 2x4 construction materials can be used rather than the usual 2x6 materials. This can save up to 35sq feet when you are talking about a 1500sq ft house. 35sq feet might not seem like much to some people, but the amount of things you can do with an extra closet should not be overlooked.

Another benefit to upgrading your insulation, or using it in new construction is the fact that it will reduce your energy bills up to 30 percent. This means the money you put into the new spray on insulation will eventually end up back in your pocket in only a few years. Also, some utility companies actually offer money-saving incentives if you decide you are going to upgrade your insulation. Once again, this can save you money. Since the spray on insulation works more efficiently, and can save you money over time, it actually is the best way to insulate your home or business.

The most common reasons that most people haven't upgraded to spray on insulation, is that it really isn't a do-it-yourself project. A professional contractor who is certified to apply the spray on insulation is needed to do the job correctly. And, sometimes people don't want to spend more money up-front when they feel there is a less-expensive alternative to use in the short run.

If you are looking to have the most efficient insulation in your home, and you are trying to save money on your energy costs, spray-on foam insulation is the perfect product to use. It's high R-value and ability to do the job better than fiberglass makes it the best way to insulate your home or office building.