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this is a blog for documenting my knitting achievements and general goings on in life

Updated: 2018-03-07T15:25:16.003+00:00


Hospital update


I know this isnt my usual content but I am finding this is helping just to write it out here. Firstly thanks to all of you who posted a hug, it really means a lot and is really appreciated.

John is still in the hospital, they have done lots of tests but so far havent given any answers, something isnt quite right as they wont let him home. We are hoping he will have a scan tomorrow but thats not a definate yet....not what he wanted to hear, John hates being stuck anywhere even if its for his own good. They were doing his checks just before I left tonight and I could see his blood oxygen level is low, ot flashed up on the monitor, I dont know what that could point to but I know it ties in with the things he has been feeling.

Last night I did feel worried but I cant have taken it all in fully though until coming home tonight and I got a bit weepy in the car. The worst bit is having to come home and leave him there, that and sitting waiting in the mornings to be able to go in and see him.

I really hope tomorrow will be the day we hear some answers to stuff.

I promise, normal programming will resume here soon ;) thanks again for the hugs folks xx

When life gives you a slap


Its late and a school night but I dont feel much like sleeping. John came home from work complaining about pain in his chest and left arm, so off to the docs he went, it was very late on for the surgery, about 15mins before closing but an hour went by and I heard nothing, then two...... I knew they must have sent him to the hospital, eventually the phone goes and its an A&E nurse to let me know he is there and I am to phone back in an hour to see if they are keeping him in, so I do, and they are.

I am just back having gone to see him, he looks ok, they have him hooked to machines, the doc says there are some abnormalities with his heartbeat and then tells us that he will talk to John in the morning about it, I hate when they say that and then expect you to relax and not worry! They heard a murmour too, aparently thats not that uncommon, John is a very very fit healthy man too which I think worries me more. I hope its nothing and just one of those things, this man is the other half of me! Coming away and leaving him there tonight wasnt nice, he looks relaxed enough but I just want to be there giving him a hug!! He says they called an ambulance for him at the health center and that he asked them to call me, he was pretty upset they hadnt but I am not all that surprised really.

These things really make you remember whats important. John is my world, theres a high chance hes completely fine but even the threat that something isnt right really scares you.

I love you honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The down side of country life.


I dont often write about personal things here but this issue is annoying me and making me laugh all at the same time. Its like a comedy of errors I swear it is! So grab a cuppa and "are you sitting comfortably....then I shall begin"

Last Thursday we had a knock at the door, it was a member of staff from the estate who are our landlords, we were told that they would be fixing the road tomorrow so could we please refrain from using the road???? Errr no I cant actually, its our only road of access and I have three trips to and from the school each day. The person looked a bit taken aback and asked if I could just limit use then. I wasnt totally happy about just how short notice this had been but what could I do....nothing really so I thought I would just have to suffer it. The next day came and went, no work done, and the weekend came and work done. Then yesterday, completely out of the blue they started and they just happened to start at 2:30pm.....half an hour before I had to pick up kids!! I had no choice but to ask politely if they could let me out and would I be able to get back in, the guys let me out but told me I couldnt get back in! Great...its only my house afterall!!! So I had to dump the car halfway home and walk myself and kids up the now sticky road doing my best to stick to the sides but still we both got our shoes covered in tar.

Today its raining so I thought that they wouldnt be doing the road HA! They appeared just as I left to pick up the little ones from nursery. Now here is the part that started me laughing, I am still not sure if its because I found it funny or if it was my marbles leaving the building. When we tried to get back the road was blocked....this time its a phone company and GUESS what they are doing. YUP they are DIGGING the road up...right where the road lot just fixed it!

Now I love my house, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place but in this day and age how hard would it be for the estate to call and say all this was happening, or even put a letter in the post! Having got a lift through a field by a very kindly guy in the rain it turns out the road guys are furious about us using the road and the volume of traffic, I can understand that too, all it would have taken is for better communication to all of us...and maybe even doing something clever like waiting until next week when the kids are off and when I can afford to not be using the car. SIGH

Shetland Shorty FO


Here it is, my first official finished knitted GARMENT, I am thrilled to bits with this top and so pleased that its something I will get a lot of wear and enjoyment from. The pattern is SHETLAND SHORTY from the new summer knitty (click the pattern name to take you there). The pattern is very well written and a joy to work from, the stitch pattern is easy but not boring and there is minimal making up. The shoulders are bound off using three needle bind off, I havent used this technique before but loved the result in looks and feel, then there was the smallest amount of sewing required at the base of the sleeves and some ends to weave in and that was it, ready to wear!!
I used wollmeise sock yarn and knit a size medium, I only needed one skien to make this so that made this quite a bargain. I had 20g left over too so no scary "will I finish" moments.

I know there were dissussions on ravelry about this top and some others in knitty and if they were suitable for anybody other than super skinny minis, well I aint no skinny and I think this top is perfect if you are on the curvier side, it makes the most of those curves I think. So I say go for it people, try this top, you will be very pleasantly surprised :)


Meme calling!


Well Kate has tagged me, and I think this is a lovely wee meme so what the heck here goes!

The rules:
“The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.”

1. What was I doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was in my last year at Grammar School! I remember that whole year very very fondly. This was the year that I feel everything started to fall into place for me, I was finally confident enough to be who I really was at school and stuff what everybody else thought! I was also having my best running season that year and I actually won Langholm's big Sprint. This was a HUGE achievement, there had never been a female adult winner before and it put the cat among the pidgeons for quite a while, its amazing how many fully grown men felt the need to come up to me and curse me out.....which made it feel even better to have beaten their runners :P This was also the year John and I got to know each other...need I say more, it was an amazing year!

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):

1. Dye up some yarn
2. h...h...hhhh...housework *shudders*
3. Bake some of those fabby looking brownies on Ysolda's blog mmmm
4. Several school pick ups
5. Post some parcels

what an exciting life I lead ;)
3. Snacks I enjoy:

anything sweet...and I mean everything, which is not a good thing.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

I wouldnt live in this country thats for sure! I would be off to warmer shores where I would buy a nice castle for us all to live in and I could sit and knit my heart out.

5. Places I have lived:

I was fortunate enough to never move as a child, so grew up in the same place in the borders and didnt leave until I was 18. I spent a year in digs in Edinburgh, I enjoyed it but could never live in the city long term. Then I moved in with John just outside Stirling but we moved back to the borders when I was expecting out eldest son, we lived in a pretty nasty four in a block flat for seven years until moving into this lovely cottage we are in now.

6. People I want to know more about:

ok I pass the torch to Piddleloop, Lindsay, Jen, Claire

There has been knitting


Its really busy busy here at the moment. Its a disease that seems to have afflicted a lot of friends and family since christmas and not just me. Its not a bad thing to be busy, it is a bad thing to not get any time for yourself however and I am insisting that I MAKE time for things I enjoy. As a mum a lot of my time is spent doing stuff for and with the kiddies, and doing things for and with the big kid of the house who is also very busy too! He is also begining to understand the concept of personal time and now goes most sundays to play snooker with his new friends which brings me such joy. He found it hard moving to a place where he only knew me and really has spent the best part of a decade shying away from making friends here, now however he has and I see it as a huge positive for him.

My me time is of course quite often, knitting time. The brain aint up to anything too advanced right now, that will hopefully not be the case in a month or two but for now I need nice simple yet very satisfying knitting.

I knit Kate some mitts for her birthday and I am so happy to see she likes them (or I may have had to take them back heheee because I liked them too!!!) They are my own pattern and I am working on a second pair now to iron out the pattern and then I will make it available to buy. You can get a lookie over on Kate's blog, I forgot to take any pictures before I sent them off! Stupid girl!!!

I am knitting Lizard Ridge too, this winter as we all know has been disgustingly cold wet and just plain miserable. This all leads to us NEEDING this to be listening dearest....I HAD to buy that noro...HAD TO! Actually I got it for a complete bargain price and have been able to get enough to make this at a fraction of the usual price. In fact it was such a bargain I got silk garden instead of kueryon as it was just as cheap.

Its coming along nicely, its a great mindless knit, I only have to think once every five rows which is great. But ask me how its going in a few days when its getting heavy to turn on the wrap rows.


I also have a sock on the go. This is a special sock due to the yarn though. Its some very pretty and soft handspun from Zero markers over on etsy. She sells lovely markers made from fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and paper beads wrapped in wire, they are lovely markers and she is a complete star! She also sells some of her handspun from time to time too and I have been desperate to try it out for ages after watching her making socks on her blog. So by complete chance I was playing with the pounce feature on etsy and up popped her shop and there was the yarn and I HAD to have it. I wasn't disappointed. Its knitting up into gentle stripes and feels amazing, I cant wait to finish a sock and try it on. You can read about her spinning and knitting over at Sock Pron (blog link in my blogs I read list to the right)


Small destash!


I am destashing a little and have four skiens of artesano alpaca hummingbird up for grabs for you. I think two have ball bands and two dont, but none have been knit. I am looking for £60 which will include your postage too in the UK and paypal is preferred thanks :) Oh...the colourway is Mallard.

heres a piccy, its yummy yarn, I just maybe perhaps have a bit too much of it LOL ;) :


Hemlock for the Worlock and swap goodies


Worlock central has been a pretty cold and gusty place to be of late, the weather is positively disgusting and its been getting us all down. I have been in need of a nice blanket for while I am sitting at nights for quite some time but I havent found anything I like to buy....why is everything always either pink or floral! I know plenty folks like that but its not me and doesnt go with the decor in our house either...that and it being a male dominated household I would not be thanked for a pink throw ;)Then Kai posted a picture of her finished Hemlock Blanket and I thought it was so lovely that I had to make my own! So I went for a rummage in my stash and pulled out some Lambs pride worsted thats been sitting for quite a while now waiting patiently for me to make my mind up on a project. This seemed perfect!Its a very pretty shade called Persian Peacock, it has a lovely slight fuzz to it and a wonderful soft sheen too. It will go perfectly with our chocolate brown sofa!This is proving to be a nice project, so far its been pretty fast, once I got past the error on line 35, and I am entering the feather and fan chart now. It will slow down now as the rounds increase greatly in length but I still hope to aim to have this completed by the end of the weekend, lets face it, its not like the weather is lending itself to doing much else! I have three skiens of yarn so I will make mine bigger and I will be using a different cast off to as I am not keen on the one in the pattern, its a little too fussy and I have one planned that will still be pretty just not as large.Here is the progress as of this morning:I also recieved a wonderful package in the post today, I took part in a swap on ravelry, it was quite a relaxed theme, send something yarn related but also just do a little stalking and of course read your pals answers to the questionaire and send them some bits and pieces you think they would like.My pal sent me some seriously wonderful things, thank you so much Lindsay, it is all wonderful! She sent some emergency chocolate, a lovely pendant with a skull and crossbones on, some bath products shaped like fortune cookies, my kids want to pinch these, they think they look very cool indeed!!! Lastly, but definately not least she sent me some Shi Bui yarn in the best colours I have ever seen! The yarn looks and feels amazing and I cant wait to knit it up into some special socks!Extra special yummy yarn!Pirate pendant ARRRRRR!Chocolate for those dark moments when nothing else will do ;) Fortune cookie bath goodies in a special take away box!![...]

Side On Mitts pattern now on sale


I have recently added my first available to buy pattern to the shop. i had some help from Jen who very kindly designed the layout for me and made the pattern ready for sale. I think she did an amazing job!


The mitts are knit sideways for a unique fit and are a fun little knit needing only a small amount of yarn. (Yarn used in the pattern is my worsted weight merino in colour Bubblegum) The knitting itself is pretty easy, I use a provisional cast on which is a great little skill to learn I think. The pattern is sent to you via email in PDF form after payment has been made. Anybody who would prefer to buy a paper copy must contact me to arrange that as I understand not everybody has access to a printer.


I have also made up kits too with a copy of the pattern (I will send you the PDF for backup purposes and a paper copy), enough yarn and some sts markers as a little extra.


Click on the related pictures to be directed to the relevant page in my shop.

Knit a flock of socks sock club


We are entering the last week and a bit of time now to sign up for my latest sock club. Knit a flock of socks. As the name suggests there is a bird theme to this run, which is proving from the dyers point of you to be a lot of fun! I will be including a variety of yarn bases and also I will include a little extra in every package and hope to include a pattern with the last package of the run too.

(image) Click the picture to take you directly to the listing for all the details :)

I like to think this club will be very good value for money. You pay one price, free postage WORLDWIDE, so no matter where you are, you are all paying that same price, so that in itself is a saving and a bonus.

Once the club is up and running I will be starting a thread and encouraging you to chat about it, taking into consideration time for the yarn to reach everywhere of course.

So come on and join in the fun, we are all looking forward to having you on board :)

Going loopy


I am sure I am not the only one to be getting pretty over excited about the launch of a new UK online knitting magazine. The Inside Loop is due to go live with the first issue very soon and I just cannot wait to see what the girls have got together for this. I know they have been flat out behind the scenes and I would bet my needles on them getting together some real treats in the way of patterns for us all to gush over!

The prospect of such a UK product is great. Far from becoming smaller, the Uk market for knitting and knitting products is ever growing. New knitters appear on a daily basis and the internet is such a great resource.

Good luck girls, we are all cheering you on!!!!

Thinking Pink?


The new yarns and colours are going live today and tomorrow. I have already added one silk/cashmere laceweight yarn to the shop and more will go up throughout the day. This one is called Funny Valentine and is a lovely pretty pink yarn. The silk in the yarn gives it a nice sheen and the cashmere makes it a very soft lush yarn like I have never experienced before. I really do love it! It will be available in 55g skeins which have 400yrds(360m). I will always list these two at a time.

I also have a rich mocha/plum colour ready to go in the shop too in the laceweight mentioned, I am just trying to get some good pictures of it in this terribly dull light we have today, not good photography weather at all!!

So keep an eye on the shop, there will be some real treats going in, also don't forget there are still plenty places left in the sock club and I have reduced the yarn prices a little too. So why not treat yourself today!


Its never too late to say thank you.


Well, its all over. All that worry and fuss and rushing around like life depends on it. It all comes together into one perfect Christmas day with happy smiling faces, family, laughter and food that's just too good! We had a lovely slow paced relaxing Christmas here, the kids had a wonderful time and us big kids didn't have all that bad a time either. I was very lucky this year to receive some wonderful gifts from friends and family alike. Our family try very hard to get something that will either be useful or will be cherished and loved and this year I think they outdid themselves! Mum got us a fantastic picture of the four of us printed onto a large canvas. It now has pride of place on the once bare wall of our living room, I cant help but smile when I look at it, as I take the majority of pictures in the household its a very rare thing t have a nice family shot. This one was taken the day of mums wedding and is a lovely natural shot of us. Thank you so much mum and co! Dad and his wife gave me a very special necklace with two hearts on it, its so pretty and its been such a long time since I had a special and pretty piece of jewelry, I haven't taken it off since I put it on Christmas day, I love it and it will be cherished! The lovely better half of me bought me an Ipod classic, which is an amazing piece of kit, I don't think I can ever fill it, the capacity on it is just crazy huge, i can play music AND dvds on it, I love it and it goes everywhere with me now. As for friends, what can I say, you girls spoiled me rotten. Tess sent me yarn, its so so yummy and I cant wait to use it. Kate sent me sockies in a lovely Teal colour,you know me to well Mrs ;) and they kept my feet warm on holiday which was such a relief. Kai sent me a lovely neck warmer again, nice sea like shades. Diane sent me socks too in denim blues in STR! A yarn I haven't tried as yet and now of course I don't have to rush to seeing as I have my very own STR sockies!! Thank you so much girls, I feel like I haven't been able to spoil you back as much as I would like, Diane yours is in the post honey, I didn't want to send it while you were away and then of course I was away! Tess, yours is in the post too. I promise knitted gifts for all your birthdays this year, you can hold me to that ok!! I really cant thank you enough girls *SMOOCH*Don't think I am forgetting piccies, I thought I would save that bit for last ;) here they all are in all their glory! Kate's Glorious sockies, they fit like a dream, she has some sort of voodoo sense to get them to fit so perfectly without seeing my feet!Diane's amazing soft snugly socks, these are my official sit n knit with feet up socks!Kai's neck warmer, this is so pretty it will be saved for those occasions when I am going somewhere nice with the Mr. My super fab Ipod classic. Here's to a great new year ahead of us all folks![...]

New yarn bases on the way


Oh this is ever so exciting!! I have such exciting news for you guys!! I have some new yarn bases arriving I hope by the end of the week.

These will include a cashmere/silk lace and 4ply, a bamboo/silk 4ply/a cahsmere/alpaca/lambswool 4ply, a silk/alpaca aran weight....oooerrr and I am sure some others too

I will let you know when they are in, there will only be a kilo of each just now, if anybody wants a special dye order please let me know ahead of delivery and I can put some aside for you

Christmas is WHEN!!!!


Am I the only one to be so behind this year?? I cannot believe we are all but moments it seems, away from that big day. No cake made yet, still presents to buy, no tree up. I am normally well on my way to being completely ready, including mince pies made and stored....what is the matter this year? Is anybody else suffering from this too. I feel such a failure.....

I think part of the problem is that this year has been pretty full on for us really, the other half has a new job and is juggling full o six days a week work. I am working from home, that and eldst is getting that much older and of course my baby, he is now in nursery *sniff sniff..wimper* so thats three trips back and forward to school, ten min trip each way in the car SHHEEEEESHHHH.

So that has meant that somewhere in amongst this I am meant to have fitted in all the shopping and preps for christmas and although I am on my way its a slow process, and hardly any christmas knitting has been done. Knitting friends, you have been warned ;)

The shop also needs to be kept going, and I am, here are some new listings to wet your appetites, the yarn, Orchid is DEVINE, if youdont want it I might just run up a tree with it and not let it go!!!

(image) Orchid in all its pretty beauty, this is merino tencel and has such a pretty sheen


These are smaller versions of the dice I sell, I love these, you get eight in a set and are perfect to use for smaller or lighter weight yarn projects

again, smaller wooden heads, aint they cool!

new seller support


I introduce to you a new seller to esty and a personal friend of mine. She makes one of a kind pieces of jewelry which I am sure take a lot of work and creative talent, I have seen some of her pieces and they are really lovely. Husbands, if you are listening, what better present to get the Mrs than a piece of one off handmade jewelry ;)

The shop is Audrey Beads (click the name to take you there just like magic!!) As I say shes new to etsy so lets show her some support and encouragement, go have a snoop and a browse its worth it.

Here are some examples of her work:

Green turquoise heart bracelet

(image) Tiger eye earrings ROARRRR

When life makes you glum, hope the postman cheers you up!


Phew what a couple of weeks we have had in the Middlearthknitter household, with sad times and also lots of poorly peeps. I am hoping that its all past us now and things will get cheery again in the run up to christmas. This past week has been a killer, first I get this flu bug thing with lots of shivery shakes and aches, then the ole tonsils chime in..nice, that passes and the kids get it and just as it all calmed down I pull a crown off a tooth YAY hehee thats all sorted now and apart from being super tired life is starting toget back to how it should be at this time of year, the kids are excited and school life is manic. My baby has a part in his school play, I am ever so proud of him, he has eighteen lines to learn and boy did that scare me but I tested him and he already knows all but about two of them off by heart, hes such a star and I am so so proud. Did I tell you just how proud I am ;)

Club yarns are being posted off this week, after that the clubs will take a lil break and return I am thinking in February to allow me to decompress after the holidays and get bak into the swing of it all again.

Its almost like the postie knew I was glum though as I have recieved two lovely parcels, both etsy buys and both rather special!

First up is a very very special stitch marker bought from the lovely Aija of Sock Pron and zero marker fame! This is so pretty and unusual, its a skeleton leaf dipped in silver, it is very striking and I am amazed at how sturdy this pretty little thing is. I will use it as a marker for now but I also think that I will look for a fastening to make it into a pin or shawl pin, suggestions and ideas for this most welcome.
next up is something very new to me, I have seen many people buying or spinning handspun sock yarn. I have always been curious to know how it differs from commercial yarns and while browsing etsy I stumbled upon this lil gem. Its 350yrds of handspun superwash sock yarn in a very pretty colour from knitting pretty who is a really lovely seller, very willing to answer my rookie questions so thank you for that! More pictures will be sure to follow once I cake this up and cast on, which I am pretty sure will be tonight!(image)


Shop updates with christmas themes soon


I am updating as always, today, more st markers and tomorrow and for the next few weeks I will be updating with some christmas colours yarns, and christmas themed stitch markers!!

Here are the markers that have been added today


Bird on a yarn ;)


(image) Flutterby butterfly!!


Piggle wiggles

Some of you have already noticed the new look here and in the shop, and soon you will be seeing the new look cards too, I would love to hear what you think. :)

Shoalwater FO pictures long overdue


Shoalwater has been complete and blocked for over a week, and has been worn almost everyday since. I love this, I think its my favourite big knit so far. This is down to the yarn used in a big way I think. The colours really do suit it and the yarn drapes nicely but its not too delicate either meaning I am not too scared to wear it often.


You can see the colours nicely in this first picture i think.


I wear it like this mostly when i am out, according to a young friend (thanks Heather) this is how the cool kids work a shawl, and as I was out shopping with her i had to make sure as not to be too uncool and old! I hope I managed to pull it off ;)


and here it is in all its watery glory! It blocked out to be a rather huge piece, it was really quite small and scrunched up. The other nice thing about this yarn is that it seems to hang on to the scent of whatever you wash it in, which is rather lovely and comforting when you are wearing it around your neck.

A special thank you and a round of applause to the budding pap too who is my four year old son Conor! Which is why I was crouching down, when I stood up most of the pictures looked black as he had to tilt the camera upwards to get me in. Didnt he do well.

Introducing samples


I have a fair few smaller amounts of colourways at home and thought I would add them to the shop none of them are under 20g, which should be enough to get a pair of baby socks out of or a ipod cover or something and also gives people the chance to see what a colour is like.

Here are a few that are being added now:


Fun additions to the shop


There are some new additions going into the shop in the next hour, they will be on trial this month to see how they go and if they sell then I will make more! To match some of the markers I make, and also some that I just happen to like ;).

They are......


(image) (image) (image) EARRINGS!!!!! I couldnt resist this little idea, they are such fun and just a bit of a bargain!! As you can see some match some of the stitch marker sets.

Shoalwater success


This pattern was one of my first pattern buys, I loved it, I live in my jeans and this just looked perfect for wearing with them, I loved the colours and the stitch pattern. The whole thing had me so excited.

Now I have lost count of the amount of attempts I have made on this, all ending in tears and never getting past about row 60 I think. Maybe there was a reason for this, one I think I have found!

That reason must be that I was meant to wait to make it in woolmeise, colour Dani in dark, this is the 100% superwash merino, which comes in 150g skeins and with a fantastic yardage of 574yrds! Put that together with the lovely yarn base and the fabulous colourways and you have a dreamy yarn to knit with.


Here's a closer look at the pattern and the colour of course. I remember using browns and blues together a lot at art school and will never forget a tutor telling how very retro and brave that was, I always thought that was such an odd statement, even more so from a tutor whose field was textiles and colour theory but hey ho, I think they are the perfect combination!


This whole project fits in my piddleee bag, that and the yarn and the chocca notions pouch, I love that I can keep it all in one place as I am terrible for losing bits of projects!


and I love these markers that came with my pouch, they have my initials heehee!!!


LIL sale on


I have marked (no pun intended honest) some of the semi precious stone stitch markers down to just a tiny bit over half price. They are very pretty indeed and would make a lovely gift for knitter friends or rellies, and now at a total bargain price too!



New yummy yarns


I have just recieved a package of new yarns!! I am very excited, they look great and I cant wait to get dyeing!

They are merino tencel 4ply, and alpaca/merino 4ply, both look stunning, if anyody wants any dyed to order please let me know now and I can do those first. :)

Club yarns ahoy!


PPHHEWWW all the yarns are dyed and being packaged up, its just the UK ones, the overseas ones have gone out already as some of them have to travel halfway round the world which is so exciting for me!!

I hope you like this yarn, its a new technique that a lovely friend let me in on that I have used and gives a new affect. Each skien comes out very individual and unique, the same colours are used in the same order but how they dye is all down to the wizardy magic ;) As promised theres a lord of the rings theme, hopefully you will see what I am meaning but take heart non lords lovers its still going to appeal if you arent a fan I hope! The theme will continue through this run of the club.

I have also been busy in the shop, with lots o the favourites and a new batch of semi-solid and solid colours and I will be working on some brand new autumn inspired colours of the next while too so keep checking back.

Can I just say a huge thanks alsoto people who have been supporting the shop, some of you quite regularily, I started out on this very nervously, not even sure if it would be a hit, so to know so many of you are liking the yarns I am very pleased indeed!


(image) PLUMBY