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Website promotion and development have taken on an urgency never seen before. Why? The global slowdown makes it necessary to find and develop new markets at a time of reduced budgets and staff cutbacks. "If we don't find markets for our products and servi

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Asset or Liability


Is your website an asset or liability?

For many website owners everything stops after the site has been created and published. There are just too many more important ways to spend the time available, Sounds like you?

If you are not interested in your website it will show as soon as visitors find it. Maybe you will never be found in a normal search, but the web address could be listed on business cards, brochures or advertising.

So somebody visits your site, do you know how many? do you know what they viewed, did you get an enquiry or order?

You might like to read an article which explains more at Asset or Liability

You need a responsive website to be successful


Responsive Websites


Nowadays it is vital that a business website or any website is responsive, but what is responsive? Briefly this is a website that adapts automatically to the users viewing device. A PC, laptop, tablets in different sizes and all Smartphones. This sounds challenging.

The number of visitors now accessing the Internet using Smartphones and tablets has been placed between 50% to as high as 70% and is growing. If your site cannot be viewed in these devices correctly that is a lot of lost customers.

If you are interested in learning more there is an article called Responsive Websites which makes interesting reading for website owners.

Northampton Marketing is for you business


Northampton Marketing

I have been very busy this last few months and have finally got round to creating a dedicated website which provides help and support for the smaller business owner.

Customers always come first. So it has taken time and is not yet complete. More articles are under development, Twitter is launched and a new Facebook page is nearing completion.

The follow advert takes you to the site.

How to market a website on a small budget


Marketing on a budget

Time and time again it seems the same old questions keep getting asked. How can a company market a website on a small budget?

Some owners decide to advertise and in the end there is very little to show for the expenditure. Using Google type ads needs skills more than most companies possess.

Realistically you are unlike to list on the first page of search results.

Faced with that, what should a company do? Assuming all the standard SEO steps have been taken, there are a number of possibilities.

Building a personal Sales Network

The big guy's do it, so can you. Affiliates has got a bad name over the years, but the core solution remains valid. A Sales Network which remains under your control and you pay only for results agreed upon.

You will already know that Amazon is great example of a company paying for results to all it's affiliates. Major airlines, all the hotel groups, software suppliers, fashion stores, the list is endless. You can join one of a number of Affiliate marketing companies but will need a realistic budget and must meet their terms and conditions. Hosted Affiliates offers a low cost method to create and own your own Affiliate Network, Check out the details, you might be surprised at how affordable it is.

Link Building

It is a well known fact, the more quality links which point to your main business website the better. It is also a fact that nobody really creates links to another site unless there is a compelling reason. So the solution is to create a number of difference websites, each with a unique message. Costs are very low and you remain in control. They are sometimes called micro landing pages.

Directory Listings

There are a number of good quality Business Directory's serving particular market sectors, or maybe a local area. In the UK a good example is the Northampton Directory which offers all the benefits of a micro landing page and currently offers a 6 month free listing.

Blogs and Forums

Another solution if time is available is to make posts to suitable Blogs, start your own Blog and become a member of suitable Forums. One of the most common is LinkedIn.

If you need help, or require somebody to take on this work for you, here is a link to a request form.

How would you increase sales?


Every company needs sales

Winning sales is a permanent challenge for most companies. The Internet has made it a lot easier, but now there are also a lot more competitors. It is a never ending battle, one you have to win to stay in business, so what to do?

A simple but effective solution is to use some existing technology which you control and manage. If you had never thought of this idea, it's never to late to start.

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There is now a lot more information to interest the Affiliate Marketeer, with articles, videos and naturally the opportunity to join the Hosted Affiliate program and earn a fiver.

Working for yourself or a company?


Sales are important

Every business needs a steady stream of sales to survive. In today's marketplace with millions of competitors online, and high costs of a bricks and mortar business, every new sales source is to be considered.

What is a new sale worth? Only you can decide, Maybe a fixed amount or a percentage is the easiest method, then at least you are prepared. Affiliate Marketing has been around for a long, in fact for thousands of years. It may a payment as a "thank you" for an introduction, hopefully not bribery, or as a payment to "commission only" salesperson.

Affiliate Marketing for your business

Thousands of different types of businesses can benefit from owning and managing a private Affiliate Network, and it is not expensive. Image if a thousand Websites and Blogs all started talking about your company and it's products and services, and you only pay your agent or affiliate for a sale.

Management Control

A private Affiliate Marketing Program provides individual companies with control of a new sales network with a potential to increase sales from sources that never existed before. More information on a Affiliate Marketing program that you can own.

A solution to an old problem


The problem, "How to increase sales"

There are many ways to increase sales, and each company has it own preferred methods. The Internet has radically changed how companies market and sell product and services. Social Networking has taken a prime position in marketing efforts to push sales up.

The SEOclinic has created an interesting article that shows new light on an existing solution that can be adapted to small and medium company use.

When asked, what is a sale worth, only individual companies can supply the information, but armed with this figure, a highly effect marketing tool is available, that is used by some of the largest companies in the world.

SEOclinic provides a money back guarantee Webcheck


Own a website? Start with a webcheck and then decide if you want to follow the recommendations yourself, or use the extensive web audit report to challenge your existing website support team. You don't have to understand html code to follow our advice.
SEOclinic provides a money back guarantee Web Audit

Arts and Crafts. Koloron Art Fabric for the Stage


Arts and Crafts. Koloron Art Fabric for the Stage

How to use the Koloron material for many applications. For the stage, Fashions, Arts and Craft and in public and private schools.

Koloron Art Fabric. Creative craft material for fashion


Koloron Art Fabric. Creative craft material for fashion

A highly creative fashion fabric from Koloron. Extensive information on the website.


Web Audit services from SEOclinic. When was your last web audit?.


Web Audit services from SEOclinic. When was your last web audit?

Auditing business accounts is normal, but when did you last consider auditing your company website?

A Web Audit or Website Audit can be a fast track method to understanding how your website is performing. For £50 you receive a human created 25 sector report, with analysis and recommendations.


Web Audit


A Web Audit or Website Audit

There are thousands of companies offering SEO services, and there is a wide range of free material for those that like to do it themselves. The problem is Time. There is never enough to do all the things which are important, and that is before managing a business.

A UK company with a wealth of experience has produce a web audit formula that identifies 24 individual areas into an easy to understand report. Each report is based on evaluation and review of your website.

For more information and to request a report click on Web Audit now. It's not free, but is great value.


For American Webmasters and SEO consultants


There is a "Boot Camp" shortly which you just might be interested in, if you are in anyway concerned with SEO (search engine optization) or variations of this important subject.

For more information please read this article If you have ideas which could help, please make a comment with details.

Sydication of information


Image and Photograph names are important.

Nowadays there are many techniques and resources to spread the word about your product and services. The new changes by Google mean that even more care should be taken when preparing and using a website for business.

If you open Google and type your company name, click on the image menu and now you will see all the images associated with the name. What is important is that all images is now clickable, so this provides another link to your site if people are searching for images. You will notice the name of the image is important, with the right name, more quality links.

P32745-4577.jpg really does nothing to boost your links, business-marketing-ideas.jpg will have a far greater impact, especially if your business is called "Marketing Ideas" Type in your name for example john + smith and be amazed at the results, all link to the point where the image is located. So be careful what names are used privately anf for your business.

Need Business Networking ideas? the link is worth your effort.


Latest information on the new Drachsi Blog


Nobody likes repeating themselves, and Bing and Google hate duplicate postings. This post is to notify all visitors that if you need the latest and best ideas, drop over to the new Blog. Today's post will suit everybody that flies or loves planes. See Flight Information

Windows 8, is it really ready?


There has been much said about the new Windows 8 operating system. With Microsoft offering an early upgrade offer, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Using Windows 7 for two years, I have got everything working just fine, so thought, lets do a compatibility check first to see if there would be any problems. Everything seem ok, so I downloaded and installed. A perfect upgrade.

It took a while to get used to how the system worked, but I found I always went to the desktop module to do all my work. Loved the weather App. All programs are now called Apps, a point to remember.

I had a problem with a program, and found access was locked, then found my Norton 360 could not shut down and my email program Thunderbird was frozen. Thank goodness I had made a full backup first with a system image, which means a full copy of the C drive.

I shut down two or three times the pc, but the programs would not respond. OK then do a refresh, this is where things started to go wrong. The refresh removes all non Microsoft Apps, remember programs = Apps, so doing the re-fresh solved the problem, but removed all of my programs.

Microsoft need to look at this area because programs like Thunderbird store access data in the program, so I lost all of my emails. OK, lets do a back-up re-install.

Unfortunately the back-up would not load. Posting to the Microsoft Community did not produce a single reply. In the end I contact Microsoft support and got onto the Chat line, this is covered by their 90 day support. After 5 hours of remote access by Microsoft they could not come up with a solution. The back-up had the system image but it would not install. Shame that Symantec Norton still did not have a Windows 8 version of Ghost ready yet.

On the third day I decided to re-install Windows 7 and then use a Norton Ghost copy I had from two weeks earlier. Everything is back apart from some missing emails and some passwords added to my memory folder.

A phone call to Microsoft, and the refund was underway. I signed the Letter of Destruction" online. All very professional, pity about my Windows 8 installation.

Windows 8 Gadgets, do you need them back?


 Windows 8 upgrade

I very recently upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro. I was not happy, so much to learn, my main area of work is the Desktop, which was set-up just perfect. What no Gadgets?, Nobody mention that at the start. Maybe I should have done more research, before accepting Microsoft's offer to upgrade.

I really missed the Gadgets and have found a method to get them back.

No point in covering all the same ground of a post I made on the Web Consultant site, which shows exactly how to bring them back.

Windows 8 Start and Shutdown

There is also a solution to add a Start and Shutdown to the Desktop Taskbar. Maybe of interest to you?


Telling the World about an updated website


Munich City Guide

Everybody is either buying or selling something. But the new Munich City Guide is just a resource of Munich information, whether you are planning on relocation, looking for a hotel, or just want to know what is the Munich Oktoberfest.
There are some advertising marketing opportunities, but these will always be limited as the site is my hobby.
Do you have a local guide for your town or city?


For users of FireFox


I use FireFox most of the time because of the wide range of Plugins available. But a Plugin can get out of date easily, use this link and let FireFox check your Plugins and make recommendations.


Business Networking Resources now at 29


29 Free Social Media opportunities

There are many opportunities to market a business and a website, the most common and most effective are the use of Social Media. Everybody knows and possibly uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, but there are many more which can have great benefits. See Business Resources

Pick and choose 

Pick and choose from the list those that suit you, and meet your objectives. I use all of them, so I know I can safely recommend them. If you need help just make contact, if you are interested in more about me, see the Drachsi info.

A useful article if you are interested in Linkedin


Very interesting information if you are in Marketing or Website Promotion. I decided to join the website as there is much of interest. The link is

I will be using some of this information on my business support website.


Great solutions come from unexpected sources


I have been having a problem with a WordPress Theme I purchased. The support company sent a link to a website which you also might find very useful.

Everybody knows you can do a "screen dump" to capture an image of what is on your monitor screen, but when actions on a website are needed, traditionally, software has been used to capture a video, now there is another method, and it is free. is the link. This a very special solution, you can embed the created HD video file, save as a MP4 file, or even post as a YouTube video. You may ask, why is this web based idea useful? If you are operating in any type of online support function, the ability to have your customer record what is happening on their screen, can save many email messages, and lots of time. There are other applications that can benefit from a video recording of what is going on screen, i.e Webcam, Skype, or instructions. Like this post? see more ideas on the website, which provides Website Adviser services.

Combining WordPress and HTML


WordPress is a very popular solution for many websites. I have always used html to create a site, but thought it would be a good idea to explore the possibilities of combing both solutions into one website.

The site at still has all the information as normal, but now there is a link to my WordPress version. I use version 3.4, and found it easier to locate and use a template theme that suited the style I felt would be professional and modern. There was much I needed to learn, but found plenty of support in the Forums and from different Theme suppliers. Highly recommended for new and existing webmasters.

WordPress was easy to instal and set up, then came the biggest surprise of all, the extensive range of "Plugins" which extended the basic installation. Using WordPress, I have pages, and menu as normal, and a Blog. The Blog is set up different from this one, and I found it easy to use. There are benefits for having a separate url for a Blog, but for the majority of users the time and effort are not worth it.

I still create a wide range of sitemaps which benefit the whole site, in addition to those locate within WordPress.

There are many excellent web designers, but I sometimes wonder if it would be a lot quicker and cheaper, to use WordPress with Theme, and then let the designer modify the parts and graphics to suit the style required.

My first website was created in 1996 using a basic text editor and code provided by the new type of Internet magazines. Progressing through FrontPage to my current software, Microsoft Expression 4, Over the last 16 years, (I'm 70 plus now) I found I am not a web designer, a graphic designer or a code creator. I do like helping small companies with my background in international marketing, sales and have worked on a number of business websites, providing ideas, support and using networking media to spread their message.

Anyway, enough about me, how can I help you?

Cost cutting and a better service


Many companies still do not use a ticketing system, or on-line help desk for customers visiting a business website. Evaluation of some popular websites will often show these services are provided.

If a visitor has arrived at a site, can they find what they are looking for, if not, how do they request assistance? If you do not help and provide support, they will go to your competitor.

There are many resources, free and paid for, that can support you and your customer. A simple free version is used and available at Website Support Services. This can be operated within most companies, or outsourced to just about anybody in the world. Simple and effective.

Many companies have outsourced customer care and support to international companies, which can provide excellent services for the bigger company, but are not very useful for the smaller company, unless the support is provided locally. This can be achieved by setting up a support network of helpers, with the required knowledge and experience. Paid by the hour or support time this would suit many house bound members of the community. This can be part of your "Nudge" project. More about this exciting idea now being used on websites.