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Updated: 2018-03-06T23:22:03.041+01:00




the blog is still on hiatus. no particular reason, just don't feel like blogging much :) wonder what i have been knitting? i try to keep my ravelry updated (



...only one more week and i will be on vacation in oregon! i can't wait :-)and also i can't quite believe it yet. work really sucks at the moment, but eh, only 4 more days...that's basically all i can think of for now.oh, yeah, and i will have a date on saturday.i just feel so lucky.



very easy and fun to knit.i think i should knit something other than socks now... finishing them wasn't as fun as it usually was, basically i just thought, ok, another pair done.i have no idea what will be next, but i'm sure i'll find something (my ravelry queue is looong).



on a happier note... summer is back. makes me so happy.also i get to finally ride my bike to work again. especially riding home is so much fun!i think i promised knitting content too, a while ago...sadly i frogged the firestarter though - i did not touch it for half a year or so, so i decided it had to go and become something else. for as i don't like to take WIP pictures, there's nothing to see



so i bought a new camera before i went on vacation in spring. (not an easy decision, cause i knew enough about gadgets that i just always want to figure out which one is the best, considering the amount of money i want to spend at the most.(and i loved it, it took great pictures and even the movies that you could shoot with it weren't so bad. but as it happens, the flash broke (it just wouldn't



there's not even a reason why i haven't blogged in so long. just laziness mostly, i new sewing machine also kept me busy :-)i'm so happy i finally have one now! plus i now also get to have a fabric stash ;-)and there is even more FOs to friend got the 1 hour bag as a birthday gift.and i made a reversible bag from this tutoriali usually have it turned the other way. but i just



hmm... my intent to "definitely blog more often" isn't going so well, i guess.but hey, at least i got some knitting done.firstly the striped socks finally got done! i frogged the first one and then tried (and succeeded at) knitting them both at the same time.and last night i finished my Poseidon Socks.i'm really happy how they turned out. and the yarn is partly cotton, so i will still be able to



... is where i went on vacation.and it was just awesome. the weather was amazing - sunny and 25 °C. we had lazy days where we did nothing but swimming, hanging out, and eating. oh, and knitting of course (much to my everyone's amusement... ok, i admit, people looked at me like i was a little crazy). we also took a really cool mountain bike tour, and for one day rented a car to drive around.the

i'm back!


sorry, i did not intend to not blog for so long.a lot of stuff happened in between.i moved to a new place, which is also the reason for not blogging (it took my stupid dsl provider a full month and a half to move the phone line to the new place).i went on vacation for a week.and i even managed to knit a little.everything in more detail starting tomorrow...

guerilla knitting


it's pretty much all over the web already, but just in case you haven't seen it, make sure to watch "the history of guerilla knitting" - an awesome talk given by Rose White at 24C3.



so the only knitted christmas present was a hat for my sister. i started knitting on it while my computer was still broken, so i had to go with a pattern that i had printed out (and already knit a couple times). so i present you with a very blurry picture of yet another asminah's hat (again made from lana grossa baby alpaca). i had a nice christmas with lots of very delicious food. and on the

merry christmas


have a wonderful christmas.and for your enjoyment one of my favorite christmas songs...



my computer broke down last friday. so i involuntarily unplugged for almost a week. couldn't watch any movies, couldn't listen to any new music, couldn't update the podcasts on my ipod. but i got a new mainboard and processor yesterday, and for now its working fine is also sucking up way too much of my time.but enough with all the complaints, i have a day off tomorrow!so i will go for

advent, advent, ...


ruby, ruby, ruby


went to see the kaiser chiefs on monday! let me tell you they rocked! (even though not as much as in 2005 when i went to see them for the first time).made me think (again) i should go to concerts way more often!and now for some crafty contenti made a phone-sock-thing for my brand new phone(crappy picture warning, no daylight while i'm at home)(yup, crochet!)but no worries, i have also been

vinnland reloaded


i gave into knitting a second pair of vinnland.actually its too dark in here to take decent pictures of them now, so you just get blurry close ups for now.The yarn is Regia Bamboo Color (real nice to wear, but knitting with sometimes was a pain).



yup, i'm still here, and i'm still knitting.because it was getting all cold and icky outside, i made a new pair of fingerless mitts. i have some really old worn out ones (which i started during a knitting attack during the early 90's and finished in the late 90s. well this new pair definitely was way faster!). so say hello to a close up of fetching:i used Lana Grossa elastico, which was a very



What a great weekend: we all met at the Textilmarkt Benediktbeuern with the uncensored knitters. I got to meet bockstark knits, elemm, cashie, fbz (my downstream sp10), tini and alala in person. yarnissima was there as well and so was andrea and claudia (the Wollmeise ). We had so much fun fondling and buying loads of Wollmeise yarn, knitting and drinking. (As I just got back this morning, you



another fo :-) i finished an anouk for my niece.for now you can only find pictures on ravelry (cause i'm not sure my niece's mom reads this blog, and i don't want to spoil the surprise). but i promise i'll post the pictures as soon as she's received it.on something totally non-knitting related (but hey, at least you are going to get to see some picutres ;-)) .... i've been going crazy and buying



yay, a new FO:vinnland in socks that rock (the yarn was in my secret pal package - thanks again paula!).sadly on the second one my gauge was slightly different... but after blocking it will probably not be visible anymore... (sorry about the kinda icky picture. i will try to take better pictures during the weekend using daylight instead of the ugly flash).and there is even some rockin' sock yarn

knitting in bremen


oh, this post is way overdue! searching for knitters in bremen i found christina's blog a little while ago, and we finally managed to hook up and start a stitch'n'bitch. we met for the first time last night (just the two of us, we should start "advertising" the meeting a lot more...) and it was really fun.we will meet weekly onMondays from 6pm to 9pm (or so).at Café Ambiente, Bremen(edit: we

benediktbeuern here i come


ok, still some months to go, but i will go to meet with the knitters uncensored at the textilmarkt benediktbeuern. yay! can't wait to meet everyone!so much stuff has been happening, and i haven't gotten around to blog at all...but most importantly: i am an aunt :-)! my sister had a very cute baby girl.... and of course niece is now the owner of Saartje's booteesand some tiny socks and a hat (no

are you ready?


i got a third package! my secret pal (after the reveal now not so secret anymore) paula did it (again) and spoiled me like there's no tomorrow.the big package was waiting for me when i got home from work today...(sorry in advance for the pictures, they didn't turn out as well as i hoped because it was getting dark(ish) already).she made an awesome felted bag for me (it feels sooo soft, and i love

feather & fan


yay, a finished object :-)the feather & fan socks are done. i even kinda like how they turned out. it's always difficult to find a pattern that works well with the self-striping yarn (and just stockinette will get me veeeery bored)...yarn: Regia Cotton India Colorpattern: my owncan't believe my legs are still that white... i need to get out in the sun more (if there was any...).

i scream, you scream ...


i just finished a pint of Häagen-Dazs cookies & cream. it was ridiculously expensive, but even more delicious! (ah, i wish the stores in germany would sell oreo cookies...).not much knitting, the feather & fan socks i'm knitting are coming along veeeery slowly.but i crocheted my first granny square (just for practice, using yucky acylic yarn ... so no picture of that), but i am kinda tempted to