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Weekend cooking


Since our cook/ housekeeper is away, I'm having to cook on a more regular basis, though my parents have been stars, supplying food unasked for weeks on end. Sunday morning we had an idli beakfast, idlis and coconut chutney by mom while I dished up my froend Monika's mother in law's peanut chutney recipe. I'm one of those people who finds peanuts totally addictive, especially in savoury form, so I

Back to School


“Can I wear this right now, Mom?” My seven year old son asked me at the checkout counter, fully expecting me to say no. He had a brand new back pack in one hand and a big bag full of folders and pencils and supplies in the other. I started to say no, out of habit but I stopped myself. His enthusiasm and genuine excitement rubbed off on me and we walked out of the store with him wearing a new

Subversive manual for kids


Kids, you’re only going to be reading this when you’re 18, not before!!! So, I feel I can pass on some words of subversive wisdom from my experience as a teenager and beyond, though as the parent of an 18 year old, I may not be that happy at you following through! At 18, the country thinks you’re old enough to decide its future, by voting. And that you’re old enough and mature enough, physically

the F word (previously posted on my blog)


Finance and budgeting -for most of us, these words manage to produce  a few butterflies in the stomach . Give your child a head start in managing money with these simple tips. Introduce her to the concept of taking responsibility for money. Give her a piggy bank to 'save up' the money that you give her, and allow her  to buy something with it when it when it fills up. Along with responsibility 

A letter to my son (previously posted on my blog mom-of-all-trades)


Dearest  Kanna,                      Next month you turn six.I am writing this little note for you to  read, when you are old enough to understand what I have written..may be its in a years time maybe ten..the time really doesn't matter... I want you to understand and hopefully remember, the lovely relationship we had for these past 6 years. Isn't it ironic that we humans can remember very little

Hi! Finally i am a member.


Hi everybody, I am Sapna .I feel great to be a part of the Desimomz family. A BIG thanks to Ceekay for helping me out with this- God bless you. I am a mum of two lovely daughters- four yrs and one yr old. I look forward to sharing views and thoughts with fellow Desimomz. I also blog at Take care.

Summer holidays


I remember my summer holidays, like they were yesterday. The long, fun train rides down south, for close to 2 or more days. Lying on the hot upper berth, with the fan throwing more hot air around, in a languid daze. Making friends with ramdon people in the compartment, teaming up with new kids and becoming instant best friends, chasing each other up and down the bogie and playing card games.



HiI am planning to host 5th birthday party for my daughter. I have been thinking on having art n craft, drawing based party - where the kids are taught one kind of art / craft which doubles as giveaway including the usual return gifts. A game or two would definitely be there. There are few things I would like to know:Would kids in the age group of 4-6 years enjoy a party like this?Is the routine

M is for Montessori


Written for by utbtkids. Original article here. Thanks Utbt for sharing.Montessori is a philosophy. I consider it as a ‘way of life’ as opposed to ‘alternate schooling method’. Magic number in Montessori – 3. Montessori believes that children’s development is in stages of three. 0-3 is the infant/toddler stage or the unconscious absorbent mind, 3-6 is the conscious absorbent mind.

A breath of cold, fresh air.


I am an easy mark when it comes to interesting book titles. I am very likely to pick up books at random, if they have catchy titles. Even if I may not judge a book by its cover, I certainly give a lot of points for the title. It is very difficult to give a title to your work that embodies the spirit of what you have written and conveys its intensity. So when I heard about The Mighty Queens of

A "normal" child (Previously posted on my blog)


Last week at a parents teachers meeting, a lady sitting next to me was telling me how she was worried to death that her 5 year old daughter has not shown any signs of being a" maths whiz kid" even after a month of rigorous abacus classes . The poor lady was spending sleepless nights trying to convince herself that this was"normal". While i sympathise with her wholeheartedly ( i believe that to

Proud to be a member!!!


Hi everybody!! I am Anupama, a freelance conrtent writer and mom to 5 year old Nachikaet . I am honoured to be part of this lovely community. I am grateful to Ceekay for helping me be part of Desi momz club. I blog at Happy blogging folks!!!!

Please Welcome Anupama


from Mom of All Trades. Good to have you here, Anupama!!

The beginning


And that day is here. Bright morning sunshine streaks through the blinds, nudging you awake. In that sweet subconscious spot where you are neither asleep nor awake, you are jolted to full awareness by the the thought that today is the big day.You get up and wake up the rest of the sleepy heads. Looking at the tousled hairs and dreamy eyes and you cannot believe how fast time has flown! The house

Focus! Focus! Focus!


7:45 a.mI firmly suspect that the hands of the clock move faster at this time of the day than they do the rest of the day. Otherwise why would I see 7:00 only a few minutes back ? I just don’t know..All I know is that I have to hurry …leave home by 8:05 in order not to be terribly late for school.I put the milk in the microwave, the bread in the toaster , the cornflakes in the bowl and shout at

A call from IndusLadies


I received an email from Megha at I am copy-pasting her email as it is because that fully explains what this is about: Dear Desi Momz Club, This is Megha Sharma from, an online community for Indian women worldwide. Your effort to get all the mommy bloggers together and build a community around them is very commendable. I do peep in on and off to your website

A new discovery!


[Note: Previously published on my blog: My Two Cents] BOYS!!! From what S tells me, the whole sixth grade gang of girls has discovered them. Only as preteen girls of 11 and 12 can :) Some are "going steady" some have "boyfriends" and some, like S, just like a boy from afar. In her own words - "I only LIKE him. It's not like I LOVE him or anything. Or that I cannot live without him". Well, I am

Free Book - Courageous Parents Confident Kids


I received this in the mail and felt like it would a great thing for other moms here as well. I'm not affiliated with the following book download in anyway, nor do I benefit from it. I just downloaded the book and browsed through it, it has very good stuff. Sharing it here with the hope that it benefits somebody else besides me.The book is also available on Amazon for $10.76. The free download is

Nurture Shock


I just read this amazing book called Nurture Shock, by po Bronson, and thought I simply had to share it with all the parents I know. It basically takes up many of the tenets of modern parenting and highlights recent scientific research that shows either why certain behaviours happen or what actually needs to be done to help some of those behaviours to be modified. For instance, sibling rivalry...

Public Schools vs. Private Schools in USA


This topic is a never ending debate I guess.We have a 3 yr old who currently goes to a daycare center which has pre-school and kindergarten too. We are in the process of deciding whether we need to send him to a private school (from Pre-school till 12th grade) so that he can continue till 12th grade in the same school. Even though we live in an excellent school district, we still want to look at

Guilt-free Cookies


Cross-posted hereI saw these cookies on a fellow Raveller's blog and Aadi caught me!And she demanded for some.I was drooling myself and decided to try the recipe.Only..I was/am on a diet and I didn't want to blow it.So,I decided to play around with the ingredients.So here's a dieter's version of the cookies..You need-3/4 stick of butter(at room temperature)3/4 cup sugar(I just had one kind)1/2

Sorry I disappeared


I meant to write and let you all know,about the changed blog..but,just never got around to..No excuses..I had decided to remain anonymous for a while and so chose to stay away.But now I am back..hopefully you all will still have me.I promise to be regular this time..I now blog at- andhttp://craftymaa.wordpress.comHope you all are doing well.Lots Of Love

What is with these children committing suicide?


Crossposting this here:Everyday I open the newspaper with a fair amount of dread. Sure enough, every day emblazoned across the front page will be the news about some child somewhere killing themselves. The puzzled grieving parents saying we had no clue why they would want to take their lives. The reasons as ridiculous as losing a percentage point in exams, dread of examination results or worse,

Time for me


As you have kids and life becomes ever more hectic, it's so easy to forget about making time for the things you want or like. After a while, as a mom, it almost becomes second nature to deny yourself what you want and opt for what the kids want instead - trips to the park instead of to an art gallery or museum, eating at the McDs instead of a restaurant, skipping movies, opting for family time

Kids Art: Rubber Cement Masking


Thanks to Winter Break, we had a lot of time to try different art projects. My primary aim has always been to expose my 4½ year old to the tools and techniques available these days and to allow for her creative energy to find a release. Continuing our study of masking, we tried the Rubber Cement masking technique. Rubber Cement comes in a nice little container with its own brush. Its gummy