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Poems from a Little Poetess


Updated: 2017-12-11T08:56:25.756+04:00


The Firefly


Another wonderful creature, which we ignore daily , is the firefly.... Yet we never realize its significance in the "DARK" night... The Fireflies light the way.. Not during the day, When everyone knows everything... But during the night... They spread their light In this dark World It seems really Bright... They are like lighted candles, They guide others, In the darkness of the night When

My Ambition In Life


All of us have dreams... and promises ... and have targets in life...  In this poem , I have just described my small targets in life.... My ambition , my dreams To travel and unravel.... The secrets of a world unseen By many other human beings... I must go and discover... But first I need to know more About the reddish coloured "Mars" The planet number four... I have to study and play..

The Three 'D's


Hmmmm ... what comes to your mind as soon as you say 3'D'?? Of course the Three Dimensions... and all  those types of movies.....  But have you ever wondered about the three dimensions of "LIFE"??? Try and try and try As hard as you can, To reach your destiny Only "DETERMINATION" helps man... Travel in the smallest boat, Across the vast ocean Keep fixed on your "DECISION" , although sometimes



Have you ever wondered, where your life will lead you? Well... With a Determined Soul.. and true hope you will succeed... You will reach your "DESTINY".... With a nervous mind and shivering feet , A single step I took.... And entered a brand new life... Like in a confusing Comic  book.. I crossed the Mediterranean Sea.. Even though it was vast for me.. But I fell down while climbing



We all have friends , But have we ever found out , Our true friends? Have we ever realised their value? Here is a poem that will remind you of their value!! She is there for you When you are in trouble, She reduces it... Instead of making it double... When there is happy news, She is there by your side... Multiplying it until .. It spreads far and wide........ When sadness spreads, She shares



And I'm back after a busy year....!!! Many teens today have dreams.. to go after... their dream job... We can't convince a person determined to follow Science , to study and become a CA or something... I hope my poem will help you understand it well... I wish ... If only I could stay ,  And write poems all day... I could be happy , Night and day... If there were no risks on my way... The



Hey everyone good to be back with an award!I really thank arsahana for giving me this award..Well ... And I'd like to pass it to my other friends too....The lucky award winners are:Sakshi - @ CRACKED CHRONICLES

Uncle Detective


Hi everyone!I am very sorry .. I was busy with a lot of things I couldnt post in my blog!!!Want to hear about a detective?Here it is....My uncle is a detective,With eyes as sharp as an eagle!He's there to solve any mystery..With his nosy pet beagle...You will find that he's famuous everywhereIn Antarctica or googleHe works out everything easilyAnd hates all kinds of flapdoodle!He is a

A Cruel World


Dear friends,Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everyone!Sorry, I couldn't post for a long time....Here is a new poem for you...The white jasmine glowedWith all its might,It filled its fragranceIn the night..In a faraway bedroom the angry brotherAnd the quarrelsome sister began to fightBut still the moon kept smiling , smiling , smiling....The wind moved onAnd on and out of sight,The streets

My brother


I have a little brotherAt home he’s the naughtiest everBut if you go to his class you will seeThat he is the quietest a child could be..!!Sometimes he is a nuisanceOtherwise he is very nice…Sometimes he is really foolishAt times he act as wise! He can draw really wellDraw and colour anyone!He is a crazy fan of Ben 10Who startles everyone!!He eats every kind of tasty

A Very short speech on freedom


“Freedom is our universal speech and equality is the experienced grace.” ----- SubrahmanianWhen there is inequality , one person will be superior to the other.And others will be discriminated against on the basis of their casteCreed , religion etc. This must not happen . If we are free it meansIt is our choice to decide what we want and how

A Bad Prison


No peace in this worldFilled with hatredOnly few spots of loveIn the loneliest placesNo one greets each otherNo one will ever shake handsNo child will help his fatherOr run errands for his motherThis world is like an iron cageWhose lock is lost somewhereFind it and let us outTo make it peaceful everywhereNow everyone snorts and gruntsWith a cruel angry lookWhen will it change into laughs and

The Past And The Present


HiI'm back again!The moonlight shone a pale whiteGuides us to the path which is rightThe sky was filled with starsLooked like heaven in the dark blue nightHow calm and beautiful!But how very lonely.....It was really peacefulNot a single voiceI moved to the beachAnd sat on the shoreI stared at the seaThe ocean I always adoreSitting on the sea side sandWith sea shells all around meChatting with the



Hi friendsGood news today I got another award!From Princess Sonshu!Keep visiting!

A Starry Night


HiI am back with a new poem!On a dark dark night,When nothing was in sightThe Dark and hazy sky .......Without the birds flying by!With only few spots of lightHere and there ... Left and rightFrom the twinkling starsAll over the sky!The full moon which is brightIts lovely whiteIts like a guiding lamp in the nightWhich guides us to path which is right!Loneliness covers the beautiful

When Loneliness Overcomes.,....


Hello again friends!Here 's a new poem!Its on an emotion -- LONELINESSAnd our sudden feelings..........From somewhere I heardThe jingles of bangles .....From somewhere I heardThe sound of anklets....I followed her throughThe dense forestThrough shrubs , bushes , and treesMountains and valleys....She never looked behindBut kept on runningUntil she reachedThe steepest edge of a mountainShe Looked

Rainbow Rhyme Crime


Hi everyone!Happy mothers day to all lovely little mothers!!Today , I felt like writing a poem that is full of rhymes!So , here it is....Violet first on the listTried and tried her best..But couldnt reach the rainbow,She got tired and went to rest!Indigo was nextShe thought she was the best!She didn't find the treasure eitherSo she went back to her nest!You are really luckyOh lovely little blue!

Nature Cycle


Nature is really a great gift of god!So instead of spoiling it we should try to save it. Shouldn't we?Well , see this!The water ponds in the fieldsEvaporates and forms clouds....When the water condenses,In my curious mind .... arises doubts!!The rain water falls on the groundAnd the sweet green grass grows......Making greenery all aroundEven under my toes!!Then again the ponds are filled,Water

My Blogging Award


Hi friends,1st time after I started my blog "Princess Sonshu" @ http://sonshus.blogspot.comhas given me an award! Thank you very , very much Sonshu!And you know what? I wish to pass it on to Sakshi @ Sakshi And thank you dearest princess Sonshu!!

The Cycle of Seasons


The Four Seasons really attract me!Summer , Winter , Autumn , and Spring!!So here is a poem about them!The monster of hot summer...Its Orange Yellow in colourIts Hairy huge fur throwsStokes of heat foreverThe vampire bat of autumnSends lot of wind to the bottomCausing all the leaves to fallMaking all the trees stand tallThe ghost of winterMakes ice out of waterTurning sand into snowSled racing --

The Jungle Sounds


Do you like animals ?I just love them!I am attracted by the nature too!So here is a poem for you!The sound of the lion,Roaring and Hunting...The sound of the little deer'sHeartbeat poundingThe sound of the elephant'sShrill old trumpetThe sound of the kittenPlaying with a mittenThe sound of the birdsAre Very nice!Th sound of the water flowing....Is that of a dice rolling...The sound of all

A Special Teacher


Friends,How many of you like HOMEWORKS?Well , I do .... but it shouldn't be a burden!Now, teachers usually correct our homeworks...But here is a special , different teacher!!Read on!Once I met a teacher ,Who was an expert in her subject...Many students joined her classwhich made me surprised to the most!It was because this strange teacherWas an extra-ordinary supernatural creature!!She tasted

A Change in Life


Dear friends,A good teacher is like a lighted candle which lights the way for those in the dark and uneducated....They change our life in different ways ..... So here is my poem which shows my opinion on teachers.....Once we were also small childrenHolding tight our mothersOn the first day of schoolIgnoring our teachersThen I began my voyageAcross the vast sea of knowledgeLooking for the right



Hi friends,Sorry that I couldn't post anything for a long time,........Exams and all together there was no timeSo there will be a lot of new posts from now on!!



Hello friends,I ' ve been tagged by one of my best friends....It is on writing about :- 7 of your greatest aims in life:-1-To be an astronaut..2- To be a scientist..3-To write and publish some novels4-To write and publish a book of creativity and some books of poetry...5-To be most helpful to my parents...6-To be helpful to poor, to go for pilgrimage etc.7-To go to heaven...2-7 Favourite authors