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Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series


This is the most powerful Black Series car ever built. OK, so just two AMG Blacks were built before it, but weighing in at 670bhp and 737lb ft of torque, it is a genuine heavyweight.

Seconds out, round three...

AMG replaced the 6.0-litre V12's turbochargers with specially developed blowers incorporating a new spiral cross-section (12 per cent bigger), fitted a modified air intake duct and, of course, an AMG sports exhaust said to "produce a distinctive 12-cylinder sound" (read: LOUD). And while you're making that noise, it also covers ground in a dandy fashion: 0-62mph takes 3.9 seconds and it's limited (limited) to a top speed of 199mph.

The roof is made of CFRP with an integral rollover bar (binning the SL's drop-top), there's a CFRP spoiler, twin-spoke AMG 19in wheels and 390mm front discs (360mm rears). The engineers fitted adjustable coil spring suspension (allowing for driver adjustments) sitting on a track 97mm wider at the front and 85mm wider at the rear. They even fitted a limited slip diff as standard and a five-speed automatic gearbox with four transmission mode

Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Black Series


Clearly, 360bhp in an SLK was never enough. And this brings up an unwritten but patently obvious AMG philosophy; more is never enough. The engineers beefed up the ‘standard' SLK55 AMG's 5.5-litre V8 by modifying the air intake, adding an AMG sports air filter and a full, specially developed AMG sports exhaust system. 
These tweaks boosted power from 360bhp to 400bhp, and torque from 376lb ft to 384lb ft, fed through a seven-speed transmission with manual drive controlled by, naturally, steering-wheel mounted aluminium shift paddles. 0-62mph was dealt with in 4.5 seconds (down from 4.9 seconds), 0-125mph was two seconds up on the standard AMG at 15.5 seconds, and the limiter was removed for a 173mph top speed.

AMG fitted height-adjustable torsion suspension optimised for the race-track - including adjustable dampers - together with 19in lightweight forged alloy wheels, a strut brace across the engine bay and 360mm front brakes. A limited slip diff was also offered as an option. 

The front wings were even more muscular and made from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, and AMG also fitted a restyled front apron together with larger air intakes and side air outlets to ensure sufficient cooling for that V8. Toasty. Inside there were two AMG bucket seats (sans airbags), silver AMG logos and a carbon-fibre door panels.

Vaughn Gittin Jr unveils 2012 drift spec Mustang


Super excited about seeing this tear up some rubber in the 2012 Formula D series!
Ah yeah, now that's what I'm on about! Mind you can't beat cable tie stitching over grpahics. The HRE green rims are too sick
So, let me know what you think? Rate or Hate? 

Ford Fiesta Zetec S Turbo - Intro


Ford Fiestas, not exactly a car that will drum up much excitement when mentioned, the XR2is and Fiesta RS's of old are long gone. Like most modern cars, the models have got heavier and lack the excitement of their ancestry.
Wanting to put more punch into this little Hatchback, my friend who is also a member on here has decided to go for a Turbo conversion.
 This is an ongoing project of his, the collecting of all the parts has been carried out over christmas and now its at a stage where its all fitted to the car, next step is to have it all mapped correctly using a custom ecu setup.

  Hopefully Mike will come along and fill us all in a bit more about the car, but in the meantime I'll keep following his project and reporting back ;)

Fiesta ST getting a LOT more power .... [Modification Car]


So yeah after having issues with the IB5 Gearbox and driveshafts ... AND the Ford Dealerships not knowing WTF they are doing and ...and ....and .... We then decided to rip out the current motor and well this is what happened ....And then we decided that we need to clean up all the grid and grime and then we saw just how good it looked .... And then we decided to go and get the new motor and all the goodies that is needed to get it going ... the only thing that we are missing now would be the Driveshafts as they need to be made up other than that we have everything ells ..okay so to give you all some info as to what is happening with our lil ST .....Motor is a 2lt FE-DOCH with a 4 bolt Asian Box with new 875cc injectors and a nice T3/T4 Turbo and a nice 4 plate button clutch and a full Dictator management system as for the drive shafts well would have to engineer new ones so yeah ... as soon as what we have a chance i will go and get some more pic's taken of whats going on and then load then up for all to see .... [...]

Audi R8...the perfect supercar?


Maybe there’s something wrong with me?...... Maybe I have a masochistic streak running through me? I imagined supercar ownership to be a difficult, challenging and a demanding relationship. In fact, I would expect it to be, I would insist it was and would probably be disappointed if it was anything less.The Audi R8 left me confused and confounded. It contradicted my expectations of what a supercar should symbolize. It wasn’t awkward or difficult, it didn’t try and kill me at every opportunity and I wasn’t crippled when I got out due to a ruinous driving position.I expected a V8, 4wd, 424bhp, 200mph supercar costing £85,000+ would be fierce and unforgiving. In reality it was docile and forgiving. The R8 was so easy to drive it was like an A5. You almost forget you’re in a supercar.When the time comes to pull the pin, and you’re always looking for an opportunity to pull the pin in this, there’s plenty to put a smile on your face.The V8 sitting behind your ear loved to rev but was a little too polite and cultured for a 200mph supercar. It really needs more noise.The R8 was easy to manoeuvre at parking speeds even with those 235/35/19 tyres resisting.The clutch was manageable and easy to use and the manual gearbox (my preference over the DSG) was precise and light. The interior was very agreeable and Germanic. Not what I had expected at all…….The R8 V8 was quick though, very quick. The V8 has lots of torque but needs revs to really put a smile on your face. I had expected the 4.2 V8 to offer strong power low down and run out of puff as the revs rise. Not the case. This V8 revs to 8250, higher than most 4 cylinder engines.It’s difficult to pass judgement on the chassis as I was driving on the public road and you just can’t exploit a car like this on the public road. All I can say is the R8 V8 is bloody quick. I didn’t get any feeling of under steer or over steer, just masses of grip.When I tried to get a little more adventurous the nanny state electronics chastised me for trying to have fun.I did manage to see the wrong side of 150mph and it was rock steady, barely breaking a sweat and got there pretty quick too.So, the Audi R8 V8 was pretty damn quick, beautiful to look at, effortless to drive and meticulously well built. A perfect supercar you might say.You couldn’t ask for more in your supercar could you?.........I can’t help thinking if I wanted a fast, easy to drive car I’d get an RS6. I want my supercars to have some attitude, some passion and to be a bit awkward and difficult. I expect a supercar to try and kill me every now and then and when I get out to be slightly crippled due to a ruinous driving position.If I was lucky enough to own an R8 I would have to add a louder exhaust, and have it remapped to sharpen the slightly soulless throttle response and gain a few BHP’s.Then again, like I said, I must have a masochistic streak running through me.[...]

[Rally Car] European Rallycross Championship - Round 1 @ Lydden Hill Racetrack


April bank holiday weekend saw the first round of the European Rallycross Championship (ERC for short) take place at Lydden Hill Racetrack.

Car Auction in New Zealand


Webb's auction company is holding a classic car auction in New Zealand on March 22, 2011. Here are my favorite cars.1983 Lola T165 / 70 Gullwing Cam AmEstimate is NZ$150,000 - NZ$250,000 - ($110,000 - $184,000 US approximately)I love these Lolas and they were serious competitors in their day. More here.1979/80 Gurney Eagle Indy CarEstimate is NZ$220,000 - NZ$320,000 - ($162,000 - $235,000 US

Isetta - The Most Popular Micro-Car


The Isetta is primarily known as a BMW but it was designed by Iso (Isetta means little Iso) and licensed to BMW and to VELAM in France and Romi in Brazil in the mid-1950s. It was a successful model for BMW, they produced approximately 161,000 Isettas from 1955 to 1962.The Isetta was also a success for Iso because the financial arrangements allowed Iso to move on to the creation of GT cars

Specification, Price and Wallpaper Mitsubishi ASX SUV 4WD


Specification of Mitsubishi ASX 4 WD : Engine : 2.0 L 16 Valve DOHC MIVEC (4B11) 1998 ccRatio : 10,0 : 1Max. Power : 150 PS up to 6.000rpmMax. Torque : 197 N-m up to 4.200rpmTransmission : INVECS-III CVT  6 speed Sportronic4WD System : Multi select 4WD with 2WD, 4WD, and Lock ModeL  x W x H : 4295mm x 1770mm x 1625mmWeight : 1970 kgPrice : $ 31,990

Aston Martin Lagonda new SUV 2011 Concept


Specification, Price and Wallpaper The New Suzuki XL-7 4WD


Specification of Suzuki XL-7 : Engine : 3.6L V 6 double overhead cam with VVTRatio : ( 10.2 :1 ) 4 valves / cylinderFuel Consumption : Multi-point injection fuel systemHorse Power: 252 HP ( 188 kW) Up to 6,400 rpmTorque : 243 ft lb ( 329 Nm) up to 2,300 rpmPrice : $ 29,000

Specification, Wallpaper Mercedes Benz W251


Spesification of Mercedes Benz W251 : Engine : 6.2 L M156 V8 HorsePower :  503 hp (375 kW)Torque :  465 ft·lbf (630 N·m) Transmission : 7G-Tronic seven-speed automatic transmissionTopSpeed :  155 mph (250 km/h)Acceleration :  0-62 mph time of 5.0 seconds I think this car is rival from the Oddysey made of Honda. Have a same models and can get the right place in the

Specification, Price and Wallpaper Ferrari FF a nice cars


Every single area of the FF brims with innovation, not least its engine, the first GDI V12 to be coupled with the seven-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox. The V12 unleashes a massive 660 CV at 8,000 rpm, and maximum torque of 683 Nm at 6,000 rpm with 500 Nm already available at just 1,000 rpm. This ensures the performance figures of an extreme sports car, with the 0-

Specification, Price and Wallpaper Ferrari 612 Scagletti


The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a large 2+2 grand touring coupe from Ferrari designed to replace the smaller Ferrari 456M. The large two-door is Engine by 5.7-liter V12, with power up to 533 horsepower at 7,250 rpm. Torque with 434 pound-feet when up to 5,250 rpm.Spesifications and Price Ferrari 612 Scagletti : Engine            : 

Specification and Wallpaper Ferrari F151 (SUV 2011)


Engine specs for the Ferrari F151 are speculated 6.3-liter V12 engine pushing out an impressive 670 prancing horses. F151 maybe will used seven-speed transmission catapulting it from the 0-60 marker in just 3.7 seconds. Now the Question, “When the SUV cars will be Launched????” Amazing SUV cars...

Specification, Price and Wallpaper Range Rover Evoque (SUV 2011)


The Range Rover Evoque with a 2993 cc engine. This engine can deliver power up to 240 bhp along with torque of 600 Nm. The length of the cars 4352 mm and width 1894mm while height 1534 mm. With 6 automatic gears.The Range Rover Evoque also adopts low CO2 systems such as Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) and is built to maximise end of life

Paybox Rebrand jadi VirtaPay


Paybox yang sering menjadi perbincangan belakangan ini telah melakukan Rebrand menjadi Virtapay. Isi dan semuanya masih sama dengan Paybox, dengan gabung saja kalian bisa mendapatkan free $... Coba aja dengan klik dibawah ini :VirtaPay

Money Lights in the dark "satu-satunya uang bercahaya di kegelapan"


Anda mungkin pernah dengar tentang mata uang Won??? Won adalah mata uang dari negara Korea Selatan. Negara yang sudah dikenal dengan sepakbolanya ini punya hal unik mengenai Mata Uangnya... Mata Uang Won yang dikeluarkan bisa mengeluarkan cahaya di kegelapan malam. Bagaimana menurut pendapat kalian..?? bukankah ini bisa dipakai bagi orang yang suka menggelapkan uang..??? wekekekeekekek Berikut

Pecahan Uang Kertas Terbesar di Dunia $ / lembar


Zimbabwe dengan ibukotanya Harare terletak di bagian Afrika Selatan. Dengan Alasan ekonomi maka negara ini pernah mengeluarkan pecahan uang kertas terbesar dalam sejarah dunia yaitu $ Karena alasan inilah pemerintahannya memperbolehkan warganya memakai $ USD sebagai alat tukarnya dengan harapan bisa menstabilkan kembali ekonomi negara ini. Selain itu pemerintahannya telah

Mobil-Mobil Keren yang di terjang Tsunami Jepang 2011 bagian II


Begitu banyak yang dirugikan akibat bencana Tsunami Jepang ini, begitu juga dengan mobil-mobil yang ada di wilayah bencana ini. Semua disapu bersih oleh Mr. Tsunami. Berikut beberapa gambar yang menunjukkan bagaimana bencana ini meluluh lantahkan segala aspek kehidupan. 

Kapal - kapal akibat Tsunami Jepang 11 Maret 2011 "Kapal sampai atap 2 lantai"


Tsunami adalah bencana alam yang sangat memporak-porandakan setiap daerah yang di terjangnya, bisa dikatakan setiap daerah yang di terjangnya akan menjadi rata. Begitu pula dengan Tsunami yang terjadi di Jepang yang di sebabkan gempa bumi berkekuatan 8,9 SR. Kapal-kapal yang sedang di pelabuhanpun bisa bergeser sampai ke atap rumah, lantai 2, wuuuuiiiiiiiiih. Berikut beberapa gambar/foto yang

Evolution Money "Rp 1.000" Perubahan Mata Uang Di Indonesia


Uang seribu merupakan Evolusi yang terbanyak yang dilakukan oleh BI. Berikut Evolusi dari uang pecahan  Seribu Rupiah yang ada di Indonesia :Uang pecahan RP 1.000 tahun 1952 Uang Pecahan Rp 1.000 tahun 1957 Uang pecahan Rp 1.000 tahun 1958 Uang pecahan Rp 1.000 tahun 1959 Uang pecahan Rp 1.000 tahun 1960 Uang pecahan Rp 1.000 tahun 1964           Tahun 1964 uang Rp 1.000,00 punya 2 seri :Uang

Evolution Money "Rp 5.000" Perubahan Mata Uang Di Indonesia


Sebagaimana kita ketahui, setiap mata uang di Indonesia selalu mengalami perubahan per periodenya, demikian juga dengan uang pecahan Rp 5.000,00 ini. Berikut Evolusi dari uang pecahan lima ribu rupiah :Uang pecahan Rp 5.000,00 tahun 1958  Uang pecahan Rp 5.000,00 tahun 1968Uang pecahan Rp 5.000,00 tahun 1975 Uang pecahan Rp 5.000,00 tahun 1980 Uang pecahan Rp 5.000,00 tahun 1986 Uang pecahan Rp