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Virender Sehwag 219 runs : exclusive photos of him after completing the double century - must see and share!


Joy just after seeing the ball hitting the boundarythe record ball : final shot which led to 4 thanks to the people 8th December, 2011 has been marked as one of the most historic day and the land of 'Indore' city as the most magical land in the history of world cricket, as the explosive opening batsman of India 'Virender Sehwag' has made a score of 219 i.e. the maximum runs in any One Day

Maldives with 'Underwater Hotel/Resort' concept : best honeymoon-holiday destination paradise on earth!


the perfect room for a couple!Here are the pics of the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa at the Rangali island of the group. Before its present avatar, it was previously a restaurant which is now built up and modified into a resort providing personal "bedroom honeymoon suite" for a couple along with the facility of breakfast and dinner in the bed as a service and that too not ordinary dinner, but

mariah carey pictures


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hot pictures of kim kardashian


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Nike Air Burger Shoes ' Airmax 90' - the most coolest, casual and crazy footwear design made ever!


The most famous apparel and accessory making brand of the world 'Nike' has now made the most creepiest and craziest shoe design made ever. Nike has launched its most unique shoe design i.e. the 'Airmax 90 Burger Shoes'. The design of these exactly matches with that of a burger! It completely looks like a burger i.e. material sandwiched between two buns. In this first appearance no one can judge

Touchscreen 'Smart Car' : next generation car of the future by Toyota


Have you ever imagined any future revolution in automobile technology? If not, then by the end of this post of will get a crystal clear idea about the upcoming most advanced revolution in car technology. This advancement will be done on the concept of 'smart phones' and thus will lead to the manufacture of 'smart cars'. This new car of the future will be just like an advanced smart phone on

Google vs Facebook Headoffice : photos showing the real meaning of professional working office heaven & luxury!


The magnificence and class of the two biggest companies of the world that are Facebook and Google are not only limited to the virtual world. These are also the biggest names in terms of their real estate properties in the form of their grand one of a kind offices which have truly the best designs in the world. Though Google is a lot older name then Facebook, but Facebook is isn't behind it in any

Bollywood actresses bald without hair : funniest must see photos of Katrina, Kareena, Aishwarya and Shilpa!


 Hair is one of the most important feature when it comes about beauty. No doubt they are very important for men but for women they are especially crucial as they defines their personality. And it is 100% true that no hair - no beauty. In this post we are presenting the photos of the most beautiful Bollywood beauties namely, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Shilpa Shetty. You will

Sonakshi Sinha's hottest photoshoot till date - bold & modern 'Sati Savitri' avatar


Though Sonakshi Sinha always appears as a typical Indian actress (in looks) but in her recent photoshoot for a magazine she has tried to break this monotonous image of her. Sonakshi was looking really very pretty in her bold and hot modern style look in the recent 'Sati Savitri' photo shoot of her. Till date it is the hottest avatar of Sonakshi Sinha in which she has worn trendy and short clothes

Tom Cruise in India welcomed by Anil Kapoor at airport - promotion of 'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol'


Hollywood celebrities are very warmly welcomed in India and so was Tom Cruise welcomed when he landed in India for the promotion of his much awaited upcoming movie of the 'Mission Impossible' series i.e. the 'Ghost Protocol'. The MI series is one of the biggest blockbuster series of Hollywood and the matter for pride for India is that this time Bollywood star Anil Kapoor will be featured as a

'Kolaveri Di' lyrics in Hindi - most funniest and hilarious song translation : must see this!


The "Kolaveri Di" song is at its peak nowadays, and so are the spoofs associated with the phrase "Why is this Kolaveri Di". Well, here comes the most funniest and hilarious post associated with it, this is an outcome of the hindi translation of the lyrics of this crazy song sung by Dhanush. As Dhanush said "it is an absolute non-sense" , so are the hindi translated lyrics of this song. You would

Bhopal - The City of Lakes : most beautiful photos of a great tourist destination


Beautiful view at eveningTajul Masjid's best photoDB city mall Bhopal - among the biggest malls of IndiaTakia Tapu in the center of 'bada talab'V.I.P Road at night - the mini Marine DriveDespite of its dark history due to the "Bhopal Gas Tragedy", the city of Bhopal is one of the most naturally beautiful cities of India. Due to the 7 lakes present in the city, it is also known as "the city of

"Veena ka Swayamvar" - season 4 : beautiful photos of Veena Malik in bridal dress


 After the success of Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Ratan in the Sawayamvar show of Imagine tv, now Veena Malik will be showcased in the upcoming season. The shoot of this very controversial "Swayamvar season 4" i.e. "Veena ka Swayamvar" has already been started. Veena Malik who has previously appeared on Indian television in Bigg Boss will be featured in this show. This new season of the

Katrina Kaif 'Chikni Chameli' avatar look revealed - leaked exclusive photo : more gorgeous & curvy then Sheela!


So finally, the most awaited "Chikni Chameli" avatar look of Katrina Kaif in her item number for the upcoming movie 'Agneepath' has been revealed. It is for sure that Katrina is looking so beautiful and curvy in her new avatar that she has overcome the previous standard of 'Sheela' set by her. With this new look she has set new standards of most glamorous look and curvy figure for any item number

Girl with Mermaid Syndrome (Sirenomelia) - fused legs tail : the real life "Little Mermaid"


After her surgeryAlmost every girl who has listened the stories of the mermaids or have watched the 'little mermaid' tv series dreams about becoming like her. But this thought is good only in imagination, in reality this is known  as a disease known as "Sirenomelia" which is commonly known as the "Mermaid Syndrome". This deformity results in the fusion of the legs to give it a tail like

Best Wildlife photography of the year (without macro) - wonderful quality photos of insects


Camera: Canon EOS 1000DExposure: 0.01 sec (1/100)Aperture: f/5.6Focal Length: 55 mmISO Speed: 100Camera: Canon EOS 1000DExposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)Aperture: f/5.6Focal Length: 54 mmISO Speed: 100Camera: Canon EOS 1000DExposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)Aperture: f/5.6Focal Length: 55 mmISO Speed: 400Exposure Bias: -Flash Used: YesPhotography is among those arts which requires high creativity, imagination,

Mercedes Benz SL550 - Diamond covered special limited edition : truly high class


It has been 50 years now since the start of the production of the legendary Mercedes SL cars. To celebrate its the successful legendary 50 year run of it, a truly amazing and wonderful diamond covered Mercedes Benz SL550 car was showcased in an overseas auto exhibition show.  This diamond studded high class car design became the show stopper as it was the combination of two most classy names of

Katrina Kaif nose-lip plastic surgeries : the shocking truth exposed and revealed


It is always very hard and tough to believe a fact if it is something against "Katrina Kaif" who is the goddess of beauty. But the shocking truth about her beauty and charm is that she has underwent many plastic surgery operations to enhance the appeal and looks of her face. The list of the surgeries that Katrina Kaif underwent includes the names of 'Rhinoplasty' i.e. commonly known as the nose

Real life natural "Angry Birds" : similar look alike of the birds in the game


If you love playing cool games on your gadgets as a time pass activity, then you 'must' be a "Angry Bird" game fan. The angry birds game has emerged as one of the best used game app on mobile phones (specially androids and other smartphones ). After its huge success in the android market, the game made its place in the Symbian market too and also it became one of the most played, downloaded and

Anushka Sharma - most beautiful photos in her stunning red rose princess look


Out of very few Bollywood actresses who can give a little competition to Katrina Kaif in terms of their natural and elegant beauty, Anushka Sharma is one of the leading names. Anushka Sharma has got a great figure, pretty face and charming natural looks. She completely looks gorgeous in almost any outfit or clothes. Recently in the Blenders Pride Fashion show (model ramp walk), the beauty Anushka

Takashiba Roller Coaster : World's most steep sloped and biggest roller coaster ride now ready for action!


The experience of free falling under the influence of gravity is one of the most adventurous, exciting and threatening experience for human beings. Well to enjoy this adventurous experience, man has created many such amusement gravity slides and swings, but out of them nothing is as better as a Roller coaster. A roller coaster ride is really one of most thrilling experience in one's life. But

Pentax 645D DSLR - lacquered limited edition luxurious camera : 'best camera of the year'


If you are a photography freak and you are just crazy about photography then you would have probably heard the the name of the "Pentax 645D DSLR". It is one of the best photography camera gear of the year and of all time too. When it comes to adding professionalism and superiority to your clicks, nothing can be as better as this 40 megapixel photography wonder known as the Pentax 645D DSLR.

Chubby Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 'aunty' after delivery : extreme pregnancy fat & swollen face!


Change is the law of life and this is applicable to one of the most beautiful women of the world too. The former Miss World and the wife of Abhishek Bachchan is no more charming and attractive as she looked few time back. Her curvy body and attractive figure is now completely covered with excessive pregnancy fat. Though it is normal after pregnancy but still we can't accept it because it is

"Why this Kolaveri Di" - the absolute non-sense but still cool : funny pictures


'Cola' very Dthe answer is Dhanush himself doesn't know the answer :PThe recent "Kolaveri Di' song also called 'absolute non sense' song by many critics has become a great hit and now it has gone viral everywhere including Facebook. The walls, wall posts, pictures and comments of Indian Facebook users are full of "The Kolaveri Di' song and sentences such as "Why this kolaveri di". Most of the

Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman costume : the most beautiful look ever!


the curvy side poseposing like a real super heroShe is one of the most curvy and best figured global female celebrity from Hollywood. Yes, she is none other then 'Kim Kardashian'. Kim has always been a role model due to her great fashion and styling sense. Whatever she wears, she looks superb. She has that dream figure body and curves which every women desires (and man too) and and her unique

Katrina Kaif looking extremely curvy, gorgeous and natural at a latest Salon launch event : exclusive photos


 The most beautiful Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was recently spotted taking part as a chief guest at the inauguration event of a Salon situated at Bandra, Mumbai. But this time, she was looking even more natural and beautiful then all her previous avatars. In her white tight fitting top Tshirt, blue denims and casual sneaker shoes she was looking extremely sober and girly. An elegant necklace

"The midnight Beast" of Selena Gomez - Justin Bieber : unseen private photos leaked


Selena sitting on the lap of Bieber in the party embracing and holding her in his armIn "The Midnight Beast" Tshirt with cutely posing kissing lipsThe pair of Selena Gomez and her famous boyfriend Justin Bieber is one of the most highlighted teen love couple of the year. They have once again came together thrashing the rumors of their break up. Though Selena Gomez is very open about her this

Real batman car 'The batmobile' : super stylish looks and photos


Front view : look at the turbo power fan technology in the frontlooks very classy from the side view toothe gear and acceleration panel, just the same as it was in the seriespicture showing the rear view : look at the turbo boost providedThe most cool and stylish thing about batman is his car known as the 'batmobile'. This is one of most technologically advanced unique design black color car

John Abraham's new girlfriend 'Priya Marwah' : rare exclusive photos


the new hook-up : just look at the way he is holding her and carrying her alongwith himAfter his break up from the Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu, John Abraham has found a new way to happiness in the form of his new girlfriend and he is now no more single (poor luck girls!). The name of this new lady love of John is 'Priya Marwah' who is an investment banker. Since his break up with Bipasha, John

The Rahul Gandhi girlfriend 'Veronique Cartelli' pictures : rare, unseen pics together


        Rahul Gandhi is one of the most eligible bachelors of India. There has always been question regarding his love life and girlfriend. A very few people know that Rahul Gandhi actually has a girlfriend and he accepted this fact in front of media when he told about his Spanish (Columbian) girlfriend Veronique Cartelli. He was so concerned about his privacy in this relationship that there are

Tirupati Balaji Temple photos : richest pilgrimage and gold reserve temple of the world


Exclusive and rare original photo of the holy shrine of Balaji God at the templeAll the ornaments are made of high quality gold & diamonds including a heavy crown. The dresses are lined with gold chains.The view of the Venkateshwara Gold temple at nightDay light view of the magnificent temple. Have a look at the 7 urns at the topThe Tirupati Balaji temple which lies on the Tirumala hill town of

Miranda Kerr in 2.5 Million Dollar bra : most expensive collection of Victoria's Secret


the blue bra designed according to her great super model figurelooks like a real fairy from a heavenshowcasing and posing during the showThe 28 year old 'Victoria's Secret' super model achieved new heights of her career when she became the model to represent the most luxurious and expensive bra made ever by the Victoria's Secret collection. This bra costs around 2.5 Million Dollars i.e around 125

BMW K 1600GT superbike about to launch in India : pics, specifications and price


The front cross side view showcasing overall looks simply superb front viewside view- the metallic finish body looks very classy the rare or back view of its predecessor 1300GT , just give a special look to the tire and its grip formation The wait of Indian bike lovers and biking freaks is about to end as the luxurious BMW series of motorcycles is just about to get launched in India. In this post

Katrina Kaif - Cobie Smulders - Real duplicates and Bollywood-Hollywood look alikes


Cobie and Katrina in same pose at same anglesboth are true divine beautiesposing for the camera with their cute and innocent smilesKatrina Kaif and Cobie Smulders (Robin of How I Met Your Mother) are the best natural beauties of the glamour and fashion industry. One represents Hollywood while the other is the leading lady queen of Bollywood. Both have immense charm and beauty which is completely 

Katrina Kaif teenage and childhood photos : rare unseen pics of her past


she looked like a real teenage dream in her long hairthis pic was taken when she was just 16 years oldvery early days of her child hood when she was a small babyposing cutely and smilingone of the most cutest and innocent baby girl pic of all time featuring none other then Katrina KaifAt this time she was just 5 year oldWith her college friends in early 20sduring a photo-shoot in early days of

Best real hybrid animals pictures : top 3 cross breeded animals


No. 1 - The "LIGER" - cross breeding of a female Tiger and male LionThe Liger is no doubt one of the best animal species generated as a result of this technique.  Its frontal portions are like that of a Lion and the features of its back portion resembles with that of a Tiger. These too are classified as the species of "Panthera" (cat family) gene class like their parents.  The Ligers have

Most real and true ghost photos caught on camera


The Queensland photo of 1949This photo came in existence when a mother took the photograph of her child's grave  as a symbol of  her emotions. But she and the world was totally amazed when this photo was generated from the reel. It contained the image of the spirit of her child as it was completely identical to her child.The SS Watertown ghost  faces of 1924Many merchants reported seeing these

Honda's advanced dream flying car : the revolutionary innovative car of future


look at the stylish unique designit is a 4 seater carthe outer body structure of this flying carMaking a flying dream car has always been a challenge for technology. But the design department of Honda has now taken vision to make this dream come true. The company has started the work in this direction taking inspiration from its tagline slogan "The power of dream". The Honda air is the most

Most stylish, unique and cool helmet designs made ever : truly designer


the most stylish and popular skull helmet.It is in great demand nowadaysthe super cool transformers gadget helmetthe iron man mask helmetspider man mask helmettruly crazy laughing helmet smileythe traditional watermelon helmet design which is realthe incredible hulk helmet designNowadays, road accidents have increased to such an extent that everybody is just getting crazy about buying helmets.

Barack Obama- Nicholas Sarkozy caught and exposed on camera during their 'scandalous dirty act'


Obama and Nicholas Sarkozy scandalThis is one of the most enjoyable posts till date which exposes the U.S president Barack Obama. Recently, Barack Obama was caught staring at the curves of a teenager girl who is just 16 years old. The name of this teenage girl is Mayora Tavares and she was looking so beautiful on that day that U.S president Barack Obama was continuously staring at her and he was

Google's corporate office in London : Exclusive pics


It has been designed by 'Scott Brownrigg" architecture and design company of London and the office is based on the theme of 'Brighton beach'the main area of Google office The enquiry desk and help desk of office in London. Every Google office located in any part of world can be distinguished and characterized by the box staff interaction ideas and it shows in its just name it and they

Superman : the man of Steel - exclusive leaked pic of Henry Cavill


Yes this is a pic from one of the most awaited superhero action movie of all time. When it's about a super hero, nothing can be as superior, powerful and strong as Superman. The above is an exclusive leaked image/poster from the shooting sets of the highly rated upcoming superman movie sequel "Superman : the man of steel". Hollywood actor Henry Cavill is playing the lead role in this and by

Most advanced 'Traccia' smartphone - mobile that can write!


Have a look at its great design and killer looks the next generation mobile smart phoneTechnology is evolving day by day and taking our gadgets to their next level. A recent development in the technology has taken the smartphones to a new level. Now, you can write with your smartphone! and yes this is true. The name of this phone model is Traccia and it is designed on a concept based on how we

Most extreme body building kids with extreme muscles and abs


Richard Sandrak : he can almost beat a body builder in terms of his muscles and curves. He started body building and weight lifting from the age of 2 years onward. Known as the youngest body builder of the world.Guiliano Stroe : See his ripped 8 pack abs just at the age of 5His abs one of the best cut abs set of the worldRichard Sandrak : His body looks perfectly balanced with his height and

The biggest, most giant and deadliest White Shark of the world


look at the size and massiveness of this creature andthe biggest jaws and shark teeth till nowThere is no doubt in the fact that sharks are one of the most deadliest and powerful wild animals. This fact is applicable for even smallest of the sharks in this world including shark babies. What if you encounter with the most biggest, giant, strongest and deadliest shark of the world? Just the

Most genuine and controversial pictures of real aliens on earth


aliens captured walking on ground at nightAn injured alien was found and was operated by doctors and scientists but the genuineness of this is still controversial. strange dead body remain found on earth - scientists claim that it is  the body of an alien organismOne of the most controversial pics of aliens everthe most famous and genuine pic till dateIt is the biggest secret and mystery of all

The wireless 'Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard' device


Red colored virtual laser keyboard on floor (Bluetooth connection)wire connection with a smart phonetyping on a virtual laser wireless keyboardThis is no doubt one the the coolest gadget invention of latest time. This gadget is none other then the Virtual Laser Keyboard and it exists in reality (not just on computer screen)! It is very small and handy, generally equivalent to the size of a mobile

Real people who look like animals : true weird faces


real women who looks like a Hynathe dog man - looks like a dogthe horse man - face resemble with that of a horsethe real life vampire/bat women  - look at her teeth tooIt is a felicity to born as a human being on mother Earth. But there are some people in our own world who are born as human but they resemble to animals in their looks. Their have been many such case in which the face of a human

The all new Microsoft Xbox 720 gaming console : future of gaming


the ultra advanced gaming controller designhandy designAccording to latest reports Microsoft is aiming at releasing or launching the all new Xbox 720 gaming in the end of 2012. Still there is a plenty of time in its release and the market is already crowded with the rumors and specifications related with this gadget. This Xbox version 2.0 is one of the most awaited gaming technology console of

The most expensive and biggest "Sun drop diamond" - shines like fire, looks like mini sun


just looks like a mini sun - see the glare        It is said that a diamond is a women's best friend (nowadays its men's too). And what if it is the biggest, brightest, most shiny and most expensive diamond of the world? On 9th November 2011, such a diamond was presented for auction in Sotheby which shines like fire. This was found in South Africa in the year 2010 and this year only, it was

Most unique and cool 3D tattoos : absolutely eye catching


Bg giant spider on the back of necklooks like this 3D eye tattoo wants to say somethingkiller insect spider tattoo on sideinvisible body skull designengraved on wall designskin tear text book design - very  stylish as  desired messages can be written in text formTattoos have always been the best way to style yourself and look different. It adds to your fashion value and gives you a unique style

The best of Barney Stinson Bro Code book (How I met your Mother)


Barney Stinson is one of the most adored classy comic characters of all time. With his unique style, class and quotes he has redefined the meaning of a great male personality who is loved everywhere and has a perfect life. He has defined his set of rules for living a legend...oops.. wait for it.... dairy life like him. According to him, a bro is defined as the person who never leaves you and he's

The real and actual Aamir Khan height and comparison


164 cm - 1.64 meters - 5 feet 4 inchesAamir Khan walking tall - great personalityAamir with Imran and Avantika on her wedding(check out the difference between his and Imran's height)This will give you the best idea of how tall is he, his height in comparison to Abhishek Bachchan who is 6'3His height is just equal to Kareena Kapoor's height without any heelomg.. Aamir at an award function!!!

Cobie Smulders pregnant photos (aka Robin Scherbatsky HIMYM"


Cobie Sumlders i.e. the real name of the famous "How I met your mother" character Robin Scherbatsky is one of the most beautiful looking women on television and on large screen. She is a gorgeous natural beauty. Her Indian fans feel that her looks match with that of Katrina Kaif (the most beautiful lady of Bollywood). Many feel that when seen from certain angles in particular styling, she looks

Selena Gomez ugly : biggest fashion disaster of the year


Teen sensation Selena Gomez is one of the most loved and adored female teen star. According to her fans, she is one of the most beautiful and cute girl present on the earth. Her way of carrying herself, her bubbly nature and gorgeous looks adds to her charm. She is one of the most beautiful natural looking actress and artist of all time. But god only knows what happened to her style sense or the

Sachin Tendulkar new house photos : the house of God


the grand and beautiful view of Sachin's house from outsideThe address plate of his houseEntrance @ Sachin's new house - enhanced viewEntrace gate @ Sachin Tendulkar's house Anything related to India's most loved man 'Sachin Tendulkar' can't be ordinary. Sachin Tendulkar i.e. the master blaster of the world cricket has already moved to his new house... oops we must say 'mansion'. This new house

Bipasha Basu real navel piercing ring pics


At much awaited real piercing pic of Bipasha Basuthe expensive ring of Bipasha Basu worn at navalFew time ago, Bipasha Basu lived her teenage dream of having a piercing in her belly. Now, her navel looks more sexier then ever before with a shinning long ring adding beauty to her pierced naval or belly. Bipasha told to media that since she was sixteen years old, she wanted to have a piercing on

Barney Stinson top best quotes, dialogues and sayings : completely legendary


This post is dedicated to one of the most special and incomparable character of all times. Yes he is none other then the comic character of one of the most popular television series ever. We are talking about none other than 'Barney Stinson' of "How I met your mother". From his personality to his way of speaking, from his phenomenal suits to his wonderful quotes, dialogues and expressions (I hope

Pics of the all new Mercedes Benz Biome concept car - "car of the future"


this brand new technology car is a very light car made by utilizing the technology from natur.It is a very stylish Mercedes car design and looks very elegant and  classy in white colorIt has killer cool shape. And it looks amazing from all angles.

Very hot pics/photos of young Sonia Gandhi : Absolutely beautiful and gorgeous


Most beautiful and gorgeous pic in Red saree  : traditional look and fashion iconVery young sonia gandhi with kids and indira gandhi happy moments with indira gandhihoneymoon photo with rajiv gandhiwedding/marriage picture of sonia and rajiv gandhi with indira gandhiIn bikini/ blue bra before marriagepotrait passport size close up photowith aishwarya raiWith Rajiv, Rahul and Priyanka childhood

Most demonic, largest and biggest bugs of the world


Belostomatidae is usually an order of insects better known as "giant water bugs" or "toe-biters."Atlas Moth are believed to become the largest moths on earth concerning total wing surface area.These stick insects are easy to care for, and contrary to popular belief make good tropical pets.Most demonic, largest and biggest bugs of the world

Best coolest and funniest Counter Strike sprays-logos


Noob logo and seal trademark Warning : Dead Noobs in the AreaYou are a Noob MessageOff to Noobs with a middle fingerHeadshot logo-sprayA very funny Hindi watermark for playing CS 1.6 in IndiaIt is one of the most loved and insulting logo which is loved by CS players.It's not Youtube for me, it's You Suck!Yes you are definitely a 'You Noob'You Are a NoobGo Away. Famous people Counter Strike  :)

Most stylish bike : hubless without spoke bicycle


very cool & attractive looksall angles and designsmost advanced technologyMost stylish bike : hubless without spoke bicycle

Smoking kills funny fact pictures


Smoking kills funny fact pictures

Best creative stop smoking posters and messages


cigarette becoming short on smokingcigarette skullBest creative stop smoking posters and messages

Best quit-anti smoking creative products


cigarette gun shadowcigarette smoking toothpaste and toothbrushBest quit-anti smoking creative products

Concept of amazing invisible perfect body suits-clothes


Concept of amazing invisible perfect body suits-clothes

Top wall paintings of women


Top wall paintings of women

Best 3D paintings on wall


Best 3D paintings on wall

Most realistic 3D wall paintings


Most realistic 3D wall paintings 

Third Eye of Nirmal Baba : Human God in India


details of Nirmal baba tv shows and samagam booking informationNirmal Baba says that just keep on believing in the power (God) in which you belief, no matter whatever is your religion, caste, or creed. If you have faith in the power then it will surely give its blessings 'kripa' i.e (bhagwan ki kripa) in your life. Baba's Samagam programs have created wonders in the life of his devotees. He has

Funniest spoof and prank pics of Osama Bin Laden


Funniest spoof and prank pics of Osama Bin Laden

One of a kind pics


One of a kind pics

Best art and design pics with natural things and surroundings!


Best art and design pics with natural things and surrounding!

Humans who are like animals


Humans who are like animals

Lost in their own world!


Lost in their own world!

Craziest animals of the world


Artistic fruit and vegetable designs


Artistic fruit and vegetable designs

Best hilarious pics of crazy things of women


Best hilarious pics of crazy things of women

Results of over exploration and development of man


Results of over exploration and development of man

Best sports shots and smashes ever


Best sports shots ever

Best hidden message describing pics


Best hidden message describing pics

Foolish stupid animals that will make you smile


Foolish stupid animals that will make you smile

Most unusual and weird pics of human organs and body features


Most unusual and weird pics of human organs and body features

Funny animals doing human activities


Funny animals doing human activities

Funniest deadly weapons of destruction


  Funniest deadly weapons of destruction

Human oral organs lips, teeth and mouth in different closeup angles


Human oral organs lips, teeth and mouth in different closeup angles and thinking

Funniest women insulting pics


Funniest women insulting pics

Most popular real tongue tattoo designs


blue webdoodletongue flower tattooMost popular real tongue tattoo designs

Hot Anushka Sharma poses for camera


mobile picHot Anushka Sharma poses for camera

Anushka Sharma without makeup : real natural beauty of Bollywood


what a cute and innocent picsparkling white teethbubbly laughAnushka Sharma without makeup

Anushka Sharma rare unseen personal pics of home


studying!Anushka Sharma rare unseen personal pics of home

Most stylish USB pen drives


Transformer gadget toycloth hook cliptomato ketchup sauceMost stylish USB pen drives

Top designer USB pen drives


Wooden block  patternlipstick pen drivesurf board driveTop designer USB pen drives

Top cool USB pen drives and flash drives


Canon SLR Camera pen drivetable spoon pen drivevintage retro look classicTop cool USB pen drives and flash drives

Most attractive usb pen drives


Star pen drive24 karat gold bar pen drivefood item pen driveMost attractive USB pen drives

Most unique usb pendrives


nail- screw pen drivewrist band pen drivefood item Sushi pen drivesMost unique usb pen drives

Hina Rabbani Khar fashion & style statement clothes : Model politician


Looking very pretty in her pink salvar kameezstyle and eyes can killHina Rabbani Khar fashion & style statement clothes : Model politician