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Mitan Ghosh's Gulab Jamun CheeseCake -- No Bake


Many of you already know 🌸Mitan Ghosh,  a successful fashion designer in her own rights. Her designer sarees and dresses are quite the rage in US. You can have a peek at her beautiful collection here and I promise you, you will be hooked forever. Just like her designs, her home is another work of art and I love, love how she designs each corner. Her creativity runneth over and you can see(image)

Spicy Kale Soup with Potato and Sausage


The weather around here is getting positively chilly. It had been a fabulous couple of months with great weather, festivities in the air, glittering lights and overload of sweets. The trees near my house are now preparing for winter, their leaves turning a rusty red, though this year we did not get the gorgeous colors like other years. This is also the time when I start making soups. Soups (image)

Dim Narkel Posto -- Egg Curry with Poppy seeds and Coconut


Almost everyday I tell the girls, "Practice makes Perfection. You have to practice <*> everyday if you want to be good at it". Into the wild card goes everything from math, piano, gymnastics to combing hair. By now they have heard it so often that they turn a deaf ear to my gyaan. Now I will let you on to secret. Though I give them this gyaan repeatedly, I don't always adhere to it. (image)

Diwali in a Jar -- or Spiced Nuts


In the neighborhood that we live, we have a lot of Indian neighbors, and as a result invites for Indian festivities like Haldi-Kumkum, Lakshmi-puja, or Kanya puja on Ashtami are in abundance. Most of these festivals are done by the women folk, who are very open with welcoming new people into their house or sharing their home-made goodies with others. Puri-halwa-kala chana on Ashtami days, (image)

Pritha Sen -- and her Bhoger Khichuri


Anyone who reads my blog would have come across recipes like Goalondo Murgi or Railway Mutton Curry and by now know who Pritha Sen is. And if you don't read my blog but you are a Bengali food enthusiast, there is not an iota of doubt that you would know her! For the uninitiated, she is a journalist, a food consultant, a development consultant and last but not the least  -- the person who (image)

Enchor Chingri Malaikari


My grandmother's house in India had a wildly growing garden. Trees of all kinds grew around the age old garden, leaning over the solid brick parapet that surrounded the house. Guava trees with their albino limbs and pale green leaves, Jamun trees with marble sized juicy jamuns hidden in their leafy canopy, jackfruit trees where the jackfruits clung onto the tree like koala babies and loads and (image)

Mahalaya, Thin Arrowroot biskoot and Birendra Krishna Bhadra


I set a lot of alarms on my phone. From the first wake up call in the morning to alarms notifying me when the elementary and high school bus is supposed to come, I have a series of them set up in variety of tones. My wake up alarms are so melodious that I often snuggle in and go into deeper sleep hearing them. This was not the case with my parents. We, or rather my parents had only one moon (image)

School Lunch Box -- What to pack for school lunch?


After two whole months of lazy summer, schools open up this week. Right after depressing stuff like setting the alarm clock to 5:30 in the morning, what looms large in my mind is "What to pack for school lunch?". This year, I have a high schooler who has a strong dislike for lunches at the school cafeteria and prefers lunch from home. And then I have an elementary school goer who scans her (image)

Eggplant Indiana -- the baked Imam Bayildi


It is uncanny how I often repeat a recipe after years and yet it is around the same time of the year that I last cooked. Yesterday, I bought these lovely eggplants from Costco. Wondering what to do with them, I remembered Imam Bayildi. Guess when I had made Imam Bayildi last? 8 years back just before Big Sis was starting Grade 1. It has been eight years since. Yes E-I-G-H-T. And Big Sis is (image)

No-Bake No-Gelatin Super Easy Mango Pie


June has been an extremely busy month. End of school year means the school tries to fit in hundreds of stuff in there. Add to that fabulous warm weather which means lot of outdoor times. This June was extra special as Big Sis is going to high school and 8th grade graduation is a big deal in our school district. The graduating 8th grade class do not all move to the same high school but (image)

Mumu'r Phulkopir Malaikari -- Cauliflower in Coconut Curry


This recipe is our friend Mumu's. She is one half of that couple who makes roshogollas and dal gosht and tolerates us when we land up at their home on any random weekends. That is saying a lot. No good stuff that I say about her and K, can top the fact that they welcome us and feed us on "random" weekend. I mean anyone who does that must be close to a saint or something So anyway this (image)

Nandini's Fish Curry with Lime Leaves -- Lebu Pata diye Maacher Jhol


I often hear people say that you don't make good friends after your childhood. That the best friends you make are the one you had since school or college. I understand the logic in there, that the friends you made in the age of innocence, unencumbered with worldly burdens or egos, are the true ones. However, I have been extremely lucky to have found some good friends in all phases of my life.(image)

Mourala Maacher Charchari -- from my Mother


I often say that I am not my Mother. The truth is, I can never become my Mother. It is hard. Believe me! Everytime we have a phone call, this is how the conversation goes If (Morning) "Cha er saathe biskut kheyechis? Khali pete cha khas na. Shob jaigay bolche kintu brekfast ta heavy korte" (Did you have tea with your biscuit? Don't go empty stomach in the morning. It is important to have (image)

Baked Doi Salmon -- in oven


We are a very sporty family. Not. For a while, when the girls were small, I had them fooled with tall tales about me being a star marathon runner and their dad being a champion wrestler. Well, they did not buy that!!! The truth is sports is not our forte except for Little Sis who really enjoys being the athletic one in the family. Both my kids, defy the whole science of genetics and have (image)

Bengali Shingara -- not a samosa


There are samosas,the unique conical shaped Indian pies(in lack of a better word) made with pastry dough and stuffed with spiced potatoes, peas or mince meat and fried in hot oil, and then there are shingaras, the Bengali version of the same. Now don't you go and offend a Bengali, by saying that a shingara is same as samosa but only smaller. Never say that! Bengalis are very possessive (image)

KaanchaLonka Dhonepata Baked Fish


The weather has been amazingly warm for February in the last few days. Being from a warm country, I am not very fond of snowy winters, but such high temperatures scare me. With the new administration, there is little thought being given to global warming though it stares us in the face and even my 8 year old understands the impact it can have. If the EPA is not allowed to do the job it should, (image)

Thai Red Curry with Shrimp -- comfort food


Thai food is comfort food for us. Well at least for the two adults and the teen. Little Sis does not like Thai food! Don't ask me how this is possible but the more I see my kids, the more I want to get their DNA checked. I don't know where they carry these traits from. So anyway for a long time all that Little Sis would eat at our favorite Thai place was their jasmine rice with a little (image)

Kashundi Egg Salad -- Indian style


First to dispel any myths, no one from my family back home will call this a Bengali egg salad. They will call this "dim seddho makha" -- boiled eggs mashed up and leave it at that. This is something that we ate almost routinely for breakfast, along with mashed potatoes, rice and a dollop of ghee. "You ate all that in the morning before going to school?", my daughters often ask, their voice (image)

Sanhita's Nonta Bhapa Pithe or steamed rice flour dumplings


When the world around us is in a tumultuous state, among the few things that bring sanity, is food that has ties with our roots. Those ties might be frayed and not often remembered but it is there, a gentle reminder of who we are and how our journey has been. How in this global world, we have all immigrated, far from our roots, whether it is within the country or outside. There is comfort in (image)

Spicy Green Beans in the Oven


Today Big Sis was talking about a friend of hers who is apparently very rich by hearsay. Little Sis listened to the discussion for a minute and then declared "I will never be rich. Being rich is a waste of time!" Astounded by this bite of information I asked, "Why is it a waste of time?" Little Sis: "Well to become rich, you have to work hard and that will get you lots of money. Working hard (image)

Pyarakia or Gujiya -- sweet and savory


I had no intentions of making anything for Sankranti. As I always say, I don't want to eat any more sweet in January and the only things  I can make for Poush Parbon are sweet -- Paati Sapta and Gokul Pithe. I am not confident to make the puli pithe, seddho pithe or any other kind of pithe. Then last night I was talking to my Mom and I was ho-humming over whether I should make Koraishutir (image)

Oats Upma -- when you are trying to eat healthy


After eating the totally delicious pound cake for a month, I realized I needed to stop! I mean really, really stop and do something. Of course as a fallout of all the cake eating, there was a question of the weighing scale in my bathroom groaning and complaining. I couldn't let a weighing scale ruin my life could I ? So I actually moved it in the closet and shut the door on it. But then Big (image)

Happy New Year with Deepshikha's Pound Cake


There are pound cakes and then there are pound cakes. Well, if I am absolutely honest, all pound cakes are amazing. I love their no-nonsense fluffy taste. But I am not sure if they are all as easy to make as Deepshikha's Pound cake. It all started when our friend Deepshikha brought over individual cake loafs for us back in November. She has this charming habit of carrying home made goodies(image)

Shrimp in a garlic-chili- basil pesto -- quick appetizers


I have been away from my blog for a while. There were more important thing at home that needed attention and so though I was cooking our daily meals, I was not in the mood to take pictures and post them! You know how it is right ? I bet each of you have been through the highs and lows of the ride that is called life. I can only be very very thankful that we have been through it with everything (image)

Narayan Pujo'r Shinni - a Prashad fit for Dessert


I am not a very ritualistic person. I am kind of wishy-washy around them. If a ritual is something that my heart takes after and is easier to get done with, I will do it. If not, I will probably skip. I am not a very religious person either or rather I am not very ritualistic about the religion that I follow. I like praying and I light incense sticks almost every other evening for a set of (image)