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Paajaka Recipes

Indian Vegetarian Food Recipes

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Spring onion Chapathi


Spring onions are different from Scallions in terms of the intensity in flavor though they both look alike. So, how do you distinguish between scallion and spring onion?? its simple.  Scallions are longer and have a whiter stem end that does not bulge. Where as, the spring onions have a bulge. Spring onions are more intense in flavor. Both scallions and spring onions are fairly interchangeable when the greens are cooked. Spring onions are used widely in Indo chinese cuisine. When you buy spring onions, look for firm bright and undamaged greens. Here is the recipe for a chapathi with spring onions being the hero ingredient.Ingredients:Spring onions - 1 bunchGreen chillis - 2 ( adjust as per taste)Salt as requiredWater to knead the doughAjwain seeds - 1 teaspoonTurmeric powder - half teaspoonRefined oil - 1 tablespoonOil for making chapathiWhole wheat atta - 2 cupsNote: For atta, I buy the organic wheat (lokwan variety). Grind it in a mill and sieve it. Store in freezer and use directly when I need it. Don't have to thaw. NO ADDED MAIDA, NO PRESERVATIVES and ABSOLUTELY FRESH & HEALTHY.Atta to dredge while rolling chapathisMethod:Wash the Spring onions and chop the end on the greener side. Chop the very end of the white stem side to take out only the root hairs. The bulb can be used in this recipe. Finely chop the spring onions and keep it aside.Take a mixing bowl and transfer the chopped spring onions. Add ajwain, salt, turmeric powder, finely chopped green chillis, and oil. Mix well and add the atta. Then, add just enough water and knead it to a pliable dough.Cut the dough into small balls. Roll it into balls and keep aside. Take one ball and dredge in some atta and roll out a thin chapathi out of it.Heat a tawa in medium heat and when its heated, place the rolled out chapathi. When you see chapathi is slightly puffing, drizzle oil on the surface and the sides and gently press and flip the side.Again drizzle oil on the surface and keep pressing gently with the turner. Keep flipping until both sides are cooked and turn golden.Follow the same procedure for the remaining dough as well.Nutritious Spring onion chapathi is ready to be served with fresh curd/yogurt.[...]

Creamy Sweet potato & Coriander Soup


Sweet potato is a rarely used vegetable in many kitchens. Hailing from south of India, I have so far tasted only sweet potato palya. This is how I include sweet potato in my diet. I simply cook the vegetable. Peel off skin and sprinkle chaat masala, specially the kala chaat masala that my Delhi friend once gave me. Sometimes, I add the sweet potato puree to Kheer where ground coconut is added. I once made sweet potato puran poli.Sadly, this nutritious vegetable is not commonly used in south India. To incorporate this nutrition rich vegetable, I try my best to create new dishes and this is one of them. Here, I prepared a soup where I coupled the nutty flavor of sweet potato with the flavors of the south - coriander and ginger. Obviously, this combination beat the flavor of sweet potato which is a good news to many people who have not developed a taste for sweet potato and still want to include that in their diet. Here is the recipe.Ingredients:Sweet potato - 200 gms preferably organicRed onion - 1 largeFresh ginger - 1 inchCoriander leaves - handfulSalt as requiredPeppercorn - crushed or powdered - 1 teaspoonOil or Butter - 1 tablespoonMilk - 1 cupMethod:Pressure cook the sweet potato and peel off skin. Keep it aside.Chop onion length wise.Peel off ginger skin and wash well.Wash the coriander leaves.Keep aside 2 sprigs of coriander leaves for garnishing and grind the remaining leaves with ginger with just enough water.Heat oil/butter in a kadai in medium heat.Fry the onions until its tender. Keep aside a tablespoon of this onion for garnishing.Now, pour the ground coriander and fry for a minute.Add salt as required.When its cooking, add the cooked sweet potato to the blender and grind with 1 cup water until the sweet potato becomes a smooth paste.Add this to the boiling coriander and mix well.Add peppercorn - crushed or powdered.Allow the content to come to a boil.Meanwhile, pour one cup milk into the blender and shake well.When the soup comes to a boil, turn off heat and gently pour the milk and mix well.This healthy soup is ready to be served. Garnish with fried onions and coriander leaves before serving.This soup can be served cold too.Regular milk can be substituted with coconut milk for an enhanced flavor.[...]

Tri colour gravy - Easy mixed vegetable kurma using readymade coconut milk


No onion and no garlic vegetable kurma is a very simple and tasty side dish. Compared to the authentic kurma where all spices are added, there is no compromise on the taste and texture of the kurma. Its a very healthy saathvik food. Here is the recipe.Ingredients:Tomato - 2 medium sized washed and roughly choppedMixed vegetables - 2 cups washed and chopped into one inch lengthI have used carrots, green beans and potatoOil for seasoningJeera/Cumin - 1 teaspoonSalt to tasteCoriander leaves for garnishingGrind the following ingredients into a smooth paste:3 tablespoons - grated fresh coconut1 tablespoon - khas khas2 green chillis (adjust as per taste)Seeds from 4 to 5 pods of green Elaichiwater quarter cupMethod:Heat oil in a kadai and add cumin seeds. Then, add roughly chopped tomatoes and fry until tomatoes are cooked.Now add the chopped mixed vegetables and add salt as required.Pour just enough water and cook until vegetables are tender and water is almost absorbed.Now mix in the ground paste and adjust consistency with half a cup water if the content is too thick.Mix well and allow the content to come to a boil.Turn off heat and garnish with coriander leaves.Taste and healthy kurma is ready to be served with Set dosa/ Chapathi/ Roti etc.You will never miss onion or garlic or any other spice in this dish, I bet.Try this recipe and let me know your feedback.A vegetable kurma cannot be more simpler than this.Note: Cauliflower and fresh green peas can also be added to this kurma. * In case of adding fresh peas. wash the peas and boil it separately until its cooked and mix it to the kurma in the end.* In case of adding cauliflower, wash the cauliflower florets, boil in water with a teaspoon salt and half pinch of turmeric. In less than 5 minutes, cauliflower will be perfectly cooked. collect the cauliflower (leaving the impurities and worms if any) and keep it separately and add it to the kurma in the end. [...]

Sweet potato puran poli / holige / obbattu


Being festive season, there is always a need to prepare a sweet on every occasion. And for a few festivals, including puran poli in the menu is a must. The traditional puran poli otherwise called as obbattu, holige, babbatlu or boli is prepared using jaggery with either channa dal or grated coconut or in combination of both. There are numerous ways to prepare these polis. Adding a twist to the traditional method of making puran poli, and trying to make it more healthy, I came up with the idea of using sweet potato as the main ingredient for the puran. In this recipe, I have mashed the boiled sweet potatoes, mixed it with jaggery (not white sugar) and flavoured it with nutmeg and cooked until the puran consistency is reached. I have also used regular chapathi atta and not maida or all purpose flour for preparing the poli.A touch of ghee gives it an added flavour. Avoid ghee for a vegan version. This is a recipe for diet conscious people, a recipe for the sweet potato/genusu lovers and a recipe for people who want to try something new. You can customize this recipe for flavours and for preferred sweetness. Here's the recipe.Ingredients for 10 puran polis.for puran,Sweet potatoes / Genusu - 2 mediumGrated (ligth brown) Jaggery (or brown sugar) - 1 cupNutmeg powder - Quarter teaspoon(I used a pinch of cardamom and a pinch of saffron too)Ghee - 1 tablespoon (optional)Water - half cupfor poliRegular chapathi flour - 1 and half cups(I used pillsbury multigrain atta)Atleast half cup atta for dredging while rolling the poliSalt - a pinchTurmeric powder - Quarter teaspoonRegular refined oil - 2 tablespoonWater to knead to a doughMethod:Boil the sweet potatoes. I pressure cooked it for 6 whistles to overcook it so it can be mashed well with no lumps.Transfer the cooked sweet potatoes to a non stick kadai after peeling off the skin. Mash well to avoid lumps.Add the grated jaggery and mix well and cook in medium heat and if needed add half cup water to kick start the jaggery to melt.Keep stirring the puran.Cook for at least 15 mins or until the puran consistency is reached. For checking the consistency, please see the note below.Now add the nutmeg powder ( cardamom and saffron too if you are using them) and mix well. Adding ghee at this point is optional.Let the content cool. Make lemon sized balls and keep is aside. Puran is ready.How to check if puran consistency is reached?? Keep stirring the puran. You will notice that the content liquefies after jaggery melts and then slowly the content thickens as the water is evaporated/absorbed. At this point in time, turn off heat and take a teaspoon of the puran and cool it. Try to make a ball out of it. If the puran is still sticky and is difficult to roll it to a ball, the puran needs a little more cooking. When the puran is cooling down, prepare the dough.In a mixing bowl, add the atta, salt, turmeric powder and oil. mix well. Now add water little by little and using the tip of your fingers, keep mixing the flour.Knead it to a soft, pliable dough.Make lemon sized balls and keep it aside.Preparing the polis.Like regular stuffed parathas, the puran is stuffed inside and rolled, then cooked on both sides dabbing ghee.Roll a ball of dough. Dredge it with flour. You can use your fingers and palms alternatively to make it cup shaped to place the puran in the middle.Place the puran in the center and close the puran on all sides with the rolled dough. Press on top. Try to avoid air pockets while sealing the puran inside. Make a ball and Keep it aside. Repeat until all the puran is used. For detailed step by step procedure please click here.Using flour scarcely for dredging, roll out the stuffed dough to a regular paratha size. Make sure the surface is even. Roll to medium thickness. Repeat for all the poli.Heat a non stick tawa. Place one rolled poli. When you see small bumps on the surface, dab with a teaspoon  of ghee/clarified butter or alternatively oil for the vegan version.&[...]

Tri color Bell Pepper and Paneer Burji Grilled Sandwich


When it comes to comfort food, sandwiches are the best. Few slices of bread, a couple of vegetables that can be roasted and some seasoning will do. In just few minutes, you can cook up a sandwich that is healthy, tasty, colorful and wholesome. There are days when I don't feel like having regular rice for lunch. Those days, I would keep my lunch simple. Just a one pot meal like vegetable pulao, a sandwich or a soup will do. I pair my sandwich with soup when I use raw vegetables for my sandwich. This tri color capsicum/bell pepper and paneer burji that I used as a stuffing for my sandwich  is well cooked and can be paired with raw vegetables like sliced onions, chopped cucumber and sliced tomatoes. Few people have a flair for Ketchup. They have the habit of squeezing a dollop of ketchup on any bread based food like pizza, sandwich etc. This sandwich can also be served with ketchup. I have tossed in some crumbled paneer to the roasted vegetables for an extra protein kick, so that will keep me full for a long time.There is no onion and garlic in the recipe. Adding them is optional. Here's the recipe.Ingredients:Green capsicum/bell pepper - 1Yellow capsicum/bell pepper - 1Red capsicum/bell pepper - 1Roma tomatoes/ B'lore variety Tomatoes - 2Crumbled paneer - half cup - (preferably homemade, I just squeezed 1 lemon in boiling half liter milk to make paneer)for seasoning,Jeera / cumin seeds - 1 teaspoonFinely chopped green chilles  - half tablespoonRed chilli powder - half teaspoonGranulated white sugar - 1 teaspoonTurmeric powder - half teaspoonSalt to tasteOil for seasoningChopped coriander leaves - handful (optional)for sandwich,Ghee / clarified butter - 2 tablespoonsWhite bread slices - 4Sandwich makerMethod:Dice the tomatoes and the bell peppers/capsicum and keep it aside.Heat oil in a kadai. Add Jeera and finely minced green chillies. Add tomatoes and fry until it becomes mushy and water is almost absorbed.Add the capsicum/bell pepper and fry for a minute.Add turmeric powder, salt, sugar, red chilli powder and saute the capsicum for a couple of minutes. Do not overcook the capsicum.Turn off heat and mix in the crumbled paneer and coriander leaves.This burji can be used as a side for rotis and also as a stuffing for parathas. I have used it as a stuffing for my sandwiches.For making sandwich, allow the content to cool. Heat up a sandwich maker. Preferably a grill sandwich maker.Alternatively, you can use a grill tawa or even ordinary tawa to toast the bread.When the sandwich maker is preheated, place a slice of bread.Spoon in some burji and spread it across evenly.Lay another bread slice on top and drizzle a spoon of ghee.Close the lid and toast for a couple of minutes, until the bread slices are toasted golden.Turn off heat and transfer it to a plate.Using scissors/kitchen shears half the sandwich.Serve it hot with ketchup and some chopped onions, cucumber etc.Sandwich ideas:1. Use your favorite vegetables. Thinly sliced capsicum, onion and even eggplant will be fantastic.2. Place a cheese slice and let it melt with the vegetables when pressing the sandwich.3. Use masala powder like paav bhaaji masala or kitchen king masala or any masala powder of your choice for seasoning instead of red chillie powder and green chillis.4. Use brown bread if you are diet conscious, but white bread tastes best.[...]

MAGIC KART - India's one stop online shop for all things KITCHEN


People nowadays, especially the younger generation show a lot of interest in cooking. There is so much exposure these days to learn to cook. Watching cook shows of favorite chefs, browsing for a recipe on the net, watching a cook show on online videos etc.  all these have become very popular now a days. Its become an era of not just cooking, but cooking with the right cookware. Its become an era of throwing parties. New recipes are invented everyday. Baking has become popular. Table-scaping is given importance now a days. The use of the right kitchen appliance has gained importance. Its become a 'cook and dine with a style' era. The lifestyle of people have changed drastically over the years. To keep pace with the flow of increasing popularity of this kind of lifestyle, one needs to adapt to this change and  look for avenues that educate them on the right choice when it comes to buying cookware/kitchenware/bakeware etc. It becomes easy for the buyer when all the brands are set before their eyes to compare and contrast the various choices that are available.I came across a leading portal that specializes only on kitchenware, bake-ware, cookware, dining, storage remedies, and kitchen appliances  all under one roof. An ultimate site for everything 'cooking and dining'. All national and international brands are available. The search tool in their website is very powerful. Listing of items are very clear. The left column menu clearly lists the various brands available. Also, you can choose the price range. This gives the buyer a full satisfaction of selecting the right item among thousands of items, at the budgeted price.Bake wareShop online on Magic Kart for widest range of Kitchenware. is one of India's largest online shopping store for kitchenware and dining ware products. They have widest range in Kitchenware, Cookware, Bake-ware  Cook pan, Induction stove, Pressure Cooker, Utensils, Pans and Pots, Casseroles & Kitchen Storage.KitchenwareKitchen appliancesThere is a special Diwali offer that's running now. Don't miss it. COD (Cash on delivery) is now available. I would definitely recommend this site. Bookmark this site, a one stop shop for all things KITCHEN.CookwareDinnerwareDon't miss the exclusive offers this Diwali. Lots of gift ideas too.Connect with them onFacebook - - post)[...]