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Another Day in Ansh's Life

Our adventures through this beautiful journey that is parenthood - so that when our baby grows up we could still look back and remember every little thing that he did! "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -

Updated: 2013-07-24T23:54:28.408-07:00


Fifteen Months


Dear Ansh, On  Monday 22nd of July,2013 we started your daycare. 1 hour at first, at Little Millennium - you did just great, had your omelette and were generally happy. Then we moved you to Maple Bear, on 23rd. We saw several day cares/pre-schools, perhaps more than your papa wanted to see, and he kept asking why we needed to see so many, and I was not able to articulate why, so I kept dragging him to any and every place I could. Because no place seemed good enough - either it was not clean enough or did not have enough toys, or the teacher student ratio was not good, or I just wanted to see some more places. Because how could I leave you with strangers. Because you are just fifteen months. Because how could any place be ever good enough? Because .. It was not easy to make this decision. It was painful and heartbreaking. So much so that I have not stopped crying since yesterday. Your papa is already fearing for my sanity. It is as difficult for him as it is for me, and I promise I will stop myself from going into this dark dark place that I seem to be getting into.. When I went to pick you up at LM, I saw the room you would be in most of the the time, was on the first floor with a terrace, but the door was closed, and room seemed a little on the darker side. Did not see much toys except for 3 medium sized soft balls and a book you were flipping. (All the toys that we saw were downstairs or maybe elsewhere). You saw me and wanted to show me the rest of the place. My little trooper! The attendant seemed nice enough and I assured her you will be back tomorrow. Then you ran with a ball, and snatched a ball from another kid, and tried to acquire another one from a third(who was almost moved to tears). You were the youngest of the lot, but not for a minute did it seem so. You are taller than most kids of your age, and dare I say smarter! But don't bully, pucchii. I know you are too young to understand, but it's not fun to be on the other side, ever. Then I sat you over on a little chair, with some toys to play with as I discussed the fees structure/pick-up timings et all. The lady at the helm, that day was sure as hell anything but peachy. If you are more than 15 minutes late in picking up the child, you will have to pay Rs100 more, she chimed. I don't mind paying a thousand rupees more every month, but something about that put me off big time. Apart from the fact, that she wanted to get you down, and I had to "insist" in no uncertain terms that I want to see by myself what you were up to. We got back home and after some playing you slept, and I called up Maple bear and got the fees breakdown. The place had a good vibe to it overall. Tuesday we packed up your bags and you were at the place from 9.30 to 2.30. You had a little breakfast but no lunch and slept. You were happy overall, according to the teachers. Wednesday, Papa dropped you to the center and I went to office. We spoke and he said you were doing OK, and that you were looking at him when he left and then the teacher carried you inside. So relieved, I opened  up outlook, determined to get some work done, and a thousand questions blew through me, like a wind, until my head was spinning so fast that I was glad I was sitting down. I suddenly felt awful. Like I was sending my son out in the rain without an umbrella. What if we were wrong to think this would be a good idea? What if you are thirsty or hungry? What if they miss your little cues(that if you have gone into a corner, and sitting quietly, it means you have taken care of some serious business and the diaper needs to be changed asap)? What if you get violent with them-pulling at hairs and tweaking noses?  We love you still, even with swollen lips, scarred faces and broken hair, but will they? What if you start hitting frantically, with your legs, every time a diaper change is attempted? After some quite weeping, any pretense at working was shed, and I left the office by 12.30. You were sleeping when I reached, on your tummy, with 10 other kids(in your tiny little beds). Spoke to th[...]

Two confused parents=One amused baby


And amused you are most of the times-as we ponder the grave issues of how to stop you from pulling my hair(NO does not seem to work!) , how to stop you from biting papa silly or from pulling at dadi's glasses,  to get you to eat your food or to stop you from throwing around your legs like there is no tomorrow - when we are trying to clean your little behind or putting the diaper...the list is endless.. Although, in all this chaos, you have clear ideas about what you want and are persistent in trying to achieve them, by all means - sam,dam, dand, bhed! What begins with a mild 'mainn', soon escalates to a persistent 'MAIN MAIN' and vigorous gesturing, soon snowballing into shouting, screaming, fighting and if all else fails, the maha-shashtra, crying! For something as unattractive as a TV remote that you have snatched and thrown several times, you have tears streaming down your cheeks the one time we dare refuse!  My little boy is a toddler now.And of-course, in toddler world, what you want is what you get!  There are times when you look like less like a little baby and more a little boy now, ah well who am I kidding, you mostly look like a little girl-thanks to your lovely flowing blonder hair! I so want our hair puchhi!! What have I not done to get that color, and alas it still eludes me-guess this is God's way of compensating for it. Anyways, I digress! You are a man on the move, getting yourself into all kinds of trouble. When you wake up from sleep in the afternoons, you do haww(cupping your hands over your mouth) and some other cute gestures and then promptly go back to sleep. I kid you not! You love taking baths and washing hands and running into the bathrooms, as soon as the door is opened a crack! You are in size 12-18 month clothes now and L pampers. Your little tushy cannot hold up the XL yet, though they were bought months back! You have 4 adorable teeth (2 tops and 2 bottoms).You've had some good night of sleep,going 5-8 hours at times.For the most part you are still up 3-4 times a night. Mommy is tired. You still eat like a bird.You can say mamma, na na na (and an occassional 'bahar gayi thi!'), da da, and still working on Papa.You smile, that sweet addictive smile of yours, and laugh that little belly laugh.  Melts my mommy heart. Everytime! Much too wise for your age, nothing gets by you. You want to explore everything, touch everything and do everything. You brush when we do; try to take out the face wash, and "wash" your face, just like you pretend to apply some hair-cream on your hair, at the exact moment when papa does. Hilarious!  You like rolling chapattis, heck you might even make some if only we give you a little dough! (Note to self!). Mr. Ansh Abrol, You are so utterly awesome. [...]

Nai nai nai Bahar gayi thi!!


We are back from a short holiday- 1 day Wayanad(silver woods) and 2 days Conoor(Taj gateway).
Three days of mamma, papa and puchhi-no office, no work and no maids and no nothing! Just eating, sleeping, sitting idly on the terrace and by the fireplace, lots of driving and spending money! Wish I had tons of it, so we could always holiday and never work..sighhh...

It was a good holiday, like all holidays are- did not start on a very good note though, since you did not want to eat much and on the stupid speed breakers(!!@@), you cut your tongue and cried for a good minute, I guess! But that was the worst part, the rest of the trip was rather happy happy-you danced by the bon-fire to the live-music, cycled on a pink little barbie cycle, and you ran around with the badminton rackets, a bat and a ball and pretty much everything you could get hold of.

We played a little foosball-after a few seconds you promptly confiscated the ball ; moved on to TT, and after much shouting you got hold off the ball their as well, and just wouldn't let go; same thing happened to the striker in carom and the shuttle of the badminton! And the games were over, just like that!

On the way back, we stopped for a super quick break at coffee day, you were still sleeping, but as soon as we entered the place(playing 'balam pichkari'), you opened your eyes and did a quick little dance move with your hands! Always the dancer! And then when we came back to the car, you were like "nai nai nai bahar gayi thi nai nai". Swear to that! Papa also heard it and we were both like , did he just say 'bahar gayi thi'!!!

Wind beneath my wings..

You brush now puchhi, or rather chew on the brush, trying to copy papa and I.

And this is the best of them all. Absolutely love this picture and both of you. My sweethearts!

Of cars and dolls


Yesterday we went to 'mom n me' to pick up a jacket for you and came home instead with an eggplant doll! Because you picked it up from the shelf and held it, like you have never held anything before. And then you handed it over to me for billing, after which you put her in a car, parked near the entrance and were busy trying to drive off!!

You are a big big boy now pucchi!! Scared of hair dryer and web chat on skype, but ready to take control of things. Already trying to pour soap before you wash your hands these days! And helping mamma in putting clothes to dry, handing them over one by one , and in evenings trying to pull off the clips and the clothes and the clothesline at times too! And how can I forget, carrying the dustbins inside every evening and putting them in the utility, not forgetting to close the main door either, while you are trying to juggle the 2. Did I tell you how you are a big big boy now!!
Love you loads, Ansh!

First toothbrush and toothpaste


We got your first toothbrush yesterday puchhi! and you muched on it heartily, though the toothpaste was not liked so much..will upload the photos shortyl

Of hugs..


Dear pucchi,

Yesterday we went down for our usual walk, and you picked up some sand and put in your mouth. As expected, I freaked out, and put my fingers inside your mouth and scooped out every little bit, and like a true blood mom, scolded you, picked you up and relocated you to a sand less area. You looked at small plants, and promptly went and tore a leaf and put it in your mouth! And I pulled you, and took the leaf out, obviously not without scolding you some more. Because that is what I do. And what did you do? You hugged me.
You hugged me tight for a few seconds, and then moved on to explore the rest of the plants.It was like your way of telling me, 'mamma it's going to be fine, relax!', and then you moved on. Just like that.

I scold you and stop you and you hug me! Because that is what you do. You love, unconditionally. Even when my patience wears thin and I shout or don't let you do the things you want to.
I cried after you slept yesterday and I am crying as I write this.

I will be more patient, I promise.

Love you puchhi!

Birthday Update


Had been meaning to jot this down for a few days now, and finally I get down to it.

We decided to celebrate your birthday with the people you love the most. Was not sure if this was the best way to go, whether should we have a party and invite people, or keep it a small affair. We went for the 2nd option. In the week leading to your birthday, we went out everyday to shop for stuff/order cakes, so much to do, so little time! We ordered a cute little cake, which we ended up not taking since it did not look anything like the picture. I got a little upset, papa got really mad, and after much heart-burn and shouting we took the money back and got you a black-forest instead. I was feeling a little bad, but not for long. You loved your cake!
So here's the breakup of the day:

You woke up to kisses and happy birthday calls in the morning(received by your trulies :D), got your bath, dressed up and then we picked up your grandpa/grandma and went to a temple in the HSR layout.
Grandma had made halwa for all of us, esp for you, but you were just not in the mood for it..the whole day!

After the temple visit, we came back had idli/vada breakfast and papa went to drop them back, while you napped.

You got some extra splishy splashy time in the balcony, in your little tub, needless to say you loved it. We played a little, had lunch and then went to pick up the cake and grans for cake cutting. Post the cake fight, we picked up another cake and came back. You did cake cutting and were given a piece of your own on the dinning table. You looked confused, since this had never happened before, we generally took things away to prevent a mess, and here you had a license to make one. You smashed your cake, threw it around, samples some, and fed some to all of us(sniff..). And danced to the the birthday song. Any doubts that I had, about what kind of birthday we should have was gone by that time. You were happy and dancing and really enjoying yourself. This is the birthday we wanted for you, a birthday that you would enjoy!

Then you got another bath! And we went out for dinner to Fisherman's wharf since it was pretty late and we wanted to go somewhere close.

It was a good day. And I know you loved it, since the next day, after your nap, you kept pointing at the table and dancing! :-D

Grans got you a cycle for your birthday and Nana transferred 10k for your birthday gift, which we are still to get. Soon puchhi , soon.

Here's to a great year ahead and a lifetime of happiness!

Happy Birthday!


I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand, And I can walk now even if you don't hold my hand. But the fun has only just begun, LOOKOUT world, I’m turning ONE!! Happy FIRST birthday Ansh! This day, a year back, you were born and so were we - Mamma and Papa, nana and nani, grandpa and grandma, mama and mausi. Happy first to all of us! You are definitely the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. You have made me stonger,happier and you make me want to be nicer. While I can't thank God enough for everything you do and where we are now, it's almost cruel how you have grown up so fast. You started to crawl, and then walk, and soon you will be running away! And make no mistake, run where you may, I will be right behind you huffing and puffing and trying to catch on. But catch on I will! I know it's important to let you be- to grow, to discover, but I also want to hold on to you so much puchhi. Specially now that you are one, because that means you will be two next and then three, and then you will go to school and college and work. And you will be running away.. For now, I just take comfort in that you play and re-play with the same things in the room, where I am working. You hang around and it's comforting, as much for me as it is for you. You will move out one day though, and I will be as proud of you then as I am now, but for now I am happy that you are just one and you have your stranger anxiety and that you hold on to me, as much as I want to hold on to you. Really glad we have made it to this day, all of us with our sanities intact and in as much in love with each other as possible! Ansh, my hero- you are the closest I have come to magic. You are a part of me like no one can ever be. You are my child- mine to keep  for a little while- to wash your hands and comb your hair, tell you what to wear and how to behave, what to play with and what not to pull. And each day do the things you should. For a little while. For the time flies. You are a part of me like no one can be, ever. Seeing you grow from a one day old to a one year old who is learning to walk and knows his mind, already on his way to becoming an independent person, fills me with pride. When you pick up that key, and try to open the drawer, or put the smaller things in a box and try to close it, or make me drink from the glass that I try to impose on you - I wipe a tear of quite pride. This is definitely my son. The way you react to what is happening to me, when I hurt my hand, you cry and suddenly the cut takes a backseat, because nothing hurts more than to see you cry. You depend so much on me, that it's scary sometimes. I am supposed to be your rock, and I try. But what happens when I am not? And there have been times when i have been anything but a rock. I hid my head in your lap and I cried, in one of the I-am-so-tired-I-can't-do-this-anymore moments, and you stroked my head. All of a few months, you were my support.For those few minutes, you were a grown up - no hair pulling, face scratching,just gentle patting. I felt silly and stupid,but it also felt good-to let it all out, and to have my little boy right by my side, being all grown up while I was being a baby. To have someone who will not judge, maybe because he has not learned to judge yet, is priceless at such times. Someone who has not been spoiled by the 'growing-up'- you can still see the simiplicity in things that we complicate. You dilligently say 'bye' to the security guards and maids, unlike us grown ups who dont't even give a second glance. You brighten their days a little every day, as they go about their mundane work, like you brighten ours. This is something that has stayed with me. It indeed is a big order, but we will try to do our best, because you are such a fine little fellow, my son - My Ansh. Abraham Lincoln's letter to his son's teacher: My son will have to lear[...]

One small step for the world, a giant leap for Ansh :D


A small step is no longer the big news. several steps are! You walk puchhi! Just like that, yesterday you decided to walk and like my little perfect boy, who could do no wrong, you aced it! You walked all over the house, and then you turned and walked some more!

And yesterday when we went to the playground, you pointed and told me which all rides you wanted, the swing, the merry go round, and the slide, in that order, followed b some play time in the sand :-) My big baby!

Go on little boy, the world is your oyster..

Tiny Little Steps


You took several steps yesterday! Well you have tried earlier also and have almost walked, but yesterday you took 2-3 steps before you went back to crawling. It was amazing! Thanks Anshu for little miracles everyday!
Every little thing you do brings so much happiness in our lives. The way you point at everything and the way you squeal with delight when you are on a swing and the way you run and do things and laughl at little things - little things that I don't even notice, you see the magic of the world in ways that doesn't come naturally to me anymmore. I am a grown-up, you see :-)

Came across this piece via a blog:

"The world is so big, so complicated, so replete with marvels and surprises that it takes years for most people to begin to notice that it is, also, irretrievably broken. We call this period of research “childhood.”

There follows a program of renewed inquiry, often involuntary, into the nature and effects of mortality, entropy, heartbreak, violence, failure, cowardice, duplicity, cruelty, and grief; the researcher learns their histories, and their bitter lessons, by heart. Along the way, he or she discovers that the world has been broken for as long as anyone can remember, and struggles to reconcile this fact with the ache of cosmic nostalgia that arises, from time to time, in the researcher’s heart: an intimation of vanished glory, of lost wholeness, a memory of the world unbroken. We call the moment at which this ache first arises “adolescence.” The feeling haunts people all their lives.
Everyone, sooner or later, gets a thorough schooling in brokenness. The question becomes: What to do with the pieces? Some people hunker down atop the local pile of ruins and make do, Bedouin tending their goats in the shade of shattered giants. Others set about breaking what remains of the world into bits ever smaller and more jagged, kicking through the rubble like kids running through piles of leaves. And some people, passing among the scattered pieces of that great overturned jigsaw puzzle, start to pick up a piece here, a piece there, with a vague yet irresistible notion that perhaps something might be done about putting the thing back together again."

The pigeons in the balcony -I might not even have given a second look, if not for you so vigorously waving at them; the people going by, water flowing from the tap, the slippery soap, the toys that you hand over to me so cutely, to make them move or to make some sound. I see through you now, and thanks for that puchhi!

Through you I am putting the pieces back again and looking at the marvels that the world holds. How a recliner is not just a recliner, but also a potential for hours of hide and seek games, of running away and getting caught, and running away again. Of how chargers are not just boring chargers, but a toy to be played with day after day. How every day is not just another day, even though it is. It is also a new day, a day for new discoveries, a day of learning and growing up, and doing new things and it is not just another day, even though in many ways it is.

Love you loads, my boy!

Our First Vacation


And off we went to Taj, Madikeri. And what a vacation it was! Awesome place, I promise we will go back once you are old enough to get into the pool. You tried so hard this time, but you are so little :D

Although you had your share of fun, practicing climbing up and down the stairs, reversing and simply running around the place, doing chapak in the tub!

And Sunday, the 24th Feb was the day when you took your 1st little steps. Very slowly and steadily - for a few seconds you were standing on your own and you never cease to amaze us, with your will and courage. My fearless little boy!

I can drive!


Albeit a bit shaky! And I rear-ended a Santro just in front of the apartment. But still, I can drive puchhu!
And what parking I did, your papa would have been proud me! Or maybe not! :-D
Drove to office all alone, missing you and your papa a lot - nobody grooving to the music and trying to pull at the gear-stick and seat belts and everything else within reach, and nobody instructing me. All by myself..Missed you both so so much!
But on the brighter side, reached in one piece! Yay!! Now God, make the drive back smooth. Please!

So want to get home and see you pucchu. Please be good and healthy. You have been running fever since yesterday, doc says could be viral and the much hated medicine giving routine had to be resumed. Be good pucchy, and wish mamma luck. Soon she will be driving you all over the town!

It's "Jai Jai" time


Yep, a few days back, when dadi was doing her evening diya ritual and doing jai with folded hands, our little cupcake, in his stroller, did the same! For the very first time, and mamma was there to witness this little miracle, shall i say!

Nobody coerced you into it, you observed and you copied. And yes, you are officially a big boy now! You give 'OUT' and 'SIX', you do 'bye-bye'(awwww), and now you do jai jai!
You stand with confidence and move side ways.  You are very very careful when you want to sit, and I am so proud of you for that. You know when we are saying 'NO', cuz you freeze in your tracks for a while and then throw a 'catch-me-if-you-can' smile before you pick up speed and crawl away.

Fills me with pride to see you doing new things everyday-the little things that we take for granted. And while you conquer these things and are on your way to becoming a big boy, I want you to be my little boy a little longer. You are growing up so fast, Anshu!

P.S: Mamma made good on her promise, did WFH yesterday and we had a long long walk
P.P.S: Love you, Really do!

A pocketful of Sunshine


Happy Nine months Ansh!

Now you have been as much(or maybe more) outside than inside - and it shows. Boy, does it show! You have become a big little boy. My adorable Anshu, my sunshine. You observe- everything, everyone, you talk and hold little conversations now, and then scream in frustration when we don't understand. Trust me puchhi, we try, and we will get there soon, i promise!

This last week has been like a whirlpool. Mornings have been a race against the clock-what with the cook/the maid/the baths and all three of us getting ready, swallowing our breakfasts and rushing to get out of the door, all by 9! It takes atleast an hour and a half, before I reach office, after dropping you and papa. Only thing that keeps us sane is knowing that you are loved and cared for, and your grandpa and grandma love having you around. You are their sunshine too :-)
Once the day at office begins, its again looking at the clock and trying to rush back home asap, so that you can crawl up to me and we can huggy again.
Evenings are also more or less the same-managing dinners/folding clothes/straightening up stuff/getting ready for the next day and catching up-by the time all this is done, its already time to sleep. I miss our walks pucchi. Promise to squeeze in atleast a few of them this week.

Life is hectic, but its beautiful Ansh. Its beautiful because you are there with us. It is beautiful even though it's a mess and the time is always running out. And more the time flies, more I want to hold on to it. I try to record it all before it gets lost. I write it down in case I forget. I try to make mental notes of everything - frame by frame, a collection of all my moments with you -right here right now. Love you so so much puchhi.

Today was also your first Lohri. Happy Lohri son :-) We had a little bonfire in front of the apartment and you loved it. You love everything, that is how sweet you are!

Back to work


Yesterday was my first day back at work-a day of mixed feelings to say the least. I was back in about 6 hours, but I missed you so much Anshu!
 It was kinda good to see my old cubicle, and talk about work, and be a part of something- getting filled in about all the going ons- layoffs/office gossip, a little disappointing to see that most of my colleagues were a little higher up on the corporate ladder than I, and some of my juniors at my level now. I wouldn't trade the time I got with you, with anything but at the same time felt a bit sad - wish I could have it all!

Anyways, you did fab yesterday! Playing/eating/sleeping and not once missing me. Couldnt have asked for more my tiny hero! Papa stayed back yesterday to take care of you, and he passed with flying colors too.(Papa got me an adorable coffee mug -'world's best mummy', isn't he a darling!)

Stayed back today - the driver didn't turn up, its Friday and I missed you so much yesterday! From next week its gonna be the usual grind, so thought i would steal a day with you, while I can! Love you my cupcake!

Of false alarms, a cancelled trip and poker/christmas party


We had a little party on the Christmas eve--which almost didn't happen since you were down with an infection and had fever on and off. Since you were a little better towards the EOD - people were invited over, santa hats worn, pics clicked, poker played, plum cake had(for the cutting of which you woke up at 12!). The holidays started off a bit shaky and shaky it was througout.

Well, the trip to Kumarkom never happened. We packed our bags, left for the airport and midway through the drive, your papa saw some rashes kind of things on you, freaked out thinking it to be measles/chicken-pox, the taxi was turned around, flight cancelled and just like that we were back home! :-(

Took you to a doc and well, it turned out to be nothing really!! Anyways, there will be a next time and no inspection of any sorts will be allowed next time around!

Eight months of Mamma Papa and Ansh!


Happy 8 months my cupcake :-) I am so gonna miss the time we spend together once i get back to office. Couldn't help feeling a little sad, when I was telling papa about what all you did yesterday. Oh and talking of  yesterday, your papa is Student of the Year!!(ah well not exactly, he actually got a very nice award, something constituted for the first time- called something, 5 cities video session, something something(details with papa :P) and it came with a certificate, a probable holiday(yay!!) and lot of ego boost!). Oh, I digress. So we were talking of our days together! Well, typically it goes something like this- -Morning 7.30: cook comes and a sleepy papa(or once in a blue moon, mama!) get up to rattle off the menu for breakfast and lunch. Now that we are up so early, might read some news-paper as well. -Somewhere between 7.30 and 8.30: You get up and start tossing around lazily, once you are able to wriggle out of layers of kambals!(2 actually). Three of us sit and talk a little and papa takes off to get ready. 8.45-9.45: Breakfast time. Papa and I eat sharafat se and you make me do all the asanas before you oblige and gobble something. Papa leaves for work post breakfast and you and I happen :) 9.45-11: You sleep somewhere around 10, and I get down to serious business( of window shopping(duh!) on all online shopping sites and seeing clothes/bags/shoes/jewellery on ebay and a daily dose of multiple blogs). Anywhere between 45 mins to an hour is what i get, before you get up and fight tooth and nail for the dear lappu. 11-12: We play some, fight some(the usual-you take the newspaper, i take it back; you snatch the chargers, i snatch them back; you throw toys off the bed, i retrieve; you try to fall off the bed, i try to stop; finally we transport ourselves to living room, where the scene continues- you get the gist!). Several attempts are made to feed you, finally one of them succeeds. Take today for e.x.: omelette - nope; ghee roti -big no no; oats(that you so happily ate for dinner!)-nah; after some hair pulling, shouting, coaxing and even trying to force feed you one of the above(a big mistake, you put up a huge fight, first running away, then sealing your lips and then when finally food is in your mouth,like a true warrior who never accepts defeat, a finger or two is gently put inside mouth and everything promptly taken out on the floor). Finally out of ideas I mix cerelacs, and voila! 1-2: An attempt at malish is made, somehow trying to restrain you long enough to get some oil on you, but you, my boy, prove to be slipperier than the oil, most of the times! The bath is prepped and after much sledging from you to hurry up(you latko on the cot and shout at mama!!), you are dunked in the tub. And splashing begins. Your favorite part of the day, I reckon. To say you love your bath time, would be an understatement! Finally I forcibly get you out after a reasonable time, and put you on the towel on the bed. And you promptly get up, laugh and crawl away! Yep, another one of our games lately. You laugh and crawl helter-skelter on the bed, while I try to catch up and put some clothes on you. 2-3: You sleep and I get back to my usual surfing, blogging or researching about 8 month olds. 3-5: Bath time for me(blah!), we play some more, go down for a walk(second high point of your day, i guess), you look at everything so amazed-a car going by, kids cycling past us, pigeons flying. Life is amazing isn't it, so much we take for granted sometimes. With you, I have got time to be still, watch the birds, look at cars going by, time to realize how simple and beautiful life can be. A f[...]

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands!


And if Pandeyji is bajaoing seeti, clap your hands! And while you are at it do a little bhangra as well :D

Yep, you have started to clap (Applause!!). You are a big boy now, crawling all over the house-under the side table and in between sofas, pulling out drawers, pulling hair, bouncing all over the place. Giving a vehement 'No' almost every time an attempt is made to feed you and very next second offering to sample some :D

Our first vacation has been planned, much to papa's delight, and Kumarkaom it is. Three days of rest and recuperation, before mamma gets back to work and a much needed break for papa. Lets get packing!

My Sunshine


We are back from the jsr trip, and what a trip it was! Everybody loved you and you loved them-right from the morning stroll in the garden to puja and ghanti bajana with nani, to strolling with gauri, from the massage to your baths(your baths!! all the splashing of water and the har har ganges!), from your first food to the siting ups(yes my adorable panshu, sitting up!!), from "mama-babas" to dancing on the microwave, from being a little baby to the big boy who wants to explore everything - a lot has changed in a month.

You have grown bigger and smarter, definitely smarter--you will not be fooled into eating the bland khichdi - the aloo and gobhi parathas and the laddoos are what you want. No papaya or apples for you either-mama has to figure out a way to trick this smart little man :-)

My maternity leave is drawing to an end, and I am a mess Anshu. No sign of a full time maid, and the cook has quit, but what gives me the shivers is the stranger anxiety that you have developed ever since we have come back from the trip. Not even sure if stranger anxiety is the right term, since even when you are with your papa or his parents, you want mama, and any attempt by them to sleep you or hold you for longer than 10-15 mins, is met with loud cries :-(
Its your first emotional milestone, so to say, and I would have loved all the attention any other time, but the timing as it turns out now, is enough to give me the creeps. Sorry son, but I am as anxious as you are!

Don't know how things will pan out Anshu, but momma is a big nervous wreck right now-confused and scared and jittery and you are my sunshine through it all. Hopefully papa and I will figure out a way, and things will get better.

Till next time, remember You are safe, you are loved, and you are wise. Love you child.

Of little toes and big laughters


Four months and 4 weeks, we are almost at the 5 month mark!

You have discovered your toes big time and you are holding onto them for the most part. Not surprising, they are so darn cute..little toes and little fingers holding onto them.
Serious effort for crawling has also started, you slip backwards, and nani says thats the first step..soon you will be moving forward too!
You have started taking some interest in baths too, holding onto the tub and today you even carried one of your little toys to the tub and back!

You laugh out loud and love the water bottles and silly things papa and mumma do, encouraging us to do some more!

Oh and by the way, we bought you a sweater this sunday from mom and me, first piece of clothing that mumma papa bought for you :-)

P.S: Jamshedpur trip is coming up, in about 2 weeks time, and nani is already planning for it! We will be getting a neat little kurta pajama for you for your first durga puja at nani's place!

Mamma's first birthday with Ansh! :)


Dear Ansh,
As you may have guessed by now, I don’t have much in terms of contributions to your blog yet, but I wanted to make sure I did not miss this event! Mamma has made sure that every little and big memory of you with us has been captured so far and it is only fair that we document Mamma’s first birthday with you! Yes, I am 11 days late but as they say better late than never…

So Ansh, you are 4 and a half months old now! And on 17th August Mamma turned 25 (well, she actually turned 31 but we will keep that secret with us :)). Mamma had a quiet birthday but I know she was extremely happy to have you around. Papa screwed up big time and never got her a gift!!!! I know, bad Papa. Let’s make sure that this does not happen next year and both of us ought to get her a beautiful gift next time!:)

As for the birthday itself, Mamma got to cut 2 birthday cakes! :) One that Papa had brought from Just bake and the other that Swati aunty baked for Mamma. Yes, Swati aunty is quite a baker and Mamma has now thrown a challenge at Papa to start baking! :) Anyway, your Dada Dadi came in the morning to wish Mamma and brought some poori aloo with them from breakfast! I am sure once you are bigger this will become your favorite breakfast too Ansh! :) After some time Swati aunty and Garg uncle came to wish Mamma. Post that we went to Dadi’s place and had lunch. Then Papa dozed off as usual :) and Mamma kept doing some work.  In the evening, Mamma wore her beautiful new top and both you and Mamma got a beautiful pic clicked in it. The evening was quiet as Mamma wasn’t feeling too well and she actually had khichdi for dinner!! I know that doesn’t sound very festive so all the more reason for us to make the next one special Ansh! :)

All in all it was a quiet birthday but your presence made it extra special son!
Here’s to many more birthdays together and here’s to a lot more smiles together! :):)

Anshu Panshu!!


Just one of the many names we call you, my darling anshu panshu! Did I tell you recently just how much I love you! Yesterday you regaled us no end, trying to copy mumma papa in making silly noises-you kept trying to roll your lips, succeeding a few times but mostly just making adorable noises, and you kept trying and trying and trying..maja aa gaya :-)

You have become much more aware of your surroundings, wanting to grab everything and tearing up all the newspapers that you can lay your hands on. Its a task to change your diapers also, you dont stay still for a second - Esp when the diaper needs to be changed!
Papa has already declared that you are going to surpass him in all childhood antics! One cutie pie you are Ansh!

Love you to bits!

FOUR months update


Possibly the best four months of my life! You have grown up so much Ansh, sometimes you look so big and then very next minute so tiny--don't know how you do it, but you do it well! :-)

You respond to your name and say 'mum' so many times! Absolutely adorable..You have started rolling, mostly from back to your tummy, except for a few times when you surprised me with a reverse flip as well (one of them taking you off the bed and directly to the floor, all in a few seconds!). I know you were scared, I flipped out too..but all is well, thank god for that!
Now a days you spend most of your time on your tummy, I am sure you are going to crawl pretty soon..don't know what I am going to do then!

We got back from the Manipal trip, a week earlier than planned, since papa's parents shifted to Bangalore! 15th is the griha-pravesh, and already one room has been allocated to the three of us :-)

P.S: The customary mooli parathas were had :-)) Happy four months Ansh.

Our Firsts!


Ansh, you have been with us for almost an year now, and complete your three months today - and you brought around the celebration by doing an almost jagraan yesterday night! How poetic, the night before you were born, we weren't sleeping either!

This time last year, we were still jittery and not sure how things would be this time around, and now I have you in my arms-all my prayers answered. No matter how many times I thank you and God, for bringing you into our lives, it never seems enough..

so "THANK YOU" again!

Thank you for having almost rolled over a couple of times and scratching mamma silly! Thank you for talking to us, non-stop at times, and thank you for being our little "Ansh".  And I don't mean to exaggerate but you are the most adorable baby in this whole world - the entire world revolves around you, infact you are so precious ki roj hum suraj ko apna Ansh dikhate hain :-)
You are our "colon capital D" when things start getting to us, our exclamation mark.
Always forget to tell you this--you totally rock red..and yellow, and blue and white and green- Actually you make all the colors look great!!

A few days back I noticed a few laugh lines on my face, a "gentle" reminder of how much time has flown by. The exciting part- school, college, first crush, first job, shadi and now my baby - most, if not all, of my "firsts" are over. The days turned into months and then years, and I am on the "other" side of thirty now - and with you sleeping next to me, I can understand papa mummy so much better now, how much it takes to love a child and raise one--how much it takes from you both emotionally and physically and how its so totally worth it. Never knew I am such a wuss--sorry for going all senti on you bachha!

Have a wonderful day today and everyday. May god bless you with a long and happy life ahead and when you are thirty may you be happy and content with not a care in the world. And laugh as much as you do now, and sleep as peacefully as you do now. Your firsts are just beginning!

On second thought, all my firsts are not over yet..your firsts are mine too.  Cheers to that!

P.S: We celebrated with mooli parathe today, 3 months back, that was the last meal that we had before I went into labor!

First travel


We are leaving for manipal on 14th--Your first flight, early morning flight-in the hope that you sleep through it all :)
Lots of packing to do!