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My life in Hayes - Living and Breathing in San Francisco

Life, stuff and observations from San Francisco, California

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Guess who's going to see them at the Filmore in November!


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Images of the SFAI campus on Chestnut Street taken with my homemade pinholecamera.

Battery Park


Ah, the streetperformers in Battery Park when you step of the ferry from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Funny, talented, appropriately intimidating. Summer feels like such a long way away. I miss NYC.
I could live there.

Beer and change


It is a bad excuse, but have discovered that I don't like the new blogger dashboard template, and that it is keeping me from doing more blogging.
It is hard to fathom that I have moved countries twice, because I really don't deal well with change.
My husband and I came to this conclusion Tuesday night whilst drinking beers of the above ilk. I was trying to figure out my new Android phone. It looks the same as my old one, but it is faster, better, and can do "more stuff". To me, it's just confusing and stops me from using it. IE: stops me from making phone calls.... etc.

The toilet seat was hanging on the wall in the bathroom at Church Key. There was another one on the actual toilet, but I guess they thought this is a nice piece of art.
I'm not convinced.



I am aware that nothing much is happening with this blog right now. Truth is, I haven't had much time lately.
I will try and start it up after the summer vacation again - so please check in every now and then!

Waiting for coffee in Russian Hill


A woman who looks and talks like Bette Middler in Ruthless People pulls up in a jeep and calls me over:
"What block am I on, sweety? Is it the 2200 block?"
I glance over at the street sign:
"Erh... No. It's the 1400 block."
"No, I mean - I know! What's the cross street?"
I look again.
"It's ... it looks like the 2200 block."
"No honey - what street am I on?! Argh - never mind, sweety."
And she drives off.
I'm confused.

Parrots at Telegraph Hill


One of the most unique things with living in North Beach is that you get woken up in the morning by the screeching parrots from Telegraph Hill. Yes, they do exist, and you will notice them every day.
I have never been as close to them as I was yesterday, though. They  were all getting comfortable in this tree as I walked by, and I was watching them for a long time. There is something very meditative to all that chatter. They are exhibitionists, they like being watched.

Please Vote!


I have entered this image in the PDN portrait competition, and would love to get some votes from you all. All you need to do is click on the link below, and your vote is cast (and feel free to forward to your friends too!)

Thank you so much - every vote is greatly appreciated!

After the cold


Very sunny, and very windy. Everyone found something to occupy themselves with.



Swimming at La Petite Baleen. The goggles are important.Without them, he will panic.

Art history


I took an art history class as part of my BA, and can not think of a time I have felt more like a stuffed sausage skin, images, dates, countries and of course, artists entering one part of my brain and disappearing out somewhere else.
We looked at images on a huge projector in one of the oldest auditoriums possible. There was not much room for discussion och feed back, but of course, during breaks and study circles, we were sure to enter some very intense arguments about style, themes and technical execution.

Now I am taking a contemporary art history class as part of my visual art certificate. We are in a small room, every one in a circle, encouraged to debate and go crazy.
Two warnings from the teacher though:
You will get shocked. You will come across sex, nudity and violence. You have to accept that.
We will have discussions. But you need to be respectful of each and everyone's sociopolitical background. Be careful not to offend anyone.



I listened in on a conversation at the sandwich shop today, where a guy tried to explain why his short term memory was so bad, but he couldn't even remember to finish the sentence.
It went on for ever.

A Swedish guide to bars in North Beach


I had the pleasure of having 7 Swedish guys in my kitchen Friday night before my husband took them out for drinks around North Beach.
This is the bar crawl I recommend to them, and anyone else spending a night in NoBe:

- Gino Carlos: local bar for local people
- 15 Romolo: loud music, whiskey cocktails and bar food
- Vesuvio: nothing touristy about Jack Kerouac's hang out, this is genuine.
- Tosca: as seen in Basic Instinct. And once I bumped in to Sean Penn with entourage at the bar.
- Tony Nik's: what happens here, stays here. The best bar staff in the city works here.



Yep, they are playing at the Independent in April.
Yes, we have tickets.
Yes, it will be awesome.

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now i know


It's addictive. And annoying.

someone posted this on FB. Hilarious, awful or annoyingly addictive?


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Paus bild


I am fully aware that I am ignoring the blog shamefully.



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Went to see Coriolanus tonight. It was much better than I thought. And I thought it would be pretty decent.

Happy Birthday


It's Charles Dickens' birthday today. 200 years.
To celebrate, I bought a copy of Bleak House at City Lights Bookstore.

Observation at sf ballet, friday night.



This one is for Fred and Russell. And Henry.


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I had arranged for the plumber to come and replace a faulty part in a fire sprinkler today, 3 hour window, and complete no-show.
I call them up to see what's going on, and the reply I get is:

- Oh, is that the time. Well, he can come over now, if you're not going out somewhere.
I inform him that I am, and point out that I cleared my schedule because of the appointment.
 - Oh, I thought you were home anyway.

Is it because I am female? Do we all stay within the four doors of the home all day:)?

This is the same company who thought I asked for Pita bread, by the way.

Pomplamoose = cute sonoma band!


I have blogged a video before, but here goes another one:

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Passport applications - it is all about timing. Bay area peeps will have to wait until September, unless they feel like they have the time and the $$$ to go to Washington.
I remember the day I got my first passport, at the local post office.

Vetiver - To Baby


I can't find a video to this song, so might want to listen to it while you do something else, maybe sip a cup of green tea, or something.

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