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Cooking is Medicine

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As hinted at in the last post, we have a new addition to our family!  On September 1, Eleanor Ruth Gilliam was born. We found out we were having her almost exactly a year ago.  I had another really easy pregnancy and was able to exercise those whole time, right up to the day I went to the hospital to have her.  Unlike Caleb, she was measuring big on ultrasound, so we decided to induce at 39 weeks in order to help prevent a C-section. Just like her brother, she wasn't really hopping to exit her warm and snug home, so I had to come in the night before to have a balloon place.  Thankfully, I respond well to this.  My parents and David's mom were here, so they brought Kate and Caleb to see us that night. Then after they left, David and I had Mellow Mushroom pizza and went to sleep.  I only got one dose of pain meds and slept through the night.  The next morning, Dr. Brantley (THE BEST!) came in and broke my water.  I immediately started having more painful contractions.  About 30 minutes later, I asked for the epidural.  It took about 30-40 minutes for them to come place it.  It worked well on the right side; unfortunately, it didn't work at ALL on the left.  I felt like I didn't have an epidural.  Finally, about an hour after getting the epidural and second med bolus, it worked.  It was pretty good timing, because about two contractions after it started working, I was ready to push.  So...essentially I labored without an epidural (at least on one side!).  By the time Dr. Brantley came, I pushed 3-4 times and my beautiful strawberry blonde, blue eyed baby girl was here! She was pink and got GREAT APGAR scores.  We got to do skin to skin (unlike with Caleb who needed a little stimulation to pink up) and she ate great right away. She weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce and was born in the same room and at the same time as her brother!  So neat. Kate was over the moon to meet Eleanor and just couldn't believe that she had strawberry blonde hair. Caleb was curious but hesitant.  He quickly warmed up to her and by the time she came home, he was in love! She was a very noisy and spit-uppy baby those first couple of days.  I wanted to keep her in the room the whole time but I quickly realized that I would get NO sleep if I kept her, so we sent her to the nursery and they brought her back to eat.  We stayed a couple of days and went home two days later.  Caleb greeted us with a trumpet serenade! The last four months have been SO much fun.  I got to stay home with Eleanor for 12 weeks and then she has been home another month due to not having a spot at daycare. We are so thankful for her and the responsibility of raising her in God's Truth. [...]

Caleb is 3


I'm going to skip around just a little bit!  :-)  One month ago, Caleb turned THREE!  I cannot believe that my little baby boy is three.  He is growing up so much.  He loves school, his friends, and talks so much.  His favorite is reading (like 6 books in a row!).  He loves to go to church and can sing lots of songs (some he knows better than Kate does!).  We had his birthday one Friday night because there are SO many friend in his class with birthdays around the same time - his best friend's birthday is two days later.  Caleb wanted a Curious George party so that's what we did.  He and his friends immediately began playing just like they were at school when they got here.  Then they played outside some.  We had pizza monkey bread, fruit, cheese puffs, pesto chicken pasta salad to eat.  Then we had a Curious George birthday cake.  I was super excited with how it turned out.  I know some people don't like doing cakes but this is one of the best parts for me.  I love seeing what different things I can do.  This one turned out great!  We got Caleb a Ninja Turtle scooter with a Leonardo helmet.  So far, he's enjoyed the helmet more...but that's just due to lack of opportunity. I love this little boy so much.  He has a tender heart that loves people so much.  He wants to do what is right (though he still has the typical three year old moments!) and gives the most pitiful face when you have to fuss.  He adores both of his sisters (yep, two sisters now!) and goes back and forth between being a mama's boy and daddy's boy.  He gets excited to go to church and already wants to learn about Jesus - we read a Jesus story every night and he told David that the Bible says "In the beginning God made the world."  We pray that he will see his need for salvation through Jesus and grow to love and serve Him.[...]

Kate is 8


And now, I will skip through seven months - mostly filled with school activities for Kate including the Principal's award, AR parties, and all A's in second grade.  She LOVED Ms. Hurt and will forever, I'm sure, go visit her! She decided that she wanted a butterfly party this year.  We ended up having it at the YMCA for a swimming party.  Of course, as we were getting in the car to go it started raining.  It rained for the first hour of the party, but they were great and let us play, eat and do presents in the workout room.  We had watermelon, cheese puffs, butterfly hotdog crescents, and butterfly pasta salad.Then Kate opened presents - she got some fun stuff including crafts, gift card that she used to get Land of Stories (her favorite) books, and a bracelet.  Then we were able to go outside and swim!  The kids had a great time and I didn't take many pictures because it looked like lightning and confused the lifeguards.We had cake at the last minute and then everyone left.  It was a great party! Kate's actual birthday was a kids camp again.  This year, they sang to her on stage.  She acted embarrassed but I think really enjoyed it.  We are so proud of Kate.  She has such a giving and caring heart.  She wants for everyone to be happy and taken care of.  She shares her love and joy with everyone she knows without concern for what they will say or think.  She shares Jesus in a way that is so pure and innocent.I pray that she only grows in this and doesn't become worried about whether others will think that's ok or not. [...]

Christmas 2016


So, because it's almost Christmas again and have lots to update on here - an all encompassing December post! The Christmas parade was actually postponed by one week due to rain but that was fine with us - because it meant that we could all go! Caleb loved the band the most at the parade and was excited about meeting Santa...until it came time to meet Santa.  Still crying!!!  He says he's going to smile this year...we'll see! Christmas Eve, Doc and Allie came and played in the leaves until it was time to make Christmas cookies. Caleb and Kate both enjoyed decorating but Caleb was a little more distracted by eating and was able to sneak more cookies than he was supposed to eat.Oh, well! The next morning, we did Santa presents with the basketballand American girl dollbeing the presents that the kids had specifically asked for. However, I think that this animal puzzle David got for caleb was the winner.After church and David working, we all came back for lunch and family presents.Then that evening, Philip and Kenna came and we had brunch.  Then we opened more presents.I love that my family has been able to come each year for Christmas. Hope that this continues now that we have Eleanor and Abigail!  After David finished working, we went to Decatur.  The kids LOVE playing with Nana and I think she was pleased with her gift!Then we were able to go to Spring City this year to see GG.  So glad we got to go.  It even snowed some while we were there.  A great Christmas season![...]

Nettles Thanksgiving


After Thanksgiving in Decatur, we traveled to my parents' house in TN for the big Nettles' Thanksgiving.  We were the first there and set to work making refried beans.  Caleb helped and was so excited that he did it!Then people began arriving.  They played games and Kate apparently won! and we had dinner.  Afterwards, the kids all ran off some energy outside with a very bright ball.  I believe Caleb was kicked in the face by Kate just after this picture was taken when he ran to grab the ball and she kicked it.  No damage!That night was apparently climb on people night because Daddy played horse for Kate and Caleb and then they both piled on top of David as well!Thanksgiving is pretty much just a BIG lunch with everyone doing whatever they want from games to puzzles to climbing to walks.  Caleb joined the big guys and Uncle Tony in a game of beanbags.Kate, of course, climbed her tree but Caleb refused!Later that day, Kate rode her bike and then took a LONG walk with me and Aunt Margaret where she collected several treasures.  When she got back home, she worked HARD on a craft with Aunt Margaret, which was a big secret and I was reprimanded several times for looking (even though I wasnt! Ha!).Caleb dreamed of riding the motorcycle while everyone else just visited.The next day, everyone comes back over for gumbo and then heads in their own directions.  We stay for a few more days.  Thankfully, Philip, Kenna and Ms. Rita stayed as well, so we got some extra visiting in.The big excitement was getting ready for Christmas now that Thanksgiving was over.  We started with Christmas PJ's and books.  Then the kids, Mama and I worked on another candy house. Caleb mostly ate icing - until I told him to stop and he got VERY upset!  He eventually joined back in the decorating and we all had fun.[...]

Gilliam Thanksgiving


We began our annual Thanksgiving week at David's parents' house.  The kids are always excited to be there and got a little extra time with his folks since David and I had to stay at a hotel due to some extra guests. They loved it.  The time there was spent outside a lot. Kate loved doing flipsand Caleb still played a lot on the swing. Of course, he got to snuggle with Grammy...while Kate REALLY got the hang of riding her bike! We were so proud.  It's always fun to play with Nana in her bathroom,spend time with Grandmommie,and get snuggles and tickles from GG. Of course the highlight is making the candy house. Caleb took a little while to warm up to it but he eventually figured it all out. He was feeding GG by the end.  We were so happy that Nana and GG both joined in the fun.We were also thankful for Ms. Lois who came with GG.  She made a joyful addition to everyone there and enabled GG to be there!  What a great bunch of thankful friends and family.[...]

Fall Soup Party


The weekend before Halloween, we had a group of friends over for chili and potato soup.  Caleb has a group of friends who go to church and school with him and they all have older sisters. 
We also happen to enjoy spending time with all of their parents.  So, I decided we should have a "party!"  I made my mom's chili and then did potato soup for the kids.  Turns out, I could have just done chili and been fine. 
I think Caleb was the only kid who ate soup.  Kate had chili and the rest had chicken nuggets.  Ha! 
Before we ate, all the kids played outside in their Halloween costumes.  It was fun watching them just run around with each other. 
E was NOT a fan of the dog but the boys did their best to protect her. 
It was a great night! 
Maybe it will become an annual thing. :-)

Zucchini Enchiladas


Not only has it been a long time since I've posted, but it's been AGES since I did a recipe post.  But we had a really unique and YUMMY meal last night (and I'm getting requests for the recipe); so, here it is!  I saw this on one of those random recipe videos on facebook and thought it looked good.  After a whole WEEK of sickness at our house, I was finally able to make it...but it was worth the wait!  It's chicken enchiladas but instead of tortillas, you use zucchini as the wrap.  Once it cooks, you really can't even tell that it's zucchini - which for some people is a plus!  Kate devoured it and said that it should be on kids' menus in restaurants!  Caleb ate it all and David said it was good.  WIN!!!  This is good for us, too, because it makes an easy gluten free option.  We will be doing this again.  Here is the link to the original recipe (which I didn't even look at before making mine, LOL!) with a helpful video for technique (I did everything based on the video): Enchiladas 1onion, chopped1 orange bell pepper, finely chopped1/2 tsp dried garlic (or 1 tsp fresh, minced)1 tsp chili powder1.5 teaspoons cumin1 pre-cooked Rotisserie chicken (I used Kroger's - you could also use your own chicken breasts that you cook and shred - probably about two) 1 can red enchilada sauce3 zucchini, sliced VERY thinly (I used a vegetable peeler - my mandolin made slices that were slightly too thick)fresh grated (or bought) cheesecilantro (optional)Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Chop veggies.  Add onion, peppers and garlic to a saute pan (prepared with olive oil OR cooking spray).  Saute until translucent.  Add in chili powder and cumin.  Stir.  Shred chicken and stir into the onion mixture.  When well mixed, pour about half the can of enchilada sauce into the mixture and stir.  Set aside.Cut the ends off the zucchini.  Slice in half lengthwise.  Using a vegetable peeler - something like this- (or mandolin OR if you're REALLY good just a knife), cut very thin and long slices of zucchini.For each "enchilada" you will use three slices.  Three zucchini made about 12-13 "enchiladas" for me.  On a cutting board, lay out three slices of zucchini.  Place a spoonful of the chicken mixture across the slices.  Roll up down the length of the zucchini.Place each "enchilada" into a 13x9 baking dish.  Once pan is full or all zucchini or chicken is used, pour remainder of enchilada sauce on top of the rolls.Top with freshly grated cheese.  Place pan in over and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes (I did about 35 due to kid issues and it was fine!).  Top with freshly cut cilantro.  Enjoy![...]



Kate and Caleb had a fun time this year at Halloween.  They both had parties at school. 
For that, Kate went as Jasmine and Caleb was Obi Wan Kenobi (again). 
Our church had a Harvest Carnival, so we didn't go trick or treating but still had fun.  For this, Kate was Merida and Caleb was one of her bear brothers. 

Kate had been talking a lot about her friend from school and she actually found her at the carnival.  We were so excited to meet her and Kate had a GREAT time running around with her. 

Arrow Dash


Kate's school has a 5K every year to raise money.  They have the regular race first and then the kids do a 1 mile fun run with color powder sprayed at them. 
The kids and I went while David worked.  I got to push Caleb in his stroller for the 5K walk
while Kate played with some friends.
 Then Kate did the fun run. 
Caleb cheered her own and she finished strong.
 Then, we waited around for the awards. 
I was glad we did because I WON the 5K!  :-) 

Pumpkin Patch


We have been going to the pumpkin patch since right before we got engaged.  Last year we had a picnic, so we decided to do it again. It was so fun.  Then we measured the kids to see if they had grown. Caleb really enjoyed the patch this year but he was pretty sleepy and he plopped down right there on the floor waiting for our tractor...but he got right up and enjoyed the "tactor." Kate is always the biggest fan of the swings and picked her pumpkin out in SECONDSso she could run over and get a swing! Caleb picked out the rest of the pumpkinsand we had to tear him away to go elsewhere. He didn't really want to swing or try out the hay.  It was a fun day![...]

Fair 2016


It is hard to believe that it has been FIVE years since David and I went to the fair together.  That was the beginning of realizing that we enjoyed being together. We make it a point to go to the fair each year (with the exception of 2014 because Caleb was only 10 days old...I cried that I couldn't go!).  This year, Caleb is essentially the same age as Kate was when we first went to the fair.  Crazy!  He wasn't so excited about it at first, but after about 20 minutes of clinging to me and watching sissie ride the bikes,he was all in!  While he was clingy, Kate and I got to go on "our" ride. Then Caleb decided he was ready to ride and went on the cars (because he was about 1/2 inch to short for the bikes - this happens to my children all the time!). He LOVED them!  He rode them four times, each time on a different color.  Caleb and I rode the bumble bees (which he STILL talks about!) and then he rode the bears with Daddy (this is an ONLY Daddy ride, Mama can't handle it!).  We got free biscuits - of course.Then we went to ride the ponies. Caleb was all about it until we put him ON the pony...and he was over it! Alas, he did well last year but I guess "knew" too much this year.  Then we went to the petting zoo. Caleb was a bit afraid at first, so Kate got to feed  the goats and camel several times.  Finally Caleb decided it was fun and fed a goat.  "I fed a goat!" allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />After that, we went and stood in front of the slide while waiting for David to get more tickets. It was apparently enough time for Caleb to decide that he wanted to go.  YAY!  allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />He loved the slide! After supper and a few more rides, we went home with some sleepy kids!  SO fun![...]

Caleb Turns TWO!


I can't believe my baby is two! He has been such a joy in our lives and is so fun to watch as he grows and learns.  He has such a kind and friendly spirit and loves his sissie.  He loves to go to school and to church and is already showing signs of loving to read and sing. We got to have my parents, Grammy, and some of his friends over to celebrate with a Dinosaur party! The kids had a blast playing outside.  Then they came back in for lunch consisting of dinosaur chicken nuggets, dino dung (broccoli bites), dino claws (Bugles), dino eggs (M&M's), dino sandwiches and strawberries. Then we had cake.  I always enjoy making the kids' cakes.  This year I was really excited about how Caleb's dino cake turned out! Even added some dino babies on the side.  Caleb did a great job blowing out his candle and then thoroughly enjoyed his cake! After cake, he opened presents. He did good for a little while and then was pretty much over it. He even said "I done" and walked off.  He just wanted to walk around and play with his friends! The big sisters had fun playing, too.  We love our Caleb and are so thankful for him![...]

Labor Day


David and I often say that we want to have people over for dinner or get togethers, etc., but we never do it.  So, when Labor Day came, we just made a plan and did it!  We had one of Caleb's school friends and his family over to cook out.
 The kids played outside on the swing set.  Later, we got out the slip'n slide..which promptly burst!
  Oh, well!  They still had fun playing in the wading pool and the wagon.  David smoked some ribs which I hear turned out great. 
We also grilled shrimp and corn.  Such a fun night to just enjoy friends!

First Hair Cut


Well, I got SO CLOSE to catching up and then stopped blogging for a month.  On Labor Day weekend, we decided that it was finally time for Caleb to get his hair cut. He was actually REALLY excited about it before we began the process.
 First place we tried didn't have anyone who could do it, and he was sad about it.  So, we tried another place.  As soon as he sat down the screaming started. 
I tried to hold him but just couldn't, so David took over.
 He basically had to hold Caleb down until he realized he wasn't going anywhere
 and just gave in - unhappy about it.
In the end, we had a handsome looking boy.

Weekend of Parties and Cheer


About a week after school started we had a weekend full of birthday parties.  Kate was supposed to go to a cheer camp that morning but woke up with a pink eye, so I didn't let her go.  Caleb had a birthday party for his friend form school and had a blast playing in the birdseed box! 
That afternoon, Kate went to the present portion of her friend's party. 
They had cake balls and both kids LOVED them! 
The next weekend, Kate got to cheer at the football game.  She is one cute cheerleader if I do say so myself! 
She was actually more interested in the game but I think that was because she didn't get to go to the camp.  She stood with some of her new friends from her class this year and then got to see her teacher! 
She had a great time and did a fantastic job.  We were proud of her effort and excitement.

Second Grade!


How is Kate in second grade!?  I can't believe she is already that grown. We had registration on Wednesday and found out that she has Ms. Hurt.  On the way out, we saw one of our friends who had her a couple of years ago and loved her, which made this mama feel better!Friday was the first day of school and she had the traditional first day of school pancakes - this year with a 2 for second grade! This year, Kate says that her favorite color is blue and she wants to be a dentist. Mama, Daddy and Caleb all walked Kate to the classroom. It was a humid day and we ended up parking all the way at the high school because traffic was SO backed up (it was the right thing to do as we we walking out of the school before the cars originally in front of us even got to the school!). We got a picture of Kate with Ms. Hurt (which ended up being used by the school district in a newsletter!). Then we checked out her desk and got her settled. She is having a great year so far.  We are so proud of her hard work, good behavior, and how well she is doing with reading.  We are also thankful for the evidence of the Holy Spirit's presence and work in her life![...]

Lake Party


The first weekend of August, we had our traditional Sunday School lake party.  The adult guys build a GIANT slip and slide into the lake, we have food, and the kids just run around and have fun. It's a great day of fellowship.  When we got there, the kids were already on the slide and Kate jumped right in. I slathered Caleb in sunscreen and David took him over to slide. Yes, we brought his puddle jumper; yes, I totally forgot to put it on.  Caleb really didn't want to go but he went anyway.  They finally got moving and Caleb was ok...but then they got a little push from behind and, instead of stopping and the little flat part, they flew into the lake...with Caleb stuck between David's calves!!!! Somehow, David got Caleb before they went in and held him up high; the guys grabbed him so David could steady himself. Caleb was NOT a happy camper.  We came up to the top of the hill and he happily played in the kiddie pool.He had lots of fun playmates, too! Later, he and Kate found a HUGE dog. I decided it was time for ME to go down the slide with Caleb and Kate. Needless to say, Caleb was a bit upset about this idea.  I got us going and successfully stopped at the flat portion. It was fun but Caleb was ready to go back to the safety of the baby pool. Kate did some sliding with the float...and floating as well. By that point, Caleb was pretty shot! We left soon after and both kids fell asleep on the way home...and Caleb slept for 2.5 more hours after we got home.[...]

Kate Turns SEVEN!


After we got back from TN, Kate turned seven!  She had her birthday at church kids' camp and had a blast. That night we had fish tacos and presents.  She was super excited about her "mermaid" earrings and water bottle (which has been a HUGE success in getting her to drink water!).  She and Daddy got a lego set to do together..and then Kate ended up doing it all on her own!Then that Saturday, we had her party...grandmommie even got to come!  She wanted a horse party at the tumble gym again.  So, I made a caramel horse cake...and the kids played. We had lots of sweet friends come. Kate even got to wear a hat that David found for her. They had fun all around...and Caleb got to see his "lissa." I think I have a pretty sweet little family![...]

Music Camp and TN Birthday


So, Kate went with Allie and Doc to TN for music camp.  She had a great time and learned to play the piano and tried violin and xylophone.  We went up there for her performance and had Kate-O and Granddaddy join us for the performance. We were so proud of her and her participation and learning all these songs!  Granddaddy and Kate-O also brought some birthday presents for Kate, and we got to enjoy a little party.  We had cupcakes,which Kate and Caleb both enjoyed...until they were gone!Kate had lots of fun opening her presentsand then enjoyed playing with them before her performance.The next day, we had doc's pancakes and then Kate and Caleb had a blast playing in the box and doing sommersaults before we went home. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' /> It was a quick but fun trip![...]

Family Reunion


The weekend after July 4 we had our family reunion in TX.  The kids did great on the drive!  We stopped twice and didn't have any complaining.  Kate even met a cowboy! They kids had a blast playing outside in the TX heat...and Caleb decided that he likes sand! Kate got to do some arts and crafts with Allie. Caleb enjoyed a new game on the porch outside with Doc. He even read himself a (very animated) bedtime story. The next day, we spent a lot of time outside again. We all walked down to the playground. Kate had fun on the trapeze showing off her gymnastics skills. Caleb played on the slide and swings. After lunch and nap, we walked down to the "petting zoo."  No one was there to help us but we saw goats and chickens. Then Caleb got to play baseketball with daddy. They played in the sand some more. That night, the kids watched Nemo (I think Caleb dreamed about the sharks because he woke up crying in the middle of the night).  After goodbyes, Kate went home with Allie and Doc for music camp the next week![...]

July 4th Celebration


Last year, I thought Caleb was too young to go to July 4th celebration.  So, David took Kate by herself.  (Seems so strange to see Caleb with a paci in his mouth now!  We took it away a few weeks after this)This year, we all went.  Kate, of course, had fun with the jumpy things. She even tried her hand at the spinny, take-you-down thingy.  She was a pretty smart girl and came up with her own method of success (i.e., not being knocked out!). We also got to spend a little time with this pretty girl and her mama! When we got back to our spot, Caleb had been playing with Mrs. Melissa and Daddy.  He was having a blast. We decided to go get a Sno Biz to cool off before fireworks. Kate enjoyed hers and Caleb shared with Mama and Daddy. I think he was a fan.  He was NOT, however, a fan of the fireworks!  He kept his head buried (after I got him to calm down) the whole time, refusing to even look at the fireworks. He loves them now and wants to watch the "lights" on video a lot.  Kate enjoyed them but didn't stop talking the ENTIRE fireworks show. I'm trying to decide if it was entertaining or not!  We had a great time.[...]

Boat Ride


In June, we prepared to welcome the new interns at work.  To do this, we, of course, had a party; this party was at the yatch club. It was hot but nice to be out near the water. The kids had a blast running around and playing with other kids and the ducks.  After eating, we got to go out on the boat.  We took a nice little long ride. Caleb enjoyed it but was ready to be out of his puddle jumper by the time we got back.  'Kate actually fell asleep. She had a small fever when we got home but was better the next day (thankfully, since she had camp the next week!). We are blessed to have fun little activities like this associated with work. And thankful for kids who enjoy it and enjoy being with other people.[...]

Trip to Grandparents


Over Memorial Day Weekend we made the trip to see David's family.  There are a LOT of people to see when we go and Caleb had previously not been a great car trip taker.  Bonus was that the night before we left, he woke up with a stomach bug.  However, he did great! And we had a wonderful visit.  One of the favorite things for the kids was the "water slide." Granddaddy set up a little slide and had it go into a kiddie pool.  They had a blast!  We also got to go to the Balloon glow with Grandmommie. We didn't really do it well.  We got there 2 minutes before the glow, it lasted about 10 minutes and then we (literally) spent 1.5 hours standing in line to get back to our car.  Kate fell asleep but Caleb was a trooper and stayed awake the whole time. Kate and Caleb enjoyed reading with Grammy and granddaddy a lot over the weekend. Then Sunday after church, we went to lunch and PetSmart with Grandmother.  The kids had such fun looking at all of the different pets. We left the next day and Caleb slept 4 out of the 5 hours home.  He did great! Kate stayed up there for the next two weeks for some Nana time, visiting and going to Kate-o's VBS.  We were glad when she got back!  It was the beginning of a BUSY summer![...]

Fish Fry


At the beginning of May, our Sunday School had a fish fry.  David had to work but I took the kids out there to play and eat.  David was able to make it around lunchtime. The guys in the class all came around 5-6 am and fished in the pond for our lunch.  Caleb and David both enjoyed the spoils! You think they look alike?!  Several of Caleb's friends from school are in our class as well (well, their parents are). He had a blast playing with the trucks with his little buddy! Kate had a ton of fun on the water jump house. Caleb did NOT like the water.  I think it was just too cold for him and he doesn't like water "sprinkling" on him, either. His favorite was definitely the food and Kate enjoyed it, too! We were all glad when Daddy got there.  He took Caleb down to the lake to watch for fish. Shortly after this I took Caleb home.  He fell asleep within 2 minutes of leaving and slept for 4 hours!  We had such a fun day.  Thankful for fellowship with friends![...]