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Of Baldness and Christmas - A Gift Idea For Hair Loss Sufferers From Leimo


You are probably guilty of pulling a joke about the receding hair line or open patch on the head of your friend, father, or significant other in the past. Today, it is high time you take the condition seriously because hair loss is most probably the reason that person in your life becomes socially withdrawn and too self-conscious. This Christmas, don't let him/her manage on his/her own probably lack of self-esteem. So how about surprising him/her with Leimo's organic treatment by signing him up for a 30-day FREE Trial — yes, as a gift?

This organic hair care treatment refers to the Hair Treatment Pack which contains five topical products namely: Bio-cleansing Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, Scalp & Body Scrub, Scalp Therapy Day Treatment, and Scalp Serum Night Treatment. All of these products contain effective dosages of saw palmetto extracts that are known for their anti-androgenic properties.

In the vast majority of cases, it the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that causes permanent hair loss, a condition technically called as androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. DHT is the result of natural or genetically activated androgenic activities. Saw palmetto prevents the production DHT in the follicles by working on its catalyst.

Some of the products also contain grape seed, rosemary, and nettle extracts which are all known to be very beneficial to the hair and the scalp condition.

This Leimo hair loss solution is clinically proven to pose no side effects and has over than 90% user satisfaction rate.

So, this Christmas, do not allow that person in your life to be less than who he/she is. You can save him/her from the brink of hopelessness by signing him/her for this Free Trial. This is the season to be merry and gay. Let him/her experience a safe, effective, and organic mode of treating hair loss in the privacy of his/her home.

And Here's More...

You can also avail of the Hair Clinic In A Box to guarantee continuous treatment for a year. The Leimo HCB is a complete hair restoration system in a bundle that contains 8 sets of the five topical products and 1 set of the Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit. The HCB is designed to eliminate the hassles of reordering products when they run out.

For more information about the Leimo HTP 30-day Free Trial, Hair Clinic In A Box, or more Leimo products visit or call its sales representatives through this international hot line 1800-986-9318.

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A Confession of a Hair Loss Victim


As a young child until my early twenties, I was blessed with thick long hair. However, I did a lot of things that caused my body to react in an unexpected way. Because I was too conscious of my weight and body, I began to skip meals and avoid eating proper nutritious foods. Other than that, I have bad habits like smoking and drinking. With this unhealthy lifestyle, it was imminent that my body would eventually succumb to problems.

I started noticing the changes in my hair when I saw a mass of hair tangled along my hairbrush. I was literally shocked, because it was the first time that I've experienced that kind of hair loss. My excessive hair loss really caught me off guard, though I still ignored this at first. However, for at least 2 weeks I continued to lose masses of hair, that was the wake-up call for me, and so I started to panic.

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Leimo Saved My Dying Hair!


It's been two months since I started using Leimo. And I've been loving it since day one. During the first month, I signed up for their free trial of the Leimo Hair Treatment Pack (HTP), which included the Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, Scalp Therapy Day Treatment, Scalp Serum Night Treatment, and the Scalp Scrub. They have been my saving grace since then. My hair was not really that bad at all, my thinning hair, that is. I'm only 45 and lest my thinning hair will make me look 10 years older, I begun looking for possible treatments, which is why I stumbled upon Leimo's free trial offer of the Leimo HTP.

I had the wrong sense of respect for my hair. I am well aware of its importance but I did a lot of crimes to it when I was still younger: curling, straightening it, bleaching, and perming it. Name it—been there, done that! And now, it starts to become nightmarish. Glad, I was a little conscious about my excessive falling hairs and the thinning hair on the top of my head. Believe it or not, my wet hair has been very sensitive with even the slightest pull. But after regular usage of all those hair care treatments from Leimo in just a month, my hair fall diminished for real!

Also, I never thought that any of these treatments would actually prevent further hair fall. Last week, I made my own research about what their ingredients can do. I found out that the Scalp Therapy Day Treatment uses saw palmetto extracts which have been largely contraindicated in women for a reason that remains unclear to me until now. But it didn't put me off because I have not noticed any side effects at all, not even a single itch or redness. All I know is that my hair has stopped falling abnormally as far as my physically-recovering scalp is concerned.

Two months of using Leimo marks a major turning point in my life. I discovered a renewed sense of importance for my hair. Leimo saved my dying hair from myself.

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When Baldness Is NOT An Option, Use Leimo Hair Treatment!


I am a 30-year-old woman who suffers from hair loss due to a thyroid disorder for almost 2 years.

When I was 28 years old, I noticed that my hair was falling off. I was very unhappy about it because I saw masses of hair tangled along my hairbrush or after I took a shower. At first, I never gave it much thought. However, when the rate of hair loss increased, I made it a point to talk to my doctor.

Imagine my amazement when my doctor diagnosed me with a thyroid condition. He told me that I was experiencing hair loss as a symptom of my thyroid disorder. He then proceeded in telling me that to stop my hair loss I had to treat my thyroid disorder first. With that, I had undergone a series of medications and treatments to cure my hyperthyroidism.

However, when my hyperthyroidism had been treated, I had already lost a lot of hair. I managed to hide my hair loss by using wigs; unfortunately, it did not last because I got tired of using them. I wanted to find other hair loss treatment products that could help me ease my hair loss condition. So, I made it a point to search for hair loss products that would help me regrow my hair and get rid of my hair loss problem.

That was when I remembered a friend of mine who also suffers from a hair loss problem. I remembered her telling me about the Leimo 30-day hair loss treatment free trial. So, I began to research about it and came across their website. I called their customer service and inquired further about what the Leimo products can do for hair loss victims like me. The agent told everything I needed to know about the hair loss treatment they are offering. With that, I was convinced to avail of the 30-day free trial of their hair loss treatment.

After using the Leimo Hair Treatment Pack for 2 weeks, I was stunned by the results! I saw my hair becoming shinier and healthier. Although, there is no hair growing at that span of time, still I feel my hair becoming healthier in a sense that my dandruff and scalp itchiness were gone and the quality and texture of my hair is getting better. Even my hair fall had stopped. With that in mind, I again talked to the customer service and bought my very own Leimo Hair Treatment Pack after my 30-day free trial ended.

Now, I have been using the Leimo Hair Treatment Pack for a year and a couple of months. As usual, I continue to see excellent results. My hair has not only stopped receding, but the thinning hair feels much healthier and twice as thick. My hair is also slowly restoring its former glory. Thanks to the Leimo Hair Treatment Pack!

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