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Russian Women And Their Special Style

Mon, 05 Dec 2011 01:06:00 +0000

Hollywood has run amok with the Russian women stereo types. Set at extremes they do present interesting material for caricature. At one end they are depicted as cigar smoking, vodka drinking, shipyard welders, and on the other hand, cool sultry fair-haired sirens. Whats common to both extremes is a toughness not associated with women of other cultures.

The contrast and challengers of the arctic regions, feudal systems and many unforgiving years of strife have molded many heroines both celebrated and unsung. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova is probably the most celebrated contemporary hero. The first cosmonaut to loop the earth is still much loved and admired by her countrymen.

This can be clearly seen in the caliber of heroines that have come from these lands. A factory worker turned cosmonaut, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, is a wonderful example of this focused determination. This history making first Russian female to loop around the earth is a celebrated hero around the world for her courage and determination.

Another courageous example follows in Anna Pavlova, the legendary ballet dancer. Her biography reads like a timeless opera. She overcame physical limitations to rise to the top of her profession. She then brought the world something totally new and fresh in a time when classical ballet had rigid opinions and approaches. What she created was so pure that it melted the hearts of the most critical and earned her respect under spotlights of severe scrutiny. As a climax, she even gave her life to her art by refusing life saving treatment for cancer because it would have rendered her unable to dance.

Russians celebrate their heroes and social role models with style and pomp. The events of the Russians annual women's day celebration demonstrate a nation committed to unity even though their current national structures may not reflect this. The fall of the Soviet empire brought families and communities closer together in common plight.

The citizens of Russia are going to be caught up in the struggle for social reform for still some time to come. Both men and women alike are undergoing even more personal changes as they shuffle and try out new social roles in their changing communities. Some women are opting to leave their country of birth to seek opportunities elsewhere in the new world. Others remain and are an integral part of the current reforms.

Even in the face of the current social climate, national pride remains as strong as ever. Russia's booming anthem is still sung proudly by her daughters and sons alike. Where to from here though? What does the future hold in store?

One gets a clear feel of change being underfoot being driven by men and women alike. Perhaps the greatest gift from Russia with love, is to the females of the world. Russian women have demonstrated an amazing ability and strength to carve out their own destinies and play pivotal roles in social structures and development.