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We are a Balinese inspired Day Spa offering a caring, relaxing and peaceful escape from everyday pressures in an elegant tranquil Balinese environment.

Published: 2012-06-25T20:30:14-07:00


Shantai Wellness Spa Offers Luxurious Spa Treatments For Couples


Blackwood, SA, Australia – a Balinese inspired day spa in Blackwood, Adelaide offering a caring, relaxing and peaceful escape from everyday pressures of life – Shantai Wellness Spa – offers one of the most luxurious spa experiences for couples. Indulge in a little relaxation with approved wellness spa treatments and...

Honey and Cocoa: The Ultimate Beauty Regimens


When it comes to caring for your skin, nothing can do it better than the organic ingredients. As a rule of thumb, what you do not want to put in your mouth should not be put on your skin ei-ther. That is why today, many women and men around the...

Lose that Stubborn Fats Today! No Knife, No Needles Just Visible Results


Have you ever got the feeling that no matter how much you exercise and stay on a special diet, yet nothing seems to be working? Do you wake up each morning hoping to have the body you have been dreaming of? Then it is about time you reconsider your options...

Experience Paradise in a Day Spa


Are you looking for an interior designer in Adelaide? You have come to the right place! Looking for a soothing and calming spa experience? Visit Shantai Wellness Spa. We offer a range of body spa treatments that can help rejuvenate your tired and aching physique. ● Herbal Purification ● Tropical...

Relax and Be Refreshed At Shantai Wellness Day Spa


Relaxing your body and mind is a great pleasure that you can give to yourself. From all the stress that you have from work, home, and family, it is only right to have your body be free from aches that cause unpleasant feeling. Take your free time in pampering yourself...

Shantai Wellness Day Spa Offers Great Pampering Services


November 29, 2011 - Blackwood, SA, Australia - Shantai Wellness Day Spa - offers variety of treatments that will help anyone to feel so relaxed and be pampered the way he or she wants. Bound to be the finest day spa in Adelaide, Shantai Wellness Spa was established to give...

Look and Stay Beautiful All The Time


Beauty comes from within but as you live a busy and stressful life, maintaining a youthful and radiant glowing skin is quite challenging. Depending on how frequently exposed you are to free radicals such as dirt and the damaging rays of the sun, some of your skin areas will become...

Get Rid of Stress With a Full Body Massage Treatment


What a stressful jungle life has become. Although you enjoy the benefits of modern living in that you are able to do many things faster than ever (thanks to the computer and the Internet), you often find yourself constantly battered by the demands of modern life particularly at work and...

Shantai Offers Bridal Spa Packages


October 21, 2011 – Blackwood, South Australia, Australia – the Balinese-inspired day spa in Adelaide, providing a relaxing and peaceful escape from a stressful life – Shantai Wellness Spa – offers bridal spa packages. Shantai Wellness Spa invite brides as well as their bridesmaids to treat themselves to luxurious bridal...

Treat Yourself To Relaxing Day Spa Services in Adelaide


When was the last time you felt so relaxed and rejuvenated? Your answer probably would be 'I forgot, it was so long ago', right? That is common on how people are living today who are always on the go and trying to make ends meet. People are always busy with...