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Spicy Chilly

Updated: 2018-03-20T00:35:48.034+05:30


M&M Shortbread Cookies


Thanks to my friends who always chanced upon this space for a new recipe, a news or some form of update for the past few months. After the 10th year of active blogging, it was a sense of contentment that I decided to take a break and blog occasionally, though the hibernation got extended. 😊. So, now with the Christmas time, I decided to bake something that I could share with my friends.

Spicy Chilly Turns 10


My blog child turns 10 today. The child, I had pampered, loved, cared for, fed, nurtured, played with, helped to grow healthy, taken for granted and even ignored at times; make me a proud creator! A huge thanks to my readers, blogger buddies; a few of them turned out to be more than my family, friends, well wishers, followers and everyone who was right there with a good heart and a

The Complete Onam Menu!


Maveli Nadu Vaneedum Kalam Manusharellarum Onnu Pole Kallavumilla Chathivumilla Ellolamilla Polivachanam So, here's another Thiruvonam day with people with all cheer and festivity to welcome their beloved King, Mahabali .. Below is the list of recipes, which are tried and tested throughout my past blogging years. Click on the pictures for the elaborate recipes... Snacks, Sweets and

Nadan Pazha Manga Curry / Kerala Ripe Mango Curry


You either 'love' Nadan Pazha Manga Curry or 'hate' it. It's all about whether you like  ripe mangoes, made into a curry, tangy, hot and sweet with the flavour of coconut and jaggery blended in. I should admit, everyone except my dad, back home, in Kerala, love this side dish. Amma makes it   sweeter with lesser amount of coconut, but I thought of blogging the recipe, the Kerala way :).

Nadan Pork Ularthiyathu or Kerala Pork Fry ( stepwise method )


This is a dish I love and crave for. Chunks of juicy meat, spiced up with masalas, bits of coconut, with the mesmerising aroma of coconut oil and curry leaves. Both brother and I grew up savoring this speciality dish of central Kerala, though back home, pork was a taboo. After being married to a strict vegetarian family, this one remained a long lost forgotten one. Now that I am here in

Paneer Chettinad Masala


Chettinad cuisine is all about spices, the blend and perfect balance of which make the cuisine. Pepper, cumin, fennel, coriander cardamom, clove and the heat of red chillies with the balance of fried coconut,  all fried and blended, gives way to the fiery aromatic Chettinad masala. Unlike the addition of the flavorful garam masala to any side dish pertaining to the North, Chettinad masala

Idly / Dosa Podi


There would be no home in South India that has not prepared this spice powder as an accompaniment to the breakfast mains; idly or dosa. Each South Indian state has its own version. Chammanthi podi of Kerala has an addition of roasted coconut and curry leaves, while in Karnataka and Andhra, addition of roasted peanuts and more of chillies make it unique. In Tamil Nadu, roasted chick peas,

Paal Poli ~ Pooris Soaked in Sweetened n Flavored Milk!


As the name says it all, Paal Poli is a  dessert made by soaking fried pooris in flavoured milk. Yes, it's just simple as it sounds! The best Paal Polis, I savoured are the ones made by my son-in law's grand ma, who resides in her beautiful ancestral home, in the neighboring village, Peruvalanallur! These cuties were what she opted to make, while throwing the feast for her grand kids. My

Easy Recipes for the Valentine Week!


The Valentine Week is on! Rose day, Propose day, Chocolate day,Teddy day, Promise day, Hug day  Kiss day and follows the Romantic Valentine day! Starting with a Rose; proposal, being together like a chocolate, gifting a teddy, making life time promises, hugs and kisses for more closeness and the union of the soul mates; The Valentines Day! Wish I could be a Lover again! Here are a few

Burmese Yellow Fried Rice with Shallots and Peas!


Y ellow Rice is a "Burmese thing." A heartwarming combination of turmeric, cayenne and fish sauce mingled with the irresistible flavour of caramelised onions makes this dish unique! As you might know, the most common staple food in Myanmar is white rice, which is eaten by finger tips as morsels dipped in curries by the Burmese. The ingredients are fresh and resemble the Chinese mode of

Red Velvet Cup Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


When, my bestie's kid, Nikita gave me the very first suggestion of Red Velvet Cake, I was apprehensive. For me they have to be topped/paired up with cream cheese. Nikita and me live in a town where there's no availability of these exotic products and finally I made up my mind to take it as a challenge and go for it! With Christmas just a month ahead, I was prompted to make these red cuties

Turnip and Almond Soup


I had been in a mid blogger's crisis past week, just blank about the recipe I should blog next. Sometimes the same block hits me differently. The pictures would be hosted, the recipe drafted and all scheduled, but the introductory part for the post remain unwritten! Weird, but true! :) Considering my regular readers' choice put up in my FB page, this was handed down by one of my friends

Madakku san ~ The Coconut filled Pancakes of Kerala!


These delectable coconut crepes evoke fond memories of my teen years back in my home town, Kottayam! Madakku san was a regular 'after the school tea time snack', for children back home at 4 or 5 in the evening in Christian households. Our neighbour Kunjumol aunty used to make the best madakku san ever, that the taste still lingers in my taste buds! I believe the delicacy hasn't yet

Deepavali Mutton Kuzhambu


While all the Hindu festivals are related with feasts, sweets, snacks and goodies of whatever kind, it has to be all of vegetarian origin. Plants, leaves, flowers and fruits. But this festival Deepavali or Diwali has an 'excuse'. The Tamilians, especially, the Southies cook lamb on this day and serve for breakfast as Mutton Kuzhambu and/or mutton biriyani for lunch/dinner. Back in my



According to Wiki, Basundi the traditional sweet prepared from milk, belongs to the states, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra and is similar to the preparation of the North Indian Rabri. I already have the recipe of Rabri in my Rasagulla post. When I asked one of my Maharashtrian friend about the difference between the both, she mentioned about the Rabri being thicker and creamier and

Butter Murukku ~ An easy to make Murukku / Chakli recipe for Diwali


It had been a while since I posted a recipe in my space. If to give reasons, there are a few; travel being the main one :), yes, to the far west end of the globe for about a quarter. While I still tide over the jet lag and tiredness coated with the wonderful memories of meeting a few of the wonderful blogger pals in Bay Area, I got prompted to get back to posting a Diwali recipe. I am

Mango Panna Cotta


I always thought Panna Cotta was a 'difficult to make' dessert. But then now I realize, it isn't. As a teen, I was obsessed with whipping up perfect puddings: caramel, mousse, tender coconut and had this flair to play with the hidden ingredient, agar agar or gelatin, which gave the body to the comforting desserts in various forms and flavours. Coming to Panna Cotta, which means cooked

Sambharam ~ Spiced and Flavoured Buttermilk to Beat the Heat!


Sambharam or spiced and flavoured buttermilk of Kerala holds an important place in the culinary history which dates back to centuries. The drink is popular in other Indian states as Chaas, Majjige, Neer mor etc. The uniqueness of Sambharam, compared to the above counterparts is that it's flavoured with lime leaves or Narakathila, authentically! Now, what makes this an ideal summer drink?

Pongal Recipes


Happy Pongal, dear readers. here are a few recipes for a look up..     Sakkarai Pongal ~Traditional pot method Ven Pongal  or Paal pongal ~Traditional pot method Paal Pongal ~ Cooker Method Akkaravadisal ~ Cooker Method

Chocolate Crinkles


Wish you all had a wonderful Christmas day and still enjoying the Christmas time! I see a beautiful Christmas pudding with flambé which I describe as highly exotic in my dear friend's space. My eyes get hooked at those cookies in the corner of the picture. Ah! not to search in the picture she had posted up there, the one she sent me soon after the laborious baking. I ask her about it and

Sura Meen Kuzhambu / Sravu Varutharacha Curry / Shark Fish Curry


Shark fish curry is familiar for the Keralites and Tamilians. Surameen Kuzhambu basically belongs to the Chettiar cuisine, made using paal sura or the young and tender sharks. Sravu Curry is not common in central Kerala, though, a much loved thick brown coloured curry made to perfection! insisted Amma to go for a fish dish everyday this time in Kottayam, the reason being I never get to have

Shortbread Hearts for the Valentines!


                                                                       Foodgawked, Tastespotted        For me, cookie dough is a kid's play-doh. The more the creative, more the products. More the interest, more the ways to dress 'em up Some name them, sexy. Some, romantic ; a few, delectable.  I love semi-formals or smart casuals when it comes to clothing. Enterprising ladies and gentlemen

The Cherishable Moments of an 8 Year Old Blogger!


Why away? I had been away from the blogging world for quite some time. My latest one was a couple of months ago. If given a chance to give reasons, I have quite a few. Been travelling out of India, back home going around for weddings, sick, giving much importance to losing weight etc. (did you know I am in my early 40's and in the borderline of overweight and obesity?) Bloggers are food lovers

Nadan Konju Curry / Kerala Style Prawns Curry


Yes, I am in Kottayam and my mom's sis who lives in the near by town walks in one noon with lovely looking king prawns. They are large, fresh with deep blue and long legs! Amma is done with the lunch and is occupied with other things and I decide to cook the konju in a coconut based naadan style. Marias menu is one of my favourites when it comes to authentic kerala dishes and I decided to

Godhambu Rava Payasam / Wheat Rava Payasam (with coconut milk and jaggery).


If Amma decides to cook on a festival day, we can expect a feast. She would spend hours of hard work in her kitchen, expecting less help from others, comes out with the authentic festival recipes. This Diwali she thus made this yummy and creamy Godhambu Rava Payasam along with crispy 'parippu vadas' and sweet 'pal vadas' paired up with an elaborate lunch spread! Since I am a great fan of