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As Dear As Salt

A chronicle of my love for cooking and some life snippets!

Updated: 2017-12-01T05:52:22.391-05:00


D I W A L I G R E E T I N G S ..............


Wishing all the readers of As Dear As Salt a very Happy and Joyous Diwali.............Here are a few snacks/dishes that you may like to try this festive season.......Dates and Pistachio Poli Ragada Patties Paneer PuriBadam no SeeroSweet Potato Paratha Matthi PuriSee you all after a short break!

Glimpses of St. Helena's farmers Market, Napa AND Zuke-A-mole


He is the King and he did it again!Heartiest Congratulations to Roger Federer who took home the US Open trophy for the 5th consecutive time! What a beauty and pure joy it is to watch him play. The best player ever to play the game of tennis, IMO. Always a class act and ever so generous with all these great achievements, the sign of a true champion!!Coming back to today's post, here are some

Grilled Vegetable (Eggplant, Zucchini & Onion) Panini with Pesto - GYO 2008


Sandwiches in any form, grilled or otherwise, make for such tasty complete meals when paired with the right sides. I think I can have them everyday, albeit with slight variations. But, there was this one time a while back, when due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up having grilled cheese sandwich for 12 straight days for all the meals! Though the vendor took pity on me and threw in a

Decadent Chocolate & Avocado Pate, Rice Bytes for MBP - Less is More


That I *love* avocado is not a secret with my foodie friends! Be it an appetiser, a soup, a salad, an entree or even a dessert, the lovely avocado knows how to shine through :) It is a must buy on my trips to the neighborhood grocery store, yeah I don't get it at my farmer's market here. It has all the good nutrients, including the good fats required for normal body functioning :) Yes, my mind is

Catalan Chickpeas with Almonds and Tomatoes - Chole in a different Avataar?


First off, I would like to share this piece of good news with my dear friends! !I just found out that Mascarpone Cheese is a health food* :) The article I just read mentioned that the calcium in this sweet cheese suppresses the release of calcitriol and parathyroid hormone which both inhibit the breakdown of fat.So buddies, gorge away......;).Feels good to be back with a chickpea recipe after a

Some Random Thoughts and Some Thank You's are in order....


The 'tick' incident in the household left everyone paranoid! After checking and re-checking the clothes in and out for the tenth time, it still did not feel safe enough to wear! All the talk about 'naturalism' went by the wayside and people were heard begging for the antibiotics real quick! Anyway, things are fine, thankfully :) This did not leave me in much of a chatty frame of mind over the

Almond, M A P L E and Cardamom 'Pots de Creme' (sugarless)


The brain was in overdrive, as it always is, in anticipation of creating new & exciting dishes :).I was thinking 'Pots de Creme'! With such an appealing name it was not a tough choice at all. I managed to plug in all kinds of substitutions possible and the results were SWEET....and SMOOTH ;).Pots de Creme refers to both the custard dessert as well as the small lidded pots that this dessert is

Raungi ki Rasewali Subzi - Black Eye Peas cooked in gravy & Earth Day


The smallest action is a million times better than the noblest of thoughts! My little contribution towards mother nature for Earth Day, being celebrated today :)I like to carry bags from home for quick shopping trips, this way I do not have to use plastic bags for the grocery etc. I got mine from TJ's at about $1.99 a piece.I like to tear & use only the amount of paper towel needed for a cleanup

Carrot and Orange Soup


Musambi/Sweet Lime juice was my juice of choice in hostel days. Sipping a large glass of Musambi juice with hot & spicy pav bhaji, late at night was a ritual I looked forward to :) But tastes change! Now it is orange & carrot juice which has taken prime place in my kitchen, sometimes I add pineapple as well. Also, the fact that musambi is not available where I live, made me move on to oranges.

Time To Reveal The Mystery Ingredient --- Apple & Apricot Halwa


Apple and Apricot Halwa!.I gave it a fancier name by shaping the halwa into apple like figurines - Apple & Apricot Apples, oiiiMany Thanks are in order to all who played along, with their guesses. Pistachio was easily identified by many of you. Rava/Semolina/Sooji got the maximum votes for the main ingredient. The ingredient in the depression of the sweet was guessed as some kind of jam/fruit

G U E S S ------ What Ingredients Make Me So Pretty!!


So, what do you say it is ;)Lets put the Guess-Meter in over-drive........

F I G and H O N E Y G E L A T O AND Lemongrass Ginger Ale


One of the fruits that I miss dearly from back home is fresh, juicy, luscious fig! The others being guava, custard apple and chikoo! My standard for these fruits is exceptionally high, only because we had these trees at home and nothing can beat the joy of eating a fruit right off the plant ;) Of course, as a kid I never envisioned that these golden moments would become just a distant memory!

Paneer Broccoli Do Pyaza AND Mix Veg Kootu for Arusuvai


First off, I'm absolutely overwhelmed by your love and response to my Blogiversary post HERE! I'm so very thankful to all of you who left such sweet and wonderful messages for my blog :) I truly appreciate it and loved reading each and everyone of them a few times over ;).Also, a big thanks to my readers who tried my Khasta Kachori and wrote to me how they enjoyed it, was a pleasure hearing from

C'est mon anniversaire blog!! As Dear As Salt turns ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C'est le temps de célébration!!!!! C'est mon anniversaire blog!! As Dear As Salt turns ONE !!!!!.Sounds better in French, doesn't it ;) It is celebration time :).Blogging - one of those things that exceeded my expectations!! Definitely more than the sum of it's parts. What's not to like? I found a place to profess my love(!), unabashedly, for a topic so close to my heart - FOOD! Had to happen

A V O C A D O , PEAS and MINT SOUP........


Avocado - My love for this beauty of a fruit is unmatched! Ever since I was introduced to it, I've been finding ways to get it to my dining table! On one such quest, I whipped up this soup and everyone seemed to like it, needless to say it now makes it's wonderful presence felt at home on a regular basis :)Avocado, Peas & Mint Soup for all you avocado lovers out there!!.1 avocado chopped1 tbsp

A day in the life of Moong - K H A S T A ... K A C H O R I


Whole Moong/Mung beans is not only a powerhouse of nutrients, but is highly revered for it's wholesomeness and makes it's ominous presence felt during holy ceremonies!It is 'THE' dal of choice offered during pregnancy celebration/baby shower to the expectant mother for Good Luck!It is 'THE' dal offered during 'Grihapravesh'/House Warming. The variety of preparations made from this amazingly

Carrot and Ginger Appe


Since I got my Appe pan/ Aeblevisker Pan from back home, I've been using it to dish up various varieties of sweet as well as savory dishes. This pan is quite multipurpose and the non-stick version uses least amount of oil to churn up delicacies. It also comes in handy to make tasty snacks out of leftover idli/dosa batter etc. It is available online, you may click the link above to check it's

Sabudana Khichadi - With a Nutty Twist :)


Ever since I've had exhaustive training in the art of soaking sabudana(sago pearls) from my friend, a Sabudana Khichadi expert, I've had fantastic results, no more gooey lumps :) But, when I saw Nupur's microwave version for the same, I just had to try it! And try I did with flawless results :).Lemme' share with you my Sabudana Khichadi story from my college days :)Round the corner, on my way to

Colcannon - An Irish delicacy ....


Breathing in from a hot oven in winter gives me immense pleasure and the much needed warmth. There is only so much that one can crib about the weather ;) I did that for a season or two and then found me some ways to enjoy the things that can be done when huddled indoors aka lotsa' baking ;) After all, the winters will roll in, whether it is your favorite season or not!!..My search for baked goods

Greetings for a Beautiful New Year - 2008


Wish You All A Very Happy and Peaceful New Year!!.I'm delighted to say that 2007 was a fantastic year for 'As Dear As Salt'!There is more to blogging than can be explained in words!The gush of excitement that takes over when you find a recipe you have been looking for, forever,the meeting of like minds,the exchange of emails to get that 'exact' taste in a recipe you are looking for,discussions

Skinny Banana Pancakes with Walnut & Mascarpone Cheese Topping


Skinny, because I can't flip the other!.My friends think I'm lucky that frosted cakes or cream and sugar decorations don't tempt my fancy. Though I like to spend time admiring those kinds of edible works of art, I can't seem to cajole myself to eat more than a bite of them, I like 'em plain. But Mascarpone is another story :) I like to keep a container of Mascarpone cheese with me at

Red Lentil Soup with Fried Onion, Lime, Mint and Cilantro Dressing....


Red Lentil Soup has a lot many variations worldwide! One of the wonderful ways to dress up a bowl of hearty lentil soup is by adding crunchy fried onions mixed with lime juice and lots of chopped cilantro and mint, it makes for a burst of flavors!!! This one is an adaptation from the middle eastern way of cooking.I use my trusted pressure cooker to finish off the job in a few minutes........ I

Sweet Potato Paratha - The Non-Stuffed Kind !!


How about discussing the similarities, differences and then some about Sweet Potatoes and Yams some other time :) For now, I'll just tell you about my affinity for this lovely tuber :).I enjoy a Sweet Potato(as I know it), by boiling it and then just a sprinkling of salt, pepper and lemon juice :) And my mom's sweet potato chaat brings me immense joy!! It includes fresh boiled & chopped sweet

Pumpkin, Date & Walnut Halwa aka Kaddu, Khajur aur Akhrote ka Halwa


I can write about the pumpkin being in season and how it is all over the market, and is just the right time for a pumpkin recipe! Or, I can regale my childhood stories about how I had a pumpkin patch and about the harvest that we had every year! May be I can charm you with the nutritional properties of orange colored vegetables. But no.I will just get right to the recipe and the pictures... :)

And The Winner Is.............


I sure had so much fun with the 'Guess The Ingredients' fun game!.Had such an overwhelming response with more than 65 fine guesses !!!! Now I've some real fun ideas for cooking ...... am thinking of testing them in my kitchen ;).First to the dish, it is.........drum roll please......:Avocado Masala Buttermilk!.I blended 1 cup buttermilk, 1 cup water, 1/2 avocado, 1 green chili, 1tbsp coriander