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“Happy and successful cooking doesn't rely only on know-how; it comes from the heart, makes great demands on the palate and needs enthusiasm and a deep love of food to bring it to life.” - Georges Blanc, Ma Cuisine des Saisons!

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Spicy Hummus and tasty Salsa


My Sunday addition for "The 52 Cookbook Pact" hosted by Ruchina. These are spicy Hummus and salsa. Easy, spicy and healthy Chickpeas dip for Tortilla chips, Doritos, Pita Bread chips, can also serve with Celery sticks, Carrots sticks etc. Choice is endless. I made these simple and healthy snacks for Super Bowl 50 instead of usual Chicken Wings, Taquitos etc. Of course, you can have those as well,

Strawberry Jam Donut Cake


Happy Valentine's day to all of you. Have a great day. Love yourself, your family, neighbors and friends. Peace and love :) Here is a heart shaped Strawberry Jam Donut cake I baked for Valentine's day. Also for my Sunday contribution for "The 52 Cookbook Pact" hosted by Ruchina. Recipe is from "One Pot Chef", my favorite chef on youtube. I made half the recipe to make a smaller cake, double

Oi-muchim (Spicy Korean seasoned Cucumber)


My Sunday addition for "The 52 Cookbook Pact" hosted by Ruchina. Here is a salad/side dish called "Oi-muchim", a spicy red hot seasoned Cucumber Korean side dish for you. It looks hot and spicy but not really if you use less Gochugaru, can be spicy depends on what kind of chilli and the quantity you add to it but it's delicious and healthy with garlic, sesame oil and sesame seeds. I added Rice

Filipino Adobo Chicken


Another Sunday edition for "The 52 Cookbook Pact" hosted by Ruchina. I had blogged this delicious dish before at my other blog Foodieshope, so used the same picture here. Filipino Adobo Chicken, from Philippines with my slight changes to simplify as always! Dark and delicious Chicken bites marinated in soy sauce, lime juice, Apple Cider vinegar, garlic, onions, and bay leaf, and

Shrimp Dynamite, my style!


Here is my contribution to "The 52 cookbook pact". I hope I can keep up every Sunday with a recipe but will try my best. Thanks for hosting Ruchina :) Shrimp Dynamite: a copycat recipe of P.F.Chang's delicious appetizer, my style! My favorite dish to order whenever we visit there but I simplified the recipe to make it easy and quick for a lunch served on a bed of salad or as I did here, just on

Samosa Chaat, Baby Butter Beans-Potato-Cilantro Kurma, Menasina Saaru/Pepper Soup


I am on blog break, see you all as soon as I can! :)Samosa Chaat, goes to Pallavi's "Sunday Snacks-Chaats/Indian street food" event.Baby Butter Beans-Potato-Cilantro Kurma, goes to Cilantro's "JFI-Cilantro", an event started by Indira.Samosa Chaat and Menasina Saaru, both go to Mahimaa's "15 minute cooking". If you have store bought Samosas and sauces already, it takes literally 10mins to whip up

Spring Onion, Bacon and Cheddar Bread, Kasutera-Japanese Honey Cake


Spring onion, Bacon and Cheddar bread, goes to Cindystar who is guest hosting "Bread baking Day #19-Spring Country bread", an event started by Zorra.Kasutera, a Japanese Honey cake, goes to Lavanya's "A.W.E.D.-Japan", an event started by DK. Thanks to all of you ladies, enjoy hosting.Cheesy Scallion Bacon bread, a savory loaf makes an excellent addition to any picnic or get together at home.

Clicking Spring Mint and Garlic Chives, Egg Jalfrezi, Brown Rice and Besan Uttappa


My Spring Mint and Garlic Chives, goes to Bee and Jai's "Click-Spring/Autumn" event.Egg Jalfrezi, goes to Sudeshna's "Eggs" event who is celebrating her first blog anniversary.Brown Rice, Besan/Chickpea flour and Carrot Uttappa, goes to Trupti who is guest hosting "Cooking for Kids-Rice" event, which is started by Sharmi.Thanks to all of you ladies, enjoy my 150th post at Aroma! :)Spring Mint and

Batata Vada/Alu Bonda, Tomato and mixed Vegetable Avarekalu Uppittu/Upma


Batata vada, goes to Harini's "Recipes for rest of us-Starters" event which is started by Ramki.Mixed vegetable and Tomato Uppittu, goes to Sahaja's "Single serving Recipes" event.Thanks ladies, enjoy! :)Who doesn't like Batata Vada or Alugedde bonda as we call it in Kannada? Here is my quick version I made just for this event. No measurement required for the dishes we send to this event and it

Clicking Wooden Rice Mould/Mold, Roasted veg and Artichoke Pasta, Mac and Cheese Casserole with Italian sausage.


My Japanese wooden Rice Mold, goes to Jugalbadi's ever popular visual candy event "CLICK-WOOD".Pasta with roasted Bell pepper, Artichoke hearts and Tomato, goes to Soma of "ecurry" who is guest hosting "Hay Hay, it's Donna's day #26" event. Roma has chosen Donna Hay's this recipe for us to try. This event's original host is Bron Marshall.Mac and cheese with Italian sausage, goes to Srivalli of "

Jamaican Festival (Fried Bread)


My Jamaican festival bread goes to Meeta of "What's for lunch, honey" blog for her "Monthly Mingle" event. She has chosen "Caribbean cooking" as a theme for this month. Thanks for hosting, Meeta! :)(A quick note to all event hosts before I start:I will be taking a short break from cooking for events at "Aroma" blog probably until the last week of March or so, really need some time to read few

Sour Cream Potato Loaf and a Tomato Garlic soup


Sour cream and Potato bread is my contribution to "Bread Baking Day #17" event which is started by Zorra of "kochtopf". For the month of February, Lien of "notitievanlien" blog is guest hosting this event, with her choice of "Bread and Potato" for us.Thanks to both of you, enjoy hosting and I can't wait to see the round up and salivate at all the Potato filled Breads!! :)Bread made with tangy

ULTRA Grind and Pride: the softest Idlis, Dosas and Vadas!


ULTRA Grind:This wet grinder post has nothing to do with any event at all, unless there is a gadget event is going on! :DSome of my readers wanted to know how I liked it and whether it works as it promises. So I thought I would try grinding something first and then post some pics about it. I made idli batter with this, came out so soft and fluffy, I regret waiting all these yrs to buy one! Only

Aloo Biryani with Cucumber Raita, Chole-Dill Chaat, Rice Cake Flower


Siri of "Siri's corner" is guest hosting "Recipes for rest of us-Dinner" event, which is started by Ramki. My Aloo Biryani with Cucumber Raita goes to Siri.Rachana of "The Gourmet Launchpad" blog is asking for "A Heathy Bite" for her healthy and tasty party appetizers event. I am sending her my healthy and tangy "Chole-Dill Chaat".Chitra amma of "Chitra amma's kitchen" is hosting a cute event to

Italian vegan grilled Grapefruit-Zucchini, Panko Mozzarella sticks


Grilled Grapefruit-Zucchini salad is my entry to "Fresh produce of the month", an event is started by Marta of "Italian in US" blog and Simona of "Briciole" is guest hosting this month with a theme of "Citrus fruits except Oranges and Lemons".I am also sending this Italian Vegan grilled Zucchini salad to Vaishali of "Earth Vegan" blog who is hosting a event this month called "It's a Vegan

Vegetable Gratin, MW Savory Vegetable Pudding, Clicked!


Vegetable Gratin, topped with savory breadcrumbs, dripping with delicious Bechamel sauce and Parmesan cheese is my contribution to Bee of Jugalbandi's "CLICK-The photo event-Cheese/Tofu" event this month. Thanks Jugs!Well..I am supposed to say something about the photo I am posting here for the event. All I can say is, Bee threatened me that she would break all North Carolina Panthers' legs so

Panchratani Palak Dal, Raw Jackfruit and Chana Ghashi


My Panchratani Palak dal and raw Jackfruit-Chana Ghashi, both go to Susan of "the well seasoned cook" blog who is hosting a wonderful, protein packed event called "My Legume love affair-8th helping". My raw Jackfruit-Chana Ghashi goes to Lakshmi G of Taste of Mysore" blog who is guest hosting "AFAM-Jackfruit" event this month, which is originally launched by Maheswari.Thanks to all of you for

Carrot-Fennel-Walnut Cake with Orange cream cheese frosting


My Carrot cake flavored with Orange juice, Fennel seeds and Walnuts goes to Ivy of "Kopiaste" blog who is guest hosting the event "Think Spice..Think..Twice", which is started by Sunita of "Sunita's World". Ivy has given 2 choices to us this month; Mastic Gum and Fennel, I have chosen the aromatic Fennel seeds in my cake.Orange flavored Carrot cake also goes to Aparna of "My diverse Kitchen" blog

Caribbean Chicken Fricassee and a Blackeyed peas Rice


My healthy and low fat Caribbean Chicken Fricassee goes to Meeta's "Monthly Mingle" event. Michelle of "What's cooking?" is guest hosting MM event this month with a theme of "Healthy family dinners". Thanks to both of you, enjoy my slightly spicy, healthy and tasty Fricassee! :))Here is a tasty and healthy fricassee of chicken with typical Caribbean flavors added like Allspice, Thyme, and not

No-Bake creamy cookies and super fast Microwave Brownies


No-bake creamy cookies go to Priyanka of "Asan Khana" blog who is asking us to "Cook and Create with Luv for Luv" for Valentine's day with this event. Made a heart with full of sweet sugar for you, enjoy!Happy Valentine's day in advance to all you! :))Super fast Microwave Brownies go to Srilekha of "Me and my kitchen" blog, whose theme for this month is "EFM-Microwave dishes". Here are my yummy

Jalapeño Bajji, Onion Pakoras and a homemade masala (Saarina pudi) powder


Hot and spicy Jalapeno Bajjis goes to Pallavi of "All things yummy" blog's event "Sunday snacks-Hot and spicy" . Bonus Onion Pakoras go to her too!A versatile Saarina pudi/Sambhar powder taken from my mom's recipe book goes to Smitha of "Kadumanga" blog's event "Colors of taste-Sambhar, Rasam Powders". I can't wait for this 'Powders' round up, just think of so many masala powders in one

Easy Oatmeal Rava Dosa, Roasted Coconut chutney and a MW Paneer Chole Makhani


Easy Oatmeal Rava dosa goes to EC of "Simple Indian Food" blog who guest hosting "MBP-Easy breakfast" event this month, which is started by Coffee of "The spice Cafe". I chose this dish from Vibaas of "Delectable Vegetarian recipes" blog.Roasted coconut, onion and chana dal chutney goes to Ramya of "Mane Adige" blog, who just launched an event called "Chutney/Dip Mania". Microwaved Paneer dish

Thai spicy salad and a Persimmon pudding to cool you down!


Spicy Thai salad is my contribution to "A.W.E.D.-Thailand" (vegetarian) event which is hosted by DK of "Culinary Bazaar". Thanks for hosting, dear Ms. DK! :))As DK and I were talking about weight, gaining and losing and all that beautiful things (Mine mostly! :D) last week, I thought I will make a light and spicy dish rather than usual Thai curries specially for DK for her event and went on to

Urad dal masala vada with spicy dal savory yellow legume winter treat!


Alrighty! Here is my favorite winter snack "Urad dal masala vada with spicy dal dip" , which goes to all these events. If anybody (event hosts I mean) do not want it, let me know!! :D I am sending this to Srivalli of "cooking4allseasons", who is guest hosting the event "My Legume love affair-7th helping" , which is started by Susan of "Well seasoned cook". This is also my second entry for

Spinach and Feta cheese bread


Spinach and Feta cheese bread is my contribution to "Bread Baking day #16" which is being hosted by Temperance of "High on the Hog" blog, with a theme of Bread with cheese. Thanks for hosting the first bread event for 2009, Temperance and my thanks to Zorra for starting this event. I am sure you all will enjoy this event as much as I did baking this bread! :))When my kitchen was being remodeled