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How To Promote Your Business Online For FREE! by Luis Galarza

Updated: 2018-03-19T15:06:48.272-04:00


Is Your Business Ready For Semantic Search?


Semantic search is the new way Google and other top search engines are basing their result on, which makes it really important for you as a business owner to understand this.

Here is a complete guide to semantic SEO:

Web Marketing Dude


Learn The Number One Way To Increase Customer Retention [Video]


Building long lasting customer relationships is one of the most important factors of any business, online or offline, and John Weisenberger is more that qualify to teach you, because he helped Fortune 500 companies. He actually teaching some of those tactics right here in this public Google Plus Hangout On Air.

Enjoy the video:
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Get Focused and Financially Free in Your Business


Success (Photo credit: baejaar)
I really recommend you to watch this great Google Plus Hangout where Allison Maslan provides some great advice on how to leverage resources and good people to form a team and take your business to the next level.

Here is the video, enjoy:
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The Ultimate Resources Guide And Tutorials To Google Tag Manager [Videos]


Tag Management Made Easy!

If you follow SEO and Google latest news you should already know about the new free marketing tool released by the big "G" called Google Tag Manager. In short what this tools does is simple, it helps you uncluttered some of your website code by adding your tags somewhere else, this helps increase the speed of your website or blog which by the new search engine optimization standards will also boost your web traffic.

Tag Manager Resources.

To help you understand even further exactly what's GTM and how to use it, I curated the best articles and 5 different useful videos to help you use it the right way.
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How To Easily Build A Membership Site With WordPress And Profit Theme [Video]


Building WordPress Based Members Only Program!

Today I want to share with you the free webinar replay hosted by Fred Gleeck that will help you learn how to use WordPress and a special business template by Profits Theme that is design to help you create salespages, lead capture pages, download pages, members only areas and much more.

Here is the webinar video with more information on how this work and also you get some good marketing tips and tricks:
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Even The President Is Using This New Lead Capture Pages Designs To Boost Opt-Ins


President 'Stay Informed' Landing Site!
I don't know if you have notice but many top online marketers including the President of the United Estates, Mr Barack Obama, are using a new leap capture page design that proved to increase email opt-ins or newsletter subscribers. After testing many different classy squeeze pages designs one had the best conversions rates, maybe because web users are already to use to the classy landing page where you see an arrow pointing to the email form, a title, and some information about what your can expect after sign up. But, also
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YouTube Subscribe Button Marketing Trick Get You More Subscribers [Video & Free Tool]


One of the best ways to get more video views on YouTube is by having a large audience for your content, specially if that audience is already subscribe to your channel, which mean they already approve your content as interesting or valuable for them. Below I share a great tutorial that shows a little video marketing trick that uses an interactive "Subscribe Button" to increase your channel's subscribers, this trick works very well, because it makes your clips look more professional and engaging.

Here is how it looks, well without the arrows I added to point to the actual button, which by the way flies from under the clip to the screen at the same time James points to that corner:
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How To Use Google Plus Hangouts On Air For Your Business


Hangout Tips From The Trenches!

Today I wanted to share this great video which is a replay of a public business hangout. In this free presentation titled "Learn How To Use Google Plus Hangouts On Air For Business", you can learn not just what's this online communication tool really is, but how you can use to create and share content with your audience.

What's inside the Google Plus Hangout tutorial?

The video is excellent for beginners and experience users so there is a lot that you can learn from today from Vanessa Schneider and Toby Stein and their guesses. They did a great job explaining different factors like:
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Unheard Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners [Video]


Affiliate Tips For Newbies!
When it comes to affiliate marketing or promoting other merchants' products or services for a commission, you need to know that if you already have a high traffic website/blog or you have a large responsive email list you can take your affiliate business to a different level. In the training video below you gonna learn a few tips you should know that can boost your current profits.

Here is the video with some good and unheard associate program promotion tips:
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4 No Excuses Content Based Product Creation Strategies


Information Products Development Tips!

There is way too much stuff to learn and do, so how can you apply an effective content based product strategy without any excuses? I know is hard but the rewards are way worst the effort!

I know you have ever felt totally swamped, to the point of being so overwhelmed that you just give up and quit, well, you are so not on your own. I've been there!

It really is one of the most common reasons that people give up and lose interest is just no clear steps, strategy or goals to follow through.
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7 Videos Explaining The New Google Plus UI And Profile Redesign


Here My Google+ Profile New With The New Design!

Just in case you didn't know Google+ just when into one of the mayor changes since it open to the public last year. The site release an update to their UI that gave us a brand new redesign Google Plus profile and Brand Pages look, which by the way I love so far. It has a few bumps here and there, but the design works very well in so many ways. Specially for marketing!

Below I post 7 videos created by Google to show users how the new site design works and how to use it effectively.
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How Videos Go Viral - Marketing Effect [Video - Infographic]


This is a question many people, specially online marketers always ask, how or why videos go viral? The problem that this question is very hard to answer without showing you different type of video content that you will never think it has viral effect power, but it did. And sometimes the creator didn't even have a lot of channel subscribers.

Below I'm sharing a great speech from the masters of TED, in this presentation Kevin Allocca explain some of the reasons why some media have a virality effect higher than others, even if you think is just an stupid clip. Now before you watch the presentation I need to understand something:
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The Changing Nature Of Marketing To Content [Video]


Content Creation Is The New Marketing

Today I want to share with your a great video where two expert and co-founders of the CCA Marketing Agency, which by the way is the PR firm behind the promotion of the movie blockbuster Transformers... They share their experience opinion about how traditional marketing have gone into an drastic evolution path that made it go from being in from of the content, instead now turn you into the actual content provider...
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Google Plus vs Blogs: As Your Content Platform [Video & Infographic]


G+ vs. Blogs!

Today I want to answer a question that many new entrepreneurs and online marketers are asking about where they should publish their content, on their own blogs or on Google Plus? I share a video below by that answers this specific question, now I don't completely agree with her answer.

She makes some good points but she is treating Google+ like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which is a big mistake! Plus is beyond a regular social media site, is in fact a completely content platform on its own.

Before I give you my answer to the question 'Google Plus or Blogs?', I recommend you to watch her video and learn from her advice, she proves very good web marketing tips, is just a little incomplete, and then continue reading to get the full response from me:
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15 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube [Video]


To complement and level up your video marketing knowledge, here are two great training presentation that is going to show you how to increase your subscribers on YouTube. As you know having more subscribers that can interact with your content can help you boost your ranking on the site and get more people to watch your media.

On the first presentation you gonna learn 15, actually 16 different ways to get more users to subscribe to your channel and on the second one you gonna learn a few more tips from someone that is already having a lot of success with their YouTube channel.
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37 Creative Ways To Use QR Codes In Your Mobile Marketing Strategy [Video]


Cool and Creative QR Codes!

As I mention before one of the best ways to start implementing mobile promotion strategies in your online marketing mix is by adding QR codes to your tool set, specially now that you know that you can get create your own QR code for free is no reason why you shouldn't be trying this amazing communication tools.
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26 Most Useful Free QR Codes Generators [Videos]


Sexy QR Code by

Now that smartphones are in almost every pocket of people in the U.S. and in the world, the use of QR codes (Quick Response Codes) have increased rapidly. Why? Because this simple mobile bar codes are very useful, it help businesses connect the offline world with the digital, usually in one simple step. Also many are doing different things to raise awareness for it like

Expert recommend the use of this tool and mobile apps to small businesses (local or national) as a way to connect with their audience in a very engaging way. If is use right in combination with a web and mobile marketing strategy you can create a win situation for your company and your customers.
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2012 Best Selling Valentine's Day Products And Categories


Online Top Selling Items For This Holiday!

If you are looking for the perfect Valetine's Day gift idea or top selling products and categories to profit from , this post should become your ultimate shopping and research guide to the most popular and trendy items for this holiday. And one thing is clear women also want their gadgets...

Best Valentine's Day Products To Sell Online.

Popular Categories
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29 Most Popular Products Of This Week Online: February 5th-13th of 2012


Epic Fail: Parent Send Kid To Look For Top Selling Item!

Here is another great list of what products are hot or popular this week online. This list represents top product searches for February 5th till the 13th of 2012, which is excellent if you are looking to know some of the items that are being search by consumers and entrepreneurs right before Valentine's Day, which is one of the most profitable holidays for offline and online retailers.

This Week Top Products On The Internet.

This a great shopping list to help you see what can still be hot this coming holiday week. Here is the list of most search items:
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Facebook IPO: Who Owns The Company [Infographic]


With all the buzz about many new things in the Internet marketing and social media industry, I completely forgot to write something about the big news in the social-sphere, the Facebook IPO. The company decide to go public and many people was going crazy about it, specially investors because this move represents for many a new opportunity to profit from the stock market after all this recession black whole...
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Free St. Valentine's Day Icons Set For Your Website And Holiday Promotion


Image source: ZoofiTheji.

As you know I'm a freebie maniac, and every time I get my hands into a very cool and useful free marketing or web tool or product I like to share it with you. This time I found a great selection of free St. Valentine's Day icons you can use on your website or you can use to customize your February promotion with the holiday.Read more »

117 Epic E-Commerce Website Designs For Your Inspiration


Cool E-Commerce Website Examples!

When in comes to have the a good looking e-commerce website that actually entice your visitors to take action can take a lot of brainstorming, researching, and planning. But, one I think I recommend you it to start by delivering an eye catching first impression, and having an epic site design can help you do just that.
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Learn How To Code Websites Or Apps For Free [Tutorials & Tool]


Stop screaming and learn how to code!

As an online entrepreneur and business owner you can live in the dark when it comes to web programming and coding. Is imperative for you as the main person in your company to at least understand how to code, so you can make your own programming or you can make smart decisions when it comes to outsourcing your software or web design projects.
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SOPA & PIPA: Everything You Need To Know [Videos And Infographics]



Today is the day we all stand together a create a revolution to protect our right to be free, liberty, freedom of speech, and innovative evolution. This is why I decide to put together the most useful resources about SOPA and the PIPA bills, not just to help you understand it, but also to educate you and give you the tools to help you fight back just like other million web users.
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Top 100 Inspirational And Motivational Success Quotes You Can Share Today


Source: "Achieving Success!"

You can deny the fact that one of the most spreadable content on social media sites like Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook are inspirational success quotes from famous and even regular people with a positive mind. Here I collected 100 of the most popular quotations you can share today...
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