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Do business on your SmartPhone - Avail all Indian Tenders


As we are having great advances in technology by leaps n bounds in a very fast and rapid fashion, so we are also growing by using that technology. Today, no matter how big or small your company is, no matter how far or near you are from your office, no matter what is the time in your country, we are always doing business and catering the needs of our customers and trying regularly to help them get the best services and products from our side.

To attain such an innovative and rapid and all-round-the-clock availability we need to equip ourselves with latest gadgets through which we should learn to handle everything just on a click.

So, we are inclining towards getting latest smart-phones, tablets and laptops connected with internet at almost all the time.

In order to help you out to attain all the above stated benefits, we have now introduced responsive design to all the tender- detail pages through which you will be able to see all the info regarding the same very clearly and without any distortion, irrespective of the fact whether you have a tab, a laptop or smart-phone of any make and size.

By simple 3 steps, you can avail such benefits:
1- Subscribe yourself to your required tender keyword/ product.
2- Start getting mails in your mailbox for all new tenders that come in subscribed categories.
3- Access the mail and then tender details from your smart-phone any-time and anywhere.

IndiaMART Tenders’ portal provide you updated with latest information regarding tenders published by any authority in a sorted fashion based on industry, state and authority wise. No matter how and what you want to see, you can avail the required tender free-of-cost just by selecting the correct sorting, filtering option from our site. Or through subscribing and getting tenders’ info in your mailbox.

For any issue regarding the functionality of the site, the unavailability of any tender, or any sort of problem regarding Indian tenders info, you can always mail us or call us toll-free at:

Toll Free Number – 1800 200 4444

How Google HummingBird Algo is beneficial for IndiaMART !!


HummingBird is the latest algorithm floated by Google in order to make the SERP's (Search Engine Results Page) more relevant and accurate and to fight spam. Now, to further explain it more elaborately, let us consider an example. Say a keyword “Industrial Automation” is searched on Google which is a short keyword. Here you will see all the results relevant to keyphrases like “Industrial Automation Equipment” and “Industrial Automation Services”.

But if we see minutely both the terms, with the arrival of HummingBird, this keyword is NO longer a GOOD keyword because these are two different things offered by two different companies. So, listing of “equipment” as well as of “Services”, both will come in SERP's and is irrelevant for individual user.

When manufacturing professionals talk about industrial automation, they are usually referring to reducing labor costs, increasing uptime, operational management or improving reliability. They’re typically looking for editorial content about how to accomplish these objectives — not companies that provide equipment or services for industrial automation.

But the same search is useful for B2B companies like because it lists varied clientele having both “services” and “equipment” providing companies with it.

Happy Searching and Googling !!

Indian SME's going Social to GROW their Businesses


Now the time has come when morning bed-tea has become the second priority. Everybody in business domain needs to be updated and update others about the happenings planned in their business in order to brand themselves and make others feel more enlightened.

Now with SmartPhone Market growing like anything, we always want
to remain social through the same whether we eat, sleep or travel. Now the time has come when the need of such socializing can and should not be ignored. Gone are the times when people used to fight for getting the top rankings in SE. Now the time has come to increase your followers and contacts online through channels like facebook and twitter.

Small Businesses are playing a vital role as grassroots of the big brands who are constantly innovating and expanding themselves. SME's gives good employment to the people and helps in overall economic development. According to a study, India has almost 40 million SME's with 5 lakh approx having their online presence.

As per Assocham and ComScore, “Among the BRIC nations, India has been the fastest growing market adding over 18 million Internet users and growing at an annual rate of 41 per cent.” The report further suggests that internet users in India are expected to touch 350-450 million by 2015-16 and this will act as a catalyst in the growth of SMBs.

In traditional times, we all know that how difficult it was to find any information regarding tendersfloated by different PSU's and other private companies. But now, with the advent of technology and internet, now certain SME's like IndiaMART gathers all such information on a regular basis for you and publish the same on their site to equip you with all the info at a single place just on a click.

With this type of info present on the web, now it has become quite easy for the visitors/ SME's / Small Businesses to find the consolidated information at a single place and then choose for the best and apply accordingly by bidding their best.

Latest LIVE Indian Tenders Information from


-->, one of the largest portals in India for B2B suppliers and buyers introduces Tendersinformation providing all the relevant and authenticated info published in various newspapers throughout the nation. It segregates all the tenders info categorically and places in front of you with very easy-to-use site navigation and site structure.

It shows approx 75000 LIVE Indian tenders info at any point of time. Here 5000 new tenders are uploaded on daily basis which are authenticated by well-experienced personnels and are published with snapshot of newspaper cutting also.

It segregates the whole information of said 75000 LIVE tenders info into “Tenders by State” , “Tendersby Authority”, and “Tenders by Industry”. It has also recently introduced new section of “Auction Tenders” on visitor's demand and shows all the scrap tenders, vehicles tenders, gems and jewelry tenders auction info through the same.

In the recent past, it has also made use of Data Highlighter feature introduced by in its webmasters tool option, by the use of which its visibility in GoogleSERP's has also improved to a lot.

It provides user-friendly Search Feature also in its esteemed site through which one can find any of his required tenders info sorted on the criterion he wants.

IndiaMART tenders has a wide visibility on different social media platforms and blogs also to keep the connections up-to-date with all the latest information in Indian tenders world and making it very appropriate choice for the users to choose the most relevant tender as per his requirement.

A FREE subscription form has also been implemented on the site in order to make the info available to anybody in his mailbox by subscribing the relevant keyword/ category through the same.

To end this article, I would strongly recommend visit on this portal in order to increase your business and therefore income.


Great opportunity in OIL, ONGC and RIL sectors after government announcement


Great to have news like on Friday, the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs (CCEA) has announced to raise gas price to US$8.4/mmbtu effective April 2014 for a period of five years.

Headed by Prime Minister's economic advisor C Rangarajan, the new price will be applicable to both private as well as public sector units and will be revised on a quarterly basis.

According to Angel Broking Experts, "estimate ONGC's EPS to rise by 4-7 per cent for every US $1/mmbtu increase in gas price. Reliance Industries EPS is expected to increase by only 2-5% in FY2015 on account of increase in gas prices as production has declined from its KG D6 basin to 18mmscmd (against targeted 60mmscmd)".

The higher gas prices will incentive upstream companies to raise production from newer blocks.

For the same purpose, various LIVE tenders issued by various Oil and Power companies can easily be found at:

and many such others.

Due to this optimistic news for the sector, the sensex also surged to more than 320 points and nifty by around 100 points. These stocks has also got a lot of potential if everything goes well.

Announcing Good reach to business opportunities for Indian SME's


In the current scenario where the value of Indian rupee is depreciating day-by-day, inflation as well as the prices of every commodity is increasing. With this increase in price of every consumable, it has become imperative to increase out income.

See related news at below link, the snapshot of which is as under:

So, here comes the opportunity for all Indian SME's to bid their best to avail as many tenders as possible which has been issued by various authorities. It usually give bi-fold benefit to any entrepreneur, one is increase in income and second is branding by getting associated with government agencies and other brands.

Now information related to all the tenders can easily be availed just on a click on the revamped / redesigned site which is the biggest and most – authentic source of any information related to Indian tenders.

Here one has the option to see the tenders in any chronological order as per his/ her requirement, whether it be sorting with publishing/ issuing date, sorting by due / expiry date, filtering by state, city etc. Also there are lot many options to view either tenders issued by Indian Govt, Latest Tenders, Tenders by State, Authority and Industry.

Also the best feature is to subscribe the tender alerts in your mailbox categorically or keyword based.

Indian LIVE Tenders


WoW !! WoW !! WoW !!.....
Find all the 75000 LIVE tenders info from India with daily updation of approx 5000 New Tenders. Just subscribe to the relevant category and receive all the new tenders info in your mailbox absolutely Free @

Finding any Indian Tender Made more easy


We gladly boast to redesign and launch the tenders portal homepage with lots of new features available for the ease and convenience of end-user. Here following key points are focussed upon:
  • 2-Column clean layout without any clutter.
  • Clear listing of Tender-Categories with further bifurcation into Products & Services Tenders.
  • Listing of Popular keywords searched for Tenders.
The user experience has been kept as the top priority. Now you can easily navigate through almost every/ any LIVE tender present on the site. Also, multiple options to search for a particular category tender has been given in order to make your search more easy and accurate.

Searching tenders in your region has become very easy just by selecting appropriate state and corresponding city/ies to make your search even more

accurate and authentic.

Tenders are also sorted based on products and services category. Also user experience is enriched by sorting the tenders date wise, both in ascending and descending order based on your preferences.

The tender-seeker also gets the opportunity to subscribe for the tenders in the particular category, the info of which will be sent to his registered mail id on daily basis absolutely Free-of-Cost.

Tenders can further be seen either by state, industry or issuing authority. Also a separate section showing all the Latest tenders can also be seen. Similarly, sections of Government tenders and Archive (Expired) tenders can also be seen.

what is a tender notice, Tender notification, business Tenders.


What is a tender notice?

A tender-notice or business tender is the notification from a company or organization to all the SME's and concerned people that the organization wants some work to be done for which you can bid for the same and if shortlisted, you will be given the contract to work for the said organization. Here certain parameters are considered to be very important vis-a-vis Tender issue date, tenure of the work, and tender expiry date.

Here the key factor is to bid strategically in order to win the tender notification. Bidding is a process which is done by various vendors in order to grab the opportunity to get the work. Here quality and industry competitive pricing are the main attributes to win the tender.

India's best tender site, offers you absolutely FoC facility of showing Indian tender notifications. Here you can find Indian Government TenderNotifications, latest Tenders notices, PWD tenders, AAI tenders, State tenders, Delhi Tenders, UP tenders, MP tenders, Odisha Tenders, Rajasthan tenders and many more.

In all, we give you the huge opportunity to view around 80,000 LIVE tenders categorized differently.

Tenders @ IndiaMART offers you with a wide variety of filter options to find the most appropriate tender for your business needs. Here you can find the tenders categorized on the basis of Indian States, Indian Authorities and industry-wise.

Also Recently only we have introduced Auction tenders page on visitors demand. Our search pages has been revamped to a lot in order to make the view of the tenders more easy for you.

We provide tender-info which are published at numerous sources in print media. You can find numerous tenders sorted categorically and pick out the best-ones for you where you can further apply and bid to become a contender in getting the business.

CCTV Market in INDIA


Today with the increasing thefts, robberies and other terrorist activities taking place all over the world, it has become quite imperative to get CCTV recordersinstalled.As per the recent stats, as shown in figure below, Asia Alone occupies around 42% market in Video Surveillance products which is the largest in comparison to the whole world which is further increasing day-by-day.As per the another study, in next five years the market share of such products is going to increase substantially which proves the opportunity prevailing in the market.The tenders published by different authorities of India, state govt and industries of India are consolidated and put under one roof for your easiness in finding and filtering as per your needs and requirements. The words such as CCTV, CCTV Camera, CCTV Systems, CCTV Surveillance Systems, CCTV Monitor Systems, CCTV Security Camera etc.  are used synonymously in order to represent almost the same thing.Source: cablinginstall websiteWhereas closed-circuit television (CCTV) is suitable for LIVE-monitoring purposes, Closed-circuit digital photography (CCDP) is more suited for capturing and saving recorded high-resolution photographs.ASSOCHAM describes CCTV as ‘the most sought-after security system.’ Theease with which different monitoring systems can be connected with police stations and defence headquarters, whilst providing                  real-time                                                                                                                        Source: webgateinc websitestreaming of CCTV, makes surveillance a feasible security solution.In the words of Mr.D S Rawat, secretary general of ASSOCHAM, “Rapid economic        growth and rising industrial activities amid security threats, fear of potential terrorist attacks has fuelled the demand for CCTV cameras evidently as government authorities and even private sector are investing huge amount of money in installing CCTVs to secure their offices and public places across the country”.[...]

Indian Oil Corporation Tender


     IOCL Provides various business opportunities the company has already earned various prestigious award including supply chain excellence and Safety innovation Award. The Indian oil Tender can bring you various opportunity vender and supplies can benefit by these tender as Indian oil tender can be good revenue generating source in India.

These tender can be fetched for absolutely free of cost from Indiamart tender and Notification service company. Tenders.Indiamart is the premier information tender portal which offer one stop solution for your entire tender search.

The oil companies across the world generate provides huge revenue as oil has become one the precious commodities these days. there is huge requirement, and its ralted products accross the globe, The demand of oil related products is increasing every day. oil company of the word focusing in research and development and finding new sources.

CCTV Cameras and Business Opportunities


Know all about CCTV Cameras and Business Opportunities for the same:Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) Cameras, are basically used for surveillance purposes in both commercial and residential places. It helps in keeping a record of all the thefts, all the activities taking place in the shop, organization which is further recorded in some back-end which can later be seen again in case of any illegal/ un-lawful activity that had taken place over there as evidence and easy sorting out the same.CCTV CameraIt is exactly same as video recording done all the time in order to remain protect from any wrong activity at your place. So, it has always proved to be a necessary installation at your workplace in order to have smooth running of your business.In case of various bomb plants also in recent past, CCTV cameras installed at various places has always helped investigators to find enough clue about the terrorists.In case of medical hospitals also, if some mischievous people do some nonsense activities, then also it has helped many-a-times as an evidence to legal authorities.Day-by-day, as the technology is rapidly improving, the pixel density of these CCTV Cameras is increasing, thereby providing more clarity and covers a more larger radius of capture.Once you have installed such CCTV units, obviously, sooner-or-later, problems may come. In order to rectify the same, different CCTV parts and other accessories are needed along-with CCTV after-sales services. So, today it has become quite common to find any service-center for any such surveillance equipment. Other than CCTV Cameras, other products such as Digital Cameras, CCTV monitor system, CCTV Security camera, cctv surveillance camera, Digital Video Recorders etc.Now, irrespective of the rapid growth in technology, costs are continuously decreasing due to cut-throat competition between brands making it.So, SME's have great opportunity also to start and run CCTV Camera and other surveillance products by availing business tenders available FoC on certain good portals to make all the related info available.[...]

Laboratory Equipment Tenders are Growing in Tendering Markets


A recent trend in the tendering market is the substantial growth of Laboratory equipment tenders. With research and experimentations growing steadily not only in the public sector but also in the large and medium corporate sectors as well, demands for laboratory equipments are constantly growing. One will find numerous laboratory equipment tenders in India.Important Laboratory Tenders-Laboratory equipments are absolutely indispensable in any lab whether chemical, medical, or mechanical. Some of the most important laboratory equipments are as follows and most of the laboratory equipment tenders are floated for their procurement. Laboratory Equipment TendersBottles seem insignificant but are indispensable for any type of labs. They are mostly used for heating small quantity of components at using very high temperature. Crucibles are also used for heating as well as testing of small quantity of different items. Mortar and pestle is one of those equipments that can be used in the smaller labs as well as in the larger labs and equipments. Most of the organizations having laboratories will float numerous laboratory equipment tenders for procuring above items. However, the list is not exhaustive and only suggestive. There are numerous other items for which such laboratory equipment tenders are floated opening up substantial business opportunities for the entrepreneurs in the field. [...]

UPS Tender Info.



Boosting Development PWD



Indian Railway Tenders


Indian Railway Tenders play an important role for any and every individual of the nation. Whether it be short distances or long, people feel safe and comfortable and convenient to travel with Indian Rail.

So, authority of Indian Railways issue several notices for SME's to work for them in a variety of ways. 

Different works of which tenders are issued can be of Railway Tracks maintenance and construction, Railway Structures development etc etc.

Indian Railways are further sub-divided into smaller divisions like eastern railways, western railways, central railways etc who for their region issues the tenders.

A lot of Business opportunites are present by availing and working for these tenders, the result of which is two-fold: i) Your BRANDING, ii) Improving your business monetarily.

So, if you want to grow, then take the first-movers advantage by seeing the consolidated info of railway tenders and avail the opportunity to avail them by applying to the concerned authority as is prescribed in the tender-details.

What are you waiting for ? Go and grab the much awaited Indian Railways Tenders NOW....

Latest Tender News and Information


With the rapid growth in industrialization across borders, it has become very important to save time and take out most out of available opportunities to grow your business, both in terms of BRANDING and ECONOMICALLY.So, based on the industry you deal into, find all the tenders available on India's LARGEST tenders siteHere if you want to search tenders based on industry, authority, tender-value, or region wise, just select the appropriate box and click on the search button. And by doing so, you will be able to get almost all the LIVE tenders issued/ published by searched authority or industry or state government.Benefits:1- You don't need to go to the market to buy different newspapers etc to find for any tender. This work of yours is done by us FoC.2- By subscribing to tenders-alerts service which an extra service given by us, you can regularly get new tenders published by the subscribed authority/ industry in your mailbox. You can then see all the info regarding the tender on a click.3- In case you feel any difficulty in finding the tender or any issue related to our site, you can always call us on our toll-free number for guidance.Opportunity:1- Always find the opportunity to grow your business which comes to you. Here you get the opportunity to get the info through us and then availing it by applying to the concerned authority.2- You can parallelly find approx 70-80 K LIVE tenders from different domains to avail.3- Here,  you can find all the tenders FoC whereas in online tenders from other competitors, you have to pay few bucks in order to see the information regarding those tenders.4- You can also see all the “Latest Tenders” sorted based on issue date in the said section: Latest T( We have recently only introduced new section where you can find the info regarding upcoming auctions at: A very huge section containing all the archived tenders can also be found at : for your reference. We have got a database of tenders of around 44Lakh, both LIVE and ARCHIVED.So, just click on the link below and browse our site for the tender waiting for you[...]

Building and Construction Department Tenders


Tenders Invited for Construction of stores building at Bengaluru-Due Date- 18-April-2013Notice Type- Tender NoticeAddress- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bengaluru, Karnataka.Category-  Civil Construction WorkEMD-  INR 31,300/-Document Fee-  INR 2,110/-Facilities Management Division Of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bengaluru, Karnataka invites tenders notice for Construction of Stores Building for Test Bed Department at Bengaluru. Tender document can be collected/downloaded from .Click here to know more PWD Tenders [...]

Tenders Invited for Supply Of Material Of Digital EEG Monitor At Allahaba


Executive Engineer Of North Central Railway, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh invites tenders notice for Supply of material of digital EEG monitor. Tender document can be collected/downloaded from                                                                            Computer Hardwares & Consumables  Notice Type - Tender NoticeTender Scope - DomesticCategory - Computer Hardware & ConsumablesIMPORTANT DATES:Tender Publish Date- 22-Mar-2013Tender Due Date- 17-Apr -2013Click here to know more about Railway Tenders[...]

Tenders invited for Supply, Erection And Commissioning Of General Engineering Machineries, Supporting At Malappuram


Managing Director of Malappuram Metals & Engineering Consortium Private Limited, Malappuram, Kerala invites tenders notice for supply, erection and commissioning of general engineering machineries, supporting equipments. Tender document can be collected/downloaded from Malappuram . For further any information related to this tender documents kindly visit our office during office hours.                                                           Machinery TendersMachinery TendersNotice Type-  Tender NoticeCategory- MachineryProducts- Engineering MachineryIMPORTANT DATES:Publish Date- 17-Mar-2013Tender Due Date- 02-April-2013 Click here to know more Info on Railway Tenders[...]

Tenders Invited for Providing Repairs To Cess Building Known As Ahned Sailor Building No.2 G.K. Road At Mumbai


Executive Engineer of Mumbai Building Repair And Reconstruction Board, Mumbai, Maharashtra invites tenders notice for repairs to Cess building known as Ahned Sailor building No. 2 G. K. Road at Mumbai. Tender document can be collected/downloaded from .
                                         Civil Construction Work
Notice Type -Tender Notice
Tender Scope - Domestic
EMD - INR 7,049/-

Tender Publish Date - 20-Mar-2013
Tender Due Date - 06-Apr-2013
Click here to know more about Latest Railway Tenders

Tenders Invited for Empanelment Of Architects At New Delhi


Tenders Info-Senior General Manager of National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited, New Delhi, Delhi invites tenders notice for empanelment of architects at New Delhi. Tender document can be collected/downloaded from Type- Tender NoticeBuilding and Construction TenderTender Scope- DomesticCategory- Architect/Interior DesignerProducts- Architect  IMPORTANT DATES:Tender Publish Date- 04-Feb-2013Tender Due Date- 30-April-2013Click here to know more about Railway tenders[...]

Paper And Paper Product Tenders-


Tender Info-Paper is a thin material mainly used for writing upon, printing upon, drawing or for packaging. It is produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets. Paper is a versatile material with many uses. Whilst the most common is for writing and printing upon, it is also widely used as a packaging  material, in many cleaning products, in a number of industrial and construction processes, and even as a food ingredient – particularly in Asian cultures.Annual Rate Contract For The Supply Of Stationery Items At S.A.S Nagar-Company Name - National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research,                                PunjabPaper and Paper ProductTender Due Date- 05-April 2013Providing Of Holographic Paper Shell For Measurer Body At Almora-Company Name - Uttarakhand Power Corporation                             Limited, UttarakhandTender Due Date- 09-April-2013Supply Of Equipments For Park And Books For Library At Dehradun-Company Name - Kendriya Vidhyalaya Forest Research Institute, Uttarakhand Tender Due Date - 04-April- 2013  Click here to know more Information about Paper Products Tenders[...]

Tenders Info


Agriculture Machinery Industries Tenders -Agricultural machinery is machinery used in the operation of an agricultural area or farm. The basic technology of agricultural machines has changed little in the last century. Agriculture may be one of the oldest professions, but the development and use of machinery has made the job title of farmer a rarity.  Agriculture And Machinery Tenders           Instead of every person having to work to provide food for themselves Though modern harvesters and planters may do a better job or be slightly tweaked from their predecessors, the US$250,000 combine of today still cuts, threshes, and separates grain in essentially the same way it has always been done. However, technology is changing the way that humans operate the machines, as computer monitoring systems. such as rapid growth in mechanization of agriculture in developing countries, increasing adoption of advanced technologies and replacement sales in developed Tenders.IM brings you latest Agriculture Tenders at a free of cost-Supply Of Testing Instruments And Agricultural Machinery At Sonitpur.Company Name - Department of Agriculture And Corporation, Sonitpur, AssamTender Due Date - 8-April 2013Agriculture and Machinery TendersProviding Supply Of Rice Huller Machine At Sonitpur-Company Name - Ministry Of Agriculture, Sonipur, AssamTender Due Date - 08-April-2013Providing Supply Of Portable Mini Oil & Flour Mill At Sonitpur-Company Name -  Ministry Of Agriculture, Sonipur, AssamTender Due Date -  08-April-2013 Click here to know more about Latest Railway Tenders [...]