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Lee Minho Hair Style

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New Korea Style

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Limin-ho style

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Model Korea

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Japanese Hairstyle Girl

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The collection of Japanese hairstyles for girls stretch to both ends of the spectrum. From the Geisha hairstyles of traditional Japanese culture to the ultra modern hair do you will find there to be an overwhelming variety of Japanese hairstyles for girls. Hairstyles are one of the most important things to do while going to any event/occasion. You would only have a complete look for the party, when you would be wearing the perfect hairdo yet complementing your outfit and event. One important thing for women looking to get some sort of a Japanese hair cut to understand is that the Japanese hairstyles for girls are modeled around a typical oriental face cut. This face cut tends to be oblong and thin. Hence a particular hairstyle that may compliment the looks of an oriental lady may not necessarily work wonders for someone with a totally different face cut. Japanese Hairstyle Girl [...]

Asian, Korean, Japanese Hairstyles

Fri, 11 Nov 2011 05:47:00 +0000

Lee Jun Ki shoulder length hairstyle. Asian hairstyles did not normally stand out in the past. Many times Asian hairstyles were done to match other cultures’ hairstyles but that has changed in the not too distant past. Several different styles will now come based off of the high quality that is Asian hair. Hair tends to be thick and is very straight. Playing off of that strength, you can do many different textured looks, whether you like short or medium length hair. If you want to go beyond medium length, you should layering your hair (better not to go beyond shoulder length most times). Medium length hair is best as textured and can project an image of someone who is modest but takes care of his looks. Going shoulder length should dictate that you layer your hair and this can give you a preppy look as a result. Kim Jae Joong razored hairstyle Those who wish to appear more rebellious are doing so by wearing their hair in a razored mullet or razor cut shag. This uneven cut shows a man to be very self assured and a bit defiant of authority. Takeshi Kaneshiro spiky hair. Short textured hair is a good choice for anyone who likes to remain with the traditional look but class it up a bit. This works especially well if you want to remain cool but remain within the confines of socially acceptable for a conservative working professional. If you are a younger Asian male and want to push the edges, you may want to do messy spiky hair. This hairdo has more of an urban theme to it and completely pushes the borders on what these hairstyles are all about. Kim Jae Joong long faux-hawk hairstyle. Kim Jun Su Asian faux-hawk hairstyle. While western men have their own version of the faux-hawk, the Asian version is much edgier. Here, the sides, back, and top of the hair are left long. The hair is styled using pomade to produce messy looking spikes all over the head with the stripe down the center being allowed to lean each direction at random. Asian long emo hairstyle. Another popular choice is the uneven, emo look that has caught on all around the world for both men and women. The fringe is brushed down over one eye to give one an air of mystery. Xiah Jun Su short emo hair. How To Spike Asian Hair A growing number of young Asian men are choosing to wear spiky hairstyles. Some are simple straight spikes. Others are working to get the kind of styles commonly seen in anime characters. Spiky hairstyles are among the easiest to produce on Asian men, but not all know how to spike Asian hair. One of the easiest methods is simply to have the hair cut to a length of one half to one inch. Asian hair is very coarse and stiff, meaning that it naturally wants to stand up from the head. In addition, men in this region are prone to have a larger number of cowlicks, or unruly patches of hair that do not want to be tamed. At this length, it is possible to simply run the fingers through the hair to get a spiked look with no product. A small amount of pomade or wax can hold the spikes in place for long periods. Taeyang mohawk haircut.Asian, Korean, Japanese Hairstyles[...]