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Enhance Your Kids Creativity With Brickadoo

Mon, 12 Dec 2011 08:55:13 GMT

Your child's brain is like a blooming flower; they need the proper nutrients to grow and to accomplish their full potentials, and they  need mental stimulation to help improve their motor skills such as problem solving and identifying colours and shapes.

Most of the children are exposed to these kind of activities at an early age. However, they begin to adapt and identify more difficult and complicated educational learning tools later in their lives. Parents should then understand that developing the child's creativity is very important, because this becomes their open window to become more equipped  as they begin to age.

One way to enhance the creativity of your child is to feed their brains with educational toys as these will enable kids to develop mental alertness. Thus, giving your child creative toys rather than letting them play around computer games the whole time makes them love learning more. When you give your children  the opportunity  to work with art and craft, you begin to inculcate in  them multitude of intelligences.

Building toys like Brickadoo can help a child develop faster regardless of his or her age. Children are instinctively inclined towards toys that give them the opportunity to be builders and architects in the future.

Brickadoo is a building toy similar to diorama. It has pieces of building blocks that will allow your child to build their mini city.  These toys, though  simple, give a child a sense of assurance over his or her surroundings and can help him or her learn more about it as well.

If you want to purchase Brickadoo for your kids, Junior Brickie's online toy shops is the right toy stores for you.

Junior Brickie The Online toy shop that offers you wide range of designs to choose from, plus these toys are made of  authentic building materials that will create a miniature of a city.  They are very educational at the same time creative. Brickadoo can be a great way for your kids to learn about things like building and architecture and not to mention how will they learn more about handling challenges and  working towards the attainment of their or goal.

For purchase phone Junior Brickie at 01422 831684 or visit

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Why Bother to Buy Brickadoo in Online Toy Shops

Sat, 10 Dec 2011 03:47:26 GMT

As a parent, your life is very hectic and you are almost pushed on every side by many demands in the workplace, in the house and anywhere else. Guess what? Even your own kids can be demanding at times. This goes to show that time is indeed valuable. Manage time wisely because many people even say that time is even more important money. Why? Because time, once it passes will never be recovered while money, even if you lose millions of it, you can still have it back.

That is why when your kids ask  you to buy them Brickadoo toys – the fast emerging toy brand that is getting popular not just in the UK but in the whole planet as well – you can just buy it at an online toy store.  It is far different from the rest of toys you can find in toy stores because first, it is scaled-down version of the real buildings like houses, villas, cottages, fire station, pizza house and many more! Second, it is very safe and fun to play. In fact, you can even join with your kids as they build Brickadoo models so that you can have quality time with them. Is not that worthwhile and wonderful? That is why Brickadoo is a family-friendly toy for the whole family to enjoy.

At an online toy store, you can easily buy a Brickadoo toy with just a few clicks on the mouse. It saves you time and money for fuel instead of driving and finding a local toy shop on the high street. Plus, you can save money because many online toy retailers are selling Brickadoo toys with deals and discounts, not to mention the freebies and other promotional offers.

Most importantly, you can easily find a Brickadoo toy when buying online. Google will help in that aspect or even typing the Brickadoo toy on the online toy store is very convenient.

So, when your kids start asking  you to buy a Brickadoo toy, you simply have to go online and you will be able to buy it instantly.

To buy a Brickadoo toy, contact the leading online toy shops, Junior Brickie at 01422 831684 or log on to

Creative Toys vs. Computer Games: Which is Best for Your Kids?

Sat, 10 Dec 2011 02:02:36 GMT

Back in the days when computers did not yet exist, kids made their own entertainment by improvisation, thus enhancing their ingenuity. If fortunate enough, they would receive toys as birthday or Christmas presents such as Dinky toy cars, Hornby- Dublo electric train sets, Matchbox cars, board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Monopoly, Marbles, Chinese Checkers and for the girls, Hula Hoops, Barbie Doll, Skipping ropes, Spinning tops, Tammy Dolls and Thumbelina.

Then there is also Hopscotch, a pavement game where the girls challenged the boys and even Moms and Dads would take up the challenge. Even the local policemen joined in on occasions! All these toys and physically demanding games helped kids in those days to interact, communicate and improvise to a great extent.

However, as the digital era came, those traditional games were replaced by computer games which modern kids prefer as their favourite past time. Since these games require less physical activity, many of the kids today are obese while others develop postural, muscular and skeletal disorders.

Meanwhile as a parent, you should be more concerned about the relationship to the amount of  time that your child spends on playing  and the content of the games that he plays. Simply put, the amount of time spent playing video games has a negative correlation with your kid’s academic performance.

Moreover, a study also showed that playing violent games has a positive correlation with antisocial and aggressive behaviour among 4th to 8th graders. This means that kids who are playing violent games have a higher tendency of picking a fight in school or other public places.

Experimental studies have also shown favourable inputs of children who play video games, but the negative effects of playing video games, whether console, handheld or computer, outweighs its positive effects.

The Solution

There are creative toys available in UK toy stores that promote your kids creativity and learning whilst still having fun at the same time. This toy, named as Brickadoo has gained popularity and even won the  Iparenting Media Award, Mom's Best Award as well as achieved the Creative Child Magazine 'Seal of Excellence' Award because of the many educational benefits it can give.

Brickadoo is one of the toys you can give to nurture and develop your kid’s creativity while experiencing great fun and joy in building a range of structures out of scaled-down real building materials from bricks and cement to wooden windows and doors.

While it is not good either to prevent your kids to play computer games and associate with their peers, as a parent, it is your responsibility to provide your kids with a balance of playing computer games and creativity toys for them to maintain their academic performance while having a social interaction with their peers. Nothing can be more tragic to a kid than to be pushed around or left out by his peers because of a lack of understanding and experience of modern toys and entertainment.

Harness your kid’s creativity with a Brickadoo set today! Call one of the most popular and trusted UK online toy shops , Junior Brickie at 0142 2831 684 or visit their web store at                    

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Чт, 10:55: @Onlinetoyshops @UKtoystores: One of the Leading Online Toy Shops in the UK launches Brickadoo Чт, 11:00: @Onlinetoyshops @UKtoystores: Brickadoo has won International acclaim time and time agai… (cont) Чт, 11:05: @Onlinetoyshops @UKtoystores:Junior brickie is one of the leading UK toy stores. Чт, 12:01: @UKtoystores @Onlinetoyshops :Junior Brickie has recently launched Brickadoo, a range o… (cont) Чт, 13:01: @Onlinetoyshops @UKtoystores:The Brickadoo products are not available in just any of the online toy shops. Чт, 15:01: @UKtoystores @Onlinetoyshops : They are available exclusively at Junior Brickie. Чт, 18:04: @UKtoystores @Onlinetoyshops :The products are the brainchild of Dutch Company RS2Play. Br… (cont) Чт, 20:01: @Onlinetoyshops @UKtoystores: Brickadoo is a product that the whole family can enjoy toget… (cont) Чт, 22:01: @UKtoystores @Onlinetoyshops :It is available from the quality online toy store Junior Brickie. Пт, 09:25: Junior Brickie Features Brickadoo Specials Collection Пт, 09:26: Junior Brickie Features Brickadoo Specials Collection [...]

Junior Brickie Features Brickadoo Specials Collection

Fri, 02 Dec 2011 09:25:43 GMT

December 2, 2011 – Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK – one of the premier UK toy stores merchandising toys of the highest quality for kids to play with – Junior Brickie – has featured the Brickadoo Specials Collection which consists of the Farm and Stables, Olde England Medieval Castle, the Vermeer House and the Train Station building toy models.These Brickadoo building models are a by-product of extensive research after seeing the need that kids want some very good designs and structures that will enhance their cognitive abilities and artistic skills.All these Brickadoo building models are made with high-level sophistication so that they provide a great deal of challenge for youngsters.The Olde England Medieval Castle, for one, is a real challenge for kids. The buttresses and the tower stand imposingly over the structure making Olde England Medieval Castle the crème of the crop of the Specials Collection. There are lots of curved architecture in this Brickadoo model and if it is properly constructed, the result will be fabulous.The Farmhouse, on the other hand, is a real favourite by the girls because of its ranch type feel with all the wonderfully designed stables and two miniature horses to add colour to the whole building set.Then, here comes the 'Vermeer House' which is an exquisite miniature model of the house in the famous painting by world-renowned Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. This little miniature resembling the Old Dutch architecture will really attract youngsters who are very keen to details.Also, coming out soon at Junior Brickie and other UK toy stores is the latest addition to the Brickadoo Specials Collection, the Train Station and Sidings which is of a very high quality building toy that kids will also love to play with.To purchase one or more of these building sets in the Brickadoo Specials Collection, contact Junior Brickie at 01422-831684 or log on to Junior BrickieJunior Brickie is one of the few UK toy stores that is authorised of award-winning toy Brickadoo. Aside from selling high quality toys, Junior Brickie also provides valuable tips and information about wholesome outdoor and indoor activities in which kids can get involve.[...]

Junior Brickie Offers Brickadoo Mediterranean Collection

Mon, 28 Nov 2011 12:43:41 GMT

November 28, 2011 – Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK – one of the leading dynamic family-friendly online toy shops in the UK – Junior Brickie – has offered the Brickadoo Mediterranean Collection. This Brickadoo Collection includes an Arabian Mosque, a Mediterranean Villa and a Van Gogh House.Arabian Mosque £22.95The Arabian Mosque features a distinctive minaret, dome, arches and ornately patterned windows that makes it a beautiful structure. This Brickadoo toy is a challenging activity that kids should delve into especially if they are building the intricately-designed minaret. Mediterranean Villa £20.95This Brickadoo model has two buildings in one toy. The warm yellow colour of its brickwork complements the ambiance of this intricately designed villa. It can be built as two separate adjoining villas or the smaller villa can be used to finish the main villa to have one complete villa in two parts build. Vang Gogh House £20.95It is a wonderful replica of the home of world-renowned Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. The eye-catching yellow bricks and the 19th century architecture are just few of the reasons why kids would love to build this Brickadoo model. Brickadoo is a real building toy , albeit on a scaled down version, through which kids will learn to build the way expert builders build buildings layer by layer. A building plan will show them how to build a Brickadoo model, level by level, brick by brick with a gluten-free and safe soluble cement that will bind the woodwork and the brickwork.What makes it more exciting is that they can rebuild the Brickadoo model by first, dissolving it in cold water and then construct it again layer by layer, brick by brick.Brickadoo requires no batteries, plug ins or maintenance but only a genius mind and creative skills.The Mediterranean Collection is a challenging and worthwhile building activity for kids to enjoy!To buy Mediterranean Collection, contact one of the leading online toy shops Junior Brickie at 01422 831684 or log on to Junior Brickie Junior Brickie is a rich online repository of interesting articles about kids, toys and activities for kids and parents to enjoy. As one of the respected toy stores in the UK, they have no other aim except to help kids grow in a wholesome environment. [...]

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  • Вс, 01:19: By being able to say ‘This is all my own work’ makes them feel very proud that they have accomplished somethin… (cont)
  • Вс, 04:20: Unlike other toy stores and online toy shops, Junior Brickie offers the best toy a parent can give to their ch… (cont)

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  • Сб, 04:19: Brickadoo is aimed at children from the age of five years and upwards to eighty five years !.. but what deligh… (cont)