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Preview: The Latest in Dancehall and Reggae Music

The Latest in Dancehall and Reggae Music

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Gully Bop Diss Black Ryno


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Black Ryno diss Gully Bop


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QQ's Father Sentence To Prison


Joseph 'GQ' Dawkins, father and manager of dancehall artiste QQ, was sentenced to 30 days' imprisonment when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court at Half-Way Tree, St Andrew. Dawkins was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and was asked to apologist to the complainant for holding her throat  and hitting her in the face , head and stomach and biting her on the left arm. The senior magistrate Judith Pusey was not pleased at his actions and ordered that he serves 30 days in prison.

Spice Like A Man


Top female Dancehall Artiste Spice has released her new video Like A Man where she is seen dressed like a male and singing in a male voice, which i have to say is one of the most creative ideas i have seen in a while from a Dancehall Artiste.The song is based on the views that Dancehall is a male dominated genre and Spice is asking the question ,"what if she was a man would she get more recognition? "  The song also include Spice views on how she would want  her woman behave in a relationship if she was a man.
Dancehallwave have to give props to Spice for this song ..

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Aidonia wear skirt


(image) Hey Fans Dancehallwave is back after a break ..but this one couldn't pass we at all ,Dancehall artiste Aidonia wore a skirt at Famous Night Club in Jamaica. Whats you think people ?, is he making a fashion statement ,or this is just another publicity stunt to be in the spotlight.Aidonia is labeled as a badman artiste ,as he rose to fame with his gangster lyrics an beef with popular Dancehall artiste Busy Signal.The same skirt like fashion was first made popular when Kanye West wore it on stage, but was criticized heavily by the hip hop fans and some fellow artistes.

Tommy Lee Injured in Car Crash


Dancehall Artiste Tommy Lee Sparta met into a serious car accident Saturday night on his way to his Birthday Party.The artiste received serious injuries including a broken leg, but according to reports he is expected to do a surgery and he is looking forward to a speedy recovery.
Pics Taken from Niki Z Diva

Tessanne Chin in Top 12 on The Voice


Jamaican Reggae Artiste Tessanne Chin has moved on to the Top 12 on NBC The Voice talent Show after receiving the second highest votes on Team Adam. Tessanne moved on to the next round after performing Jimmy Cliffs "Many Rivers to Cross", which she brought the house down with a superb performance , which result in her gaining the second highest vote and a place on the I tunes Top 100 chart.
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Nicki Minaj Twerks to Vybz Kartel Song


Pop star Nicki Minaj recently released a video on her Instagram , where she and some friends were Twerking to Vybz Kartel " Tek Buddy Gal " song.Twerking is actually the same dance as "Back it Up" in Jamaica but its called Twerking in America.

Tessanne Chin On Itunes Top 100 Chart


(image) Jamaican Reggae and Pop Artiste Tessanne Chin is currently on Itunes Top 100 chart at position number 30 with her cover of Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff 's "Many Rivers to Cross ",  which she sang live  on NBC "The Voice " reality TV show.Tessanne Chin has been a favorite in the competition since her blind audition on the show. Other notable artiste from The Voice on the charts are James Wolpert at number 9 with his song " A Case Of You " and Will Chaplin " Secrets " at number 36.
Click here for the link to the chart 

Mr Vegas Diss Bounty Killer on Twitter


This is what Mr Vegas had to Say on twitter after Bounty Killer make ridicule of his 80's design he wore  on the recent Digicel Rising Star.To mi fans them.When a big old man artist, weh near 60, still a act like a little careless gal; find time to take a pic of a pic that was posted in the Jamaica star and a post it and talk shit!Then mi lose all respect fi him, I care zero who wah defend this mongrel, but mi tiad a this bad mind long mouth bwoy yah!This is 2013, not 2001 when people nuh know the real truth say a you a the weh a tek set pon tha artists them, so that's why dem defend yuh!Me and mi fans them and the audience at TVJ loved the 70s suit! Yuh need fi guh inna the studio and get back the bad Dj voice weh yuh use to have, cause a pure noise yuh a Mek now! Yuh throat clog!Facts: vybes kartel soon drop a rd, the Dj weh deal wid this mongrel the wickedest!The Dj weh style him the most and him cah diss Kartel!Facts: Beenie man make real hit music, so he is still selling out shows and getting shows worldwide, plus him nuh fight the yute dem.You on the other hand, get zero dates.A 10 shows tour, cut short to just 3 shows!Facts: Mi all retire and come forward come si yuh a campaign a dance every night and still cah find ONE hit song!See you going into every dance, programming the selector dem and anyone weh nuh play yuh song, yuh report dem to the club owner and mash up the youth dem bread!Facts: Mi si yuh a bawl pon "on stage". a beg the gay people dem fi free yuh up, cause yuh nah get nuh show, yuh nuh have nuh vehicle AND yuh ago stop trouble dem!Facts: Mi soon need another back up singer!Facts: The international youth dem not familiar with you, is kartel, Konshens, Idonia, Beenie man, Mavado, RDX, Popcaan, etc etc di yute dem a listen pass the airport!Facts: bad mind ago kill yuh!Facts: Every artist weh buss, if dem not a part of your entourage, yuh try kill dem career, but because yuh "shoot up mi pastor and rob the old church" weh mi use to pray inna, yuh cah stop me!I am blessed!Facts: Some of your loyalist will bun mi out for this post, but when they leave your presence, they will say "mi nuh like Vegas, but a true him a talk"Facts: I care zero what you gonna say next, because mi know say empty barrel Mek the most noise!Facts: The bank was trying to sell me your unfinished house weh them repossess!Some artist cah get no show, so dem have time to post my pics from my performance on them twitter feed, hoping to get a forward and it fell flat!! It's a new era, when unu did a try mash up artist career, internet never deh bout!! Now everybody have fans fi defend dem!! Your days are far gone, stick to the back up singer role!!! [...]

Vybz Kartel release hand written letter about Roach Murder


Incarcerated Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel has released a hand written letter , pertaining him being a suspect in the murder of Dancehall producer "Roach " ."Before I begin to talk about the real issues as to why the police are taking a set on me. I must first say that the Jamaican police are the worst inefficient set of police in the world. Who say they act on intelligence when it is completely the opposite . If roach was killed on Mannings hill road Sunday morning. What kind of intelligence could have led the police to horizon remand centreSunday at mid day, I have never spoken to roach or anyone associated with him nor do I have any altercation with him. I was laying on my bed on Sunday at about midday when I heard my cell door shaking. It was the police without giving me a reason for the search about to be conducted. They ask me to step out of my cell. During the search a hammer was used to tear apart a section of the wall between my cell and a cell occupied by "zebra". They took two cell phones out of the wall which was immediately claimed by "zebra" as his cell phones. A subsequent search on Monday led to the officers finding a SIM card from said zebra. In the initial search on Sunday the police and a high ranking officer from the department of corrections asked "Shawn storm" and myself if we had a permit for the D.V.D & mp3 to which we replied yes and furnished the documents. We immediately got back the items. On Monday they came back (the police) and told us that they were going to check out the items but we should have our lawyers called them back. This was relayed to us by the woman from M.I.T in that instant , a police called "brooks" took a paper from cell containing instructions .... Instructions to one of my banks saying that I hereby authorize my baby mother to withdraw five thousand pound sterling. Which would then be given to my lawyer for his stamp. G.P Spanish Town , Tamarind Farm, Richmond Farm, and Horizon are institutions where hundreds of inmates accused & sentenced, have permits for various gadgets such as DVD MP3 etc and I like the others have a permit. This is not the first time the police have told lies on me since I've been here and like the last time when four cell phones were "found in my cell", I will be contacting INDECOM . Because mi tired a dem police ya . Police!!! Come off mi back now!! And for once , GO DO REAL POLICE WORK!! Unuh come in like a crosses inna mi life! Mi nuh member bout roach and mi nuh remember bout unuh, A. Palmer. P.S everybody in the streets knows what took place in the "PARTY" between roach and "DEM" so all a who a use dem police friend to try frame me, remember this..... Unfair game play twice."   [...]

Flippa Mafia arrested by US Officials


Andrew Davis popular known as Flippa Mafia Moggler was this morning held by US Officials in Los Angeles, Californa . 
Flippa Mafia was arrested for being a fugitive with a warrant out for him in the state of New Jersey.
According to the Police Station, where he is currently being held, Mr. Davis will not be receiving bail due to his fugitive status.

Vybz Kartel Cell Found with Contraband


Police investigators say two cell phones, three thumb drives, one DVD player and an Apple iPod were taken from the jail cell where Vybz Kartel occupies during two searches. The searches done between Sunday and Monday were conducted following the shooting death of Patrick “Roach” Samuels. Investigations will be done on the cell phones to find any evidence linking the artiste whose given name is Adidjah Palmer to the crime.

Producer Roach Killed


Popular dancehall producer Patrick Samuels o/c "Roach" was shot and killed by unknown assailants along a section of Mannings Hill road in St. Andrew this morning.

The shooting occurred at 4:12 am, when three shots were fired into a vehicle at the Texaco Gas Station at Mary Brown's corner. As the victim tried to drive away, three more shots were fired, and the victim's vehicle crashed nearby on Mannings Hill Road.

Samuels was formerly Vybz Kartel's road manager before they later split. He later came to prominence again in 2011, when teamed up with Justus Arison for the now popular Dancehall project "Overtime Riddim", where several hits such as "Settle Down" by Mavado and Daniel Bedingfield's "Sometimes You Just Know".

source. O.G.R

Vybz Kartel free of murder charges


Vybz Kartel whose given name is Adidja Palmer along with his two co-accused Nigel Thompson, and Lenburt McDonald was freed of murder charges in connection with the July 2011 shooting death of Portmore businessman Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton.
Justice Bryan Sykes ordered the jury in the case to return a not guilty verdict after the prosecution decided not to pursue the case. The move by the prosecution follows the refusal by Justice Sykes to admit two witness statements into evidence after they could not be located. Kartel entertainer remains behind bars after being charged with the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Kartel Business Partner dispel Rumours


Michael Dawson the business partner of Dancehall Entertainer Vybz Kartel, is seeking to dispel several rumours circulating on social media and in the general public, that the DJ was stabbed at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre.
“These rumours are false” says Dawson and he stated that this was a further attempt to defame the DJ and frustrate his family and close associates.
“We would like to advise the public that Michael Dawson and the Whirlwind Entertainment family are currently responsible for Vybz Kartel's public relations.

Reggae music takes the Spotlight at the Grammy's


At the 2013 Grammy Awards it was the tribute to Bob Marley from Bruno Mars and Rihanna and Ziggy Marley and Damian Marley that got the audience on their feet , as they song Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved".Rihanna song sweetly along with Ziggy Marley as they had the audience singing along with them but the temperature rose couple degrees when Damian Marley hit the stage singing a remix of his "Set Up Shop" song , which had the place in a frenzy ,with his Dancehall one drop style.
On the other hand it was Jimmy Cliff who walked away with the Best Reggae album for his latest album Rebirth ahead of  Sean Paul and Sly and Robie & The Jam Masters and Toots and The Maytals.
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P Diddy Live in Jamaica for Sound Clash January 2013


Hip Hop Superstar , Rapper and Producer Sean John Combs better known as P Diddy came to Jamaica to see a live sound clash and he along with the promoters of Sting Supreme Ventures and Downsound Records , put together a show in 24 hours at Lime Light Half Way Tree Kingston , and he gave away 20,000 US dollars for the winner.
The clash was contested by Foota Hype, Black Kat, Tony Matterhorn and Bass Odessy with Tony Matterhorn emerging as the overall winner.Shortly before the clash P Diddy was introduce to the fans by MC Nuffy and he recieved a warm welcome as  he performed few of his Hit songs , which had the place in a frenzy. He was Joined by Beenie Man , Flippa Mafia and Ninja Man and Kiprich who all got huge forward for each song they performed. 
P Diddy mentioned that he came to Jamaica to witness an actual sound clash  live and to experience the real Dancehall vibes .

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Popcaan and Black Rhino Fight at Sting 2012


The Popular stage show Sting, which is always full of drama and clashes , both lyrically and physically lived up to expectation this year with Black Rhino and Popcaan fight. It occurred during Popcaan performance shortly after MC Nuffy called out Popcaan,  he entered the stage to a large reception as he started performing his first song and started to big up his mentor Vybz Kartel. Black Rhino ran out on him and aim some lyrics directly at him , Popcaan not interested in any clash immediately push Rhino off the stage .Rhino then climb up and re enter the stage and  retaliated by shoving Popcaan and then a fight developed between the two entourage . Security included MC Nuffy had to help to break up the fight as both artiste went backstage. Popcaan return to the stage and did couple songs and got some forwards with lyrics aiming at Black Rhino even calling him a" fish" he then left shortly obviously not in he mood to perform.

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Bounty turns Boos into Fowards


Legendary Dancehall Artiste Bounty Killer turn a set of boos at the recently held Chuggit Beach party into huge forwards. This came on the heels of a couple weeks ago when Tommy Lee was Booed at this same venue.It started when  Bounty Killer Alliance Generation Artiste Iyara was on stage performing and got the first set of boos during his performance, but Bling Dawg saw what was happening and took the mike and got some forwards but left shortly due to the hostile crowd.Bounty Killer took the stage and immediately as he started singing sections of the crowd started Booing,even a cup filled with sand was thrown on the stage and that got Bounty Killer cross ,angry and miserable but he use clever lyrics to get some huge forwards ,escpecially when he said that" mi nuh throw sand pon bwoy mi throw bullet"and sang series of hit songs to have the place in a frenzy and gave a credible performance. allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Tommy Lee Booed Twice


Rising Dancehall Star Tommy Lee recently got his first taste of Boos' in his musical career. The artiste was performing in Portmore at the Chug It Beach Party, the artiste had the place in a frenzy performing his hit songs ,even girls bomb rush the stage to dance with him , but everything went sour when he sang the remix of his Mechanic song by adding Bounty Killer name to it saying that Bounty Killer a "Batty Mechanic". Large sections of the crowd started to Boo him as they were displeased with that song as it was a dis to Bounty Killer a veteran in Dancehall music , but he shortly regained his composer and finished on a high getting back some huge forwards before leaving . 
The atiste then went to Liguanea Club in New Kingston where he made a guest appearance at the annual Calico Jack Rum Punch party. The artiste had the crowd in a frenzy with his fans chanting "Bay Badness" and "Uncle Demon", but in similar fashion to his experience at Portmore, he was again booed when he attempted to dis Bounty Killer with the same song.

Tommy Lee and Bounty Killer war at Riverton


It is alleged that rising Dancehall star Tommy Lee was hit in the face by a member of Bounty Killer security at the recent Riverton free stage show. According to some reports it is said that while Tommy Lee  was performing he was asked to cut his set short by members of Bounty Killer security, But Tommy Lee replied and said "a wah do dem goathead ya?" and Bounty Killer and his boys rush the stage and the two entourage clashed but Heavy D and members of the Jamaica Security Force  took Tommy Lee off the stage and leave the venue, while the crowd kept on chanty" Tommy Lee Tommy Lee ". Artiste who were waiting to perform did not get to perform as the show was shut down by the Police. According to Bounty Killer he said that he was being dissed by Tommy Lee in his own back yard so he had to go up there and defend him self lyrical but Tommy Lee ran away.Check out this tweet by Bounty Killer on Twitter about the show. Firs let me state it clearly, nobody nuh box nobody and that was never intended either, all mi know boy inna mi place and dissed mi pon stage so mi step to stage to defend it, and a pure commotion, Heady D and police dem a block up the stage, so mi say if him naah defend it tell him fi cut now and nyammi lee flea, then Heavy D send police come locked off the show, a ten police car Heady D carry over deh, but tell any boy calling up mi name dem better plan to defend it a call up man name fi look big pon stage yu nuh waah clash nuh call up mi name then pussy simple any weh mi see dem mi rush dem..So Dancehallwave want to see how this one plays out by the end of the year as war between the two heats up .[...]

Beres Hammond to Perform on NBC TV


Reggae veteran Beres Hammond will be appearing on the late night Jimmy Fallon Show on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012. Beres is set to appear with The Roots which  is an American Grammy Award winning hip hop/neo soul band.Beres Hammond is known for his worldwide reggae hits such as Putting Up Resistance , In Control and Love from a Distance .
The soulful reggae singer is set to release his latest album on November 13th on the VP Records label. allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Captain Barkey Shot Dead


Dancehall veteran Captain Barkey was shot dead in Bronx New York  , when he and a female companion was leaving the Holiday Motel . Reports from the Daily News said that Barkey's killer emerged from the dark outside the Motel at  about 3.30 am and started firing a hale of bullets at the singer.
Captain Barkey tried  to escape the barrage of shots as he hopped from the passenger side of the car , but he was cut down outside the Motel. 
The killer then tuned his gun on the female companion who was standing outside her car and crying , it is alleged that she was begging for life  , as he shot her twice killing her.
Witnesses nearby said the killer was a tall guy wearing a brown shirt , and he sped off in a car with New York plates.
The female victim  ex lover is so far the main suspect according to investigations , as he was given a restraining order recently towards the her. 
Captain Barkey whose real name is Wayne Hamilton performed a number of hit songs as a duo with Wickerman , songs like "Go  Go Wine" and "Bun Fi Bun" .
Captain Barkey will always be remembered as a Jovial person and comedic performances he is  always giving his audience a belly full of laughter and getting huge forwards at the same time.
Captain Barkey has surely contributed to Dancehall music and its development as Genre as he ws one of the main act in the 90's touring the world and carrying the Dancehall flag.