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Bags and More by Pam

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Can You Believe It? Five Years This Month!


Am celebrating five years on Etsy with a giveaway!  Anyone is welcome to enter.  Just go to my shop: and select your favorite item ($20 or less in value).  Then email me at, telling me what that item is, and you will be entered in my Fifth Anniversary Giveaway.  Entries must be received by midnight EDT on October 13.  Drawing will be done sometime on October 14.  Winner's name  and the item selected will be shared here, on Twitter and Facebook.  Have fun!  Can't wait to see what those who enter would like to win!



Two hundred thirty-six people.  Thirty-nine countries.  Diverse citizenships, diverse languages.  All about to become new citizens of the United States. Our daughter’s sister-in-law was one of those in this very long line waiting outside the U.S. Immigration Services building in Miami on February 24. After entering the building, those who would participate in the citizenship ceremony went one way, and the visitors were seated in the back of the fairly large room. Music was playing in the background, including “Battle Hymn of the Republic” sung by Elvis Presley, and “Proud to be an American.”  The soon-to-be citizens filed in and took their places in the chairs reserved for them.  A supervisor for the U.S. Immigration Services welcomed everyone, and all stood for the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” and then for the pledge of allegiance to the flag, led by a man from Venezuela. The supervisor then asked  anyone who had served in the U.S. military prior to that day to stand and be recognized.  After watching a video showing photos of immigrants over the past 230 years, the supervisor  asked that each person stand as the name of their original country was read.  Enthusiastic clapping from the visitors followed the name of each country, with citizens from those 39 countries ranging from 1 to 18.  Argentina (13), Columbia  (15), Haiti (18), Cuba (17), Nicaragua (16), and Venezuela (18) had the highest numbers. All becoming naturalized citizens that day then stood, raised their right hands, and took the oath of citizenship.  The speaker noted that those folks had chosen to become U. S. citizens for various reasons:  freedom to practice the faith of their choice; freedom to live freely; freedom to pursue their dreams, which with hard work, they would be able to fulfill.  She urged them to be responsible citizens, to learn the issues and vote, to obey the laws, to respect others, to learn to compromise, to keep the areas where they reside safe.  Another video, “God Bless the USA” was played, and as each person received his or her certificate of naturalization, “Proud to be an American” was played again. Each new citizen also received a voter registration form and a U.S. passport application. There was joy and excitement on the faces of the new citizens and on those of the visitors who had come to share in this wonderful experience.  Just outside the building was a replica of the Statue of Liberty, and many took photos next to it. Shown left to right are our daughter’s mother-in-law, Marina;  my 94-year old mother, Helen; Wendy (the new U.S. citizen), our granddaughter, Kayti, and me.  I learned so much that day and appreciated the citizenship ceremony more than I can say.  It all confirmed what I have always said about myself … if I weren’t already a citizen of the U.S., I would do everything possible to become one.  Diverse we are, but united we should stand, living and caring in such a way that we respect all.  Speaking of diversity in another way, the members of the BBest team are very diversified in the mediums in which they choose to create wonderful handmade items.  Below are just a few of those creations. Annas Jewelry - Montreal Paintings by Kate Ladd – North Carolina SylvieL – Vermont Sassalynne – Fleet, England Katzs Kreations – Massachusetts Colours and Textures – London, England AJs Country Cottage – Missouri To view over 3000 items created by the Bbest team members, go to, then next to Handmade, enter Bbest team, and search.  You will be delighted at the variety of creations you find there. This post written by Pam Todd, Bags and More by Pam, who creates hand-crocheted items for people, pets, and homes. This post published simultaneously at LiveJournal Tags: U.S. citizenship,naturalized citizens,Miami,pledge of a[...]

The Best Laid Plans of…….. by Pam Todd


Well, you’ve heard the saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men….” and the one about a certain road paved with good intentions!  That seems to be the case right now!!  Having a hard time being timely…. And also wondering why my Comcast internet signal always seems to come and go on Friday mornings … if it isn’t one thing, it’s another, as another old saying goes!

Thanks to all those who entered my giveaway in celebration of my fourth year (October 13) on Etsy with my shop: where I feature hand-crocheted items for people, pets, and homes.

As promised, I took a photo of the entries hand-written on small pieces of paper, somewhat neatly folded, and placed in my stainless steel mixing bowl, (which by the way belonged to my grandma, and which I have had since January, 1964, and which she had had since 1952) and then stirred diligently with a wooden spoon (only a few years old).

The second photo was of my dear hubby’s unbiased, completely impartial hand (certified by Price, Water…..whoops, actually by me), reaching in to draw out the lucky winner!

However, I’ve been through the photos on my iphone (forwards and backwards), and those photos aren’t there!! There are two empty white spaces there……….no doubt the missing photos! So, I apologize for not having the photos of the entries being stirred and the winner drawn.

The winner is El, and this is what she chose (as my giveaway allowed the lucky entrant to choose anything from my shop that he or she wanted valued at $28 or less)-- a 100% cotton Pamper Yourself Bath Set


Each entrant will be contacted via email, thanking them for participating, and letting them know I wish I could have made them all winners! 

In Celebration of Four Years!


Almost four years ago on October 13, 2007, I opened my Etsy store, featuring hand-crocheted items for people, pets, and homes.  To celebrate my 4th anniversary, I’m having a giveaway.  Just follow these steps to enter:
1.  Go to
2.  Browse through the shop
3.  Choose any item valued at $28 and below that you would love to have.  Click on that item.  Copy the link at the top and put it in an email to me:
4.   When your choice arrives, I will write your name on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it in a large stainless steel bowl (sorry, I don’t have a fish bowl!)
5.  Giveaway entries accepted from  Sat., October 8 through Tuesday October 18 .    Please enter only once, or my stainless steel bowl may overflow!  The drawing (after stirring and mixing the entries) will be done by my blindfolded husband (he did this for me last year, and I promise, he won’t cheat!) will be done on Wed., Oct. 19.  All entrants will be notified by email of the lucky winner.
6.  Giveaway open to all!  Have fun!

Oooooooops!!!……………………………….by Pam Todd


You may remember Mary Frances.  She was featured here ( awhile back. She had been found by her owners, Bill and Clarice, lying on her side amidst the rest of the flock, dehydrated.


Bill and Clarice brought her to the house, where they nurtured her back to full health.  It was several weeks before they decided she was ready to rejoin the flock.  As Mary Frances sauntered back to the chicken yard, they watched her go, being very thankful that she had recovered so well.

Just this week, I went down to Bill and Clarice’s house to buy some home grown tomatoes (gave up on growing my own a few years ago, when one evening we had the tallest, most beautiful tomato plants one could imagine, staked up all lush and green, and the next morning we had six inch stems.  Every plant had been eaten by deer.  That was a sad day.  I love homegrown tomatoes.)  And, also to buy some fresh, brown eggs laid by the mommies in their flock.  As Clarice was getting my eggs, she said, “Did I tell you about Mary Frances?”  I said, “No, is she oaky?”  She laughed and said, “Well, when she walked back to the flock that day, she stopped, lifted up her head, puffed up her chest, and crowed the biggest crow you could every hear.  I looked at Bill, and he looked at me, and Bill said, ‘I think Mary Frances just became Marty Francis!’”

I giggled all the way back to the car.  You just never know!  Apologies to Marty!

This post written by Pam Todd, a member of the Crafting for Animals Guild on Artfire, and owner of Bags and More by Pam, a shop featuring hand-crocheted items for people, pets, and homes.  Pam also supports the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, (  She will also participate in the Crafting for Animals team’s October project to publicize National Adopt a Shelter Dog month by featuring a coupon that will donate 10% of her sales during one week of October to the Close to Home shelter.  Watch for more information on the team’s project to help this wonderful shelter.

Meet Mary Frances by Pam Todd of Bags and More by Pam


This is Mary Frances.  She is one of 52 chickens that my friends, Bill and Clarice, have in their flock.  A coupe of weeks ago, they went to feed the chickens and found Mary Frances lying on her side.  She was dehydrated from the heat.  They took her straight to their house, where it was cool, and placed a bowl of water on the floor.  She drank and drank and drank that first day.  But, she didn’t eat.  The second day, she drank less and started eating a little bit.  They offered her corn and chicken feed.  The day I stopped to visit, and purchase some fresh brown eggs, my friends and Mary Frances were all sitting outside in the yard.  I asked whether the beautiful chicken was their newest pet.  That’s when they told me the story of her dehydration. Clarice said, “She thinks she has her own private motel now,” and grinned.  I asked, “Why is that?”  Bill answered, “Well at night she comes into the house and sleeps in a cage.”  Then I asked what she does during the day.  They said that when they are outside in the lawn chairs, she stays close by, hunting for food in the lawn.  She likes bits of grass, too, they said.  When they are inside the house, Mary Frances stays on the patio, under the picnic table. I asked how long it would take Mary Frances to fully recover. They thought about two more weeks, and then she would return to the flock and continue providing the fresh brown eggs that these well cared for, naturally fed chickens are producing.  When I think about the loving care my friends are giving to their chickens, I am thankful.  And when I think how delicious those eggs are, I feel fortunate that Bill and Clarice and their 52 chickens are just down the road.  And when I look at Mary Frances, with her beautiful golden brown feathers, well, she is just simply adorable.  I was so glad I stopped by. This post written by Pam Todd,, an avid animal lover, who is fascinated and loves learning about all kinds of animals.  Pam hand crochets items for people, pets, and homes.  She contributes annually to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee and provides gift certificates to fund-raisers benefitting animal shelters and rescue organizations. LiveJournal Tags: chickens,hens,eggs,farmers,animal lovers,pets,bagsandmorebypam,cfaguild [...]

Coyotes Next Door


We have two acres bordered on the west by our neighbor’s 20 acres, most of which is wooded areas, ravines, creeks, with lots of underbrush.  My husband mows probably three acres around the log home that sits there.  He often takes Eddie, our Boston Terrier, for walks on that property, with the neighbor’s permission, of course.  This morning, Eddie had his first encounter with a coyote.  We hear them often, and see them, sometimes even crossing our back yard.  Eddie isn’t very good at staying right with his buddy, and suddenly my husband heard yipping and other noises as if a fight was about to occur. A gunshot into the air brought Eddie running as fast as he could, and when the coyote saw my husband and heard the report of the gun, it also ran away.  Eddie thinks he can run right up to other dogs and sniff them out.  But, I expect that Eddie will stay closer to his protector next time they walk in the woods and across the mowed area next door because he has a bite on his butt.  We will be off to the vet in just a little bit.  He has had his rabies shots, thank goodness, but we don’t want to run the risk of infection or any other problems. That isn’t the only encounter we have had with a coyote.  One day about two years ago, my husband motioned through the patio doors for me to come outside.  He walked to the storage shed, and there was an animal lying curled up in the front corner.  We stood and looked at it, wondering if it was a stray dog or what.  Then the animal saw us, stood up, and walked right past us, not four feet away from where we were standing.  It was a coyote!  It walked about twenty feet farther, turned and looked at us, and then continued on its way. Housing developments have forced animals into smaller and smaller areas, and it is no longer unusual to see coyotes where we live.  In a suburb of Indianapolis recently, a news report told how a small dog was taken by coyotes and killed.  The town has an ordinance that no guns may be fired within the town limits.  I feel so bad for those folks who lost their small furry family member to animals that shouldn’t be forced to live so close to people. Would be interested in hearing from others who have experienced close encounters with coyotes where one wouldn’t expect to do that. LiveJournal Tags: coyotes,dog,urban sprawl,wild animals,animal habitats,rabies,animal bites,woods,pets,pet exercise,veterinarians,animal lovers [...]

Is Humane Treatment for Farm Animals too Much to Ask?


A letter to the editor in our local newspaper certainly caught my attention.  The writer called attention to Factory Farming and the fact that three states are attempting to pass or have already passed legislation to prohibit videotaping or audio taping of conditions on their farms.  Meat, egg, and dairy producers in these states favor such legislation as they do not wish to have the inhumane treatment of animals publicized.

The letter writer gave some examples of farms with less than acceptable treatment of the animals: one in Texas where calves were chained in tiny crates and then bludgeoned to death with pickaxes and one in California that was found to be putting live chicks into a grinder.  He also mentioned the recall of millions  of eggs due to salmonella contamination at an Iowa farm.

He continued by saying that such horrible conditions will probably not change.  The writer suggested that people avoid eating animal products.  Other websites I checked suggested the same, as well as being sure our senators and representatives are aware that we care about how animals are treated and want regulations in place to assure that they are cared for in a humane way. 

Here are some links that you may wish to check out, giving more information about the laws mentioned above, and some of the conditions that have been exposed by undercover animal rights investigators.

It is my hope that we will find ways to support the humane treatment of animals that provide milk, eggs, and meat as part of our food supply.

This blog post written by Pam Todd, a member of the Crafting for Animals Guild on Artfire, an avid animal lover, and whose shop features hand-crocheted items for people, pets, and homes.

Treasuries and Collections Here and There!


Treasuries can refer to many things:  the money the government controls, the funds of organizations, special keepsakes, collections, and in these times of online stores for handmade arts and crafts, it is a collection of items from various shops that a curator is featuring on any given day. I have been really excited lately to have a new friend, who is an Etsy seller based in the United Kingdom, select many of my items for treasuries she makes almost daily, and sometimes several in one day.  The funny thing about our communications is that the UK is five hours ahead of those of us in the US EDT zone.  So, when I’m at the computer later in the evening, Margaret, is sometimes sound asleep.  And when she is up early in the morning creating treasuries and chatting with folks, I’m still sleeping away!  Nonetheless, her latest treasury features one of my sweaters.  You can my other creations here: and JaminaRose (her shop name) is also having a drawing for gift vouchers.  You may want to check that out: Here is the link to her two latest treasuries as well: The latter one includes one of my latest scarves. I’m also so appreciative of Expressions for creating a collection from members of the Crafting for Animals Guild on ArtFire and including one of my hats. Our ArtFire Guild centers on our team members’ interest in animals, perhaps making items for their use, for being advocates for animals in a number of ways, for helping support organizations that rescue, protect, or otherwise serve animals, and our pets, of course.  We have a blog with regularly published posts about a variety of topics related to animals.  You may also want to take a look at that.  (I have written several of those blogposts in the past year.)  You can find that at Here is the shop for Expressions.  I know you will enjoy seeing her  shop. You can find her collection of CFA team members work here: Thanks to JaminaRose and Expressions for curating lovely collections of handmade items. Technorati Tags: etsy,artfire,treasuries,collections,handmade,arts,crafts,jewelry,clothing,accessories,art,vintage,patterns,sweaters,neckwear,hats,bags,earrings,necklaces [...]

About Haiku


Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry.  Each poem consists of three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five in the third line.  Here are some examples I’ve written.  Take a few minutes, and try it yourself.  Creating in this way is interesting and fun. Haiku A bit of haiku Thinking, sharing, just for you Boomers, buddies, friends   Spring Spring, blowing, growing Wind swooshing, flowers blooming Beauty all around Life Eat, sleep, work and play Giving, caring, through each day Friends and  families   Talents Blessed with many skills Jewelry,  clay, yarn, paints, glass Lovely creations   Boomers Creating, chatting Caring, supporting, smiling Always there for all   Creations Colorful, unique Paintings, pottery, jewels   Fabric, yarn, treasures   Colors Pinks, purples, greens, blues Many shades and many hues Created for you [...]

Winter, Birds, Giveaway Contest, and Wolves


     Winter has been winter this year for sure!  Snow has been on the ground more than not.  The recent ice storm has virtually been the icing on the cake . . . cannot imagine how difficult it is for people to try to remove it with the temperatures so low, salting, chopping.  And the cars buried in the snow in the Chicago area as well as on the east coast.  The loss of power is scary for those with no alternate source of heat.  We were blessed this past week to keep warm and dry.  Thoughts and prayers go out to those who are still trying to get their lives back to normal.

     Have written a couple of blog posts lately . . . both about feeding birds in the winter.  You can find those at:

     Been doing lots of crocheting, of course, and have an item included in a giveaway contest sponsored by CFA and THAN.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Check out the details here:

And have also signed a couple of petitions made available by Defenders of Wildlife, to protect wolves . . . one that hopes to prevent wolves from being removed from the endangered species list and the other to keep wolves from being shot from the air in Alaska.  You can help, too, by visiting these links:

Please sign our petition right now and help us end cruel and unfounded aerial gunning in Alaska before move wolves die.

Just 50 wild wolves remain in Arizona and New Mexico. But a Congressman from Montana has introduced legislation that would eliminate life-saving protections for these rare and beautiful animals and other wolves. Without these protections, these wolves may be doomed. Please help me save them by taking action online at:



“I’m so sorry,” Sally said quietly, as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug.  “This must have been so hard for you, and especially for Bob.  I know how much he loved her, and how much she loved him.” “Yes, it was so hard.  We cried a lot, knowing that we were going to lose her.  We had called the vet to come and see her, but she started declining so fast, and we had to call again, and ask him to come so that she could leave us with peace and dignity.   When the vet came to our house that day, he felt her abdomen and knew that she had developed cancer of the pancreas  which probably started as much as a year ago.  He said that was a common occurrence in dogs Daisy’s size, as well as  retrievers and other dogs of similar size,” I said. “I know she was special,” Sally said.  “You told me that up until a couple of years ago, she loved to catch a frisbee in mid-air. never missed, and then you had to tickle her tummy to get it out of her mouth so you could throw it again.” “Yes, we did that every day from spring to fall!  My goodness, she was so agile and athletic,” I smiled. “She loved Bob, didn’t she,” said Sally. “He was absolutely her best buddy.  Wherever he went, she went… to the utility room to do laundry; outside to work; to the bathroom to lie patiently while he conducted his business there!  On her last day, they sat on the porch together.  She could barely walk.  He got up and left the porch, and she followed him about twenty feet, and then had to lie down.  We cried to realize that she would follow him with the last bit of strength in her body.”   “She loved it outside, didn’t she?” asked Sally.  “I know you told me that she loved watching over her dominion of two acres, especially from the porch, out the window, and in the back by the pine trees. “ “Oh, yes,” I replied, “and when she was younger, she would chase the deer that like grazing in our yard. She would take off like a shot, and they would run, leaping through the yard and into the woods.  She would come back panting.  She never caught one!  But, that didn’t keep her from trying!” I grinned.  “She was a good mole finder, though, and many met their demise at her skillful digging and sense of smell and movement under her feet.  During the summer months, she would nuzzle me about 6 a.m. because she knew I liked to get up early and go outside and work in the flower areas.  She loved going with me because she knew we would be out there at least two hours!  Funny thing, though, on the days I wasn’t home, she never nuzzled Bob at 6 a.m!  He doesn’t get up that early.  Daisy was one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever known,” I said.         She never told me she didn’t like it when I put some of my crocheted creations on her for a photo shoot, so I just kept making her my model.  A beautiful one she was, too.       “Don’t you have another dog?” asked Sally. “Yes,” I answered.  “Daisy’s other best buddy was Eddie.  We knew that he knew she was sick in the last few months because they had stopped playing that nightly game of growling at each other and trying to nip one another.  Eddie was inside after the vet left, and Bob, Jill, and I  had gently placed her in the ground and covered her with a rug, tears dropping like rain, as we placed the dirt over her.  It had been hard, knowing that she was not going to be with us, and finally making the decision to let her leave us in peace and dignity.  Even though[...]

Sea Turtles, Games People Play and More...


Just posted two features on blogs for teams on Etsy and Artfire. My Etsy post is for the Boomers and Beyond Street Team (Bbest team). It is about my imaginary friend Sally and I, chatting about various things each time, usually having a snack, sometimes sharing the recipe, and always sharing lovely creations from Bbest team members. You can find that here:

The second feature is about sea turtles and is for the Crafting for Animals Guild on Artifire, and of which I am a member. You can find that here:

And, if you are in the mood for shopping for yourself or others, feel free to check out my hand-crocheted items at any of these online venues:

Have a wonderful day!

And the Winner Is………



     And here they are, folks!  The entries into my first ever blog giveaway in celebration of my third anniversary of having  a shop for hand-crocheted items : Thanks to everyone who went to my shop, selected the scarf or scarf/hat set they would like if they were a winner, and emailed me their choice.  Wish I could have sent you all a prize!

     What you don’t see here is my dear husband’s hand dipping into the crystal bowl to pull out the winner.  Learned you can’t take a photo with an iphone in the dark!  Since we both fell asleep on the actual day the drawing was supposed to occur, I kind of awakened him very early this morning and asked him to draw out a name while I took a photo.  He did so, without even grumbling!  However, there was no photo of his willing and able hand when I checked my pictures.  Darn!

    And truly, with his eyes closed, and in the dark, the name drawn from the crystal bowl   is Judi Brandow!  Congratulations, Judi.  I hope you love wearing the scarf you selected!


Italian Greyhounds and a Blog Giveaway!


Today I posted a feature about Italian Greyhounds, especially about Nash, Ruger, and Colt, who belong to friends of mine, Priscilla and Brent. You can read about them here:

And, in celebration of my third year anniversary on Etsy, I am having a blog giveaway. Here is how you participate:

1. Go to my Etsy store:
2. Click on Hats and Scarves
3. Choose your favorite scarf or hat and scarf set, and double click on it. Copy the listing number at the top of the screen. Paste this in an email to me at: with your name. (Your email will be my way of contacting you if you are the winner.
4. If you are the winner, you will receive the scarf or scarf/hat set you chose. And, if you wish a different color in the same design, I can do that!
5. Deadline to enter is Sunday, October 17, at midnight, EST
6. Names will be placed in a container on Monday, October 18, and my dear husband will draw one out!
Hope you enjoy looking at the selection of scarves and participating in this, my first ever, blog giveaway.

Elephants and Pancakes!


Just recently I wrote features for two blogs. One is about the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald Tennessee, and features one of my former students, Amanda Coleman Chanley, her work at the sanctuary. and links to all the fabulous information about the elephants and their new retirement home. You can view that one here:

The second was for my Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team. It features the Lincoln Square Pancake House in Indianapolis, Indiana, and lovely creations from the Bbest team. You can view that one here:


Eddie, a Great Boston Terrier and Family Member!


Just published a blog post about our Boston Terrier, Eddie, on the Crafting for Animals Guild blog, a part of Artfire, one of the venues on which I sell my handmade, crocheted items. The feature is of interest to those with pets of any kind, Boston Terriers especially, and who just enjoy reading about a cute, sweet dog! You can read about Eddie at

What a Wonderful Surprise!


Just a week or so ago, I received the nicest note with this photo of a customer wearing a double thick poncho that I had crocheted for her. She said that she enjoyed wearing it and received many compliments on it. I was so excited to see how gorgeous she looks in it, and  appreciative that she gave permission to share it.  Thanks, Lisa!


Sally Starts Early!


Sally was coming over.  Believe it or not, she was going to start her online Christmas shopping already, and wanted some ideas from me. “Come right in!” I smiled, as I opened the door at the sound of the bell. “I’m so glad you are going to help me,” Sally said.  “I love seeing what your Bbest team members have for sale.  You know I’m shopping for some friends that have favorite colors, don’t you?” she asked. “Yes, that’s what you said,” I responded.  “And what colors are we looking for today?” I queried. “Well, Susie loves red.   Lisa’s favorite is blue.  And Maggie’s favorite is purple,” Sally replied. “Oh, do I have some great things for you to look at!” I said excitedly.  “Let’s start with red,” I continued. Boston, Massachusetts Kansas City, Missouri Philadelphia, PA East Lansing, Michigan Hawaii Durham, North Carolina Danville, Pennsylvania “Those are simply gorgeous,” exclaimed Sally.  “It will be so hard to choose just one,” she said. “Well, that isn’t everything there is in red,” I responded. “All you have to do is go to Etsy and type in Bbest team red, and you can see lots more selections in red,” I added. “What about the blue?” asked Sally. “Let’s check those out now, “ I answered. Crawfordsville, Indiana Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin East Dereham, United Kingdom Montreal, Quebec, Canada Raleigh, North Carolina Camp Quincy, Illinois Warren, Ohio “I love all of those, too,” whispered Sally.  “They are all simply beautiful!  I can’t wait to see what you have chosen in purple!” she said. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom Hartsdale, New York York, Pennsylvania Urbandale, Iowa West Sussex, United Kingdom Pittsboro, North Carolina “Well, I just don’t know what to say,” said Sally.  “Everything is so beautiful, and you tell me there are more I can go see!  How will I ever choose?” asked Sally. “Guess you’ll just have to get them all!” I laughed. “Wish I could, wish I could,” sighed Sally.  “But, all this shopping has made me hungry!” Sally said, licking her lips. “Come on,” I grinned.  “I’ll treat you to a chocolate sundae at our favorite ice cream place.” “Mmmmmm!” Sally said, as she headed for the door.  “We can’t get there fast enough for me!” [...]

Bloomington High School Class of 1959

2009-07-26T14:52:21.300-07:00 night we attended Bob’s high school class reunion.Turns out I knew more people from his class than I thought! But, the nicest surprise was to see my cousin, Joie, there. Had no clue her husband was in the same class as my husband. We were able to sit together, which made the evening even more special.One of the first activities was to view the photos of all the class members who had passed away. “Whoops,” I said to Bob, about one of the photos. “I don’t think that is right, or we would have heard about that at church.” So today, I verified that the man was still alive and kicking, and sent that information to one of the class reunion committee members. His wife laughed when I told her what had happened, and said they had prematurely dead! They will all be glad to know that isn’t the case!The classmate who was the EMCee introduced himself by saying he was from the government and he was there to help! Everyone roared at that. Turns out he has spent his career working for the Secret Service and Department of Defense in several cities during his government career.At our table was also a man whose name I had heard my sister say when we were young. We caught up on what she had done during these years and what his career had been. When I shared that with my sister today, she said, “Yes, we went to a dance together in the 7th grade!” How cute is that?!There were several jokes told, none of which I can remember well enough to share! but, I’ll try on this one. There was an Amish man who decided to take his buggy and go into town. As he was coming over the hill, a car was coming over from the opposite way, and there was a head-on collision, a terrible, terrible wreck. In court, some months later, the defense attorney was asking the Amish man how he was, “I’ve never felt better”, he replied. The attorney asked the same thing, and said “What did you tell the police officer that day?” The Amish man replied, “I told him what I just told you. I’ve never felt better.” The attorney went on and asked, “Well, tell us what happened.” The Amish man said, “Well, my horse was hurt bad. He had two broken legs. The police officer shot him to put him out of his misery. Then he went over and looked at my dog, whose back was broken. So, he shot him too so he wouldn’t suffer. Then he came over and asked me, ‘How are you feeling?’ I told him I had never felt better!”There was good music provided by the Barry Ryser Quartet. Terrific performers. And the music from those times just can’t be beat!Teachers from that era were invited guests. It was so enjoyable talking with each of them that I remembered. Miss Green, the oldest, no doubt, was our seventh grade social studies teacher. Every student had to stand next to his/her chair and recite Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, along with “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal….” along with other historical documents she felt it was important for us to know! Another was the basketball coach and health/PE teacher, who in 1960 had taken our basketball team to the Final Four. My sister was a cheerleader for that team. What great memories!By the way our 2008-2009 Bloomington High School South basketball team won the state championship this year! Everyone attending the reunion got a copy of the school newspaper, “The Optimist” with the terrific news and team photo just before they headed to the Final Four and the championship game.News from[...]

Christmas in July Sale Tonight July 15, 2009


Quite an exciting day! My aqua cotton sweater is featured on this blogpost - . Yesterday found myself included in several treasuries, and tonight is the night for the Etsyhookers Christmas in July sale. Come join the fun and see what marvelous hand-crocheted items await you from many of the Etsyhooker shops. The sale begins at 6 p.m. and ends at midnight. A one-night only sale! Each shop will have its own sale information in its shop announcement. Also, watch the promo thread that will list all the participating shops. Be sure to stop by my shop on your way around Etsy for those Christmas in July bargains.

A Wonderful Surprise!


What a delightful surprise to have been chosen as Etsyhooker of the Week. I join many others who have received this honor, and whose talents are among the best! Thanks to Nora of NoraDora for nominating me for this special recognition, and to all my team members and friends on the Etsyhookers Team! You can read it here:



I think Picasa Web Albums are wonderful. Today I am experimenting to see if I can embed more than one slideshow in a blogpost.


second album


How Sweet and Thoughtful


What a thrill to be featured in a treasury, and when it happens three times in just a short time, it is doubly thrilling! This pretty pink poncho was featured in a treasury by Paperparaphernalia. Like a Soft Breeze expires Mon., March 3 at 3:45 p.m.One of my favorite things from her shop is this pretty journal.Capecodconsignmentsselected this black and gray ruffly scarf from my shop for her treasury, Smokin' Hooks,which expires Mon., March 2 at 5:57 p.m.I really love this organic hemp baby beanie from her shop.LazyDayz named her treasury Yipeeeeeeee, and it is available through Tuesday, March 3 at 2:07 a.m. She chose this teal hobo bag to feature from my shop.One of the items I really like from her shop is this pair of triple loop earrings.And, of course, if you want to view the items selected from my shop and my other creations, please feel free to visit[...]