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A simple and effective Restaurant POS system that handles all the vital operations you need to make your Restaurant a real success – and you’ve guessed it, at one a perfectly affordable price.

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Perfect Restaurant Business Solution!

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 03:11:00 +0000

Perfect Restaurant Business Solution!

Looking for a perfect solution for your restaurant business?

H&L Australia offers a restaurant POS system to help you manage your restaurant efficiently.

We have restaurant point of sale software to:

● make your booking foolproof

● maximise table turns

● make your business more profitable

What are you waiting for? Get one now! Call us at 1800 778 340.

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Restaurant Point of Sale System Can Help Boost Your Business

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 00:05:00 +0000

The use of a restaurant point of sale system or restaurant POS has been around for quite sometime now. They are literally found being used globally. A restaurant point of sale system is defined as the transaction between a restaurant business and a consumer. It is used at a checkout point of the counter with the electronics that are needed for it to run plus the person inputting the data and issuing the receipt.

Restaurant POS system has been revamped and upgraded to provide business owners with a new and improved way to run their business and to make it more efficient by means of handling their restaurant with

A Restaurant system for POS, provides the business owner or business personnel with an effective and efficient way of managing their store using this easy to use software. Other than being just a POS system, this also provides stock control, logistics, marketing and business intelligence.

This POS system is designed for all the stores or any business using the latest retail technology. With the system connected to the store, a restaurant owner would be able to access it using a computer from any point in the world plus, it is designed to be able to optimise the stock level of the restaurant. In this way, restaurant owners may know how much money is lost in ordering unnecessary products and how much would have been used if the right kind of items were ordered to cater to a particular demand.

These systems also show consumers’ behaviour analysis so that the restaurant management can come up with a marketing campaign that can specifically target their consumer and would most likely have an impact on them.

With all of the above mentioned capabilities, these new generation restaurant point of sale systems are capable of providing businesses all over the world with the ability to not only become effective but as well as to provide a way to make it easier to operate.

For the most trusted and accurate restaurant system provider, call H&L Australia at
1800 778 340
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Manage Restaurant Business With Ease

Tue, 31 Jan 2012 05:36:00 +0000

Are you looking for a management system for your restaurant business?

We at H&L Australia offer a restaurant POS system that will help you save your time and will allow you to manage your business with ease. It helps you in the following areas:

* Menu Maintenance

● Reservations/Online

● Till Balancing

To know more about H&L Australia’s restaurant system, call us at 1800 778 340 or visit

What are the Features of a Cutting-Edge Restaurant Software?

Tue, 31 Jan 2012 04:47:00 +0000

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, then you might have already heard about a POS software for restaurants. It could even be that you are currently using one now. But the question is: Are you using the top-of-the-line restaurant POS software? Chances are that you are not. If the one you are using now is something so superior, it may not be good though because there is a cutting-edge restaurant point of sale software that does not just focus on sales but on the whole aspect of running a restaurant.

So, for you not to be able to use a different cutting-edge restaurant point of sale from its not-so-good-enough counterpart, the features of top-performing restaurant point of sale are shown below in the following areas:


Top-of-the-line restaurant point of sale provides a user-friendly accounting interface, buying group support, Cash control, dashboard, debtor control, electronic audit trail, email statement, enterprise management, financial control, Grip: Stock Mobile Solution, Invoice Scanning and Import, Labour Control, Multi-locational pricing, rebates, remote management, real-time reporting, scan data, supplier control, ticketing and user control.

Point of Sale

A cutting-edge restaurant point of sale offers Av checks and covers, delivery and take away, Eftpos, floors plans and table maps, flow control, handheld POS, IPAD POS, kitchen printing/monitor, label printing, mix and match, online ordering, pay at table, pre-authorisation, price control, promotions and specials, remote menu maintenance, online reservations, scanning devices, till balancing and touchscreen POS.


Top-of-the-line restaurant point of sale also helps manage manpower through award compliance, clock-on kiosk, facial recognition, forecasting, payroll integration, rosters, time and attendance and workforce management.


A top-performing restaurant software for POS also helps secure the restaurant. It provides 24/7 real-time camera surveillance, cash security, door access and pagers.


On top of all that, the top quality restaurant point of sale also helps in marketing by providing analysis and reporting, campaigns, design and marketing service, entry booth, gift card, interface to membership programmes, loyalty, multimedia marketing and surveys.

Service and Support

Users of restaurant point of sale get the support they will need. They will be provided with 24/7 tech support, client care service, remote dial up support, service maintenance agreement, user training and advanced management training.

Those are the features of the top-performing restaurant software and it is only available at H&L Australia, the leading POS solutions provider for the hospitality industry in Australia.

To avail of a restaurant point of sale, dial 1800 778 340

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H&L Australia offers Management Solutions for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Fri, 27 Jan 2012 04:34:00 +0000

January 27, 2012 - Kingswood, SA, Australia - the leading restaurant system developer in Australia - H&L Australia - offers management solutions for restaurants, cafe and bars.

With over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, H&L Australia has been listening to and understanding the needs of Restaurants, Cafes & Bars owners. The result? They became expert in providing the opportunities and in building profit in ways that have never been imagined before.

And of course by making businesses more profitable, it means better Cash Control, easier and more accurate Stock takes and more effective Labour Control. Consider Gross Operating Profit (GOP), for example. H&L Australia combines solutions that allow businesses to see GOP in a meaningful and realistic way!

At the same time, their easier Management systems give businesses more opportunities allowing them to be far more in touch with their day to day operations.

Here are some of the Management Solutions that H&L Australia offers:

Accounting Interface - the heart of H&L Australia’s management system is in tune with all great accounting packages and interfaces such as MYOB, Great Plains, Greentree and many others to make record keeping even simpler.

Buying Group Support - one more thing that H&L Australia will really help businesses with is a centralised control of Buying Group pricing. Specials can be "pushed down" to any or all of their outlets or parts of their outlets whilst individual outlets can still be allowed rebate control at the business discretion. All outlets can conveniently access the right promotional material to give their whole network a truly unified position on loyalty.

Cash Control - now businesses have the power to balance any and all tills to individual operators. They can simply balance what is left in the drawer. For absolute peace of mind business owners can even effortlessly track via surveillance that cash is properly going into the drawers and reconcile as well as balance the cash by operator, by waiter/float and/or by Point of Sale.

Electronic Audit Trail - when errors or issues occur, it is reassuring to know that H&L Australia helps businesses to uncover the facts in moments, not hours with an effortless Electronic Audit Trail which can search through the day's events instantly and with ease. It can be used to search by operator or by table number as well as search by account number or by transaction number and even search by products! This amasing system is combined with cameras located around all the POS locations. This gives a business owner more control and provides more security.

These are just 4 of the 21 management solutions that H&L Australia offers. To find more about them, call 1800 778 340 or visit H&L Australia at


The Fast And Easy Restaurant POS Solution

Thu, 26 Jan 2012 00:44:00 +0000

Running a business like restaurant, cafes and bars is a very critical job because it requires a sta-ble management system to meet the needs and satisfaction of every customer. You have to use a lot of manpower to serve your customer specially during peak hours and you just cannot real-ly imagine the mess it would create if you do not have the proper system, can you?

And because the idea of business is all about marketing, one cannot just ignore the mess of im-proper way of managing business operations and transactions. This is why many restaurants make use of an intelligent system to point out the importance of proper management to bring the business to its maximum level of success.

An intelligent restaurant system that is truly effortless to use is a very big help to lessen the mess of managing a restaurant and make the business productive in all aspects. So in order to achieve a rewarding business and enjoy increase in your profit, the H&L Australia have created a fully customised software called
restaurant pos the solution to provide business an efficient way of providing excellent service and generating more profit.

These restaurant pos is a software that makes transaction faster such as the processing of ac-curate billing operation and complete solution from taking orders to paying through the restau-rant’s computer system. This will mean that it will lessen the customer’s waiting time, thus giv-ing them an impressive experience.

In addition, the H&L point of sales solution can also detect the minimum and maximum level of supplies you need in your business to let you know when to change and re-order some products in your restaurant making your tasks a lot easier as it lessens your time in stocktaking, ba-lancing tills, recording sales transactions, transferring stock and changing prices.

The H&L Australia provides this point of sale solution to make business transactions fast and easy for you and for your customers as well.

If you want a more intelligent solution of generating business profit, call H&L Australia at 1800 778 340 or visit their site at

The Effective Use of Point of Sale Software in Restaurant

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 00:27:00 +0000

Restaurant POS basically refers to the verification of counter dealings within a fast food environ-ment or is placed at the server station inside a sit down restaurant environment. This software is loaded with brilliant application and is programmed with menu items, prices and at the same time delivery information for the preparation team to help finish transactions like electronic cash regis-ter. This software even manages the total selling process through a particular salesperson-user interface as is often in a touch screen device for the sales representative to interact.

Aside from restaurant, this software is also used in hospitality and lodging business who are also making use of their computers to run their business and have a better controlling cost. A highly advanced restaurant POS plays an integral part in retail inventory management and is used by res-taurant owners to stay ahead in business in order to properly manage their inventory of dry goods, perishables and liquor.

Therefore, it is essential for restaurant owners to look for POS system for their diners. The fea-tures of good and effective POS system must have the following:

● Flexibility requirement. Restaurant POS must be easy to install and easy to manoeuvrer by a server. A dependable vendor must provide a restaurant software that comes with a demo for guidance and the hardware as well as the software needed to run this should not be expen-sive.

● An ideal POS system must provide the management with a customised report that is impor-tant to his operation. This should be presented by forms of tables or graphs.

● The POS software vendor must be reputable in the industry and must have excellent track records for customer care, automated software upgrades and technical support.

Some restaurants nowadays believe in quick transaction and optimal resource distribution regard-less of how many years they have run their business. Most retail organisations totally rely upon their POS system software especially if it is tied to retail inventory management and helps busi-nesses maintain low overhead through inventory tracking.

For the most dependable POS system provider, phone H&L Australia at 1800 778 340
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Reducing Your Exposure to Theft Through a Foolproof Security Solution

Wed, 28 Dec 2011 02:55:00 +0000

Compared to other types of businesses, restaurants, cafes and bars have a greater exposure to theft, fraud, armed robbery and burglary because of the nature of their operations which is mainly composed of cashed-based activities and 24/7 business hours.

Aside from those, there are also other factors that increase a restaurant’s or cafe’s vulnerability to the above mentioned crimes. First is often the lack of background check or screening of candidates prior to employment. Second is the open door approach which allows anyone to enter the premises anytime. Third is the location of which restaurants, cafes and bars are located along the roads, isolated corners or near major routes that provides ideal getaway for criminals.

Meanwhile, the availability of cash and the ideal location are not the only reasons why restaurants are considered as attractive target. The fact that the presence of valuable belongings of staff and diners also heightened the security risk of restaurants, cafes and bars.

However, with the evolution of technology, these vulnerabilities have been solidified and eliminated. One of the most acclaimed security solutions ever offered in the hospitality industry is provided by the fast becoming leading choice of systems developer in South Australia, H&L Australia.

Their security solution ensures the highest technology security especially designed for the hospitality industry to provide their business with unequalled protection. As a manager or the owner, you will be able to instantly see what is going on from the nearest or any other terminal through your premises via the security cameras poised at various angles at every station in your restaurant.
With H&L Australia security solution, you will also be able to take immediate action should there be a progressing crime happening in your business premises. You can instantly shut down access to any doors or entrance or exit points to trap a thief or robber to enter the restaurants main dining area.

At the same time, H&L Australia provides a fast, frequent and effortless cash clearance of tills which dramatically reduces your exposure to theft. With this “Smart Safe” technology, you gain total control of your business profits as well as the safety of your staff and customers.

To have real peace of mind, call 1800 778 340

You can also use their online form at their official website. Once the form is sent, they will respond to you immediately and arrange to show you more of their products. Just log on to 

Can a POS Software Help Your Restaurant?

Wed, 28 Dec 2011 01:31:00 +0000

You might be wondering why POS or point of sale software is such a big deal with many restaurants, cafes and bars. This is because it offers many benefits that are not provided by your cash registers and other solutions available in the market today.

A good POS software can help you to take orders more efficiently, quickly process credit card payments, manage your employees working hours, implement customer loyalty,monitor discounts, promotions and other specials as well as lessen your time spent on stocktaking, balancing tills, recording sales transactions, transferring stock and changing prices and more!

With a POS software, you will be able to store all the information you need in your restaurant’s operations in one system. More importantly, you will be able to take control of your business and get a clearer view of what areas or aspects in restaurant needs improving or updating.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, listed below are also the top benefits you can get with a POS software:
  • Eliminate Human Error - many restaurants, cafes and bars lost money because of human errors. However, with a like a POS, you can eliminate costly errors in tracking sales, food costing and other small details that can affect your profit margin.
  • Help you get total control of your business operations - a POS can help you increase efficiency and maximise your profits. It can also help you perfect your inventory management.
  • Detailed and comprehensive reports - a POS system can generate specific reports that can help you make more informed business decisions. With these reports, you will be able to predict sales volume and schedule your employees accordingly as well as help you order the right amount of ingredients to reduce waste and cost.

There are indeed considerable benefits in using a restaurant software like the POS in your business daily operations that you cannot afford to ignore. As such, when you are shopping for a POS system, do your homework. Choose a supplier that can answer all your questions. Remember, no two restaurants are alike so do not choose a fit-for-all-sizes system.

You can start your search at H&L Australia, the leading systems developer in South Australia. Just call them at 1800 778 340  or visit them at

The Benefits of Using Restaurant Point Of Sale System

Tue, 08 Nov 2011 11:09:00 +0000

A restaurant is one of the most visited places in malls and in different areas. In a day it is estimated that there are more than a hundred of people who come to a restaurant and if you have one, you will definitely be needing a lot of resources to deal with your customers.

In order to manage your business properly, you are probably thinking now of effective ways on how to deal with your customers to enhance the orders and the processes involved that can effectively generate sales.

Today, handling customers are made easy by using point of sale (POS) system. The POS system will utilise the wireless technology and other advanced method to keep track of the restaurant’s overall operations.

The system can be set up in many ways . Each restaurant benefits from a customised computer system that increases efficiency while it eliminates the waste of supplies and manpower. When you rely on the customised system your business will run smoothly in every aspect.

Employees will be able to focus on the important elements of the business such as producing excellent products and customer satisfaction rather than technical challenges produced by antiquated computer systems.

Listed below are some benefits of using restaurant POS system in restaurants:

POS System Can Track Staff

Most restaurant POS systems have payroll features that record your staff’s log in and log out. During payroll, such data can be exported for use in spreadsheet form and can be used to computer the employees salary. Some restaurant POS system has built-in overtime warning as well as input tool that will prevent your staff from going out early. This system can basically help your company to maximise manpower because when your employee times in the clock early, it is expected he will give more hours for work than your restaurant has budgeted.

POS System Features Menu

A restaurant POS system can utilise your available menu. The use of barcode scanning of every ingredient that is found in your kitchen can create a so called auto-depleting system, meaning, when there are only two Salmons left in your kitchen, the POS system will alert your staff. In addition, the POS system will automatically record your guest for extras and will allow the servers to list down all the extra dine orders your guest has made.

For the most dependable and accurate restaurant system provider phone H&L Australia at 1800 778 340
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Workforce Management Solutions for Restaurants by H&L Australia

Wed, 02 Nov 2011 09:31:00 +0000

You never have to feel helpless in managing your labour workforce in terms of shift monitoring, roster management, entry and exit of vital doors using traditional keys and even pilferage, wastage and theft.

In reality, you can actually proactively manage your workforce with H&L Australia. Workforce management solutions integrated with your restaurant software gives you the management edge to monitor your labour cost per hour.

You will no longer have to depend on stone age concepts such as mechanical bundy clocks and attendance cards. Clock-on kiosks and fingerprint or facial recognition are the new technology trends easily integrated with your restaurant software and POS system. They allow you to keep very accurate track of the true arrival time, departure time and breaks of each of your employees. It also allows your staff to view their roster, print off their roster and even key in their suggested available times or for certain days they need to be away for next week's roster. H&L Australia completely removes you from every manual concept you used to do with plain paper and pen.

A payroll integration system with your restaurant software will help you forecast revenue and to actually know who to roster on and when. Forecasting your labour cost per day helps to show you a predicted labour cost in comparison to the actual as it grows every week.

Likewise, your payroll integrated system is linked or also integrated into your accounting or bookkeeping restaurant POS system, allowing you to monitor every aspect of your cash flow from the time the money is paid at the POS, to the tills, to what is used for operational expenses and what is used for salaries. With this, you can easily see your profit margins and ROI's.

Workforce solutions can also be tied in or integrated into a security system that allows you to monitor workforce entry and exit in vital stock rooms using electronic wristbands instead of bulky bunch of keys. You can monitor where your employees are at any given real time. On the other side, employees can summon the manager or owner any time through POS pagers for vital issues such as cash turnovers or customer concerns.

A combination of a workforce management system with a security solutions system gives you overwhelming control of your business no matter how big it is or how many outlets you have. Security cameras, cash surveillance, door access wristbands and pagers complete the scene alongside an effective H&L Australia software and system solution for every hospitality industry business.

Understanding How POS System Works in Restaurants

Thu, 20 Oct 2011 08:39:00 +0000

A restaurant POS system refers to the checkout counter transactions done within a sit down restaurant environment. A hardware terminal is installed together with an application software that programmes every item, price and delivery information used in a restaurant’s operation.

The restaurant system therefore manages the total selling process through a particular salesperson user interface often with touchscreen device for the sales person to interact with. Most Australian restaurants have been making use of a restaurant system in running their business and to have a better control of it.

There are also highly advanced POS programmed in a way that it integrates the part of the retail inventory management and are used to manage inventories such as tracking goods, perishables and liquors.

A perfect restaurant system must have the following features:

Flexibility: The basic requirement

A restaurant software must be easy to install and easy to maneuver by a novice server. A trustworthy vendor must offer restaurant software POS that comes with a "demo" version for guidance. The supporting hardware and software needed for this to run should not be expensive as well.

Customised Report

An ideal restaurant POS software must give management and customised reports which must be presented through tables, graphs or a combination of these two formats.


A reliable restaurant system must secure password protection and data backup procedures that are fool-proof so that everything that has been placed in the system are completely private, safe and protected at all times.

A Good Reputable in the Industry

A restaurant software vendor must be reputable in the industry and has excellent track records for customer care, automated software upgrades and technical support.

Should Allow Payroll Integration

The selected restaurant POS software should allow for payroll integration, multiple hardware configurations and data exports. The system must also take a full record of the staff’s log in and log out. Moreover, it must also have an accurate data of their productivity at work.


The software support team must be accessible through telephone or via a VPN and must offer remote access to your system to overcome technical challenges outside the user’s own capabilities.

To know more about the most suitable restaurant system for your business, call the most dependable restaurant system provider, H&L Australia at 1800 778 340

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