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Nat Red Knits @RaineyDayFibers

spin ~ knit ~ weave ~ the incessant, and sometimes incoherent ramblings of a slightly quirky ginger headed fiber artist living in The Sunshine State.

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sheba's palm sunday surprise


Last week my cousin calls, then texted me a couple of pictures. I wondered what the hey?? Course I was on the phone at the time and didn't respond right away. But when I did, Oh my the surprise!! Un beknownst to any of us, ( Well Robbie kinda had an idea) one of my alpacas, Sheba presented us with a surprise!   Here he is barely a few hours old. What a sweetie!  And proud (image)

my journeys end...


I was in the second wave of Voyagers in The Journey to the Golden Fleece  creativity course, so my personal journey started February of last year (2014 for those still writing the wrong date). It has been educational, joyful and sometimes painful. Journaling was the hardest part for me I think. I like my private thoughts to be private, so sometimes to put things down on paper is difficult. I (image)

SAORI weekend


This past weekend I drove to the Spinning Seahorse in Pensacola, FL for a fun filled weekend of weaving! Anna hosted SAORI and Beyond weaving workshop by Jennie and Cheryl from  Weavin' Place Saori Style in Folsom, LA. There were 15 of us with all different skill levels.  I was able to learn some new techniques and gain some inspiration.  I also felt able to give some instruction (image)

Alpaca land


Apparently I got lost... Um somewhere. I thought I had been here but then logged in to see I hadn't.  We had been working on Alpaca Land and busy trying to bribe the new fur kids to like us.  Let me just is a lengthy process. This is the look I usually get from Juliet who happens to be the Elder. The others seem to ask permission from her first. Cousin is the (image)

The journey continues


Work continued on the pen this week to make it more secure. My son had to replace few feet of fencing then viola it is ready for habitation!! Actually as it turned out, he used about 80 feet of fencing. But it is all good and the pacs have a safe and secure home. I prepared my fiber for the wild side of my Golden Fleece module 7 yarn, my responsible single already spun (image)

marching on


Time marches on. I find that when a person takes an extended leave of absence from work, one is left without a sense of urgency to preform a task. Apparently I need to have the pressure of limited time off to motivate myself to get things done.  Time tends to pass in a blur and before you know it, the week is over and you haven't accomplished squat! OK I haven't exactly been idle but I (image)

on the journeys trek


Catching up on my Golden Fleece Course. These are my Module 6 yarns.  A re-visit of my Module 1 yarn which represented breaking free. I started off making my rolags on the blending board then core spinning over some ugly commercial dk yarn I had laying around. One small skein is core spun as a single. The rest of the rolags I decided need a little bit more ummm...texture.(image)



It has been a while but I finally got on the stick and worked on that woven commission piece! I had been weaving on it from time to time but not steady.  I had some difficulty with it because it was wool yarn on wool warp. Lesson learned, I did not enjoy the making of it. I discovered the wool yarn grabs too much on the wool warp to make smooth motions. I had actually made three (image)

to dye for


I've been in a little bit of a slow down after this past week. Since having posted those two Rikke hats, I now have two more requests for them, because I wasn't hat-bound enough. I do get a little bit of a break because I had to order the yarn for them. A Saturday Sit n Knit at the library calls for something quick and easy. I grabbed up my latest thing on the needles which happened to be a (image)

over the holidays


For me the holiday madness is over! Yay!! And I am over it! No more mad dash to knit gifts. I am still working on the same weaving project, that could take me a bit of time to finish. But that was not on the 'it must be done before Christmas' agenda. So for the first Christmas in the mountains it was great!! My son and I went to my elderly cousins home on Christmas Eve. It was good to spend (image)

weaving on


It's been a busy week. Christmas is closing in and, yes I did make one more hat! OMG I am so over it now...everyone has a flippin' new one now! And somehow it got wrapped and shipped without a picture of it...what-ever. I have also been weaving. I have been commissioned to weave a poncho. Specific colors. Brown and black. I have the first piece woven, or more specifically I have the (image)

just one more


Before I took up blogging again, I gave careful consideration on picking up where I left off here, albeit two years ago, or starting from scratch.  You see my choice. It seemed like a waste since I already had my stuff here. It is hard work doing all those little side bars and links and what nots. So I here I am, I hope you enjoy it.  I have spent the better part of the weekend trying to get (image)

finally getting my spin on!


but first, lemme take a selfie... So since moving, things have been, well a bit chaotic scattered. Here is brief synopsis, Johnny (son) and I moved one and a half houses. He says I have a lot of crap, as did my friend Rick who loaded the truck.  So I drove a 26 foot truck, because apparently I do have a lot of crap, pulled a trailer with Johnny's car behind it (packed to the gills) while he (image)

A long long time ago...


Once upon a time, in a land far away and a very very long time ago, I was a blogger. I crafted, I lived and I blogged. Then life changed. I moved to a hotter warmer land, where I was uncomfortable most of the time and not very creative, and frankly not very happy. I tried and tried, but the words just didn't come, so I quit blogging. Pause break.... ermmm, for several years. In the meantime I (image)

Recapturing my youth?


You know how that goes.  Talking to your girlfriends you start playing the Remember When game, you know ' Remember when we used to wear  this and we wore that... and we made some of  what we wore. Kinda like now right? Yeah...not so much. That's kinda what started me on this latest project. First it was because I needed a new belt, and true to form, I can't find one I like. Then it was, ' (image)

Momma needs a new bag


I have been a little busier than I let on here, I just am lazy about documenting it. Always when I can't find what I'm looking for, I get this crazy thought in my head that may-be I can make one! Several years ago I acquired this cute little sling bag from a girl in Malaysia. It is obviously a mass marketed bag with an oriental design on it, but it has become my favorite bag and I don't want (image)

BFF's dot dot dot


When your BFF since you were 10 years old calls you up and says "can you make...?" Pretty much you do it ...right? Well that's what I have been doing, making dot dot dot. The conversation went something like this: "Nadine (sister) is in AZ taking care of Mom and Dad for a month. " "She is? that is sweet of her.  " "Well you know how dad's feet and legs are all swollen and stuff.. right?" "yeah(image)

Surf's up Brod


Last week I decided it was time to introduce Brodie to the surf and sand!  We have been here for a while now and I'm sure he as smelled it more than a time or two but there are no 'dog beaches' in the area that I can find so we hadn't gone yet.  He has changed much since we drove the 1200 or so miles to get here. No longer is he afraid of the car or gets sick on the road. Now he is (image)

Easy Peasy re-visited


....Please pause for a station identification break A long long time ago, (2007) I posted a hat pattern here on my blog that I use for charity knitting. It is quick and easy and pretty much mindless so you can knock out a whole bunch of 'em in a short order of time.  I have noticed an increase in the number of searches for it, so since there has been such a renewed interest in it and ... since (image)

My new favorite thing!


For the past week I have been obsessively knitting these wrist cuffs. I have endless little balls of yarn in my stash, as we all do, and what better way to use them up? They are super quick and super portable. Now that my fingers have learned the linen stitch, I can sit in the back yard, enjoy the weather and knit mindlessly. Now the closures. Hmmm, I don't have a stash of (image)

A done do-over!


I think one of the most heart breaking things for me to deal with here, besides watching my formerly robust father fade away, is to watch him struggle to maintain a measure of independence. I come home from work yesterday to discover this. Scared the bejeezes out of me I can tell you! Dad trying to cut down a tree, with a reciprocating saw. I felt like I was the parent watching over the (image)

Big Scary Bridge !


Last week I had to drive across that big scary bridge again...aka the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This is me on the way up... This is me at the top...(white knuckled of course) And starting the descent- for some reason it is not quite as scary on the way down. I know my pictures leave a lot to be desired, it is very difficult to take a picture while keeping both hand(image)



It's kinda funny how things happen. I have really been making some headway on my wimple- determined to finish it right this time round. I should just really just expect a comedy of errors when it comes to my knitting. Yet again a small tragedy has befallen my wimple. Picture this - knitting laying on the bed- I throw the covers back- grab my MacBook - ready for some quality FB time (Bejeweled (image)

Got my toes in the water...


And my ass in the sand.         Thank you Jessie for making that song stuck in my head! Somebody told me the other day that I look like a Floridian. What exactly does that mean?? What? I'm fat? Ugly? Dress funny? Frizzy Haired (hehe)... Okay, I am guessing they are referring to that perpetual mango-ey color my skin has now become from my frequent "day off at the beach" sojourn.  Some (image)

Wimpy Wimple


Recent conversation with my dad. Dad- " I think this cottage cheese might have had it" Me- "Well don't eat it if it is not good. " Dad- " Oh I'll eat it, it is not bad"  Me  silently -Okaay Dad- "I bought it at Walmart" "but it is a Kraft product and I'm not going to buy it again" Me-" Why is that, you don't like Kraft products?" Dad- "Well it's all they seem to carry at Walmart" Me- "(image)