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Movie Review : Rockstar


Rating : 4/5Genre : RomanceYear : 2011Running time : 2 hours 40 minutesDirector : Imtiaz AliCast : Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Kumud Mishra, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shammi Kapoor, Shernaz Patel, Piyush MishraKid rating : PG-15Rockstar is director Imtiaz Ali’s 4th directorial venture after Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal (all three make it to my Top Ten List). His reputation now precedes him; if anyone does romances well, it is this man. Rockstar is also a romance. But unlike the first three which were mired somewhat in the practicalities of day-to-day life, Rockstar is a film about an ethereal love, transcending the boundaries of ordinary logic, reasoning and morality.Janardhan Jhakar, or JJ (Ranbir) is a student of Hindu College, Delhi. A budding musician, JJ can’t seem to find his niche and get his talent noticed. Advised by a know-it-all well-wisher, Khatana bhai (Kumud Mishra), to experience pain and sorrow, for that is the hallmark of great artistes, JJ sets about trying get his heart broken – the easy way, he thinks, to angst. When he hears that soon-to-be-married Heer Kaul (Nargis) of St. Stephen’s college (next door to Hindu) is a heart-breaker, he professes undying love to her. Little does he know that he will get more than he bargained for . . .Rockstar is JJ’s story. It tells us of how Janardan Jakhar becomes Jordan, the mega rock-star. But at the core of it, this is a true-blue romance. Because wherever Jordan goes, and whatever condition he is in, he is always beset by thoughts of Heer. Imtiaz Ali portrays this love very well, from the nascent attraction that sneaks up on JJ and Heer and takes them unawares, to the irrefutable pull that they both cannot resist, even at the risk of societal condemnation and overstepping the bounds of morality.The film is told in flashback fashion. Sorta kinda. Director Ali deftly spins through the story, working backwards, until he comes full circle. The beginning shots are of an eccentric, raggedy-looking rockstar Jordan, in full artist mode, sporting baggy, almost salwar like pants and headgear, scuffling, running. Soon, however, we move backwards in time and meet Jordan as JJ. The first-half of the film is build-up; there is Janardhan, in all his middle class glory, resplendent in his high-waisted jeans, garish sleeveless sweaters and dorky haircut in the middle of a Delhi winter, lugging around his guitar. There are sessions in the college canteen with the portly Khatana bhai, who I guess is some kind of clerk at the college. The fabulous attention to detail made me nostalgic for that time and place, and by extension for Delhi itself.Post-intermission, the lead pair are in the throes of a surreal love. The beautifully composed shots are almost poetry in motion, and the mood is set by some soulful numbers. Ali walks a fine line in depicting this love. It is other-worldly, and beatific, and Jordan and Heer are consumed by it. We get that this is a great romance, but Ali keeps this almost transcendental passion tethered in the real world with a skillful screenplay, so we, as viewers, are still engaged in the pair’s lives. It is proof of Ali’s artistry that he manages to bind together an interesting story with a depiction of such an intense romance, and still keep this film balanced, not letting it bogged down by either the pragmatic or the ethereal.Credit also goes to Ranbir Kapoor who gives it his all. He is dorky as the young student, suffused with angst as the bearded Jordan, and oh-so-broken-heartedly in love. He lends his character charm and wit and innocence and carries the film. American model Nargis Fakhri will not will any awards for her weak acting skills (but then this is Bollywood, so she might), but she is a luminous beauty, and well-suited to the role. It is not hard to imagine that she, with her glowing good looks, is the object of such an intense passion. Kumud Mishra brought Khatana’s character to life wonderfully, Aditi Rao Hydari has a small role as Sheena, and Shammi Kapoor looked fragile in his last film appearance as Ustad Jameel K[...]

The Dirty Movie review


“Uh, ah, aah…” she moans, faking an orgasm before the camera andrelated stories    * The Dirty Picture premiere in Dubai    * Court clears The Dirty Picture for release    * Critics go gaga over The Dirty Picturedozens of crew members. She’d learnt this trick while trying to keep her neighbours from disturbing her at night. The walls in her shared, shabby house didn’t conceal the lovemaking sounds from the next room. She thought she could make some noises of her own. That would shame the husband-wife couple to sleep.The girl, once Reshma, now Silk of the semi-porn screen, keeps her blouse low, saree lifted up enough, to reveal round breasts, deep cleavage, ‘thunder thighs’ (wherever that expression comes from), besides a jiggly belly, proud girth, chubby cheeks, long silken hair: basically a female form that unites collective fantasies of the provincial male.The Indian man derives his desires from ancient sculptures, the kinds that make for ruins in caves of Khajuraho or Ajanta-Ellora. Silk is that for the silver screen. This is her story. Or one of the human race, as the narrator says: “Look at history, two things don’t change: man dominates, woman causes aafat (calamity)!” Marx was obviously wrong about class struggles!This narrator is a filmmaker-actor (Emraan Hashmi), stung by the stunning success of Silk’s odd, soft-core stuff. He’s an honest director. His producer’s a practical man. There is honesty in the porn type material the producer peddles as well. It’s unlikely to garner critical acclaim, of course. No male reviewer will recommend a movie because it gave him a hard-on. Female critic will probably sense exploitation. Silk couldn’t care less. She collects only photos of hers that appear in the press.Her journey to infamy involves a mix of circumstance, coincidence, and her own resilience, as is true for all success stories. In short: she lands up on a film set. Movie urgently needs a back-up dancer. Second-unit director goes nuts shooting her curvy figure. Main director (Hashmi) throws the song away. Producer finds it after the film’s bombed on day one, adds it in. She gets noticed, becomes a star of sorts: lonely, reckless, focused, ambitious. She loses her mind, as many do, only when she begins to take her own myths too seriously.‘Fem-jep’ (female in jeopardy) is a popular American film genre. Where the heroine goes through man-hell throughout, and supposedly sympathetic male audiences, psychologists suspect, secretly enjoy this without feeling any guilt! Madhur Bhandarkar is the patron saint of this genre in Hindi pics (Chandni Bar, Fashion etc). This is not one of those movies. Silk pretty much deserves what she gets.How much of this belongs to the suicidal southern phenomenon Silk Smitha, whose life this film is apparently based on, it’s hard to tell. Bharati Pradhan, a veteran film journalist who’d interviewed Smitha before, says the character comes quite close. We spoke at the interval. The difference between Silk in this movie and, say, a Mallika Sherawat or Mamta Kulkarni in real life, is that after tasting moderate success from below-the-radar semi sleaze, most attempt to gentrify themselves through the mainstream: convert infamy into lady-like fame. Silk did not.She seeks no respect, attaches herself to a top actor, remains protected from other leeches. This is true for so many Indian heroines. Only repressed middle classes pick up glossies to marvel at promiscuous sex lives of filmies. The show-world is what it is.Anju Mahindru plays a gossip mag editor, chronicling bedrooms of the movie industry. We’re supposed to be in Madras. The location is obviously fuzzy. The time line’s not. It is the ‘80s, and it could well be Bollywood. The vocabulary, 'tuning' (euphemism for getting it on), 'baby' (for the heroine), are so ‘Bollywood’ from the time.Movies survive on songs shot with earthen pots and hip-shakes (matkas, jhatkas). The track, Ooh la la is so Jeetendra’s Mawali (1983), y[...]

Desi Boyz Movie Review


There were a few reasons one would have been looking forward to the release of Desi Boyz. Not only did the movie mark the return of the two hunks following the success of Garam Masala in 2005,Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, but it was also heavily anticipated because it would carry on the run of successes of male-centric films. The last few years have seen a number of such films; Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Delhi Belly and 3 Idiots to name a few. With fresh looking promos which have created a lot of excitement, Desi Boyz was sure to be a film to watch… or was it?The main focus of the movie is the “brother from a hotter mother” friendship between two gentlemen living in London’s Canary Wharf, Nick (John Abraham) and Jerry (Akshay Kumar). Nick, an MBA graduate, has an office job and an apartment where both he and Jerry reside. Jerry, on the other hand, does a few odd jobs here and there but doesn’t have much stability apart from that. The two couldn’t be more opposite. Recession hits them both and they are forced to become male escorts to ensure they both have money coming in and, more importantly, to show Jerry can get custody of his nephew, Veer, following the sad deaths of his sister and brother-in-law. Problems arise when Nick’s girlfriend, Radhika (Deepika Padukone), catches the duo red-handed.As an overall benchmark, it would be safe to say that the movie has its good and bad moments. The plot is stronger in some places more than others and this is perhaps where the film falls short. Once it grabs your attention, it’s unable to keep it all the time. However, it has to be said that the freshness and contemporary feel given to the sets and locations is effective for the plot. Filmed in various locations in the UK such as Brighton and Docklands, the backdrops of the film are one of the few plus points.As performances go, Abraham and Kumar share a truly exceptional chemistry on-screen. They both look great in Desi Boyz, good enough to give the newbies a run for their money. Their performances were admirable but it would be wrong to say that the roles were in any way challenging for either of them. Padukone and Abraham’s new jodi is one that should go far. They not only compliment each other in appearance but also seem to tie in well with one another performance-wise. Chitrangda Singh, who plays Kumar’s love interest, is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Her pairing with the Khiladi is also a good one and should be taken notice of. Singh’s performance as a sexy university lecturer ticks all the boxes, but quite frankly, there wasn’t much in the role to be able to judge the kind of talent she will prove to be according to the forthcoming films she chooses to sign. The child-star, Shraman Jain, who plays Jerry’s nephew, truly shines.The film also incorporates a few cameo appearances that are worth a mention. Sanjay Dutt plays the “owner” of the Desi Boyz brand and the background theme music of Khalnayak makes a dismal attempt at authenticity. Omi Vaidya brings memories of 3 Idiots while playing Radhika’s (Padukone’s) date. British comedian Jeff Mirfak can be seen as the boss of a fast-food joint that Jerry works at.The soundtrack of Desi Boyz, although consisting of some preppy and feel-good songs, won’t be one that stays in the audiences’ hearts and minds for very long. Having said that, the popularity of the tracks has gathered momentum over the weeks coming up to the release of the film, namely the title track (featuring Abraham and Kumar topless), ‘Jhak Maar Ke’ and ‘Allah Maaf Kare’.To conclude, it’s wrong to say that Desi Boyz will have you filling up with tears or laughing until your stomach hurts. In fact, it is a movie that sits very neatly between those two extremes in that it will make you laugh out loud in some places and it will also make you feel a little emotional in a few too. Nevertheless, the film’s underlying theme of friendship does well to bring warmth to the heart. Desi Boyz will leave you feeling a l[...]

East meets west


rihanna hot pics



kristen stewart in bikini.



chandigarh mms scandal


The incident occurred at around 2 pm on September 26. The victim was forced into a while-coloured Maruti 800. She was beaten up by the four girls. Her mobile phone and money was snatched away from her. When the victim protested, she was thrown out of the car and abuses were hurled at her. Then she was beaten up.

ciara in transparent dress



Adrianne curry post her topless pics on internet


Adrianne curry Sunned Topless on her Roof and then Put the Pictures on the Internet

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kangana ranaut wardrobe malfunction



kangana ranaut warodrobe malfunction happens at an event.

Bollywood star aims to inspire homegrown heroes


MUMBAI — Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for the release of his new special effects-packed film, hoping it will trigger a spate of Hollywood-style superhero movies in India."Ra.One", which hits screens at the Hindu festival of light Diwali on October 26, has cost more than one billion rupees ($20 million) to make and is one of the most ambitious -- and expensive -- films in Indian cinema history.Khan says that the film -- in which he stars as G.One, who saves humanity from evil villain, Ra.One -- has more special effects than James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster "Avatar" and will mark a shift in the domestic movie industry."This film is one of a kind," Khan told reporters in India's entertainment capital Mumbai this week. "I feel (it) will take the Indian film industry one step forward from what we have been doing."After this film, I feel there will be other Indian superheroes in our films and many more actors to follow."The 45-year-old is one of the triumvirate of Khans who has ruled Bollywood since the 1990s, carving a niche as a bankable romantic lead through movies like "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" (The Braveheart Gets The Bride).But he has been eclipsed recently by his namesakes Aamir and Salman, who have both set box office records with works such as "3 Idiots", "Dabangg" (Fearless) and "Bodyguard".Shah Rukh Khan's last high-profile film was "My Name Is Khan" in 2009, which was hailed by its studio at the time as Bollywood's first, truly international picture, yet it was more successful abroad than at home.The "Om Shanti Om" star may say he is not worried about whether his latest venture is a success, but his publicity drive -- from video game launches to marketing tie-ups and a dedicated YouTube channel -- suggests otherwise.For the time being, he has preferred to talk about how India should have its own superheroes -- and that the country is now well-placed to do so."Why should it be that it is only America that has superhero films? We (India) are the largest film-producing country in the world and I feel we need our own," he said."We need to make Harry Potters, Supermen and Spidermen here, just like we did earlier in films like 'Krrish' or 'Drona'."The last big Indian superhero film was "Endhiran" (Robot), starring Tamil-language superstar Rajinikanth. It was dubbed into Hindi and broke box office records."Krrish" (2006), starring Hrithik Roshan, was the last successful Hindi-language superhero flick, while "Drona" (Saviour) -- a Diwali offering with Abhishek Bachchan in 2008 -- failed to excite cinema-goers.Both were big budget productions and made use of domestic firms specialising in computer-generated imagery (CGI), whose post-production expertise has seen them increasingly courted by Hollywood.Khan's own production and distribution company, Red Chillies Entertainment, has a special effects division.Previous Western-style superhero films include a version of Hollywood's "Superman" and "Mr India", about a villain who steals a scientist's formula for invisibility.But Indian directors, television producers and animators have preferred to look to Hindu mythology for their superheroes, particularly the monkey god Hanuman or the battle between kings Ravana and Rama.For Khan, "Ra.One", which is also being released in 3D, shows how India can now compete with the best in the world."'Ra.One' is a salute to India's technical expertise," he told the Times of India newspaper in a September 26 interview. "People across the globe contributed to its making -- but India was the nerve centre."[...]

kangana ranaut hot pics



I've matured as an individual: John


NEW DELHI: They say life is the best teacher and it seems Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham believes in this. The actor is not sulking about his break up with Bipasha Basu and says he has matured over the years as he has learnt to accept the realities of life with a smile.

“I have matured enough in life. It’s not necessarily with a woman, but every relationship in life matures you as an individual. So, I am sitting here before you guys as a much more mature individual,” said John who split with Bipasha Basu earlier this year after an eight-year relationship.

“Earlier, may be three years ago, I would get upset about personal questions asked to me. Today, I am sitting, smiling, answering everything because it’s a fact of life,” said John.

The 38-year-old says he is not sulking and utilising the time to spend some quality time with his parents.

“I am just happy that I have time by myself. Honestly, once I became an actor in 2003, I did not spend enough time with my parents. I will be very honest, when we get into relationships and into our career, we forget that we have parents. We don’t give them time,” he said.

“I am spending as much time as possible with my parents because they are not doing very well physically. So, I am trying to spend as much time to just make out for all the lost time,” he added.

The actor is preparing for the release of his next — “Force”, which hits the screens Sep 30. He will also feature in “Desi Boyz”, “Housefull 2″ and “Shootout at Wadala”.

Bollywood hails Anna Hazare's victory


Anna Hazare ended his 12-day fast Sunday morning and a lot of Bollywood celebrities -- from megastar Amitabh Bachchan to social activist-actress Shabana Azmi -- expressed their, happiness calling it "a moment of greatest pride" and "a new beginning".Hazare, who began his fast Aug 16 morning, agreed to break his fast after parliament Saturday broadly agreed to three key demands of his civil society group to battle corruption.The celebrities took to Twitter to express their feelings.Here is what they had to say:Amitabh Bachchan: To know that such individuals inhabit our nation is a moment of the greatest pride. But to know what they feel is incredible!! ...all praise to the spirit of the one man... that he inhabits our land and feels for it.Shabana Azmi: To a new beginning. Let's applaud Anna for leading the people of India into a nonviolent show of strength.I'm proud to be an Indian.Jai HoAbhishek Bachchan: One man unites an entire nation. Peacefully. #saluteBipasha Basu: Anna is our true leader and his spirit has made everyone conscious that we can do away with corruption and need not accept it as a part of our lives. Big step forward for India and all of us!Raveena Tandon: 'Haazaaron saal jiyo Anna Hazare!!' (Long Live Anna Hazare).Dia Mirza: Thank you Annaji Hazare for the awakening. I was silent earlier because I was not in an agreement with the method adopted by certain people around Anna. Grateful we've found a middle path! I am proud to have witnessed the India that I have in the last 11 days. Even more proud of parliamentarians who upheld democracy.Shekhar Kapur: Woke to a new dawn, a new freedom and saw a distant star of hope shining brighter and closer to every Indian heart. Anna can now rest as nation's youth have heeded his call. 64 years of system will not change overnight so we need to be vigilant. Anna's greatest achievement is to show the people of India that they can take charge of their own destiny.Hrithik Roshan: My respect and congratulations to the people of India!Shruti Seth: Anna Hazare has done what none of us thought possible. For better or worse that time will tell. You've made the public realise their power.Riteish Deshmukh: ANNA stands tall today- PEOPLE stand tall today- INDIA stands tall today- a day to rememberFarhan Akhtar: First step taken in the right direction. My heart is full of gratitude for Anna. It is a victory of the people and for the democratic process.Madhur Bhandarkar: Every generation needs a new revolution. Hats off to Annaji. Jai Hind.Lara Dutta: Anna's fight is in every home. This will impact everyone of us for years to come! In my life, I hope I'm able to keep this alive in my small way.Anupam Kher: Thank you Anna. Thank you #Jan Lokpal team. And biggest thanks to the people of our Great Country for their courage and belief. Jai Ho.Sonu Nigam: Our gratitude and prayers for Anna. Blessed to have met him and rejuvenate him with music on the historical day.[...]