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Wed, 15 Feb 2012 16:28:33 GMT

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Determining Your Borrowing Power

Thu, 02 Feb 2012 01:17:28 GMT

Before you start looking for your dream home, you must first be able to determine if you can afford the investment. You need to know whether home ownership makes sense to you financially. There are a range of factors that the banks and lending institutions will consider before you qualify for a home loan such as your savings and your employment history. Thus, to avoid getting rejected or putting yourself in a tight situation, learn first your borrowing capacity.

Using a Loan Calculator

A loan calculator is a financial tool that can provide you with a quick look of your borrowing power based on your income, expenditures and entered interest rate. However, do not take the result of the calculator as a loan offer or investment advice, instead use it to assess yourself.

Based on the calculation, can you afford the mortgage repayments you have to make each month? Should your circumstances change, for instance a pregnancy, job loss or interest rate spikes, would you still be able to cope up with the payments?

These questions might sound absurd at first, but if you are really determined to become a home owner then you need to consider all the nitty-gritty details about home ownership. Do this before actually looking for houses to avoid falling in love with a property that is way beyond your budget range.

What you can really afford boils down to two things - the deposit, which most lenders require at least 5% of the total cost of the property or more and how much you can afford in repayments. As a rule of thumb, your mortgage should not be more than 35% of your gross income.

Choosing an Insurance

If you are planning on borrowing 80% of the total value of the property and buy it in expensive cities like Sydney, then you should also consider the cost of mortgage protection insurance. Most lenders will insist upon it but think about it wisely as it can be an additional burden especially if you have already fully stretched your budget.

Besides a mortgage protection insurance will not protect you but protects the lenders should in any case, you cannot make your repayments. It is not a safety net and does not necessarily help you keep your home if you fail on your mortgage payments. Instead of a mortgage protection insurance you should consider taking an income protection insurance.

The income protection insurance can cover up a portion of your salary for a period of time that you are unable to work because of sickness or injury to meet your cost of living.

The Other Fees

Aside from the loan repayments, you would also want to add up other costs such as the solicitor’s fee, property valuation fee, loan application fee, stamp duty as well as the cost on building and pest inspection. Not only that, you also need to factor in the removalist charge, connection for gas, water, electricity as well as building and contents insurance.

If you find yourself confused in the middle of your assessment, please know that you do not have to do this on your own. You can ask assistance and advice from professional mortgage and loan consultants in Australia.

Presently, Acquired Home Loans is branded as one of the most trusted and preferred loan consultants in South Australia for providing unbiased and fair home buying assessment. In addition, their service is FREE!

Call them today at 1300 400 500 or log into their official website at home loan adelaide

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Choose The Reliable Mortgage Broker And The Right Type Of Loan

Tue, 31 Jan 2012 23:40:54 GMT

Buying a home can be very expensive specially when you do not have enough budget for it. But because of the various institutions that offer home loans today, having the house that you have dreamed of is no longer impossible.

These home loans are usually loans made by the bank to let you borrow enough amount to buy the house that you want. In order to have an easy process in acquiring the desired house you want, you should consult to people who can easily assist you to find the best lender in your place - mortgage brokers.

These mortgage brokers will be the ones to help you find the best bank that can lend you enough money to be able to buy a house or any property that you desire. But make sure that these brokers are reliable and have exemplary knowledge about home loans just like those mortgage brokers in Adelaide who always know what kind of home loans their clients need based on their financial situation.

That is why you have to make sure that you will have the most reliable and credible mortgage broker who will act on your behalf. Look for the best lender who will give you the opportunity to sign a clean and legal mortgage protection in Adelaide.

After you find a reliable mortgage broker in Adelaide, make sure that you have enough knowledge about the type of home loan which you will have. These home loans have their benefits which you can choose from depending on your financial status.

These type of home loans include:

Standard Variable Loan, has a repayment period of up to 30 years, mortgage repayment is paid on a monthly, fortnightly and weekly basis and the regular repayments will help you on budgeting.

Low Frills Loans, loan that has the lowest running costs so you pay a lower interest rate.

Line of Credit, depends on how you will use this loan, if you have the right discipline in paying then everything will be alright. Money is easily accessed by writing out a cheque or using your ATM card, as both are linked to this loan which will reduce the interest charge in your loan.

Non-Conforming Loans, if you have financial problems in the past you will get a fresh start and the chance to re-build your credit rating.

If you want to avail one of these home loans the Acquired Home Loans is one of the most reliable home loan firms in Adelaide that will give you the best and the most effective home loan services.

Consult and have your dream house now by calling the Acquired Home Loans at 1300 400 500 or visit at mortgage adelaide

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Acquired Home Loans Offers Efficient and Dependable Home Loan in Adelaide

Mon, 30 Jan 2012 22:48:28 GMT

January 30, 2012 - Kent Town, South Australia, Australia- the leading company that offers outstanding customer service that extends well beyond the call of duty coupled with dedication and expertise- Acquired Home Loans- has offered efficient and dependable home loan in Adelaide.

Buying a new property can be very difficult. There are a bunch of things one must consider before finally purchasing the property. Of course, one will need to acquire home loan first and makes sure that the loan that has been done will not result to having too much interest rate, not much higher than the one they have loaned.

The most appropriate thing one must do is to seek help from Acquired Home Loans. Their professional mortgage brokers will assist people who would want to purchase property and will be needing home loan in Adelaide. Their mortgage brokers will share their brilliant ideas and will help find the right loan that will definitely suit their client’s budget.

We Provide :

  • FREE Service

  • FREE Pre-Finance Approval Certificate

  • FREE Branch Assistance

Total Package :

  • Bank and Non-Bank lending.

  • Credit impaired or Low doc Loans.

  • No doc loans, 100% lending.

  • plus much more...

Professional :

  • The professional and technical standards of our Home Loans Consultants.

  • Fully accredited MIAA or FBAA loan managers

Get it right :

  • Free tailored mortgage reduction plan valued at $3,500 with a step by step guide.

  • Our large network of people working on our behalf to have the best deal possible.

Service :

  • Free home loan consultation.

  • Provides a scheduled personal home loan reviews for the term of the loan.

  • Monitor savings plan plus free of charge.

  • highly committed to service

Information Technology :

  • State of the art software developed in-house, allowing minute to minute updates on all home loan rates and products.

  • The Acquired Home loan simulator - offering easy loan selections, fees and costing.

For the most reliable mortgage broker in Adelaide, call Acquired Home Loans at
1300 400 500
Or log on to Mortgage Adelaide


Acquired Home Loans is established since the early nineties and has been helping the Australian people to get the best home loans that are easy on their budget. They even have professional and dedicated staffs who will help acquire the loan with little fuss.



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Mon, 30 Jan 2012 22:12:34 GMT

Enlist the Help of a Mortgage Broker in Adelaide When Applying for Loan

Mon, 30 Jan 2012 03:51:24 GMT

Everybody loves to avail of a loan, but only a few like to pay it. It just goes to show the reality that having a debt is an unwelcome option for many Australians like you particularly in Adelaide. But because of some inevitable financial difficulties coupled with the still-troubled economic times, finding money to make ends meet is getting a little bit harder not to mention the finances needed for home renovations, starting a new business or buying a new property. So, the last resort is to borrow money.

Here in Adelaide, borrowing money has been made easier especially if you want to borrow from big lenders such as Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Adelaide Bank, Citibank and Bank West because a mortgage broker will help you in that aspect. A mortgage broker helps you to acquire the loan that you need, the exact amount of which depends on your financial status and viability.

What is great about a mortgage broker is that he enjoys a good working relationship with the major lenders, so negotiating with the lending firms is just as easy as it can get. That is why he can speed up all the processes for the loan to get approved, thus, getting rid of all unnecessary red tape. More importantly, a mortgage broker has a negotiating power that is very important when the details of the loan are being defined, making sure that the agreement will work for your favour, that is, the loan is fair to you. Thus, the terms of the loan will not put you in great disadvantage.

Another important task of the mortgage broker is to look into the loan conditions to make sure that every aspect is considered. This is, in fact, required by lenders before approving a loan application because they want to make sure that the agreement is secure and guaranteed.

Thus, hiring a mortgage broker in Adelaide is not just something you can do but you must do as it will save you time and money and keep you stress-free.

To hire a mortgage broker in Adelaide, contact Acquired Home Loans at 1300 400 500or visit home loan adelaide

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Fri, 27 Jan 2012 15:43:21 GMT

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How to Choose the Right Mortgage Broker

Thu, 26 Jan 2012 01:24:05 GMT

The emphasis on "finding the best loan with the lowest interest rate" has been a common prac-tise among home buyers these days. And if you are planning to buy a new house or planning to invest, you might probably be thinking about the same thing.

Thus, rather than going for loans with low rates and instead of trying so hard to fit and qualify for a loan, you should choose a home loan that fits your lifestyle, needs and requirements. Yes, this means that selecting a loan requires knowledge and an in-depth understanding of all the options available in the market.

However, with all the jargon and the various home loan products, choosing the one from which you can benefit the most can be quite confusing.

This is where mortgage brokers become an important step in your overall financial strategy. Speaking to a mortgage broker can open up many avenues you may have previously thought inviable such as finding out your own borrowing capacity, consolidating existing debts or learn-ing about ways to increase your investment portfolio. A good mortgage broker can often steer you in the right direction to make your financial dreams become a reality.

Now, this is where the true challenge really lies. The arising problem in today's home loan market, is that it is becoming a difficult task to find the right broker for your needs. After all, there are now many brokerage houses of which all are vying for your business offering very tempting promises and guarantees.

So how do you choose the right broker to work with you on your personal goals? Here are some tips you should say and do when looking for a broker to work with you:

● Ask questions - it is your money and your future. You need to be sure that the person han-dling your finances is qualified to do so and that this is not there part time job.

● Ask for other possible options. You need to be sure that the broker you are talking to is not trying to sell you a loan that benefits their pocket instead of yours.

● Inquire about the amount of lenders the brokerage house has direct accreditation & access to. A company that is held in good stead with many different banks means you are getting totally unbiased advice with the most possible options.

● Ask how that broker gets paid. They should get paid by the lender - not by you! Do not be fooled if someone wants to charge you a fee to perform a service. Check with other bro-kerage houses to see whether or not that same fee is charged by all.

● Ask what level of service you can expect to receive and if there are any extra charges.

● Be comfortable with your broker. Exposing your financial needs and stature to someone re-quires a great deal of trust. So choose wisely.

● Most importantly find out what extra services your broker offers for free after your loan has been settled. It is an additional peace of mind knowing you have someone to go to espe-cially if your circumstances change in the future

Once you have chosen the right mortgage broker who you can trust and who comes from a re-putable brokerage firm, you can then be able to go through all your options and choose the right home loan that fits your lifestyle, needs and requirements.

Talk to the professionals whose only aim is to provide you a better service today. Call 1300 400 500 or visit them at mortgage broker adelaide

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Tue, 22:03: #Australia #homeloanadelaide Credit impaired, low doc loans Wed, 01:03: #mortgageadelaide Australia: No doc loans, 100% lending Wed, 04:03: #mortgageadelaide Australia: and a whole lot more Wed, 07:03: #Australia #homeloanadelaide Aside from the packages they offer thier are more Wed, 10:03: #Australia #homeloanadelaide They also have well-trained Wed, 10:30: RT Tips for Choosing the Best Mortgage Broker - #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker Wed, 10:30: RT Home Loans Mortgage Broker - #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker Wed, 10:31: RT Not sure how to find a good mortgage broker? #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker Wed, 10:31: RT What Is a Mortgage Broker? #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker [...]

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Чт, 22:03: #Australia #homeloanadelaide Call ACQUIRED HOME LOANS at 1300-400-500 or (08)8363-9933 or visit Пт, 01:03: #mortgageadelaide Australia: ACQUIRED HOME LOANS Offers Home Loans Пт, 04:03: #mortagebrokeradelaide #Australia Other Mortgage Loans In Adelaide Пт, 07:03: #Australia #homeloanadelaide ACQUIRED HOME LOANS (AHL) has over 27 Lenders Пт, 10:03: #mortgageadelaide Australia: 400 Products to offer that clients can choose from. Пт, 10:35: RT Selecting the Best Mortgage Broker - #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker Пт, 10:35: RT How do I get the best deal on a mortgage? #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker Пт, 10:36: RT What You Should Expect When You Hire a Mortgage Broker? #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker Пт, 10:37: RT Mortgage Broker tells important steps to obtain loans - #homeloans #mortgageAustralia #mortgagebroker Пт, 10:39: @Shereerhg This is a very informative article, thank you for sharing. Пт, 10:40: @mygogomojo Home loan rates varies depending on the location and economy as well. #homeloans #mortgageAustralia [...]

Is the Mortgage with the Lowest Interest Rate the Best?

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 05:47:35 GMT


It has been a conventional wisdom that the best mortgage arrangement is one  which has the lowest interest rate but this does not hold true in many cases. There are many factors to be considered to  be able to fulfill your obligations after getting the loan you need.


These factors are the following:


●       Financial Status

Where you are right now in your financial life largely determines your ability to pay your financial obligations. If you are earning every month whether out from a business venture or a full-time or part-time job, then you are likely to be able to settle your debts. The bigger your earnings, the greater is the likelihood that you will be able to pay your financial obligations.

●       Life Status

Your earnings may be offset by your life status. If you are married, then big chunks of your earning will be diverted to providing the needs of your family. Otherwise, you can have greater chances of clearing yourself of any debts for the agreed period of payment.

●       Future Spending

Your plans in the future will also affect your ability to pay your mortgage in Adelaide . If you are planning of building a new home or refurbishing your property or even venturing out into a new business enterprise, then this would certainly adversely affect your ability to settle your debts.

●       Spending Discipline

If you think you are not that financially able to pay your mortgage in Adelaide based on the first 3 factors, you can still tweak yourself out to financial freedom by tightening on spending and this really take lots of planning and discipline on your part. Cut unnecessary spending and trim on other as much as possible so that you can pay your financial obligations.



The Bottom Line

The point here is that getting the mortgage with the lowest interest rate is not a guarantee that you can pay it right at the agreed period of time. You need to have the financial discipline and sound financial management that will help you pay all your debts.


In that case, you can can seek advice from a credible mortgage broker in Adelaide. One of which is Acquired Home Loans.


Contact them now at 1300 400 500

or log on to mortgage adelaide

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Вт, 01:03: #mortgageadelaide Australia: Borrowers can have the benefit of reducing the interest of their loan Вт, 04:03: #mortagebrokeradelaide #Australia The amount of money they have in their savings account Вт, 07:03: #Australia #homeloanadelaide The savings account that they own is linked to the home loan that they availed of. Вт, 10:03: #mortgageadelaide Australia: Bridging Loan Вт, 13:19: RT Why are mortgage rates hitting record lows? #homeloanadelaide #mortgageadelaide #mortgagebroker Вт, 13:19: RT Adjustable Rate Mortgage Refinancing: #homeloanadelaide #mortgageadelaide #mortgagebroker Вт, 13:20: RT Why Are Home Ownership Rates Higher Among Single Women? #homeloanadelaide #mortgageadelaide #mortgagebroker Вт, 13:21: @cjccp This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire your desired home. #homeloanadelaide #mortgageadelaide #mortgage Вт, 13:23: RT #Financial goals for your future matter. #homeloanadelaide #mortgageadelaide #mortgagebroker Вт, 13:24: @JoeGhobrial There are many reasons for the low of mortgages one of it is the global economy. #homeloanadelaide Вт, 22:03: #mortagebrokeradelaide #Australia This loan may be a little scary [...]

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Choosing The Right Mortgage Broker For Your Needs

Mon, 16 Jan 2012 00:30:00 GMT

As an investor, you seek for a broker who would make you feel happy at the same time satisfied. However, finding the perfect mortgage broker is quite an immanent term as it cannot be quantified. Hence finding the right mortgage broker in Adelaide is not that easy. Fortunately, this article will help you find the right one. Listed below are few considerations that you may follow:


Check on the details


A mortgage broker in Adelaide must possess some lawful documents that can prove their professionalism as a broker. The license and other certificates of enrolment with stock exchange get you a legitimacy of the mortgage broker.


Keep an eye on the commissions and fees


The brokerage rate may vary from every stock broker from the service they provide, therefore, it is essential to do counter checking in seeing through the differences of their service and check its importance. The amount of brokerage has to be paid right after every transaction made. If the brokerage rate is high, it can totally bring down the investor's interest.


Check out on his approach to investing


The game would be real time if you happen to be a new player in the stock market, however, the work can be done by any of the experienced share investors. Most of the time, some mortgage broker in Adelaide may recommend some of their comrade, hence comparing the past record may provide you an idea for the approach of investing. Ceaseless growth in the number of clients is obviously an affirmative sign for any investor.


Look up to his criteria for decision-making


The criteria for decision making regarding buying and selling of property is the right scale by which you can check the expertise of the broker. The response in contrary winds of the market acquire the exact worth of the investor. Hence, you need not to wait for long as there are several obstacles in the stock market that need to be faced in the realm of trading, the conclusion making ability is essential to look at.


For the most reliable Mortgage Broker in Adelaide call Acquired Home Loans at 1300 400 500

Or log on to home loan adelaide.

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