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Taters and Tooth Fairies - A No Sew Vegetable Stamped Pillow Tutorial


Tallulah lost her first tooth this week and I was ill prepared. Never again after whipping up this super easy super cute tooth fairy pillow. Did I mention it is no sew? Pack up your potatoes and pop over to I Love to Create and make your own.

Jeepers Peepers Let's Make Some Creepers - A Shoe DIY


Calling all old school punk rock, ska loving, shoe gazing parents. Remember creepers? Those pointy toed platform shoes we wore to high school? Wouldn't it be cute if your kids had a pair. Come on, sure it would. Pop over to I Love to Create to learn how to convert a pair of thrift store slip ons into a rawkin' pair of creepers.

Polka Dot Bead DIY


My first crafty love is jewelry. It has been a long time since I have made in. Sometimes when you love something you have to set it free and then see if it comes back to you, blah blah blah. Whatever the reason I just had jewelry burnout. Lately I have been getting the itch to whip up some wearable magic. Enter wooden beads and my new favorite craft supply - Puffy Paint Writers. Pop

Portrait Plates for Valentines Day


I have a soft spot for vintage crafts. Each time I see a pair of plates with a spiffy felted couple on top I’m tempted to buy them. Finally today, I broke down and made my own Valentine’s Day themed pair. A little different from the traditional pair with the lady in her veil and hat and the mister with his pipe. Pop over to I Love to Create to see how to make your own modern version.

Felicia - My Mixed Media Series


So my sister Hope Perkins said: "let's do a joint art show" and I said ok. The only thing I had ever done was a colored pencil portrait of Axl Rose in Jr. High. I craft, not paint. However, when Hope asked me I busted out the paint and it kinda started flowing and has not stopped. It all started with a bag of old perm curlers I bought at a thrift store in McKinney, TX. They were

Button Tufted Headboards - How to Make Them Your Own


One of my many resolutions is to tackle one home improvement project per month. If I get around to more great, if I only get to one I'm still on target. Check January off the list because I just took my plain tan headboard to an all new level with the help of a vintage Hawaiian muu-muu, some Tacky Glue and a button covering kit. Check out the I Love to Create blog for the full scoop.

Get Organized the Crafty Way in 2014


This time of year a goal on almost everyone’s list is to be more organized. I know it is on mine. As a matter of fact I am trying a 52 weeks of organizing type program. So far so good. Pop over to I Love to Create for a few ideas on how to get organized in crafty style.

Overdone Craft Trends to Leave in 2013


What do chalkboards, chevrons and cute woodland creatures have in common? They are all about as played out as a mason jar and burlap. That's right kids it's time to say goodbye to mustaches and wood pallets. Head over to BlogHer and see the craft trends from 2013 that I am totally over. Love to hear what you would add to the list.

Making Mixed Media Art With the Munchkins


Over Christmas I bought a bag of old perm rollers at the thrift store. The colors spoke to me. A couple of weeks later those curlers have found their calling as picture frames for mixed media art I have been making with my daughter. I have 4 in the series and more coming up. Pop over to the I Love to Create blog to see more.

Keep On Crafting On - New Years Resolutions Week One


New Years Resolutions Are Like Bellybuttons, Everybody Has One. I'm no different. I was glancing back over my resolutions from last year and sadly I failed miserable on all but one. I didn't blog more, maybe even less. I didn't lose that 10 lbs, I think I gained a matching set of 10 more. I did eat lot's of veggies, but after moving in the summer I became and take-out junkie. I didn't run

New Years Eve Hats & Tiaras Tutorials


I love to make party hats. I almost always custom make them for my kid's birthday parties, so why should New Year's Eve be any different? This year I took things up a notch and made party hat time capsules! Pop over to the I Love to Create blog for the full tutorial and read on for a few other fun examples. Last year the kids and I went on a party hat making bender for NYE and their

Pretty Putz House DIY


In recent years I have become a lover of Putz houses. You know, those adorable mini paper houses covered in glitter snow you see all Christmas long? Ya those. Ok, now that we have that straight let’s talk about how to make your own over on the I Love to Create blog. I’m kinda in love with this little house. In years past I have made Milk Carton Haunted Houses, Easter Bunny Bungalows

I Love to Create - December Daily


December Daily time is upon us. Are you playing along? Given, I did not know what December Daily was until this year but now that I do I'm in. All in. So much in that I can't even close my Smashbook. Today I'm sharing a sneak peek into my December Daily journal right here, on the I Love to Create blog and over on BlogHer where I wrote a post about adding vintage Christmas cards to your

Nature Collage Portraits


    There are so many gorgeous (and free) objects in nature that can easily be turned into art. Pine cones make great Christmas carolers. Beans easily become owls. Acorns look great on headbands. I recently discovered that you could do a whole self portrait just using what you find on a walk to the park. Pop over to I Love to Create for the full post.

Thankful Thanksgiving Shadow Box Tutorial


I love me a seasonal picture frame. Have I said that before? Anyway I also love me scrapbooking. Man I sound old. Anyway, all that being said Thanksgiving picture frames are far and few between so I grabbed a stack of scrapbooking paper and took matters into my own hands. Pop over to I Love to Create to see what Tallulah and I came up with. Yup, there is a kids project sidebar.

Dia de Los Milk Jugs - An Up-Cycled Day of the Dead DIY


Halloween is over but Dia de los Muertos is here! How are you going to celebrate? Might I suggest an up-cycled Day of the Dead craft? Pop over to the I Love to Create blog to see how you can transform an old milk carton into a festive decoration.

Project Life - My Halloween Scrapbook


Today on I Love to Create I am sharing peeks into my Halloween themed scrapbook. Stickers, washi tape and glue sticks oh my!

Setting the Perfect Halloween Table


I'm kinda obsessed with Halloween. Have you heard? This weekend I threw my 5th annual Pint Sized Halloween Party. My my how the party has grown. With each year the guest list gets bigger and the party tables of food multiply to feed them. You can't just set your witch finger cookies and mummy dogs out on a paper plate and call it a day. The art of setting the perfect party table takes days

Halloween Porch & Pillow How-To


The Halloween party planning madness continues around these parts. I'm hoping for nice weather to coral people onto my patio and into the yard. I couldn't leave my patio furniture as is, oh no. Instead I gave everything a Halloween makeover complete with custom stenciled pillows. Pop over to the I Love to Create blog for the full tutorial.

Ghoulish Glowing Eyes Family Photo How-To


A few years back my buddy Vickie Howell made a witch costume for my daughter Tallulah. Some of my photos of her ever were taken of her in said costume. I have several framed around the house and even once made a Wee Witch Shrine with one of the photos. 5 years later I am still working that photo shoot. I've always wanted to add glowing eyes to some of my Halloween photos so today I did.

Faking Fall With DIY Projects


Fall officially starts today, do you have your craft projects ready? Here in Texas it is still 100 degrees and the leaves have yet to turn any colors. If they are brown it is from the drought, not fall. That being said we kinda have to fake fall around here. Check out these three adorable tutorials over on BlogHer I rustled up.

Sneak Peeks Into My Scrapbook - Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition


Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. To celebrate I thought I would share a sneak book into one of my scrapbooks. I have been playing around with jewelry findings, vintage embroidered table cloths and of course Aleene's Tacky Glue. Pop over to the I Love to Create blog for the full scoop. Looking for more ideas? Stop by BlogHer and check out more suggestions. Want to see more sneak peaks

Tuesday Morning - My Home Decor Store


I'm back and I'm still obsessively shopping at Tuesday Morning to decorate my new digs. Last week I shared my kilim rug, brass lamp and slew of animal print throw pillows that would make any Real Housewife of NJ green with envy. Today I have a few more sneak peaks showcasing some of my favorite discount store items. Do you have a Tuesday Morning in your town? Run, don't walk if you do. I

Rorschach Monster Halloween Shirt How-To


My degree is in psychology, so is my husbands. Both of my parents are psychologists. All that being said I am very familiar with rorschach tests. Ya know those blobs of black paint that you are supposed to find hidden meaning in? Ya those. Well in the Halloween issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 my friend Ginger Welch made adorable paint blob monsters on a stick. I got the idea to make these

My Home Decor Shopping Secret - Tuesday Morning


Did I mention I moved? I'm still in Austin, just 10 miles south west of my old digs. When you move a big purge is always in order. Did that. Then in my case a big shop to replace all the stuff I just donated. I did that too. I wanted to share a sneak peak into my new casa and let you in on a little secret. Tuesday Morning rules. Not the actual day of the week. The store silly. When the