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Updated: 2017-07-01T16:04:53.471-04:00


It's been a while


Facebook recently reminded me it'd been 7 years since my next to last post!!OMG!I kept telling myself I needed to blog, but would put it off.Here's 1 big recap, and then hopefully I can get back to regular posting.Brief re-introduction.My name is Jadie, I have 2 cats, I play World of Warcraft, and I knit (yes, sometimes at the same time!)So wow, a lot has changed in the last 7 years. Right around my last post  we had just moved into a house. We are still here and it's definitely become home for the long-term.Also I have two nieces and a nephew, though if we're friends anywhere else you mostly only hear about my sister's daughter.Sadly, I've also lost in the last 7 years.  My father passed away about a year and a half ago, and my grandmother had passed away a few months before that.Life is definitely different than it was in 2011. (Understatement!)So, since pictures tell a thousand words, I figure I'll stop blabbering on here, and just add a few photos from the last few years.Furbabies wait for Santa Tripsie now has to wear a cone full time because she'es allergic to everything, and licks herself raw.Cute little younglingShe knows she's adorableA few years later, Weee gamerRiver time. No longer ours :(Knitted Dice bag for my DM (spoiler alert, dog ate it). Fore the Horde!Harry Potter House cat bedsShawlKnitting at the drive inWeekly Wednesday D&D gameReplaced the one the dog ate. DM and I Both enjoy Harry Dresden books.Most recent tattoo... it's about 6 years old now.[...]

Summer summary


Well, the summer is drawing to a close, and I for one am thankful the cooler weather is coming. A few weeks ago I went to North Carolina to visit my family, and mom & I escaped the heat in Maggie Valley, up in the mountains. I've posted some pictures here, but I do have a whole set of all the roses at Lake Junaluska & other pictures over here on my flickr. On the way there we had a little yarn crawl at Black Mountain yarn shop which was a very lovely shop! We got some neat gadgets there and also at another shop, I apologize I don't remember their name.... these stitch markers all have words on them like center, decrease, increase etc, so you can place them to remind you of what to do when you get to them! I also finally finished my Lanesplitter skirt! It's a little bit tight.... While I was gone, Tripsie went to the vet to get some treatment for her skin issues. Unfortunately she seemed to pick up a bit of a bug :( Poor little girl. fortunately it passed quickly. They both went after I got back and now they're up to date on all their shots. Kitty continues to get stronger and more active in the new house! I'm really happy that he's bounced back so much, though it makes me sad he was unhealthy for so long and now it seems the old townhouse was the cause of it. We've been really enjoying our real sized kitchen & dining room, as well as the grill. I've made lasagna, and also like to make myself pasta for lunch. No Tripsie, you cannot has. Hanging out in the back yard while Sam grills burgers. There's a baby explosion at work, so I've been making blankets and booties. These are for my co-worker Karen, or really for little Caledonia (Latin word for Scotland, I had to Wikipedia it). I didn't finish the 2nd bootie in time for the baby shower, so I wrapped the blanket, 1 bootie, and the yarn with needles stuck in. It's all finished now :) I've also been working on a pair of socks, using some of my Yarn Pirate stash and this Mermaid's Lagoon pattern from Knitty I also finally made good on my promise to a sweet little girl, this is Minnie, and I've been promising her a sweater for YEARS! My other canine friends are Toulouse and Renior, the puppies of my D&D DM James. They like to hang out with all of us while we play and try to get some of our tasty treats. Of course the big news this week has been the earthquake & hurricane Irene. The earthquake was scary, but only because it was my first one. It is very unsettling to have the ground under you move!! Everything is fine though. We barely had any effects from the storm, just a cloudy rainy weekend. But Mike & Janine came to see us for the weekend, and I'm hoping they return to Richmond with no bad surprises. One of their neighbors had a tree fall. Next weekend my family will come up for the long weekend, and mom will see my house for the first time! I'm so excited :) [...]

Been busy enjoying my new home!!


Warning for friends with slower internet connections.... Picture heavy :)There's been snugglesTripsie on her fort, which she hasn't gotten back on since... not sure why.Tripsie in her favorite spot, the top of the stairs.My shelvesWhich I put together ALL BY MYSELF!Nice and clean and organized (this was taken right after setting them up. You'll see them again later)The kitties have been staying cool by laying on the tile floor in the kitchen. The air vent is in the floor right between them. They both love to walk up to it and hold their faces right in the stream of cold air.The kitties inspect my knit nook/hobbit hole. (Yes, Kitty comes upstairs all by himself!)Kitty watching TVKitchen again, that screen in the dining room will hide the litter boxes from guests.Decorating with knitting. My blanket I knit last year on the sofa.My wedding veil as a lace doily under my bouquet and a wedding photo.A centerpiece from our reception next to our wedding album Janine made. The prior homeowner left these shelves up!On the other shelf, a wedding gift from family, and our invitation in a photo frame one of my co-workers put together for me.Back in my knit nook, the left side of my desk. In the white boxes are undyed yarn & lace. Blue boxes mostly contain notions, one brown box holds (most of) my WIP bags, and there's sock yarn and cotton in the others.More yarn & more bags.What's that annoying whiney sound? Oh.. Hi Tripsie. Ok fine, I'll take your picture too. Tripsie has not adjusted as well as Kitty has. But then again she's never moved before other than coming to live with us. She cried all night for 2 weeks, and has done it again a few nights when we've had storms. But she's getting better. Now if we can get her to stop licking til she gets scabs.My (non-functional, decorative only) spinning wheel... i think some of the legs got mixed up, but it's too hot to mess with it right now.The right side of my desk. As you can see it's a little more "lived in" now. More notions, yarn, and my knitting books. And of course SNACKS!We've been enjoying our kitchen.Nomnomnom Sam has been grilling! (Chicken, mashed taters, and home-made cheddah biscuits like you get at Red Lobster.)Kitty has been very curious about the new surroundings.I got some really cute new address notification postcards from Jack & Ella on EtsyAnd she included some very cute little blank notecardsWe love our new home SO MUCH. We didnt' have to do anything to it! Now to get back to knitting![...]

New House!!!!


I didn't want to post this until everything was finalized, just in case :) but yesterday at about 4:30 pm we signed all the paperwork and handed over a check and bought our new home!!!Unfortunately, as soon as we got back to our townhouse, a huge thunderstorm swooped in.Fortunately, it only rained for about an hour and then it cleared up!(by the way, that's my view on my drive home from work everynight from now on. Beautiful!)The temperature dropped, but it got humid. Sam's head was even steaming! Between the two of us, we got almost all of our furniture on the truck.Here's a few pictures of the new house with some of the furniture placed.The seller left us the curtains and shelves.Excellent yard sale find!We went back for all our boxes and got them all on the truck. Around that time, Sam's brother got off work and offered (was enlisted) to help, which was VERY much appreciated. They unloaded the boxes as I moved the last of the little random things from upstairs. They came back with the truck and we prepared to leave.Say good bye to the old house Tripsie!Time to go Kitty!The last step was to get the cats in the car. Driving through town with two cats loose in the car (they both love car rides and are very well behaved.. and we only have one carrier) at 2 am is pretty surreal :)We pull up to the new house.And let the kitties check it out.Kitty says Hey what's in here?Tripsie says Oooh look what's in here!!!I relax after a very long day.BedtimeToday, Sam & his dad went back to get the last 2 pieces of furniture that were too big for the two of us, and I worked on unpacking the kitchen.Kitty seems to feel so much better here, and his health had also seemed to improve as we kept the cats mostly upstairs the last few weeks.Is this my room?*sigh* I love my bathroom!!!! I'm sure you can't guess whyTripsie had been very stressed out about all the packing. The only time she'd ever moved before was when her former owner brought her to us. She seems to be very grateful we brought her with us. As if we could leave her behind!She was really happy when she found her sun puddleNo Tripsie, those horizontal stripes don't make you look fat."Wow, watching you guys unpack all that stuff sure was exhausting!!!"And now, where am I? In what I had been calling my knitting nook, but Sam says I should call The Hobbit Hole! I think I'll have a sign made :)So very excited for it all to be done. Now to unpack....[...]

New house?


So... Sam and I have been looking into buying a house. Last week we took our first trip with our realtor, and I fell IN LOVE.With this house.But Sam thought we should look at more before making a decision. He convinced me to come looking at more this week, and we did...So we also looked at this house...And now I can't decide which one I like better :(The yellow house is a bit less expensive, and we could probably talk them down even more. But, there's going to be some work needed. It is move in ready and all recently painted, however there's a large tree in the front yard, and a small one in the back which would probably eventually need to come down.It's a lovely big back yard! and the front yard is big too.Here's the upstairs area (I have already called DIBS) it doesn't have heat or AC piped to it. Which I'm honestly ok with, the warm air will rise, and I am always cold! However, if we were to ever resell the house we would need to have that taken care of because technically we can't call that upstairs area a bedroom without it.The kitchen is all brand new, and all appliances convey. However, the kitchen is the only room in the house with a ceiling fan.I love the pantry, but had a hard time getting a good picture of it, this picture is taken from the den area - the stairs in the den go up to the knitting nook.and I really love the bay window.I can picture both kitties laying there soaking up the sun puddles. Not at the same time of course :(There's lots of cats in the neighborhood... which may be a plus or a negative - I like cats, and Tripsie likes to see cats, but... Were I to come home from work and see one of them in the road, I'd be devastated.Speaking of work, the yellow house is less than 5 miles away. I wouldn't even have to get on a main road. I consider that a big plus. And it's near another friends house where I go every week to play D&D! As little as I drive now, I'd be driving even less if we moved here - I could probably go a month on a tank of gas!However, the heat & hot water heater run on gas, which is a concern for me.There's a lovely porch on the side, perfect for a grill and patio table.Nice bathroom.Laundry area is on the outside of the kitchen.Now... The white house, while it doesn't have a deck, does have a little area for sitting on the front porch, and we could easily add a deck on the back.Also there's some pretty flowers.The dining room is nice. I like the color, and I also like that it is more of a dining table nook than a real dining room - it isn't cut off from the other areas of the house, so it doesn't feel like it's wasted space.. if that makes sense..The kitchen looks like it's been recently redone,The stairs are actually inside that wall to the right, so they aren't visible until you get into that area. Sam really liked that they aren't in the way or out in the open.and the upstairs is similar to the yellow house (but no windows face the street, which I don't like).It does already have central heat & air piped in, so it's able to be a bedroom. Also the closet in this one is bigger than in the yellow house, as well as the area outside the room.The current owner either crochets or is loved by someone who does, There was another crocheted blanket on the bed.Look, the bathroom is purple!!and she made cookies for us!I do like that the main bedroom has carpet instead of hardwood floors - much nicer on your toes when you get out of bed. I didn't take as many pictures because the current owner is still there, so her furniture and pictures are all there.And I think I prefer that it has electric heat over the gas on the yellow house... The yard is much smaller, (which Sam likes, for maintenance) and there is a drive way (yellow house doesn't have one but could easily be added).The white house isn't far from work, but not as convenient as the yellow one. And the seller is already selling for less than she paid, so she probably wont' budge much on the price.HALP I ca[...]

What I've been up to


Yesterday I went to the Old Liberty Fiber Faire held at the Lion's Club center in Bedford, VA. It was a lovely time, as is anything put together by the wonderful Dana and Dianne. Unfortunately, the weather didn't turn out :( It was rainy & windy and cold. I ended up staying only about an hour, and shortly after I left Tornado Warnings were sounded, so all the outside vendors packed up and went home.

They posted some pictures from the event on Facebook
Fortunately I'd gotten my shopping done already ;)

And yes, I am on a yarn diet, but I did have one project in mind to purchase yarn for, and I only made one extra yarn purchase! See! I was good.

First up is some lovely Alpaca from Taylored Fibers
I still am not sure what I will make with it, and as I told the vendor yesterday I might just leave it in the skein and pet it. It is SOOOO SOFT.

Next up is a little pouch from the lovely Sadie Rose. If you recall I already have a draw string bag in the same fabric. Love her bags, she does such good quality work, and so many of her fabrics are cat related!

While there were so many lovely yarns there, many of them were sock yarn or laceweight. Which of course I already have too much of. The one project I was allowing myself to buy yarn for calls for Aran Weight yarn. I want to knit the Lanesplitter skirt! So unfortunately, there wasn't much yarn of the right weight, and none in repeatable colorways and affordable to get enough for my project at the show.

So on my way home I stopped at Backstitches and picked up some Superwash Cascade (and a really pretty pen).

I'm also nearly done with my first April sock for the Year of Socks Stashdown. I'm really enjoying this pattern, and think the yarn & pattern are working really well together.

(image) I'll have plenty of knitting time next weekend while we are visiting my family for Easter, so I feel confident I'll have the pair done by the end of the month.

not dead yet


Oh boy it's been a heck of a 1st quarter. But I'm hanging in there.

I did finish my March socks a few weeks ago, and shared them on the Year of Stash Socks blog.

I've also already gotten started on my April socks.

I'm really pleased with how the pattern/yarn combo is turning out so far!
Definitely looks like leaves :) Seems a bit more fall-like than spring, but that's ok.

One of the things about hand-knit socks is hand- washing them. I washed most of my socks today by soaking them in the sink with some Soak, and then letting them air dry.

more are hanging in the bathroom.. I think I need a second thingy.
I still have not bought ANY yarn, except for one skein which I purchased with a Loopy Ewe gift certificate Sam gave me. I've gotten so good at avoiding temptation it took me several days to even pick out what I wanted!!!

I ended up picking out some Dream in color starry, in a really pretty burgundy shade.
(image) I've heard that the electric conductivity in silver makes it so that cloth with silver in it will still allow you to use touch devices like iphones & ipads and whatnot. So we'll see!

Hope everyone is doing well :)

The cats are finally playing together


but only because they don't realize it...

Washed the bedspread yesterday, and hung it up to dry. Tripsie decided it was a most awesome fort for her.

Well, this morning we came downstairs to see this.

Tripsie was inside,

Kitty was outside.
She was batting at the blanket from inside, and he was batting at the movement, because he didn't realize it was her.

Excited to start my March socks tomorrow. I've also started another in-between sock last week, but I don't think I will blog it because I'm considering giving it to someone for Christmas :)

Hope everyone is doing well.

January Recap


So far my goals are going fairly well!

I did finish my January socks, with over a week to spare:

AND! I have not bought ANY YARN!

I also went to the gym twice. Now, twice in one month doesn't sound like a lot, but right now the only night I can really go is Wednesday, and last Wednesday we had snow and the gym closed, and another Wednesday I had to work overtime.

Work is a bit crazy... to put it lightly. but I'll get through it and things will get better!

Destash update


Ok folks, so Jen is getting the Mochi, Nikki's getting the feltable yarn fish kit... Janice is getting the bag. Janice, I'm sorry I'm not 100% sure of who you are... can you please shoot me an email? jadielady at
Jen & Nikki, I'll shoot you guys a message on facebook tomorrow :)

Wollmeise and everything else are still up for grabs, if there's no takers by Friday I'll just enter it all on Ravelry.




Ok, here's how this will work. To be fair to everyone, and so that I only have to make one trip to the post office, if you are interested in something leave a comment saying which item(s) you want. Be sure you either leave your email address or log in to comment so that I can contact you. In the event multiple people are interested in one thing, I'll use the random number generator to choose who gets the item. I'll go through all comments on Wednesday, January 5th. I'll contact everyone to arrange payment (paypal). As long as I've received payment by 9 am EST Saturday morning, I'll take everything off to the post office and email the shipping confirmations that same day.Prices include standard shipping to the continental United States. Anywhere else I'll estimate shipping and add to the price. The picture is first, then the description. I've also linked to the dyer's shops when possible.Sanguine Gryphon Bugga - Colorway Marpesia Marcella. 412 yards 70% Superwash Merino 20% cashmere, 10% nylon. I am selling for retail price of $28Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, Colorway "103" Violets Rainbow. 80% Merino Wool 20% Nylon. 195 yards per skein. Retail is $8.50 per skein. I'm selling for that for one skein, or $15 for 2, and $22 for 3. I've got a total of 6, will sell all 6 to one person for $40.Yarn Pirate- Merino/Bamboo Nylon. Colorway Smoke Ring. this and the below were club colorways. This one is "Smoke Ring" 460 yards $18Also Yarn Pirate - this colorway is "Hard Cider" and the yarn is Superwash merino. 480 yards. $18String Theory - BlueStocking 420 yards of 80% BFL 20% Nylon. $22.Knit Picks Sock Sampler. Set of Essential Yarn (no longer sold it appears 75% Superwash Merino and 25% nylon). Comes with 6 patterns. I've used 1 pair's worth of socks. Remaining colors are: Ivy, Jay, Wine, Auburn, and Oak. $30.Cables & Lace (also known as KnittingDragon from Sweaters for Dragons Podcast) Club yarn from 2009. 460 yards 75% Superwash Merino 25% Nylon. $20Lime & Violet Sasquatch Sock. Colorway is "A Cowboy's work is never done" 425 yards 75% wool 25% nylon. $18Rock Creek Yarn 110 yards of 100% silk. Colorway Daffodil. Retail price was $26, asking $20.Patternworks Felted Fish Kit, no longer sold, and I apologize I'm not sure what's happened to the pattern. Comes with 4 skeins of Nature Spun 100% wool, will felt. I used a small amount of the teal to make an icord for something. $10 for the set.Mariah Amine Bag. Retail is $40. Beautiful light blue & brown pattern. 8” at base, 12.5” at Top, 7” tall, 5” deepThe inside is lined in brown and has 2 sets of ribbons to hold your needles. (Needles and sock in progress not included). Snap closure. Keeps your work secure, unless you own a cat like Tripsie.$35.Last, but not least. Wollmeise Lace. 525 meters, colorway Turkise Markise. 100% superwash wool. I am asking for retail price of $54. As you all know, I live in a cat-friendly house, but the yarn is kept away from the cats as much as possible. Thanks for looking! Email me at jadielady at gmail dot com with any questions.[...]



I has it!!

and this

became this
and this

I don't have before pictures of downstairs, but here's how it looks now!
(image) (image)
So much better. YAY!
Tomorrow I'll sort through my stash and pick things for destashing.. I know there will be some wollmeise and at least one Namaste bag. But I want to pick out a fair way to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it all. Maybe I'll have people leave comments of what they want and then do a random generator on a specific day later in the week?
anyways, I hope everyone had a happy New Year!!

I started my Year of stash socks for January right after midnight. I don't think it was rude to knit at the party since most everyone else was playing Rock Band.

New Year's 2011!


Well, it has been a while again... this time I have a somewhat decent excuse, at least for the last week or so.Our townhouse flooded *AGAIN* This time though, it was because a pipe next door burst. However, since those neighbors were in the midst of moving, and presumably were visiting family for the holidays, no one knew about it until it came to visit us.Fortunately, thanks to Sam's mighty wet-vac purchase, and super-dry air (instead of muggy summer like last time) we've been able to stay home and we'll be moving things back downstairs tomorrow.However, we have decided to start looking at houses, and we've also decided nothing goes downstairs unless it has a PLACE. Where it BELONGS. And if stuff doesn't get a place, then it's getting a place outside our house, either by being sold (first choice), donated(2nd choice), or thrown away (last resort).These things tie in nicely to my goals for 2011, which is to spend less, save more, and declutter the house. If I can get some cash for some of my clutter that's an added bonus. Which yes, means some yarn & other goodies. So keep an eye out for a destashing post shortly.My knitting goal for the year is to knit longer sock cuffs.This might sound silly, but I have small feet and I always end up with nearly a half a skein of yarn after a pair of socks. So, I hope that by knitting longer cuffs, I'll use up more yarn!I'd like to review my goals from 2010. I think I did pretty well...1. I want to complete one project per month. This may sound super rediculously easy, but I am an ADD Knitter as in all things, and sometimes I get a bit of cast-on-itis. I also tend to get a case of "OMG this facebook game is awesome and I shall play it 5 hours a day." So sometimes I don't knit for fairly long stretches of time, or I'll swap back and forth so many projects that none of them see any drastic progress. I am going to partially achieve this by doing something I saw on Ravelry. I am printing off patterns, collecting all needed materials, and putting them in a plain paper bag. Put the bags in the closet - whenever I feel like starting something new I grab a bag and cast on!I think stuck to this goal well. I'm almost positive I finished something every month, whether it was one sock or a pair, or even the hats I've been crocheting for co-workers' babies. I did not do the self-imposed yarn club though.. I just can't plan that far ahead.2. Read. If you don't include Audio Books, I don't think I read any books in 2009. 0! So I want to keep a book on my nightstand, and read a few pages of that instead of catching up on twitter or looking at lolcat pictures on my phone every night before bed. I've already started reading Rowing The Atlantic by Roz Savage (pardon, can't find how to underline). Well, I'm still doing audio books, and not much reading of traditional books.. however thanks to my Kindle I have finished visually reading 2 books, and am working on another. I've been keeping track on Goodreads. I'm Jadielady there too if you want to be friends :) I can't really read before bed, because with Sam going to work so much earlier than I do, he's usually already asleep when I come to bed. Maybe if someone bought me a kindle cover with a built in light *cough* 3. Continue to eat healthier! I've made some very good steps in the right direction. I just need to keep it up and get back to a good work-out routine.Urm, nothing to see here ... move along. I have however, become much more organized, and that's good. Right? :) Seriously though... at work we now have an on-site gym. I have no excuse. I've got to get my butt over there... if it wasn't such a long walk across the parking lot ;)I hope everyone had a happy holiday of whatever sort you celebrate,[...]

Bad Blogger!


But to heck with it, I'm eating a cookie anyways.
Last month I came to NC to visit my family, and finished zee blanket of DOOM!
It is comfy cozy and perfectly Jadie sized.

I also finished Sam's socks, which Tripsie helped with the photo shot as usual.

Now I'm mostly working on presents, so no pictures for you.

I've just joined the Year of Stash Socks which looks like lot of fun!

Oh! I am working on one project I can share, I've pulled my first lace shawl back out of hibernation. I am hoping to get to wear it to a cousin's wedding next month.

I hope everyone in the US is havning a safe Thanksgiving weekend!!

2 Reviews


I actually have 2 awesome things I want to show you!

Firstly, a super awesome lady I've met through makes beautiful jewelry! I don't wear much jewelry though, but I was delighted to find this bookmark on her website. (hopefully she won't mind me using her picture)

Here it is in one of my knitting books.

Honestly though I usually keep it in my Kindle as bling :)
It is absolutely lovely. Flourite is one of my favorite stones because it can be purple, green, white, or a combination!

Angela has many other pretty things for sale so check them out :)

Also, recently I saw this post over on Yarn A Go-Go. I love my purse, but all the stuff in it tends to jumble up in the bottom, making it often hard to find certain things. Like half the time I first reach for my phone i have a panic attack thinking I've left it somewhere.


So, I ordered one of the small purse organizers from Divide and Conquer and I just LOVE it. There's tons of color options so it is very easy to find one which will match your purse.

(image) Now instead of everything being jumbled up in the bottom, it is all nicely organized and horizontal for easy reach. And the organizer itself comes out easily so you can switch your purses faster (assuming of course you don't have a skirt purse from My thirtyone)

A word of warning. if you have your purse around kittens or puppies, and you have a device with headphones (the little blue things coming out of my ipod in the picture) you may want to put them down in the pocket... In other news, I'm looking for new earbuds :P

Why hello there!


As some of you have seen on Plurk and Facebook,or have guessed by my silence, I do have a new laptop. I did try to post about it the weekend I got it, but blogger was being a doofus.

Like my previous laptop, this is an Acer. I really think they're quality machines but not expensive. This one has a bit of a rubbery texture on top, which is nice.

Also, it has a number pad! I am so grateful to my tech-savvy Sam, who was able to restore all my information. When I first booted it up, and opened Firefox, it loaded all the same tabs I'd been looking at!

Even though my addiction to Facebook games has resumed, I have been staying busy knitting and such.

I have been steadily working on the blanket, which you may remember from the Olympic Knitting events last winter. I am finally close to being done! Just 12 more rows and then the bind off.

(image) Wednesday nights I go to my friend's house and watch guys play D&D while I knit. One of the guys asked me to make him a scarf, so I crocheted this for him (in exchange for cookies!)

(image) And keeping my promise to Sam, after finishing the pair of socks for me, I got started on a pair for him. I finished the first one this morning. The yarn is Zauberball, and I knit it on my brand new Signature needles, which I LURVE.

I like the color changes in the yarn, but there was one spot where I guess there had been a break and the manufacturer tied it. But it messed up the color change! I tried putting the heel there but it still drives me nuts. I figure mostly it'll be unseen though.

Tomorrow I will blog again, finally reviewing something I promised someone I would before my old laptop even died!
Until then, have a good night!

Busy times ish


Hello friends. No, I still don't have a new laptop. Still, mostly enjoying small bursts of productivity. I do have a desktop computer, which is in our spare room with Sam's computer, so we've been spending more time together. Even if it is back-to-back heh.

Tripsie has been enjoying this and hanging out on her fort a LOT.

(image) "I like when you're both in here to see how pretty I am. "

I had two pairs of socks, which only had one sock each, so I have finished the second sock of both of those.

I think I've shown these previously, I did finish the 2nd one. I still think the 2nd one ended up a little smaller, but it's ok. For some reason I can't find them right now and I apparently deleted the FO pic thinking I'd already uploaded it, so here's the same shot as before.

(image) They ended up not matching exactly, which would have been nearly impossible, but they were surprisingly close.

I also finally started and finished the 2nd of this pair,
It took me less than a week! Very easy pattern. I kind of wish I'd thought to reverse the pattern on the second sock so that the lines pointed in towards each other. I hope that when Knitting Dragon is finished with college that he resumes dying yarn again!

True to my word, after knitting 2 socks for me (yes, so that gave me 2 new pairs but still, I only finished 2 new socks for me) I am now onto the next pair for Sam. Using Zauberball I got from the Loopy Ewe and my beautiful new Signature DPN's.

Basic sock, it's just 2X2 ribbing alternating with plain stockinette. I hate purling the first stitch on a needle, so there's 4 columns of 4 knit stitches in a row. I'll call it a design element.
The Zauberball reminds me a lot of Mini Mochi, but doesn't seem to be as splitty. Then again that might be those stiletto points on the needles :D

The furbabies are continuing to ... co-exist.. This picture was taken about 5 minutes after Tripsie bit Kitty so hard she had fur in her mouth.
(image) Tripsie: "Whatever, I was trying to give him a kiss."
Kitty: "I hate you."

Silly critters.

Post 300! Good News/Bad News


Well, I kept waiting on the perfect thing to post about because this is Post 300!! For my plurk friends, imagine the little happy dance smiley face.I considered posting about how happy I still am being married to Sam, which seemed timely because my cousin got married last weekend. We had a blast hanging out with my family at our river cabin, as we always do!I could post about my nearly finished socks, which I cast on the first one in July of 2009! I'm working on finishing up some old projects, and this is an important lesson on either finishing quickly or taking good notes. I couldn't remember for sure how many stitches I used, or even which needles. If you look carefully, I think you can see the difference in the stitch size. But, the socks themselves are almost the exact same size, and that's all that really matters ;) Hoping to finish up the toe on the second one tonight.Or, I could talk about how silly Tripsie is, hanging out on her fort. I think she's a little too heavy for it, it rocks all over the place as she jumps up or down. Kitty's been getting around a little better lately, he comes upstairs every once in a while!But then.. . Friday night, my beloved laptop died. Which, wasn't completely unexpected. It was over 4 years old after all, and considering how hard I've been on it...I used it to play World of Warcraft for over 2 years, as well as some other games. It only had one cooling fan and one vent, which was on the bottom, so it has always had heat problems. I have used it almost every single day for four years, many times leaving it on for days at a time.It really was a great machine, and I'm definitely going to get the same brand if possible (Acer).However, this may have been a bit of a blessing in disguise, as I've had to find other ways to occupy my time all weekend. Yes, I do have the desktop computer, which Sam built for me to play games on, but it just isn't the same as sitting at my laptop while watching TV or movies.So, yesterday afternoon I started to tear things out of the closet in our bedroom. This closet started out as "my" closet, but over the years a lot of STUFF has been put in the bottom of it. Empty boxes, all the linens, suitcases, you name it. In addition, we had pretty much ignored our hallway closet aside from the top shelf ever since our apartment flooded 2 years ago.So, I also emptied out the hall closet. Wooboy did I find some treasures. Including a whole pound of Lion's Brand Homespun, aren't I lucky?Anyways. Here it is all nice and empty and clean. (I wont' mention that apparently the previous tenants kept a litter box in the closet, so when the carpet was ripped up there was cat litter all around the edges)The bags are some of the treasures I found in the bottom of it, the shoes were some of the things I wanted to get into it and out of the bedroom floor.And I wanted the linens out of the floor of my closet.I'm actually pretty proud of myself..I got a hanging organizer to hold the shoes, and as an added bonus it had 3 little partitions which I've used to organize our hats, scarves, and gloves/mittens. (I also feel very bad because while I have 2 handknit hats, 3 sets of gloves/mittens, and 5 scarves/shawls, I have absolutely nothing handmade for Sam. I need to get on that!) I also hung up all our winter coats, and got them off the stair railing.I found the perfect sized storage container for the linens, which fit everything but one bedspread, and it had just enough room to the side for my big boots.Horray!!! Maybe I'll wait a little while to get a new laptop. *ponder*[...]

Hello new friend!


Yesterday I got a new friend.
He's based on this drawing from my good friend Bret. (Check out his book! I'm excited for a collection of his car paintings, they're gorgeous!)

I love him! I think he's so cute. Debating whether or not I should name him.

I've also been crocheting. Kitty has been my unfortunate quality tester for baby hats.

(image) "I'm Link. And I hate you."

Ooooh apparently, this is my 299th post. I think I should do something special for 300! Hmm maybe a contest. We'll have to see :) Oh! And I put up a post about Afterthought heels over on TWIK.

Goodbye, old friend


About 9 years ago, I bought myself an ergonomic keyboard for work. Everyone else hated it, and supervisors would refuse to take escalated calls at my desk unless I typed for them. But I loved it.
Sadly, today as I was having a conversation on our internal message service, suddenly the f, h, k, o, 7,8,9 and left shift & control stopped working.
I tried cleaning it out, and rebooting but nothing worked. Sadly, my keyboard is dead.

(image) (check out the adapter so I could use a USB port)
Fortunately my boss had a newer model ergonomic keyboard in one of her cabinet drawers she let me have, so I wasn't down for long. But it's not the same :(


In other news, certain someones seem to be getting along better. Or at least tolerating eachother.

This weekend.

Last night.


And today when I got home: Mutual Sniffage!

I hope everyone is well. I hope to have something neat to show off pretty soon!

TWIK Update


Just a little note to say I've posted a bag review over on The Week in Knit. I hope everyone's having a good summer. It's almost over!

My new shoes


While we were on vacation, I picked up some new shoes!

The ones on the left were really nice, but once I purchased the ones on the right - it was all over. I haven't worn another pair of shoes since then, except when wearing my black or gray pants.

(image) For some reason, this last week at work EVERYONE has been commenting on them!


"Those are so cute! But are they comfortable?"
"Yes, they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned"
"Wait... are those... Crocs?!"
Yes folks, they're crocs. Not those cloggy ones that make your feet stink (no offense to anyone who loves them). High heels but comfy!

(image) I liked them so much I ordered the exact same style in black.


Don't even ask how I took that picture.

So, as a PSA, here is where you can order them, or you can check Amazon or Zappos

Posting this to facebook so all my coworkers can see ;)
Other than wearing cute shoes, I've been playing with crocheting. Doing a scarf and some washcloths.

Right... sorry


I've been a bit distracted. And Sue - YES! I have been making some progress on my Chorwars! I've behaved with my yarn diet, only buying 1 skein of yarn while I was on Vacation!

Speaking of Vacation, that's where I was for a week. I went to visit my parents, and then for 3 lovely days my mom, my sister and I went to the beach.

(image) We stayed in a beautiful home belonging to one of mom's co-workers.


I've also picked up crocheting! Mom taught me while we were at the beach. I've got my first FO.

A bullet-proof wonky Kitty bed. But I've gotten better with my edges and also did a washcloth.
(image) It's for my cousin who is getting married! I love how well the colors match the RSVP card (you'll have to trust me).

After my vacation I haven't been on the computer as much. I've even blocked some of my facebook games! Sam and I are focusing on eating better and working out some. I'm excited because where I work is building an on-site gym!! Woohoo!



I've posted before about wanting to lose weight, save money, buy less yarn, get organized etc. Well, I think I've thought of a way to do it. But, since my employer blocks the ChoreWars site and not blogger - I figured I'd make my idea public, and that way you, my dear readers, can help keep me accountable.

If you've never been to Chorewars, it's a pretty neat little idea. You creat your own "quests" and assign a reward value.
I'm going to use it to help me save money, do things I need to do, and reward myself accordingly.
I will set up chores for Working Out, Meeting Calorie Goals, Throwing Things Away, Not falling into temptation when I get email updates from yarnshops, finishing a knitting project or using up/destashing yarn, and moving money into my savings account.

For each of my good deeds, I will assign an appropriate point value (daily things will probably be 1 point each) and each point will represent $1 I can spend.

So for example, I want to limit the amount of yarn I buy before I use up any more - So I'll probably say for every pair of socks I knit I can get 5 points - then I have to knit 4-5 pairs of socks before I can afford more sock yarn.

If I want to buy more clothes, I first have to get rid of stuff I don't wear and get it to all fit in my closet and dresser.
Hopefully this will help keep me honest. And you will too!



I've never considered myself to be a granola-crunching, tree-hugging, hippie, but recent events have caused me to take a look at what I can do to be a little bit of a better resident of our planet.

I think I've mentioned Roz Savage before.. She is on her 3rd and final leg of her row across the Pacific Ocean. I've really enjoyed listening to her podcast and reading her blog. She has partnered with the folks over at Eco-Heroes to help people realize all the little ways we can do great things for the environment. You don't have to go vegetarian or eat only locally produced foods or reusable wipes instead of toilet paper (yeah, that one seems a bit extreme for me). Some of the ideas are also great ways of improving your own life!

Do you receive tons of annoying junk mail? Multiple catalogs from the same place? Phone books? (who uses phone books anymore!!) Go to this link for lots of easy ways to stop the junk mail.

Take a cup or mug to work and drink from that. Most coffee places are happy to fill your mug instead of giving you those paper cups. Drink water from a reusable container - it's better for you and free, vs buying that $1 soda. Even if you don't cut soda out completely (I sure can't) I have saved $2 per day and lost some weight by replacing 2 of the sodas I used to get daily with about a 32 oz of ice water in my reusable cup.

We've finally started recycling soda cans and cardboard (yarn buyers build up lots of boxes *ahem*) and the amount of trash we (Sam) have to carry to the curb has gone WAY down.

So take a look around, think of a few little things you can do, and feel rightfully smug :)