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sko_G knits 'n stuff

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after a brief hiatus, i got back to working (and made some progress) on the highlighter quilt.

this round took me a bit of time, to the point where i am a little tired of looking at it. so instead of putting it away, i moved it to the side while i think about what i want to do for the next round.

in the meantime, this weekend i pulled out an old w.i.p., and when i say old...i mean embarrassingly old. as in started this one more than two years ago, old? ugh. it started with panier de fleurs, by french general and with the release of le bouquet francais i've been inspired to pick it back up. the original concept for this quilt was "patriotic picnic". i've changed the design a bit but kept to the concept of squares only.

added this one to the pile initially because i ran out of fabric after cutting all the large outside squares...i did make a quick jaunt one weekend to the French General shop, where i was lucky enough to find the same prints i needed. when i got home with the extra yardage, i just put it on the shelf with the quilt top and there it sat ever since!

in the meantime, i have started coordinating my floral arrangements to my craft projects.

look at the sky, it's the color of love


i've been sewing a little here and there still with no clear path to a finished design in mind, i do know that the two main elements to this project are 'medallion' style quilt and the three highlighter marker colors: blue, purple and pink. 

a friend pointed out that there is definitely a love theme going on here. i didn't intend there to be..but now i've got Sade stuck in my head.

foxfield should arrive any day now, i am anxiously awaiting their arrival while trying to think about what the next round wants to be. that's my excuse anyway for letting this one settle in a bit.

inspiration strikes


a while back I found inspiration for a color scheme in a drawing done entirely with purple, blue and pink highlighters. since then, I have been collecting fabrics from Tula Pink and Anna Maria Horner as well as a couple of solid stacks from Pink Chalk fabrics.


I finally decided to cut into them and start on something. at this point, I have a loose concept for a quilt design but I haven't drawn anything out so this may change.

I fell in love with a mini quilt made from a cross stitch block that I saw on pinterest, and later found the tutorial on the Pile O' Fabric blog.

february finish


after having these pillow tops lying around for a couple of weeks, I finally got off my rear-end and finished them up (thanks to the encouragement from fellow members of Men Who Quilt). I actually had one more planned that I wanted to get done before tackling the zippered-backs, but for some reason just couldn't get it started. I guess I didn't have it fully figured out in my mind.

now I can start a new project knowing I at least finished SOMETHING from my pile of UFOs!



this weekend I really should start working on creating and adding zippered pillow backs before the pillow fronts start to pile up. yesterday I finished #4:

#3 is ready to go:

and #2 is assembled:

in the meantime, I have my TV watching project (read into that watching the Olympics) with the Seamless Hybrid I started on Christmas day. I still haven't finished the Urban Aran Cardigan, all that's left is adding the zipper. the two zippers I bought for it were is not a separating zipper and both are too long, so I need to go back and get a shorter size.



apparently Saturday was "visit your local quilt shop" day. once I got wind of the news, I had to make a stop (and an excuse) to buy some fabric to make something "valentine's-y". I didn't find anything in the shop that appealed to me for a v-day theme so instead of leaving what do I end up picking up instead?a couple of stash builders, and of course a few orange cuts can never have enough orange? ok, I admit I have collected greys, blacks and oranges over the years with the intention of eventually making an orange black quilt. since I started this collection, my taste (and concept) for the orange & black quilt have changed. I started amassing reproduction fabrics in this color scheme which I am much more excited about and these more modern prints have just sat in my for some reason, I have been obsessed with trying to sew a zipper into something. It really makes no sense to me since what I really need to do is install a zipper in that urban aran cardigan that I finished seaming last week..i guess I am concerned with installing a zipper into knitting which seems more challenging. but I digress. because of this obsession, I stopped into joann's after the quilt shop to look at zippers, and a lightbulb went off...why don't I make a pillow with a zipper closure? perfect.I walk into joann's and was easily distracted by the fabric sale going on..thinking I would look at the latest DS Quilts line and the next thing I know I have stacks of bolts of fabric in my cart. I whittled them down, basically eliminated the floral themes and walked out with these:I was very excited to find a whole range of orange and black in the DS Quilt line and the concept for my current project was born: a series of throw pillows in orange and black.the first is the forgotten five mini quilt by Karen Ackva. I still need to make the back with the zipper closure, but in the meantime I started another front:this is based on the barn bats block tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman. I have a couple more to sew together for this series, I know I definitely have time before Halloween to get them done, but my goal is still Valentine's Day![...]

First Finish of 2014


this was a good one to start the year with because i was guaranteed to get it done quickly - sort of like cheating, but not.

considering how many starts i made last year that are now in the closet as a finished quilt top waiting for basting (x2), unfinished quilt top (x2), quilt in progress - blocks made but not assembled (x3), project planned but not started - fabric purchased (x3), not to mention a seamless hybrid i started on christmas eve, the unfinished knitted items i pulled out to force me to get done (as if sitting in the living room cluttering up space is going to make me work on them!) i needed something to be completed.

but i digress. i give you, Pom Pom It!:

project particulars
pattern: Pom Pom It! by Stephen West (ravelry link)
needles: clover bamboo size US 6 16" circulars, US 6 dpns
yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted; leftovers of #68-violetas and #123-rhodesian

thank heavens for small projects, between this hat and the sweet treats bags i have a real sense of accomplishment.

tiny treats


for party favors, i made the cutest things ever: tiny treat totes (pattern by the Happy Zombie.)



i pushed myself to get this quilt top done.

normally when my interest level dips, i put the project aside and work on something else. but, i persevered and worked straight through on this one from start to finish with no specific deadline. i can't pat my self on the back just yet because this one went up on the hanger since i don't have the backing fabric. in fact, i don't even have an idea of what i want to do for the backing. solid? another print? flannel?

the bigger question is what to work on next. finish that sweater that just needs another inch of knitting before seaming begins?

yeah, i think i should work on that so i can put it to use this fall/winter season. although, i do have an itching to start on a christmas-y quilt!

patchwork squares progress


i've been making progress with my 1-square, 4-square, 9-square patchwork quilt.

so far, i am not sure i am loving it. i have been hoarding these French General fabrics for a couple of years, occasionally pulling them out to admire and pet them. i've finally pushed myself to cut into them and commit to a pattern and now i am just 'meh' about it. 

i had always intended on using the blues and greys together in one quilt and save the reds and creams another project, but for whatever reason i decided to throw them all into this one and i think that is what is throwing me off.

the rows layed out above have since been added and the quilt top has grown another two rows in addition all around since the photo above, so it's getting to a nice size.

i've also been distracted by another long term wip, a hugs and kisses quilt using prince charming by tula pink.

i've used up all the fabric i had in this line, so this is the size it will be. i typically like my quilts a bit larger so i am contemplating adding a couple more borders, what do you think:

what's wrong with this picture


this morning i continued with sewing my strip sets to make more nine-patches, and when i got to the tenth strip set in my chain i noticed something wasn't quite right.
that's right. i sewed my strips wrong sides together. i looked back, and the first of the ten strip sets was sewn correctly, right sides together. but the other nine? you would think it was my first time sewing these things! SMH

on the boards


i haven't had a finish yet this summer, bnt i have made progress on a few things. i even started another new project with some fabric i have had in my stash for a couple of years. i have this obsession with French General and have several in-progress projects at various stages using their fabrics.

most recently,  i have started on this layout inspired by a mini quilt by primitive gatherings. (my second favorite shop next to french general).

little progress has been made to the chateau rouge quilt:

mostly because it was put on hold as i started working with esprit de noel:

now that i have these additional projects in the works, can i get one done before the end of the year? i do have a few more projects planned with fabric from my stash, not to mention the knitting i want to get started/finished now that fall is around the corner!

a late post


this one has been done for a few weeks, i FINALLY added the binding.

i've been continuing work on the grey & mustard quilt although i've lost my steam with that one. i partially blame a recent trip to French General which resulted in the purchase of a lovely stack of Esprit de Noel cuts. i've been going back and forth on quilt patterns to start on for these lovelies and my rotary blade is rearin' to go.

another WIP


i know that i said i was going to get to the projects already in progress from last year (and even from 2011 !!) but i just couldn't resist cutting into this pile that has been sitting in my stash. i was having visions of mustard and grey.

i actually pulled these blocks out and had them on my table for a few days. i wanted to continue work on this quilt but after staring at the blocks for a while i just couldn't find the inspiration. i had a specific design in mind when i started these but i am having a hard time visualizing a finished quilt that i am going to love. not to say that i don't think the original design i had in mind would work out nicely, but i am just not feeling it at the moment.  

i still have these blocks out and the fabric is in my line of sight, but for now i'll continue working with chateau rouge. let's see how far i get...

finally a finish


first finish of's been a long time coming, what with so many starts in 2012. these were started in January of this year and finished just Monday, in time for some quick photos on Tuesday and onto a plane for Belgium on Wednesday. it feels like i haven't started and finished anything this quick in a long time. two quilts, for our loves aqua and the other, well let's just say she loves to eat sweets. the pattern is based on the Squares and Strips Bed Quilt by Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew. this pattern is very easy, fun and quick to make.I am glad to hear that the girls loved them and were excited to use them. even paulin wanted in on the fun...he already has his own!now that these are out the door, I've pulled out one of my WIP's, one that was started sometime in February of last year. while looking for that one, I came across the flying geese quilt and guess what...all it needs is the binding! what the heck am I waiting for with that one?!?[...]



2012 was a year full of many starts and hardly any finishes.  i started a sweater for my baby nephew and then gifted it to him within a few weeks when he came to visit from belgium. sadly, no photos of the finished object nor of baby nephew!

my list of W.I.P. that were started in '12 is astounding, i am thinking that I should take inventory to guilt myself into finishing some things up before starting in on something new.

with that said...what i am working on now, are two quilts for my neices in belgium.  these were started in 2013, and are in various states of completion.

the novelty sweet treat quilt is ready for binding, and the aqua one is about 25% done with quilting.

making progress


i've been busy this weekend making flying geese. about half way through assembling and trimming these blocks to their proper size, it dawned on me that it would be more efficient to pick up the special flying geese ruler to make my life easier.

and it did.

that is, up until i went to set the stitches and press the seam on this strip...

how did i miss that? and this was after i had sewn about 75% of the units for my finished quilt. it was a sure sign that i needed to stop and go do something else.

last night i finished sewing all the units into strips and the strips into one piece, so the quilt top is done. tonight i will assemble the back, make the quilt sandwich and baste my layers together.

my deadline is looming.

holiday sewing


to keep my mind occupied during a very sad time, i pulled out some Happy Holiday fat quarters from my stash and started sewing these reversible little tote bags

it was good therapy for an afternoon.

i also found some time to work on these log cabin blocks, which eventually turned into a table runner and matching table pad for a christmas gift for my mother.

she has a glass top coffee table and matching side table in her living room which i designed the sizes for.

and the last bit of holiday sewing i worked on was this quilt for my nephew. you may recognize the fabric from diagonal madness which i made for my other nephew last year.

pensée en français


i am definitely on a French General kick. in addition to the unfinished Panier de Fleurs quilt top from my last post, i have started in on some pom pom de paris star blocks.

i've got a maison de garance quilt top done, ready for a backing to be put together.

la petite ecole...can't settle on a pattern quite yet, but the fabric cuts are screaming out to me!

not to mention the fa la la la la half-yards i have yet to take photos of!!

and no, this is not a sponsored post. french general is one of my favorite shops, and i love every fabric line that they have come out with. something about the contemporary interpretation of the old french style. perhaps it's that secret desire i have to get back to the south of france that drives me to their style every time.

oops! que je suis bete


this week i started a patriotic(-ish) quilt, trying to get it done by the 4th weekend.


the last time i was at French General, i picked up a few cuts of their upcoming line, Panier de Fleurs. not knowing what i was going to do with it, i just opted with 1/2-yard cuts of my selected prints. i decided to use these for my quilt and up until last night production has come to a halt...i don't have enough fabric.

i had the brilliant idea of schlepping it up to french general to pick up more, i live a good 45 minutes-to-an hour away. imagine my wave of emotions as i pulled up and saw the perfect parking spot right at the front door - the high, then came the i walked up and noticed none of the lights were on and the door was shut, i read the sign and they've switched to their summer hours. CLOSED ON SATURDAY.

needless to say, this quilt is going to go unfinished, and there'll be sitting on the ground for us over the fourth!

hawaiian quilt



until i can muster up enough courage to attempt a hawaiian quilt, i have this to live with.




i really wish i had the patience to make this quilt. it's so beautiful but i can already tell you that if i attempted to work on it i would probably only get to 2 maybe three of the blocks. if i am lucky.

first finish of 2011



ok, although this is the first finish of 2011, i have to admit i actually started this one over a year ago. i cut all the pieces and started sewing rows and soon realized i didn't like what was resulting. uneven rows, puckering...all the mistakes of a rookie. come to find out it was because i cut the triangles on the bias and as i sewed individual pieces together, i was ironing...key word ironing, not pressing, thus causing distortion. so i threw the project to the side never to see the light again.


it wasn't until about late summer that i came across the quilt again, ok actually gaetan asked me when i was going to finish his quilt, when the project was resurrected. by this point all that was left was the quilting - i had actually pieced the whole thing together and added the borders and basted the sandwich together before casting it aside. what?!? with that little left to do? i couldn't believe it.

uhm. yes, i could.


ok, so that took all of one day and then the unfortunate happened - i had no binding. so i put it aside and worked on other things and the cycle started all over again. it wasn't until about mid january when i finally got around to ordering that small piece of kona cotton in coffee (triggered by the fact that i needed to order some other kona cottons to finish the zigzag quilt for dee). so i cut into that half yard, put together my binding and finished off the quilt.


needless to say, now i have to get that zigzag quilt done.

seeing red



a friend of mine asked me to make a couple of quilts for him to take to the angels games to keep him warm while he knits. uhm, to watch baseball i mean. the only stipulation he gave me was that he wanted it to be red overall, as red is his favorite color.

so i quickly got a hold of a bunch of various reds and got going...


i knew i wanted to make two different quilts, but have them relate somehow. in the end, one was half square triangles with just the reds, and the other was concentric squares with a splash of aqua and black thrown in.


both are backed with kona cotton in various shades of red, as well i used kona cotton in chinese red for the binding on both.



i am glad he loved them both, and maybe i'll see them on tv when baseball season starts up again.


sweet treats