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Shed Building Plans - Plan and Design Your Wooden Shed

Shed Building Plans - Plan and Design Your Wooden Shed -

Last Build Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:08:50 GMT


DIY Shed Building Plans - How to Pick the Right Shed Plans For Your Wooden Shed

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:08:50 GMT

Have you decided to build your own shed instead of buying a shed kit? Do you need a sturdy shed which is of just the proper size for your backyard and has the design you always wanted. Building your own shed will also help you pick the materials on your own and you can save a lot of money purchase reusing timber you already have or can get real cheap from local timber yards.

Shed kits are available only in a limited number of standard sizes and designs but you can find the shed blueprints for constructing a shed of virtually any shape, design and size. On the other hand, storage shed blueprints are available for sheds in all possible shapes, designs, sizes and styles.

How big will your shed be?

While constructing your shed it is important to get the shed plans based on the land size available. Too much size is bad and so is too little, leave a little space for future requirements and construct a shed which fit the land optimally. Leave enough room around the shed walls on the outside so that air can freely flow in and out of the shed. Even if you think that a small shed will suffice for your current requirements you may soon find it overflowing with stuff so always make allowance for possible future extra space needs. Within the limits of your budget and land area, try to make as big a shed as feasible. Demarcate the construction ground for your shed foundations using wooden boards to get a rough idea of the size.

Once your shed building blueprints have been selected and all the needed constructing materials are available, you can start work on making the foundation. The shed base can be built with concrete to prevent water from coming in contact with the wooden floor or else the timber will begin decaying. Make sure that the shed plans have elaborate flooring and foundations building blueprints with easy to follow instructions. Different shed designs will have different skills for building the shed foundation.

After the base is compete its time to start constructing the floor. The floor must be built using wood which is resistant to rot and water, preferably pressure treated wood. Once the floor is completed, its time to start work on the frame of the shed. Take care that the support beams are accurately measured and square before they are fastened into place. Refer to your shed building blueprints to accurately determine the location where you will be leaving out space for the doors and windows in the shed frame.

After you have completed the main structure of the shed, you can definitely consider customizing it even further. You can fix shelves for holding things which should be stored off the ground. Garden sheds will definitely have use for shelves to store small pots and tools. Shelves can easily take up a lot of space if you fit too many too close, so leave enough space to move items freely. If you want to store any specific type of equipments then it is recommended that you build some kind of fixture or frame into the shed floor for holding this tool securely.

The detailed building plans for making such attachments are available separately and sometimes even come with the main shed plans. Many household amenities like running water, electricity and even cable TV can be easily made available in the shed with some minor modifications to the original design. Sheds can be built pretty large with several rooms if there is enough land available and you have a big budget. You can give the shed a special touch by build a door which is round or oval in shape rather than the typical square or rectangular door.

Backyard Shed Building Blueprints - Correct Steps to Build a Perfect Shed

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:08:00 GMT

The internet is filled with websites which provide shed plans. Many outdoor storage shed plans are available completely free while others are available at a very nominal price. Many home improvement magazines and books also contain shed plans. Your local hardware store may also carry some. In case you are a seasoned craftsman you can even draw up the blueprints on your own.

If you are still new to woodworking it is advisable to work with an easy shed design to prevent running into obstacles during the project.Building complex structures increases the chances of mistakes and oversights. It is far better to stick with a plain and simple shed with four walls and a roof unless you are thinking of getting proper shed blueprints designed by professionals.

Prolonged exposure to water will cause the shed base to decay. Make arrangements for gutters to carry rainwater away from the shed. Build the doors of your shed in the direction which has the most clearing to allow for vehicles to park close to the shed for loading and unloading things. Position your shed in a direction which will require the least efforts for laying down electrical wire and water pipes if you would need these inside the shed. Locate the shed close to your home if you will need to use it frequently. If you are looking for privacy then its better to construct the shed farther away from your home as well as from the neighbors.

However because of the rafters used in the roof there may not be much storage space at the top. It is ideal for building sheds in which folks can spend time as you can easily secure electrical equipments like artificial lightning and fans. Gable sheds look like regular homes so they serve as a beautiful addition to your property while also giving you extra storage space.

Salt Box Design Shed is possibly the most difficult shed to build. This is not a shed design (wooden shed plans) for amateur woodworkers and first time shed builders.The extra space created by the overhang of the roof over the walls can be used as additional storage space. The simplest shed design has to be the flat roof style shed.  It basically just consists of four walls and a flat roof. It is ideal for storage and can be easily constructed with minimal materials.

To make sure your shed lasts as long as possible it is advisable to do at least some minor repair work on it from time to time. Make sure for loose board or leaks which may have sprung in the roof. Paint the shed with water proof paint at least once every two years. During the maintenance work of your shed don't forget to take all the regular safety measures.

You can never be too careful while handling heavy lumber pieces and electric cutting tools. Take all the common measures of safety that you would take while handling sharp equipments and lumber. Water can deteriorate your shed and quickly destroy it. The shed must be constructed using the sturdiest wood which is within your budget and easily available in your region. Paint the roof with walls and the roof with waterproof paint to protect the wood from becoming weak over time due to moisture.

Outdoor Shed Construction Plans - Instructions For Picking the Right Shed Plans

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:05:56 GMT

Is woodworking your favorite pastime and passion? Are you the type of person who gets an idea for a project and jumps proper into construction before you have the proper plans? How did the project go? Starting work on a project without the right lean to shed blueprints is a recipe for disaster. You are bound to run into hurdles.You may be able to manage and finish the project eventually but it always causes some loss in either time or money spent on materials. The same applies to a DIY shed project.The smart woodworker always takes the extra time to find the correct shed blueprints before he starts work on the project. Even with the proper plans, some experience as a craftsman is always advisable. Take a good look at your available finances and decide the budget for the shed.  Then you can go out and buy the materials which are best for you requirements and confidently complete your shed within the budget. Check that you take steps to make the shed sturdy enough to resist harsh weather and protect its contents. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that the shed will stand the test of time.It will be a lot easier for you to select the best shed blueprints if you have a fair idea of what you will be doing with the shed in the future. Would you be using you shed for storing tools  or will it be used as a potting shed? It could even act as a spare garage or a workshop. Maybe you want to keep it as an outer office or as a playhouse for the kids. First you need to make up your mind on how exactly you will make use of the shed, and then it wont be difficult to pick the best shed design to meet your needs. Also think about whether you would need artificial lighting inside the shed because then you will need to plan for electrical fittings.If you are solely going to rely on natural light, make sure you construct large windows or even construct a skylight into the roof. Make sure that you construct the doors wide so that it easy to move large items in and out of the shed easily.  Whatever size shed you think you will need, build your shed a little bigger so as to accommodate possible future needs. You will need a making permit from your local constructing council and will need to submit the shed blueprints for approval if your shed is significantly large in size. Have a chat with someone from your local constructing council to get familiar with the various rules and procedures involved in obtaining the permit.You may need to make cuts of significant length in the plywood and at such times a circular saw will be very useful. The different pieces of timber will be secured to each other by tightening screws into holes drilled using an electric drill. Smaller pieces can be fastened to each other using nails quickly using a nail gun. As always right measurements are needed while cutting out the components so keep a measuring tap close at hand. If the shed blueprints have complex designs you may need an electric router to connect pieces of timber using wooden joints. Use a glue gun or staple gun for attaching the felt to the roof to finish the work neatly. Tar based paints or water proof emulsions will come In handy to give the shed that final touch and to keep it protected from the weather.It is necessary to do some maintenance work on the shed at least once a year to make sure it lasts for many years to come. Of the parts which need regular maintenance, the roof comes at the top of the list. To keep the shed looking shiny and tidy you should give it a new coat of paint or varnish every some years. During the maintenance work of your shed don't forget to take all the regular safety measures. Power tools  and other woodworking equipment can be a hazard so take proper care.Don't forget to read the safety instructions provided in the shed building plans completely before you set out to begin construction. Water can deteriorate the shed and quickly destroy it. Always choose a variety of wood which is water resistant for building the foundation an[...]

Wooden Shed Building Blueprints - Correct Steps to Build a Storage Shed

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:04:55 GMT

Homeowners today frequently find themselves running out of storage space. If you are one of those folks who like to store all the items they ever purchased you will soon find that your garage is overflowing with junk.There may be many items in your home you do not wish to throw away just because of the fond memories linked with that item. Its time to take back your home and make space for the most important thing in it, you! A storage shed can solve your problems.

The efforts and money it may take you to construct a shed will be repaid back to you many times over by the lifetime extra storage space (free storage shed plans) you would be creating for yourself.In just a couple of days with some proper planning and good craftsmanship you can make yourself a neat little shed. Get the shed building blueprints and follow the directions step by step and before you know it the shed project will be complete.

Your shed blueprints will have the details of the dimensions of your shed base mentioned in it. It easy to find the right size pieces of lumber if you build a shed with standard dimensions. Decide the faces of the shed in which you will have the windows and the doors so that you can leave the space for them while making your shed framing.

You can construct your shed floor with a slight slope towards the door to allow for water to drain out. If the land has loose soil, the dig out the dirt a some inches and lay down some gravel to give a stronger foundation to the shed. For land which is exceptionally muddy or made of loose soil it may be better to lay a foundation of rocks to get a firm base.

Some sections will need pieces of plywood (timber frame shed plans) of certain lengths and in such situations it will be helpful t have a circular saw for cutting straight long cuts. The different pieces of timber will be attached to each other by tightening screws into holes drilled using an electric drill. You may also use a nail gun to speed up the process of securing the pieces of lumber to each other and stop wasting time on bent nails.

As always correct measurements are needed while cutting out the components so keep a measuring tap close at hand.  If you need to cut out wooden patterns for creating designs and patterns in timber then an electric router will speed up your job. You will need to secure some form of underlayment to the roof once its finished and in this case it is quite helpful to have a glue gun or a staple gun. Tar based paints or water proof emulsions will come In handy to give the shed that final touch and to keep it protected from the weather.

There are so many designs and styles of shed available today and each can be constructed in a number of different ways. You should take your own time to finish the construction based on your skill level and don't try to hurry the project. Follow the shed blueprints to the letter and use high quality timber and your shed will need very little maintenance.

With a little patience, some planning and the right shed building blueprints you can build a storage shed to last a lifetime. Your shed starts taking shape from the moment you discover the shed building plans and only finish after you have finished putting the final touches. Make sure you spend ample time and give enough thought on finding the right shed plans and acquiring the best timber. And don't forget to have a lot of fun while building it.