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Where lace and obsession meet.

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Life Happens (You change or IT changes you)


Been gone so long that I have a backlog of things I have been working on. Last year I had things to deal with that ate up all my time and attention. I managed to sort of keep up with Ravelry but little else. Since my life has now calmed down to the point where I can see my way to posting on the blog again, these are catch-up pictures of some of the things I got done. I have other things that don't have pictures yet but I will eventually get to those.The first picture is progress on Herbert Nieblings Morgenrote. I'm using Yarn Place Heaven that I was able to indigo dye at A Verb For Keeping Warm. I am working on chart B and adding circa 1920 Blue Iris AB Carnival beeds (16 beads to the inch). I am using US 000 needles for the body of this lace though I used US 0000 for the center petals. It's slow going but I like the spring in the yarn and the nice definition.Next up is Morticia which was a MKAL done with the Boo Knits group on Ravelry. I used pigeonroof studio baby alpaca lace in the "Vamp" colorway to make this shawl using US 3,4 and 5 needles. Really beautiful pattern with a fluffy delicate yarn. It was really fun to knit. It's gone off to a new owner already. Those Boo Knits really are in demand with friends and family!Next, something a little different. This is an adaptation of a circular doily pattern by Herbert Niebling called Fuchsienbluten. After seeing several versions done up as a shawl on Ravelry, I also went ahead and gave it a try using Lichtfaden Baby Camel Silk laceweight yarn in the Cabaret  colorway using US 3&4 needles.Modifications are posted on my project page at Ravelry. This one too has been gifted.The next one is a really old UFO that I finally finished. The Triinu Scarf in Just Our Yarn Myrn Cashmere Lace. I like how it looks but these simple patterns just don't hold my attention so it was a slog to knit. Gifted and gone thank goodness.Lastly, I have Resolute Spirit in A Verb For Keeping Warm Baby Alpaca Lace in the Vermillion colorway. It's actually pink rather than vermillion but it was warm, delicate and beaded so I have no complaints. The person who received it was thrilled and looked great in it.That's it for now. I can't promise to post more frequently since there is no telling when I will find the time but I will at least try to do catch-ups when possible. Happy Knitting![...]

More Boo Knits (Bring On The Pretty!)


Just a few shots of two Boo Knits shawls that I have made lately. The first was a Mystery KAL on Ravelry that I participated in. The pattern is called "Temptress" and I knit it using Lichtfaden silk baby camel lace yarn that I purchased on Etsy. The Colorway was "A Stormy Sea OOAK" with little  5 mm Czech beads from my stash. It was great fun to participate in this Mystery KAL on the Boo Knits Ravelry board and all the shawls were stunning and very unique to the knitters. The second shawl is also from Boo Knits and was a way to use yarn from my stash. The pattern is "Fragile Heart". I used two different yarns for this project. I only had one skein of Alchemy Haiku in "Tea Cake" which is a variegated yarn. It was not enough yardage for the entire shawl so I ended up pairing it with Shibu Silk Cloud in "Flaxen which is the solid color you see at the back of the neck of the shawl. I think they went well together. I used tiny little grey silver lined beads for accent from my stash and they twinkle nicely in the sunlight.Both yarns were a pleasure to knit and the patterns make pretty little shawlettes that are easy for people to wear without a lot of fuss. The last few pictures are my Unis 301 dolls. I like to sew little dresses on my featherweight sewing machines from time to time. It's a nice break from lace knitting. The largest doll is my Bleuette which is around 11 inches. The next size is about 10 inches. My littlest acquisition is only 9 inches high and dates from 1936. This doll was purchased by someone on vacation in Paris and the doll is dressed in a regional outfit from the Province of Alsace Loraine. This outfit was sewn onto her little body and there were even little nails hammered into her body on her waist, legs and feet to hold the clothes in place. Needles to say I took all that off. I will save the pieces of the outfit but I like to think this doll will be thankful to have new outfits to wear :-)Until Next time![...]

Missing Mojo (What to knit when you can't concentrate)


What do you knit when your mojo is missing? This is the question I have been asking myself for months since I finished Fruhling. It's like I sprained my mojo and could not concentrate on my favorite Niebling lace. I blamed menopause, I blamed stress from work, I blamed aliens who must have stolen my mojo when I was not looking. Who knows how this works? Anyway, do I lie down and just take it? Heck NO!While waiting for my mojo to return I have been spinning. See above my version of the Color Affection shawl using Loop bumps in the Raindrop colorway and the coordinating color bump. This is part of the Loop SAL on the Ravelry group and was my first attempt at spinning a gradient. I did a chain ply for this one to maintain the colors and it turned out pretty well though I would rather gnaw off my hands at the wrists than do another project in garter stitch again.Next I used the 2 ply hand spun gradient lace weight yarn I made using the Fiber Optic Yarns merino/silk roving in the Rouge-Violet-Cerulean Gradient. This was part of TheKnitGirlls SAL The shawl is a mash-up of Laminaria and Echo Flower Shawl The shawl is based on on made by Dobranoc .It doesn't use much of the red section from the gradient but I have saved it in case I want to knit something else from it.Below that I am blocking a Mystery KAL from Boo Knits. It started on Valentine Day and finished up this last week. The pattern is called "Temptress" and is now available for purchase on Ravelry. It does not show true colors while blocking but I hope to get shots once it's dry.Finally, I have more fiber from Fiber Optics Yarns. This one has some cashmere in it and will be yummy to spin with. The batt below is from Fleegle's Etsy shop. I am spinning this one right now and it almost spins itself it's THAT GOOD! I can't wait to see what I end up making with it.I am hoping that my mojo can be found in the next few months. I did lay hands on a hibernating Niebling and did a few rows while waiting for the doors to open at the Market Place at Stitches West 2013. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could concentrate on it for awhile. Cross your fingers :-)[...]

Autumn Estonian Jewel (When yarn and pattern collide)


As promised, here are a few pictures of my shawl now that it's dry. It's the Estonian Jewel pattern by Beatrice Olsson and she is not kidding when she says you have to block it hard sideways so it will hang nicely when it's on. Most of the examples of this shawl are in solid colors on Ravelry but I think it looks pretty nice with the changes in color.  Also I have spun one of my first "gradient" yarns as part of the Knit Girllls SAL  I have spun one other gradient  prior to this out of a  bullseye Loop batt but I'm still knitting on that project. I will post a picture when I'm done with that one (it's not a lace project). This particular yarn is a 2 ply from roving purchased from Fiber Optics Yarns in the Rouge-Violet-Cerulean Gradient.  As usual, I have no clue what I will do with this yarn.  It's so very vivid that I'm not sure what would work the best. 
That's it for now. I have a few other projects that have been just sitting there waiting to be finished. I always slow down in the Winter even though California weather is very mild compared to the rest of the states.  Until later!

Baby It's Cold Outside! (Easy Winter Knits)


As usual I have been remiss in posting anything on the blog. Spending too much time on Ravelry but here are a few pictures of what I've been knitting/spinning. At the top are Sabrina Mitts by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. The pattern is available at Ravelry and I used Quince &Co. in the "Tern" colorway for the purple mitts. The pattern asks you to use the lace pattern only on the arms but I extended it all the way up the backs of the hands. After all, that's the fun part for me.  I liked it so well that I made two pairs so that each of my nieces could have a set. Then, when a co-worker suddenly moved back to the East Coast, I decided to make her a pair using my E-Lux 2012 Fiber Club selection from A Verb for Keeping Warm. It's a targhee/silk/merino blend in their "Floof" colorway. Really fun and very warm!Since I prefer to make easy lace in the winter, I then stole some of my sisters handspun Verb BFL yarn  in "Transnational Fury"colorway and knit "Sweet Dreams" By Boo Knits. I loved it and it only took a few days to knit even with adding the beads to it so I decided to knit a second one once again out of a Verb Yarn that I lost the belly band to. I know it had some Cashmere in it and it's a heavier yarn than I am used to using but it worked really well for this little shawl.As for spinning, I have been watching a very nice video podcast called The Knit Girllls for awhile now and the owner of Fiber Optics has made a colorway using the hosts favorite colors calling it the "Rouge-Violet=Cerulean Gradient".  I had never spun a Gradient before so I bought two braids and spun them up thin so I can make a 2 ply lace weight yarn.  Of course, there is the question of what to do with it once I've plied it up but that is a problem for another day. Suffice it to say that it spun up nicely and is a 80/20 Merino/Silk . Many times, I have spun some lace weight yarn and it just sits in the stash until I find something I want to knit that will work with it.  That was the case with a ball of yarn  I made out of a Tussah/Cashmere fiber from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks in the colorway "Autumn". I finally choose "Estonian Jewel"  by Beatrice Olsson using US 3 needles. Here are a few blocking shots and I will post pictures when it's dry.  There are lots of projects that are on "hold" until I shake off the Winter lethargy but I hope to get back to them once the weather warms up.That's it for now! I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe holiday season and I look forward to 2013 with much crafting glee!!!![...]

Six Sided Doily from Handarbeits-Vorlage 73m (For the girl who waited)


Handarbeits-Vorlage 73. Six sided doily by Herbert Niebling knit with US 000 and US 00 needles using Filato Di Cantu #30 cotton thread. I knit this specifically as "bridal lace" for the host of "Round the Twist", Carin Boelman who will be getting married this Fall just before Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed her video blog for many years while she generously shared her projects and slices of her life with all the viewers. I'm so happy she found her true love. It was a joy to knit this lace even though I screwed up the mesh towards the very end. If you look at the last set of bells and leaves, you will see that the mesh does not line up in the center. Could have been me, could have been the pattern. Didn't catch it until I was getting ready to cast-off.  I was afraid to rip it back in case I didn't finish it in time so it remains for posterity.  Not too bad though.Along with the lace, viewers of her video blog are also knitting little cupcakes for the wedding as favors.  The pattern for the cupcakes I made is from the book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi. I used sock yarn, contemporary seed beads, some of my tatted edgings I made as well as antique French jet hearts, dove and flower sequins and cut beads.Here are pictures of the ones I sent her. I have some "duty" knitting I have to do for a person who retired and some lace as a favor for a friend.  Some how those all looked so unappealing after the fun of bridal lace and mini cupcakes that I have decided to knit something else "just for laughs" before I put my nose to the grindstone.  I guess the "duty" knitting will have to wait :-)  Until the next post. Happy Knitting![...]

Tulipanes " Pink Much?"


“Tulipanes” by Herbert Niebling using handspun yarn made from 50/50 silk/merino in colorway “Sugar”from “A Verb For Keeping Warm” plied with Miss Babs “Scarlet Ibis” Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk. I used US 0 needles and it ended up with a 54” diameter shawl. The Miss Babs fiber turned out a bit too bright for my taste but what the heck, it's a learning opportunity :-)

Frühling (AKA Spring) Dry at last!


 Just a few pictures of Fruhling now that it's dry. I'm knitting on 3 smaller Nieblings now. One older one that never got finished and two more recent. I hope they go faster so you will get to see them sooner.  I have a Shetland Lace stole I was working on but I think that the yarn I spun is not really that spectacular. I may have to start all over again on that one, sigh!  Until later!

Frühling. This took for freaking ever to finish!


I have not really had time to post anything for quite some time. The only thing I've been knitting on is this project which I am very happy to say is now done.

Herbert Nieblings Frühling. 60 inches in diameter using US 0000 needles for the very center leaves and US 000 needles for the rest. I used naturally dyed silk thread from “ A Verb For Keeping Warm” in the Tidepools colorway. This was a custom order done as a favor for me because I wanted to do a larger project but needed something fairly thin to work with. There are a few errors but nothing major.  

I tried to get this sucker done in time for Stitches West 2012 but it was taking over an hour to go around the work for one row and I just ran out of time.  Though I love how it came out, I just want to knit smaller projects for awhile before I tackle anything this large again.  Of course, I have a stash of really nice threads to pick from and a pile of patterns to choose from so you just never know :-) Until next time.....  

In The Works (Slow Progress)


Lately, I have only been posting when I finish something but I'm so slow that there are long gaps between posts so, with fleegle's encouragement, I am putting up an "in progress" post of things I'm actively working on. These three projects all use different weights of yarns and different size needles.The variety helps not only with boredom but to ease up on my hands.At the top you have Wisenflor or "Violettes". This is another Herbert Niebling pattern that has been re-printed in English by Doilyhead I'm knitting on US 3 with "Shimming" 100% Tussah Silk from A Verb For Keeping Warm in the Royale colorway. At 218 rows, it will make a good sized circular shawl though this would not count as one of my "favorite" knits. I'm not crazy about the center of this lace. There is another version of the pattern with a better center out there but I somehow settled on this one. Still, I'm half way through the pattern so I will finish this one eventually. The yarn is great at least.Next up is Fruhling which is another Niebling pattern. I'm using a silk thread to knit this one which was custom dyed for me by the folks at Verb in the "Tidepools" colorway. Kristine offered to do this for me because I wanted to knit the larger Nieblings without ending up with an Afghan instead of a shawl and most of the yarn at Verb would be too big. Fruhling is a 370 row pattern and I knit the center small leaves using US 0000 and then switched to US 000. I will continue with this size needle for the bulk of the shawl but I may switch to US 00 needles towards the end if it looks like it will not lie flat. I wish the pictures were better because this yarn has subtle color shifts in it. It's fantastic to knit with too:-)The last picture is of another retirement shawl I'm making. The co-worker asked me to make something that was like "Legends Of The Shetland Seas" so I spun a standard lace weight yarn out of Lisa Souza Cash/Merino roving in the "Mahogany" colorway and I'm knitting Hazel Carters Sampler Shawl again. I knit this once before out of a Yarn Place yarn but my hand spun yarn is heavier and will fluff up a bit because of the Cashmere. I'm using US 0 needles but plan to block it aggressively when I'm done.That's it for now! Maybe next time I post I will have actually finished something![...]

Angus' Dream Shawl (Back In The Saddle Again)



(image) It's been some time since I last posted. I had to take a break from knitting because of pain in my arms. Like many others out there, I've had to work out ways to avoid injury so I now alternate with a non knitting related hobby to give my arms a rest. Now that I can knit lace again, here is a little shawl made from yarn left overs that did not make the cut when I was making Legends of the Shetland Seas.

The pattern is Angus' Dream by Tiziana Sammuri on Ravelry. Knit from the center back of the neck outwards it's a cleaver little shawlette that uses Shetland Lace motifs. It's a great way to use up small amounts of yarn.

The fiber is Lisa Souza BFL and Merino when I spun into lace weight singles then plied. The colorway s Petroglyph. It blocked beautifully and is warmer than you might think!

Until next time!

Retirement Gift (Madli's Shawl)


(image) It's been a good long time since I posted but much of what I've been doing has not been lace related. This however, is the most recently finished project. Madli's Shawl is another Estonian lace project from the Nancy Bush book. Since it was knit for a co-worker who is to retire, she picked the color and shape as well as the fiber content if not the actual pattern. The Madli's Shawl is a simple but pretty knit which can be worn casually if desired.
I had fleegle dye me purple silk yarn in her AK47 base and it knit up beautifully with spectacular drape and softness. It almost feels as if there must be cashmere in it only it's 100% silk. I love silk because it blocks and holds shape so well. It's wonderful for a stole because it's not too warm to wear a stole is easy for people to wear.
Because of the time-frame, I had to put aside any other knitting to finish this one in time. Now that it's finally done, I'm trying to finish up on three shawls before I start anything new so there should be more for me to post soon!

Damson & Squirreling Away For The Future


Winter slow-down has overtaken me. I'm only knitting short projects that don't make you crazy, mixing cookie dough and planning for next years potential projects. See above a small shawl called "Damson" from the book "Whimsical Little Knits 2" by Ysolda Teague. The yarn is a 2 ply hand spun I made from one of my Verb Fiber Club selections in Targee in the "Sweet Tart" colorway. I would not usually think of knitting this type of shawlette except the hand spun yarn I produced had sections that I knew would end up being stripes once knit. This is an interesting way of using up a small amount of fiber and breaking up the stripes at the same time. The pin is a vintage "faux ivory" (some kind of plastic) carved rose which looks sweet with it. Of course, I'd never wear this thing but it is cute.Below that is more fiber from A Verb For Keeping Warm for me to spin. The green skeins "Parrotlette" in merino/silk are actually more green, below that is another Fiber Club shipment with Yak, Silk, and Merino "The Best Bite", 3 skeins of Gaia laceweight and some Verb fiber in Orange that I can't remember the name of but just had to have. It's not like I'm going to run out of yarn of fiber in the near future but I just could not help myself! There is more but I will have to put that in another post. Lastly here are two books. The new lace book by Margarete Stove "Wrapped In Lace", I bought for her amazing knowledge and techniques rather than the patterns. The patterns are nice but as I looked at them I kept thinking there were too many "blank" spaces that I would have to fill with lace motifs. For me, less is not more. Still, I'm never sorry to have one of her books in my knitting library because there is always something interesting in them that helps me down the line.The second book is an aberration on my part. It's called, "Selbuvotter" . It's not lace and I'm not into mittens or gloves but this is a flat out wonderful book that I had to have. Every once in awhile I have to have something but I don't know why. It may take weeks, months or even years before the reason reveals itself but it always does. So I will drool over this book and some day something may "click" and I will have a new obsession . I will try to post again before the end of the year if I finish my current lace project.Until then I hope everyone is healthy, happy and with those they love this Holiday season :-)[...]

Vinca Shawl/Helix Scarf (Pre Turkey Easy Knitting)


The days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas can be stressful. All the shopping, cooking, co-ordinating with family makes the end of the year the perfect time to haul out easy projects and at least one "No Brainer" project. The Vinca Shawl by Miriam Felton is a nice little project that has interesting construction, lovely drape and looks good in many different types of yarn. This pattern can purchased as a single project on Ravelry and is also published along with other patterns in a book called Twist & Knit (also available as a digital publication). While it is not difficult to knit, it looks really unique. Knit on a good sized US 4 needle the knitting goes quickly. I used 2 skeins of Gaia Lace by the Sanguine Gryphon in the "Little Round Top" colorway (420 yds/skein) . It's a soft and warm 40/60 Cashmere/Silk and is more green than my pictures show. While I had heard of the Sanguine Gryphon, I had never seen any in person before. It's not usually a weight of yarn I would consider but when I saw it at Verb I decided to give it a try. This is my second project with the Gaia and I really like how it looks and feels. Just a mention that the folks at A Verb For Keeping Warm have moved to a wonderful new store space. A Verb For Keeping Warm6328 San Pablo Ave x AlcatrazOakland, 94608510.595.VERBThe shop is large, has lots of space for classes or for people to just sit to knit, spin or work on other projects. They now have fabric as well as carrying a few other fiber/yarn lines. They will continue their usual classes in spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving etc. but will also have classes on Quilting. The second project is called the Helix Scarf. It's a simple pattern that is a free download off of the Spin-Off Magazine Web site. It's a very simple project that is easy to tote around and the knitting sequence is easy to remember. I used less than half of my ball of hand spun yarn made from the Verb Essential Luxury fiber club selection, "Tour de Fleece 1010 The Pyrenees 50/50 Cashmere /Merino. Two ounces spun into a 2 ply lace weight yarn. I got 818.4 yards from that. I knit the scarf on US 0 needles and I have enough for a second scarf :-) For those who are interested, Spin-Off is asking people to spin/knit the scarf as a project and to submit specs and samples in order for them to include it in a future magazine. I'm not going to do that but others may still be interested. I'm doing a little spinning now and some other odds and ends of projects as the year comes to a close. I hope everyone out there is healthy, safe and happy! Good Knitting![...]

Simple Pleasures (Easy Lace Projects)


I'm taking a break from more involved lace to do a little bit of easy knitting. A while back, I spun a lace weight yarn from Pigeonroof Studio roving in the "Green Ocean" colorway. I bought it at A Verb For Keeping Warm because the colors looked so fantastic. It is a superfine baby alpaca/merino. I have to admit that I did not do a great job spinning it. It sat around in my stash for ages because I had no idea what I could do with it. Then one rainy day I decided to get it out and knit another Miralda Shawl from Nancy Bushes book on Estonian lace. I think it really came out pretty well considering I had no clue how it would look. I actually like it better than the first Miralda shawl I knit in a more semi-solid color. The second shawl is another one of those pretty little Elisa Shawlette's by Tiziana Sammuri on Ravelry in Gaia Lace which is a cashmere silk from the Sanguine Gryphon which I also bought at Verb. Sorry the pictures are not that great but I'm still trying to learn how to use my new camera. It has more talent than I do I'm afraid :-)I will be doing small projects and spinning during the Winter because that's about all my tiny mind can handle over the Holidays but I hope to post progress as I go along. Good Evening and Good Knitting![...]

Small Projects (Some are faster than others)


Just a short post so I can show a few shots of Goldregen draped on a form. As you can see, even though there were quite a few rows to this one, it ended up a small scarf because of the needle and thread size. Still, not everyone wants to wear a full shawl and perhaps the small size will make it more tempting to wear. This one took two years to finally complete but not every small lace project I make needs to be so labor intensive.

I have another co-worker leaving but only had a small amount of time to make something for her (promotion rather than retiring). so I knit the Elisa Shawlette by Tiziana Sammuri (her shop name on Ravelry). Knit on US 3 with Suri Elegance yarn in the Misty Morning colorway, it took only 3-4 days of casual knitting to complete and makes a lovely elongated semi-circular scarf that is easy to wear with a suit or casually with jeans wrapped about the shoulders or neck. I have no drape shots of this piece as I have already given it away, but I plan to knit it again so I will get shots then :-)

Goldregen Fini (UFO no more)


Goldregen by Herbert Niebling. I used Habu indigo dyed silk thread purchased during Stitches West many years ago. US 0000 for the first half, US 000 up until the edge blooms and then US 00 with crochet cast-off. Approx. 36 inches across, it makes for a nice little scarf sized Niebling. This is a two year old UFO that is now done at last.I was knitting along on this project without a care in the world when I had "needle failure" where the needle and cable parted ways. The repair of all the dropped stitches was so traumatic that I didn't want to even look at this after I fixed it. That's all history now. It's so pretty that I am looking for another good Niebling to knit using this thread. I know it sounds like crazy talk but I have two nieces who are finally interested in having something I knit. I can't make one and then not have one for the other niece so I will search my patterns for something that will be comparable yet different.In the mean time, I still have other UFO's that I will be looking to finish while I'm knitting more Nieblings. Life is good![...]

30 More Rows (My Lace Went To Mexico And All I Got Was This Lousy Tee Shirt)


(image) Lest you think I never work on my UFO's (some of them so old that I am ashamed to even contemplate it) here are a few pictures of Goldregen. It took a vacation to a resort in Mexico and here are a few pictures to show where we were. Slippery slithery silk. It takes me much longer to knit this because of the utter terror of possibly dropping a stitch. Dropped stitches are bad. Very very bad. No dropping of stitches allowed so it takes FOREVER to go around this sucker one time.

Just 30 more rows.....

Pfingstrose (Something for "E")


Pfingstrose by Herbert Niebling. US 000 in the center and US 00 for the remainder using Filato Di Cantu # 30 thread. The pattern is wonderful to knit and the cloth is restrained yet elegant in my eyes. This is a gift for a co-worker who is known as "E". No first name. Just "E". He is set to retire in October to pursue his passion for writing. One of the hazards of using "vintage" thread, is the fact that not all skeins match in color. Some are older and have taken on a light and lovely cream color, some remain stark white. Because I knit mostly at night, I could not see the color difference. I also blocked this at night against a black background and still did not catch it. It was not until I saw it in daylight that I could see the difference. The change to a more brilliant white starts just after I've begun the final set of edge leaves. At first I thought to rip it out and re-knit, but I'm going to leave it. I actually like the way it looks and in some lights the whole cloth looks to be a uniform color. If, after he sees it, "E" wants me to re-do the edge, I will do it but until then it's just "one of those odd knitting things" that sometimes happens to me. Needless to say, I will bring my skeins out into the light to sort them for color before my next project with this thread but even this happenstance is not enough to put me off of using it. Yes, it's that good to work with.I will be continuing to knit a UFO as well as casting on a few new projects. One of these projects is quite large and will take awhile to finish so I may be posting progress shots of that one. The others are so short that progress shots just don't feel necessary. For those of you who want a laugh, you might want to go over to The Panopticonfor a little "spirited" humor about Herbert Niebling :-) Until the next post![...]

Federdolde Blocking (Yeah it's White. Shocking I know!)


Federdolde, US 00 needles, Filato Di Cantu # 30 thread. Just to show that I can knit on a little smaller needle when I want to! I love knitting with this thread so much that I don't even care that I'm knitting in White! It's very smooth with a nice little shine to it. Blocking went really well and the new camera appears to be working out even though I have to take low resolution pictures of this in order to post on the blog. I will be away for a little while so no dry shots until I get back but I had to post this before I got busy again :-)

Kirschbluten Dry (Isn't It Romantic)


A few pictures of Kirchbluten now that it's dry. The pictures still don't show the true nature of this green silk yarn. Think dappled sunlight as filtered through the leaves of a tree falling onto a green silk shawl. That is much more what it really looks like. It drapes very nicely and, as expected, is "more than circular". I am waiting for a replacement camera since I have to hit my current camera to make the screen come on. Not a good sign. Maybe the new camera will take better color pictures.In the "Stash Enhancement" area, I recently went to a Hand Weavers Convention. Aside from fiber (which I will show you in a later post), I also got a few interesting and lovely things.Below the shawl you see two skeins of a cotton thread. They were tossed into a little basket with other things but I still saw them like someone had lit them up with a beacon. One touch and I had to have them. In fact, "Thread Greed" gripped my soul and I could hear a little voice inside my head saying "Please Sir. Can I have some more?" Just call me Oliver Twist. Lucky for me the vendor had more back at home. I bought all she had in white.The skeined thread is Filato Di Cantu #30. The thread is Egyptian cotton and is quite literally Heaven to knit with.I think it was mostly used in other types of lace making but I'm here to say it is perfection for lace knitting. I believe it used to be distributed by Coats but Asha at "Dyeing ART" (AKA Pastiche Inc.) picked these up in Italy from a place that was going out of business. Below the skeins are spools of Filato Di Cantuo in # 40 which I am hoarding.I will only "Knit The Hits" so to speak, with these threads. What does that mean you ask? Herbert Niebling patterns or patterns from the Lacy Knitters Guild would make the cut for the Hit Parade in this case. Anything less would be a waste of this superb product. Besides, once it's gone, it's really all gone for me. It's not easy to come by.Lastly, I picked up some tiny little shuttles and quills with a tiny little beater. What will I do with them? I have no clue but I had to have them. Below them is a Lucite handled slay hook for my Rigid Heddle loom that my sister bought me which has a nicely made hook. I hope it will make setting up my loom a little easier.That's it for now! Hope you all are having a great weekend.[...]

Mughetti Dry (Yeah, I forgot to post this one)


(image) I just realized that I never did post any pictures of this shawl dry. I got back-logged with work and and forgot so here it is. Mughetti remained flat after it was blocked and did not snap back as I had feared. It has a fuzziness to it that you wouldn't expect to have with this fiber. Not the softest shawl in the world since it's in Wensleydale but still very interesting to knit with.

Kirschblüten (AKA "Cherry Blossom" ) Blocking


I know it's been awhile but work and life have been way too busy. Short post this time but I promise to do better next time. This is the circular version of Kirschbluten that you can find in the White Ichida book. I used US 3 needles, 100% silk from "A Verb For Keeping Warm" in the "Shimmering" yarn, colorway Chartreuse's Sister. It is actually a lovely green color but I can't get my camera to register the real color. Though pretty, it may end up being a "more than circular" shawl since there are so many repeats of the border flowers that it may end up "ruffling rather than staying flat. I will post when dry. I have some other things I picked up recently that I will post next time but my camera is acting out and I may need to retire it and go get something else. Least you think I will never again knit on smaller needles, my next project is on US 00 needles and I am once again knitting on Goldregen (I will finish that one yet!) on US 000 so it will be a break from all the small shawls I've been knitting :-) [...]

Mughetti (Experiment With Wensleydale)


"Mughetti" from Lavori Artistici a Calza 7. Another Herbert Niebling pattern knit using hand spun 2 ply Wenslydale lace weight yarn. Fiber purchased at "A Verb For Keeping Warm" in the Vemillion colorway. I knit this shawl on US 3 and I hope it will actually block flat and not retract which is what happened with a sample I knit out of Wensleydale on small needles. This yarn actually fluffs up much more than you might think. The shawl is only 50 inches across and was 152 rows long. I could have gone to an even larger needle now that I look at the thing. I really don't know what will happen when I take the pins out of the one. Maybe I will hit it with steam first and then pray a lot. I will post when dry.

When You Don't Have A Model (You Borrow A Dress Form)


(image) Just a few more pictures of Copritavolo and Hannelore dry and draped on a dress form. The folks at A Verb For Keeping Warm were nice enough to let me borrow it for a few shots in day light. This way you can see the size of the shawls and how it looks on a bit better. You have to take my word that they look better on the "dummy" than they would on me :-) I'm working on another Niebling but this time using Wensleydale hand spun. That's it for now.