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I believe I should earn a degree in Medicine and Public Relations after my kids are grown.

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Goodbye Eblogger


I've jump ship to a new blog. It's

Pride and Prejudice


I'm not that big into movies anymore. I rarely watch them. In fact, TV and I have become distant friends. I became a TV junkie last year during the end of my pregnancy because lying on the couch was the only comfortable thing to do. Even after Jake was born I was still zoned out at night watching TV. So I had to go into TV rehab and turn to other things before my brain melted.

Anywho....I have been treating myself to Masterpiece Theater on Sundays. Why you say? They are broadcasting a series of Jane Austen movies. I've always enjoyed the movie adaptions of her books. It wasn't until Pride and Prejudice (the BBC 1995 version) that I've become obsessed. It's a three parter so that makes it all the more fun. I truly believe if our society had the grace and manners of early 19th century English soceity the world would be at peace. Forget for a momment that woman were considered property. I could seriously consider giving up equal rights to roam around the English countryside saying clever things in a frilly dress. Crazy I know. I'd probably last a day. Thankfully I have my Mr. Darcy and I enjoy being the mistress of his manor.

Creative Space at Joyful Abode


Emily over at Joyful Abode is doing a series on creative spaces. I've like seeing different artists creative enviroments. Most people have to work with limited space and it's interesting to see how creative they get. It's been very inspiring for my own space. Which needs alot of work. I'm going to be featured tomorrow, mainly to get some feedback from others.

Check out Emily's website. She has some good tips and she also sells on Etsy. She is like many of us trying to make our way through the world of domestic life.

Valentines Day Cards


I'm a little late on posting our Valentine cards. Both my kiddos made cards for their classmates. We bought some paper dolies, which I took apart piece by piece. I found it very relaxing. We also used some 4x6 cardstock. My seven year old wrote on his and I helped my three old. After that we glued the cards and dolies together. It was simple and the kids seem to enjoy it.

Paper Cutting


This is what I did this morning with a baby napping. You can buy and downloads these over at Amy Karols site. She has some cute designs and a yummy recipe to go with it. Not many supplies to go with this project. All you need is the patterns, an exacto knife, a cutting mat, paper of your choice, and some patience. :) It was nice to sit down and concentrate on something detailed.


Almost February?



I just recovered from the holidays and now it's almost Valentines Day. Whew! I don't normally decorate for V Day but I thought I would this year. I have oodles of felt waiting to be used so I stitched up three hearts with some ribbon attached. Viola! The kiddos are going to make their Valentines this year. We'll see how that goes. I'll have to think of some assembly line procedure. I tend to lean toward the child guided approach to art (as long as my walls don't suffer from markers). I think for the sake of time we'll try to incorporate efficiency and creativity.

Calling Cards.


I thought these were super cute and pratical. We've all been in situations where we meet someone (in my case another mommy from preschool) and we scramble for a piece a paper to write on. I have a cell phone to enter numbers in, but it takes me 15 minutes to just get their name typed in. Also, the military lifestyle causes us to move now and again. For some us alot more than now and again. These would come in so handy when in a new place trying to meet people.

Trying to organize.



I tend to be a collector, but at the same time I can't stand clutter. I would love to have my Living magazines all neatly stored in the bookshelf, but there is just no space. We are more than likely moving this year and I'm getting in my purging mode. Joanne over at her blog had a great idea for her magazines articles. Take all the articles you like and put them in a binder. Brilliant yet so simple. I needed another binder for misc. stuff. I didn't know what to name it since I have more than one hobby. So I named it "Artsy, Sewing, Knitting, and Whatever Stikes My Fancy." I've had a little recipe binder for years where I've kept recipes. I don't why I didn't think about doing it for other stuff.

Check out this website...


Yesterday I got an email from Amy Butler Design. Her new fabrics are coming out this Spring. I can't wait. I'll be stalking my local quilt shop until I see her new fabric in there.

Funny Ad.


I spotted this ad in Seattle last week. Which by the way was so much fun. Even though it was freezing cold, treking around Seattle with my family was the best. I caught this ad for beer and chuckled. I thought it was hilarious. People in the Northwest tend to be a little organic. I grew up there so I don't find it odd. I thought everyone recycled and liked eating organic food. A little naieve I know.

Happy 2008!


Happy New Year! I wish I had a picture to post from our fun trip to Washington, but we've been sick. I can think of better things to do than having strep throat. I have not had the chance to get my pics from the camera. Today is catch up day so hopefully the pictures will get done.

BTW, I glanced at Anna Maria Horners website today. She is giving everyone a sneak peek at her new line of fabric. I can't wait! I'm already imagining pillows for my living room with her new fabric.




Here is my buffet all decorated with Christmas cards recieved from family and friends. I decided to display them here this year instead of hanging them up. Most of our gift making, gift wrapping, and gift shipping is done. I was really on the ball this year. I think I scared myself into motivation. I didn't want to spend this week running around like a crazy lady. I knew I wanted to be at peace this week before flying to WA this weekend.

Oh and for anyone who dreads making cookies during the holidays as much as I do here is a great recipe for something a little different.

Christmas Crunch
2 cups Rice Krispies
2 cups Capn' Crunch
1 cup cocktail peanuts (salted)
1 1/2 pretzels
1 bag of Wilton Melts (I like to use the red ones during Christmas)

Using double boiling method, melt candy melts. Mix all the "crunchy" ingredients in a large bowl. Pour melted candy melts in bowl and mix. Spread the mixture on wax paper and place on cookie sheet. Let in sit in the fridge until it hardens. Break apart and enjoy.

I'm sure alot of families have recipes similar to this one. I love it because I can make alot. I really do like making cookies, it's the clean up part I dread. Plus I eat too many of them while I'm baking them. I'm grateful to have friends who are talented bakers. :) a

Look familar?


Now that I look at the picture my sewing table doesn't look as bad. In person it looks like a tornado hit it. I know some people have a very similar set up. A little table in a corner of a room. Mine happens to be in my bedroom. For the most part it's kept up and organized, but I decided for the entire month of December to throw caution to the wind and be messy.

I also wanted throw in a picture of my gift wrapping station. It's tucked nicely in between the TV stand and my sewing table. One day I'll have Martha's Craft Room, but until then it's stuck in the bedroom.(image)

The Dining Table (aka The Craft Table)


This was my dining table over the weekend. It was a all out craft, present wrapping, card making weekend. A lot was accomplished. I actually enjoyed myself too. The kids and I painted some special presents for the grandparents. Shh, not 'till Christmas. :)

I really should post a picture of my sewing table.....that is where the fun is at. My Singer and I are taking a break from one another after the holidays. We have been seeing too much of each other lately. I'll try to post a picture of the sewing table ASAP.

A Scraf for the Great Northwest.



The knitting bug has bitten me again. We do not have much of a need for scarves in the South. Since we are traveling to Washington for Christmas. I thought I'd better whip up something to keep the kiddos necks warm. This one is for Alexia. I'm almost to the end of my yarn.....literally and figuratively. Oh, and I can't remember how to bind off. Maybe Alexia won't mind the knittng needles attached to the scarf?

Pledge Handmade



Take the Handmade Pledge. Even if your not a frequent crafter, it's fun and there are lots of great ideas online. If you really don't feel like crafting buy handmade. Craft fairs are all over the place this time of year. Support an artist/craftperson!

30 Days Of Gifts To Sew


Sew Mama Sew is doing a tutorial everyday for the month of November. Most of the gifts are simple to sew and make great gifts for Christmas.

New Amy Butler Patterns....Yippie!


As long as Amy Butler keeps creating patterns, I'll never be bored at my sewing machine. Here is a link to her new line of patterns.



Our digital camera met it's end this weekend. Darin accidentally pulled the strap off the counter and the battery case broke. It's hard to take pictures when you have to hold four batteries in at the same time.

Sooo....if anyone has some good recommendations we'd appreciate it. We would like to get a nice digital camera with all the bells and whistles. I was going to wait to get one but with Halloween coming up I need a camera. I suppose I could buy a pack of disposable cameras, but then I'm not helping environment by adding more to the landfill. I can't help it, growing up in the Northwest recycling was almost the law. Goodness gracious don't ever litter there. I feel like a sinner because I don't recycle. It's hit or miss with the recycling truck in our neighborhood, sometimes it comes but most of the time it doesn't. I am way off topic...sorry. Any camera suggestions would be so helpful!

Hay is for horses....not babies.


We made a trip to Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. It's pumpkin pickin' time in the Lowcountry. I just had to post this picture of my little Jacob. I was desperately trying to get him to look at the camera. The hay was much more interesting and tasty. The cute orange and blue flannel shirt was strictly used for picture purposes. It was over 80 degrees on Saturday. I stripped him back down to a onsie after our pumpkin patch trip.


Fall Decor


I'm trying to make it feel like Fall, at least in my home. We bought some pumpkins and dried corn at the pumpkin patch this weekend. Actually one of those little pumpkins is fake. It looked good with the arrangment.

I was inspired by artsycraftybabe . She made beautiful garland out of felt. I thought I'd give it a try. I've seen Martha do something similar on her show. Needless to say I wasn't too happy with it. The leaves are too big. I should have made them slightly smaller. Oh well, sometimes in craftland it's about the process not the product. Next year I'll try it again.

What Fall?


It's 91 degrees. It's October. Fall weather applies everywhere else except for the Lowcountry of South Carolina. I'm so desperate for some sign of fall that I'm making leaf garland out of felt. I don't even need to see the fall colors. If it would just cool down about twenty degrees that would be great.

For now I'll daydream about the Northwest. Mountains, trees, rain, cooler temperatures, Tully's coffee....

Sewin' Skills


In an effort to impove my sewing skills I crossovered from making baby blankets to clothes. I recently completed my first skirt project. The skirt is for Alexia of course. She is my guinea pig for sewing kid clothes. She loves the skirt it and had fun modeling it.

(image) I used the Circle Skirt pattern from My Favorite Things. The fabric is Chocolate Lollipop (my favorite fabric). I am on the look out for some cute brown boots to go with it.

Brendan turns 7!


Oh my goodness these kiddos grow too fast! Brendan had a great birthday weekend. On Friday we took him and his buddy Jaron to Yokoso for some good Japanese food. The boys loved being close to fire on the habachi grille (hope I spelt that right). After dinner they sang Happy Birthday and the boys danced on the chairs. The wait staff at Yokoso requires that you dance on your chair when you have a birthday, weather you are a kid or grown up.


On Brendan's actual birthday on Sunday we did some more celebrating. He got to pick where to eat for lunch. He chose Brixx which is a local place here in Charleston. Brixx makes yummy woodfired pizza. Later we had cake and open presents. I got brave this year a made a cake. Well Betty Crocker helped me make the cake. I even took a picture.


Wouldn't Martha be proud!

(image) Alexia gave Brendan a wooden B that she painted herself.

Our resident artist.


Alexia has had a sudden surge of creativity this last week. Our fridge has become her art gallery.

Here is a sample of her work......

(image) She calls this piece "Spaghetti".

When she is not producing her masterpiece, she enjoys wearing her princess crowns and watching "Hoodwinked".