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Whatever falls out, whenever it has time.

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Thank-You Note, 30 Years Later


Dear Danny, Thank you for the journal. It had, until last month, Lay dormant in its box-- corners broken, worn flat from too many moves. Thank you for the glimpse inside my 13-year-old mind. The self-portrait of a not-quite child, not-quite young woman, standing on the brink of Jewish adulthood. The pink-festooned pages on which I dutifully recorded "Favorite Movie:

They really want a fish


My daughter, the future lawyer/writer, just handed me a list of ten reasons why she and her brother should be allowed to get a fish as a pet. I have had a strong "no pet" policy in the house since I have had my own domicile; I figure I have enough to be getting on with, cleaning up after my two children and my husband who is not the tidiest person on the planet. Anything with hair is definitely

For Natalie


I received word yesterday that my father's first cousin was moved to hospice. She has been fighting cancer that has now moved into her colon and caused a perforation. Her sons and grandchildren and with her and giving her the care she needs. I wrote a small piece to capture what I will remember about Natalie, because she, like all of us, deserves to be remembered. ******************

On Contracts and the End of the World


It has been a banner summer so far, replete with a large-scale violent attack (see: Aurora, CO) that makes you question everything from gun control to racial profiling in the media, and a weather-related inconvenience (see: derecho) that gives you new-found appreciation for climate control. Here in our little corner of the world, we have also experienced one broken arm, two heads of lice, and

From today's journal:


It is amazing how clear the solutions to problems become when I look at them from a position of love, not fear. Fear never did anything for me except hold me back and make me eat. I am done with fear.

A Thought


I just want someone to look into those big brown eyes and say, honestly, "You matter. You. Matter."

Journey On


(I hesitated for a moment on capitalizing the second word in the title, but my editor brain said, "Capitalize the first and last words in a title," so there you have it.) I went back to the beginning of my blog today and realized that I started writing this behemoth before my son was born. He will be seven the first week in August. That's a long time and a lot of words. Seven! Seven. That's

Their Taste in Music


Recently, my kids have gotten into music. Finally, we are past the kid music stage. Shalom, Laurie Berkner, G'dday, Wiggles. We even seem to be moving out of the Chipmunks stage, although the shuffle still lands on them occasionally. I have to give some credit where credit is due--our day camp does a great job of Mifkad--morning wake up--where the kids have to get up and dance before they start

The Girlfriend


(A conversation between my son--age 6--and me, as I'm tucking him into bed for the night. He has mentioned a few friends, two of whom happen to be girls.) Me: Is she nice? Sam: Yes. Me: Is the other one nice? Sam: Yes. Me: Is she cute? Sam: I don't know. Me: Is she your girlfriend? Sam: No. (beat) I guess I need to get one of those. Me: One of what?Sam: A girlfriend. Me: Oh, you have time. Sam:



Wow, the whole Blogger interface has changed since I last posted. It's gonna take me a while to figure this all out. So much has changed, both inside and outside the blogosphere. Lots of people (famous and not) have died. Wondering if I should start a list. Isn't there a "celebrity death watch" type list that someone quasi-famous maintains? Now we have to add Donna Summer to the list, along with

My Little Man(servant)


Scene: Backseat of the car. Random squabbling ensues between six and eight-year old members of family. Syd: Mom, he's annoying me. Make him stop! Sam: I'm not doing anything. Syd: Yes, you are! Stop it! Sam: No, I'm not! Me (from the front seat): You know, you two rarely fight. I don't know what's going on back there, but work it out. You usually get along so well. You're lucky that you

All in the Timing


This evening was a race against the clock--picked up kids from daycare (late), rushed home, baked chicken nuggets in the oven and boiled whole wheat rotini on the stove, chopped up cucumber and filled water glasses. Called them both to the table, reminding them to wash hands on the way over. We had 30 minutes to scarf dinner, find shoes, and scramble to shul to fulfill our Jewry Duty (pun

Navy Blue


Twenty-one years ago tomorrow, at 8 a.m., the phone on the wall in the kitchen rang, and I picked it up. The caller greeted me briefly and then asked for Dad, who was also in the kitchen, having some coffee. They had an even briefer exchange that finished with, “thank you for letting me know,” and him handing me the receiver to replace in the cradle. He told me you were gone. I nodded and tried

From Harry Potter to News of the World


“So Mom,” my eight-year-old daughter queried from the back seat of the car. “Is Rita Skeeter evil, or is she just, like, doing bad stuff?” My daughter has been listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on CD for the past few months. We read the first three books in the series aloud together, but apparently, I wasn't quick enough for her on the fourth book. And really, despite my best

so clearly i've had a lot to say


the crickets have been chirping for several months now, it would appear. i have been reading up a storm, however. it feels like a sort-of cop out to just review instead of write, so i will scratch the critic's itch by saying, "go now to your neighborhood bookstore or kindle or nook and download/buy/freeview The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins." see? it's so important, i gave it capital

cross blogging


Trying to stay positive. It's hard on a succession of gray rainy days. I posted on my other, once-every-six-months-or-a-year blog today instead: Gratitude



ihateithere ihateithere ihateithere ihateithere ihateithere

WORD to your sistah


Man oh man has this chica got a good thing going on.... I wish I had time to do something similar with my blog. But that would involve specializing, instead of being a repository for all things that fallout from my brain. Hmmm. Something to muse on....



Today feels like failure on multiple levels. I actually had to leave the office because the noise was too much. A loud person on a conference call less than 18 inches from me--my headphones and white noise didn't do the trick. I felt like clawing out my eyes. So I am home, listening to the hum of the computers instead. Much more peaceful but I miss the camaraderie of the office. It has been

What I Read in 2010


I decided to add the newest ones to the top, rather than the bottom, to save scrolling for frequent (ahem) readers. Duh. Blog architecture 101.  In the interest of trying to keep an updated list before the next year starts (ha!), here is what I have read so far: 29. Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. A good thriller but ultimately forgettable. Everything is starting to look



This picture made me chuckle today. As today's reading is all about the Inca and the Aztecs, I needed a chuckle.

gorillas, peanut butter, and sex--oh my!


It has been a fascinating 24 hours in my house. Scene: dinner table. Mom, dad, seven-year-old, and four-year-old are sitting around the table. In between fighting over bites of vegetables and impending dessert arrival time, four-year-old asks: FYO: Who were the first people? SYO: Adam and Eve! Duh! FYO: So everyone comes from Adam and Eve? D: Sure. Eat your cucumber. FYO: I don't want to eat

Now I'm Hungry


Just finished watching Julie and Julia, the movie from the memoir by Julie Powell about cooking 524 of Child's recipes in one year. I loved it! I thought it would be slow and boring but it was charming. I did not realize that Nora Ephron wrote the screenplay. I should have known I would love it just from that--she wrote When Harry Met Sally..., one of my favorite movies of all time (yes, I'm a

Annette's Life Work


Well, one of many of her life's work. She has a husband, a son, three stepdaughters, has published a memoir, writes on a regular basis, maintains a yoga practice, and volunteers with too many organizations to list. I miss her! Read about her latest venture--touching the lives of those with Alzheimers through the power of writing--and throw some positive vibes her way. Not that she needs them, but

My Yoga Experiment


Everyday, I pass by a yoga studio called Down Dog Yoga. The sign for the studio has a cute puppy on it. As an on-again, off-again yoga-doer (yogi?), I was happy to see a yoga studio within walking distance of work. I checked out the studio online for class offerings and pricing, ventured in the doors to observe the facility itself, and ultimately decided to enroll in a one-week free trial session