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Preview: Kristen Knits!

Kristen Knits!

Not merely a knitting blog...

Updated: 2014-10-05T01:20:52.518-04:00


In honor of my new colorway




I feel like this today.



I dyed some sock yarn last night with black cake icing dye. Wow, that stuff *really* separates once mixed in with vinegar and water. I'll hopefully have pictures up soon of my samples.

Been a long time since I... well, blogged...


I haven't completed many knitting projects recently because I've been dyeing. I now have an Etsy store set up for selling the fruits of my labor! Check it out once I get the widget set up on my sidebar! :D

Dyeing with drink mixes


I think I'm going to try out hand dyeing sometime soon. Since I'm TOTALLY new at this, I think I'll start with Kool-Aid dyeing, since I won't have to use any strange toxic chemicals. I've read articles/posts about it on the internet (Knitty, Ravelry, etc.), and I just joined a Kool-Aid dyers group on Ravelry. I hope it goes well! I may try to convince my husband to take me undyed yarn shopping tomorrow. ;) Who knows... if I'm good at it, I may make some small yarn skeins for people for Christmas! :)

Video of the day and update!


I've been so busy. We're working overtime here at work, and, on top of that, I'm trying to complete Christmas presents for people on my list as well as make gifts for people who have "ordered" them from me. I have three hats to finish for one person, a scarf, and for a single person - two pairs of mittens, a keyhole scarf and a hat to match. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now. :(

Anyway, here's a song for today from one of my favorite bands:

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Long time no post...


I've finished several projects recently, but I have yet to take pictures of them. If I can either find my rechargeable batteries or remember to buy new ones, I can take some pictures. ;)

By the way, if you're on Ravelry, add me as a friend! I'm "chippigoo" on there! :)

Check out my Flickr widget!


I have added a few new pictures, including a braided scarf I just finished tonight and a few pictures of my unfinished "Todos Scarf" (please click The Unique Sheep banner to the left on this page for the pattern). I really would love to finish the Todos Scarf, but a friend and I are preparing for a bazaar next week, and I am trying to make a bunch of simple scarves and hats before then. :)

If you're interested in making your own braided scarf, there is a pattern listed on the Berocco yarn website. I just used lengths of scrap yarn that I didn't have enough of to really do much with, so that's an option if you don't have any of the yarn mentioned in the pattern.

Edited to add a video for this week (at least). I haven't put one up yet. ;)

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Banjo with a knitted hat.


Banjo really enjoys showing off my knitted things. I thought I would share this little picture. I have another one of him wearing this same hat (a green pillbox hat I knitted for a friend's baby), but I don't have it on my computer here at work.

Click on the picture!


To help my branch!!!!


Song for today and upcoming work


I think I'm going to try to get into a Winter Bazaar in the area to sell some of my knitted garments. I hope it works out! It's about the time for everyone to buy scarves and hats anyway! ;)

Song for today:

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Current projects


Right now, on the needles, I have the Todos scarf (I'll try to grab a picture of my progress sometime soon and post it to Flickr). You can get the pattern from this website: . I'm using a simple yarn (Patons SWS) for it instead of the hand-dyed yarn available through the above website. My friend Donna is using the Handpainted Sheep's recommended yarns, so we're comparing as we both work on the scarf. :)

I'm also working on a bag for felting on the green Knifty Knitter loom.

Over the weekend, I made a scarf and a headband for my 9 year old cousin in 2.5 hours - my fastest project yet! I used size 18 needles, so I'm guessing that helped a lot. ;)

In other news, I'm going to buy myself an MP3 player now that I bought the husband one. :D I'm jealous!!!!

Video for today:

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Song for today


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No more technical issues! Yay!


I finally got into this century and signed up for Flickr. So, now I have a badge to the side of my blog. Check it out! You can view any knitted items that I have photographed!

I'm in the process of finishing a baby sweater. I have to finish and attach the hood and also find buttons to attach. I HAVE to finish it by Saturday (because it's a gift).

Technical issues


I have some finished projects to post pictures of, yet I can't. :( For some reason, my Photobucket album won't let me see some of my pictures. I'm going to try to transfer all of my online pictures over to Flickr so I can set up a slideshow for use on the blog.

Anyway, I finished a ribbon and fun fur scarf and a pillbox hat.

More updates later!

Current projects


It seems like I always have a million things going on at once. Knitting is no exception to this rule...

On needles:

Scarf - "Mary Poppins" inspired scarf; 100% baby alpaca wool yarn, size 13 needles
Baby sweater - acrylic yarn, size 7 needles; this is my first attempt at a sweater!
Sock - acrylic yarn, size 5 DPN's (double pointed needles); this is the mate to another sock.

On looms:

Child's hat - pink baby boucle; red Knifty Knitter loom - matches a corkscrew scarf done on size 13 circular needles
Rug - cotton and acrylic; on a Knifty Knitter long loom
Woven-bottom bag - acrylic; on yellow Knifty Knitter loom
Scarf - unknown fiber (*screams*); on smallest Knifty Knitter long loom
Bag - 100% wool; on longest Knifty Knitter long loom - will be felted

I really want to finish the baby alpaca scarf, but I just started the baby sweater last night, so I kinda want to get back into that when I get home. So much to do, so little time!

Welcome to my blog!


Hi! I'm Kristen and I knit!

I've been knitting since the beginning of 2007. Being that I'm 27, I'm kind of a late bloomer on the whole knitting thing.

I'm hoping to make this blog about my knitting projects (with pictures!) and anything else that pops into my brain. :)