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Knitting for Sanity

I'm a 24 year old Mommy and Wife... and I just want to knit (and crochet)!

Updated: 2014-10-02T21:53:22.390-07:00


Merry Christmas


Well... my gifts to my Mom, Sisters, and Grandma were a hit! I was told that my little sisters were walking around with their scarves on... I wish I could have seen them... Merry Christmas.

A bunch of sickies


So... everybody has been sick here. I was first, then about three days later the rest of my family. I have been trying to knit... but no success. I took a part the scarf that I started with the new yarn I had mentioned... I really want it to be a one skein project... wish me luck.

My new Header


By the way... how do you like my new header? My friend Quelyn made it for me as well as 5 others that I will be using periodically. I just wanted to take a moment to thank her for her awesome work by sharing her webpage. Please take a look and send some business her way!




I went to a yarn shop yesterday in Pismo Beach called Eileen's Treasures ( It was my first experience in a "Non-Corporate" yarn shop. I have fallen in love lol. I wish I could have spent more time there (I would love to spend hours looking)... but I had a kid in my arms that loves yarn and I don't think they would have liked whatever chaos could have happened. I managed to find some yarn that I absolutely adored.
It's Tahki Durango yarn and it's called "Blush."
(image) There was a beanie that was made out of this and I just loved the way it looked. So I decided that I would finally make something for myself... and it will of course be a scarf lol. I think that it's going to be so cute though. I'm so excited!

So... I crochet now too!


I finished my Grandmother's scarf and I decided that I would teach myself how to crochet. I couldn't find my book for crochet... so I went online to Martha Stewart's website and tried to follow the directions... that single crochet seemed so tricky lol... but after watching some videos on You Tube... I think I've got it down. So I'm making a blanket... I'll post a picture once I finish it.

Here is the scarf:


I'm a teacher : )


I have always aspired to be a teacher... I guess in a way I am because I have children and I teach them things everyday... Well, I taught my sister-in-law how to knit! I bought her some needles and yarn... and nice little bag to put her stuff in... and I let her come to me when she wanted to learn. So... after maybe an hour of teaching cast-on and knit stitch.... she gave up for the night... but she seemed super happy to learn and I was very pleased to show her :)

I went to Reno for Thanksgiving. I went into a craft store called Ben Franklin's. I was extremely excited when I saw that they had so much yarn. Up until then, all I had been exposed to was Michael's and Wal-Mart... no fun... Unfortunately, I did not get to buy anything.... but I just love looking at yarn ;) I also was on a search for a local yarn store called Deluxe Yarns in downtown Reno... my Husband and I decided that it wasn't in the best looking part of town... so we passed.



I finally got my invite... then I thought about joining... for like less than a second! OMG I love Ravelry! I've already wasted too much time on it lol. Anyways.... please add me (if you want to): starali77

So.... I haven't knitted a thing for a week : ( I feel incomplete lol. I better get on that! I actually have to finish my Grandma's scarf. I have this fear of knitting anything else but scarves... they are so easy and fast... I like a project that doesn't take a long time... but I want to make a lot of different things... so... okay!

Already wrapped...


So... I made two scarves... one for my 12 year old Sister, and the other for my 10 year old Sister. I wrapped them up already (they are Christmas presents), so I can't post a picture. Boo me! They were super fun to make and I really hope that they like them. They didn't take me long at all... if I would have just sat down and made them, it would have taken me like 30-45 minutes each scarf. Size 35 needles rock! This is what I used:

Lion Brand Fancy Fur in Electric Slide

Bernat Super Value in:

Peacock (for my 12 y.o. Sister, she loves blue)

Super Pink (for my 10 y.o. Sister, she loves pink)

They really looked pretty cute... I was proud :D I really hope that they like them... so now... I have one more project to start on for my Grandma... my Mom and Sisters live with her... so of course all of their gifts must be sent together :P

I made my Daughter a scarf too... I'll post a picture in my next blog... Happy Sunday!

So... I finished something!


Wow... I felt sort of accomplished :) Knitting-wise... I kind of neglected household duties while knitting this... oh well! I didn't follow any sort of pattern.... I just did it.

This is what I used:


In Walnut





This is what I made :)


I call it a lap blanket because it is the size of my lap :P

I also call it a shawl and scarf. Although it's a small scarf... it still works. Needless to say, I was happy when I finished it. I think that I am going to give it to my Mom for Christmas. To this very day, I still sleep with the two blankets that she crocheted for me when I was a baby. So, it's important to me to give her the very first thing I ever knitted and completed. I hope she likes it!

So... I bid on some Lion Brand knitting needles on eBay.... I won them! They are brand new and here is the reason why I am soooooo excited... they cost me $8.99 (plus shipping) for 5 pair! They are BRAND NEW!



Nearly $50.00 worth of needles for $8.99!

I don't think I'll get my Vickie Howell yarn : ( BOOOOO! For a straight week... I would open the mailbox... nothing : ( I've lost hope.

Where is my yarn?


I've been waiting for free Vickie Howell Yarn... I hope I get it! Free stuff is great... free yarn is better! :P

I've decided to take my Cream n' Sugar yarn and make some washcloths... yeah boring... not to me silly!



My very first project... a scarf for my little girl (made with Vanna White yarn)... will be done soon! Yay : ) I'll post a picture when it's finished...



I get in the groove of things (knitting wise) and then I look at my work... HOLES! I get so irritated that I just take it all a part (it's never much, maybe 3-4 rows) and start all over again...

By the way...


This is my stash... I'm a beginning knitter.... and yes that is a Knifty Knitter Loom... there are a bunch more in there too... my camera is flashing way too bright lately

I have yet to start a project!


I blame it on the kids and Hubby... darn them! I have such aspirations to knit great things... but when will that happen? My Husband made a very valid point last night... the kids were both laying in their beds (they are almost 1 & 2)... both screaming and not wanting to go to bed. I sat in my chair attempting to knit... my Husband said

"Shouldn't knitting be a relaxing thing? How can you relax with the kids screaming?"

Then he said "You should be knitting when they are sleeping..."

My response: "When there sleeping... I'm sleeping... when they take their naps... I'm doing stuff that needs to get done..."

So... my question is... when will I actually start and finish a simple project? Goodness I sound like such a complainer!