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Christie acts like an expert knitter and knits like no one's watching.

Updated: 2018-03-06T00:24:28.861-08:00


Bibbidy Bibs!


(image) Excitement! A friend is having a baby! YAY! The shower isn't for a few months, but I had to start knitting the new baby's gifts as soon as I got my invite!

I earmarked the Baby Bib O' Love for a long time ago and am happy to finally have the opportunity to buy some cheap-o cotton yarn and knit up a few cotton bibs.

I finished this yellow one Monday and am planning on making two purple [the parent's preferred color to pink] and natural. Leftover yarn will become striped Baby Genius Burp Cloths. My grandmother also had the brilliant idea of crocheting edges to plain terry bibs, so I may throw in a few of those too.

This bib was so fast and easy. Y'know, I almost forgot what it was like to actually finish a project. can you believe it?

The Road To Organization, Part II


I have a large stack of printed patterns.

Some are single leaflets.
Some are working copies from books and magazines.
Some are patterns from kits.
Some are printouts from websites.

All of them, however, have been sitting in the corner collecting dust and being an eyesore.

I made a plan this week to get them organized and put away. So, I purchased four 3-ring binders and some tabbed dividers, borrowed a hole punch from the job and got to work.

(image) Dividing the patterns up wasn't too hard...cardigan or pullover [further divided by short or long sleeve], scarf and shawl, accessory, etc.

The problem I'm running into now is organizing the patterns I've printed from my books and magazines. I'm wondering if, rather than included the working copies I've made into the notebooks, I should put those sheets into the book/magazine from which they came. My thinking is that I may go directly to a book for a pattern and not cross reference the notebook and make yet another copy. Not exactly Earth-friendly.

So, I put this question to you, citizens of Superstarra-ville - is there any method to your particular madness when it comes to organizing your printed patterns?

It's Alive!


Since moving into my own place a few months back, I've been really trying to be more proactive in the kitchen. I've always considered myself more of a baker than a chef, as I tend to make stupid mistakes when I cook. I'm inspired by all the wonderful foodie blogs I read, basic cable food channels [since I can't afford watching premium channels] and just being hungry on a regular basis. Why do they all make it seem so easy? I suppose it is...and I'll never know until I try, right? Since deciding to make an attempt to find my inner Emeril, I've been really wanting an little kitchen herb garden. It would be so nice to just pick herbs off the plant right?

(image) Well on a recent trip to Joann's I found a little herb garden starter set. I couldn't resist. I got it home, opened it up and started planting. I think the waiting for something to break through the surface is the hardest part. I looked every day, but nothing seemed to be happening.


Then last night, while making some subpar pasta sauce, I looked at my little garden and guess what I saw?!?!
Sprouts! Little basil sprouts! They're so cute!

(image) And three little thyme sprouts too!!!

(image) The sage is giving me nothing. I'm being patient though.

Sigh Of Relief


I actually finished knitting the Waves of Grain scarf this weekend. Sunday. Sunday afternoon. Early Sunday afternoon, to be exact.

Tell me about it. I'm flabbergasted as well.

It needs a block and a seam and it's totally done. Can you believe it? I know, I know...I can't either.

It's supposed to rain the next few days her in LA, so I'll probably leave the blocking for when it warms up this weekend.

Now what do I work on?!



Here we are! It's the weekend again! It's been a pretty uneventful week, to be honest with you, but I'm still thankful for the beginning of the next two days away from the office. I don't have many plans, other than eating badly, being slothful and maybe breaking one or two more of the 7 deadly.

I'm still knitting away at the Waves of Grain scarf...I've been very spotty with the knitting, but I still feel I've made some really good progress on it. I knit until I get tired then I set it aside until the next time I find my ass firmly planted on the couch again. Which, let's be serious, is the following evening. Maybe I'll try to push through this weekend just so I can get it finished. In between naps, of course.

I'm Knitting!


(image) I know! I can hardly believe it myself.

I went to Vegas with my mom and two Aunts last weekend and knew that I would need something to do on the long road trip. I have plenty of wips to choose from, but finding the exact right one was a bit of a challenge. I didn't want to have to deal with dpns, so all the hats I have on the sticks were out. I didn't really want to have to deal with a chart, but wound up bringing the Waves of Grain scarf along for the trip.

I had quite a few issues with the first half of the scarf, but after casting on I made quite a bit of progress and haven't had to frog my work too much. I'm almost positive that I jinxed myself with that last statement.

I'm going to try to dedicate some serious time to finishing this half and getting this project out of my hair. Wish me luck!

The Road To Organization


I bet you thought I was trapped under a mountain of yarn during my fiber organizational mission. Almost. Thank god Poppy was there to save me. Once I was able to get a look at all my stash, I was able to see that organizing by fiber/time of year was my best choice. All my wool related yarns went into one bin, and the cotton and misc yarns went into a second. I also decided to keep a third bin which would continue to house all of my remnants and singles.I figured I'd put out some guidelines for those crazy enough to take on this project.The Road To OrganizationThe first step is always the hardest. Step 1 requires admitting to yourself you have a stash so large, that in order to keep it manageable, it should be organized into like groups. Now that you know you could have gone across the world if you haven't spent all your money on yarn, you are ready to organize. Just put the block off a weekend day [or a month and a half, depending on the stash size] and get ready to make it all better.1. Pull all of your yarn out into the open. Even those yarns that you hate to admit you have. Yes, I'm talking to you, bright green acrylic eyelash yarn. And those yarns that would cause your partner to drop dead if they found out the price point for a 50yd hank. Try to recall all of your hiding places and write yourself a note to bring home the yarn you keep at work.2. Place all the yarn in the most inconvenient place in your home [optional depending on house to stash size ratio] . This could be the kitchen table, on the couch, in the middle of the hallway. The inconvenience of having to hurdle bins and bins of yarn will be your motivation to finish the organization process as soon as possible.3. Check it out! This is the time when you remind yourself of all the yarns that have been hidden away. Open all the bins, bags, drawers, suitcases, space bags, pillowcases, etc and see what lurks within! I'm sure you'll be surprised and inspired by what you actually have!3 1/2. Do not be seduced by a newly discovered yarn. You will find some gems. Trust me. Don't be lured in by this yarn. It will try to seduce you with its soft hand, and its deep color. It will convince you that you have to find a project for it immediately. Don't let it play you! Ravelry will be there when you get done.4. Separate the keepers from the chuckers. Depending on how long you've been holding a stash, you may find that you have outgrown some of your yarns or maybe you finally realized that yellow really does make you look jaundice. It's time to pull those yarns from your collection and destash or trade for yarns you'll use!5. Figure out your organizational style. Now that you have all of your keeper yarn before you, it will be easier to figure out your organizational style. Maybe you want to organize by color. Of fiber. Or finished project. Or quantity. Or maybe a combo of two! Organize by what fits your style and your stash.6. Channel your inner Librarian. This is the fun part. Organizing! Sticking it all in bags and labeling. I can't say enough about how awesome those vacuumy space bags are. You will be amazed at how much space you have when you yarns are properly vacuum sealed [I found that I have quite a few balls of yarn that are on cardboard cylinders. These I put all together into an old zipper bag my comforter came in since vacuum sealing wouldn't do much].It would also be a good idea to have a computer with your Ravelry stash page pulled up at this point. As you organize and group your yarns, you can be sure that your online stash reference guide is up to date also.7. Store properly and label! However you decide to store your stash, be sure to make sure it's kept safe from all the things that mean to do it harm: moths, cats, dogs, dust, little children with dirty hands, other knitters, etc. And don't forget to label your newly organized stash so when you h[...]

Organization Is A Mofo


Seems I've fallen off the blogging face of the Earth again. I'll try to stop it.

Thanks for all the well wishes on my new place. I've been trying to get it all together, but have seem to have lost steam somewhere along the way. This happened, of course, because I only have less than 5 moving boxes to unpack. Yeah. And I certainly don't have the excuse of the Olympics anymore...although I am 4 episodes behind on Lost...I think that's excuse enough. Ok, I know. I'm getting on it.

One thing that has come to my attention during this move is my stash. I know I said it before, but I have a lot of yarn. Not crazy amounts, but certainly enough to keep me occupied for long time. Last year, when I started the Stash-to-Accessory Knit-a-thon, I pulled all my odds and ends yarns out and put them in their own separate-but-equal bin. That left all the yarns meant for larger projects. Now these yarns are stored in their own bins, but I don't have a specific system by which they are organized.

So this is where I throw the question out to you:
How do you organize your stash?
Do you organize by...
1. ...weight? Sock yarns, bulkys, worsteds...
2. ...fiber? Cottons, wools...
3. ...intended projects? shawls, sweaters, hats...
4. ...time of year you would knit/wear said fo? Summer/Spring, Winter/Fall...
5. ...where ever there's room?

I was first thinking to organize by season or by intended projects. "here are all my yarns that are a sweaters worth or more..." or "it's summer, what can I knit" [because we all know in the heat of August no one even wants to think about, much less see a hank of wool].

So give me some suggestions. I look forward to your thoughtful advice.

Movin' On Up....


to the Valley!!!

I'm officially a Valley Girl. I don't know how I feel about it. Not that there's anything wrong with the Vally, know. Two weeks ago, I moved from LA/Hollywood [aka Hollywood Adjacent] up to the San Fernando Valley. Yes, the Valley...cold in the Winter and stifling in the Summer. Lucky me.

The actual move was a pain, I'm loving my new place and am slowly but surely finding a place for everything. I wish I had enough space for a Crafty Corner, but alas, it was not meant to be. Why have a corner, when one can utilize an entire one bedroom apartment? Can I tell you how horrified I am at the amount of yarn I have? I need to get to some serious knitting, STAT! I have three huge tubs and a few bags and...ugh. There is SERIOUSLY no need for me to buy even a single ball of yarn for a very long time. I'm toying with the thought of destashing some of stay tuned. Once I get settled in, I'm going to have to take a long hard look at what I have and what I can part with.

I can't wait for this to all be done so I can get back to knitting!

The Agony of Defeat


My boss just told me she's not going to the Olympics.

This is how an athlete must feel when they get ready to go compete for their country just to find out they didn't make the team on a technicality.

Ok. Maybe not. But close.

It's okay. I will be moving into a new place next weekend and really don't have the time nor the wherewithal to finish the second mitten right now. There's yarn to pack, for pete's sake. I will try to work on them as much as I can, but there is a slim chance they will be done in time for the Opening Ceremonies. Oh well.

Two other pieces of former commenting system, Haloscan, has gone the way of the Dodo Bird. So I've switched over to something called Echo...mostly because I didn't want to lose all the comments telling me how awesome y'all think I am. haha. It would be funny if we all knew it wasn't true. Since this new system doesn't ask the commenter to leave an email address, I've decided to try out leaving my responses in the comments section also. We'll see how this works out. It's not like I get that many comments anyway. haha. Again, sad, but true.

And speaking of sister has finally decided to join the blogging world. You can find her Slangin Some Strang on her new blog. Go forth and comment.

Sad Day


It's a sad day when a knitter begins a yarn diet.

Life changes are presenting me with numerous financial restrictions...and honestly, yarn purchases are the one thing I can certainly cut from my discretionary budget. Besides, I was looking at the stash and there is more than enough yarn to keep me interested for quite a while.

I did need to have one last fling though.

I've been so excited about how the fair isle has been coming along with the Anemoi set that I wanted to try it in a larger, more colorful way.

(image) Knit Picks to the rescue!

I had seen the Corrie vest in various KP emails, but had resisted, despite its seductive $20 price tag. Then an email came through heralding the kit at $13. Self restraint flew out the window and an ordering frenzy commenced.

To my credit, I was able to resist ordering more than just the vest.

Not much, but it's a start, right? Everyone knows once you get going on that site, it's hard to stop.

So this goes into the ever expanding queue. At least I know I have the yarn for it, right?



I'm sure you've all been losing sleep wondering how I've been fairing with the Anemoi mittens.

(image) Fear not, friends. I have completed a single mitten.

I have had some issues, but from the comments I've been getting I can see that I'm not the only one.

Despite all of my issues [personal and knitting related], the pattern produced a very lovely mitten. I'll reserve final judgment until it's properly washed and blocked.

I'm not really looking forward to casting on mitten #2 to be honest with you. The only consolation is that it will go much faster and easier than this bugger.

(image) There are two things that are bugging me.
The first is the top. It came out okay, but the edges look a bit sloppy.

I'm hoping I can shape it properly so it doesn't look so messy. I don't think it was my grafting job as much as it was confusing decrease instructions and trying to turn the damn thing inside out with the needles still attached so I could get it all grafted together. I just don't know.

(image) The second thing that is bugging me is the thumb. I was trying to figure out what the instructions were instructing and where exactly to pick up the extra stitches and somehow I picked one up in the oddest of locations. Stitch, they name is Ugly. Since it's just the thumb, I don't really have a problem with ripping it out and reknitting. Besides that, the whole thing is a little short, so it needs to be ripped out anyway.

On to Olympic trial #3. Wish me luck.

Amemoi Mitten



Amemoi Mittens
Originally uploaded by superstarra
And my first mitten is only half complete! You know I'm breaking out into a cold sweat every time NBC runs a promo...

The Vancouver Olymipcs

I eat knitting deadlines for breakfast.

After I completed the tubular cast on obstacle, everything was going smoothly. I went up a needle size, the knitters intuition was eerily silent and the cuff fit over my hand. JOY!

Then I completed the rib section. You know what came next.
All hell broke loose, that's what.

For some reason, I couldn't get the hand portion of the mitten to cooperate. I had too many stitches or too few stitches or the chart scrambled itself or the gauge was off or the instructions were in Greek. You know. The usual. I knit and frogged back. And knit. And frogged. After 5 or so attempts over two nights, I sat myself down, read the instructions and tried to figure out where I was going wrong.

Seems reading helps!

I took my time and was able to get passed the first 4 rows. Seems it's a good thing I didn't get too far anyway, because on my previous attempts I had totally left out the thumb gusset. And the boss has thumbs. So, as you can see it's all working out, Anemoi and I are friends and getting along splendidly. I should have these babies done with plenty of time to spare.

Of course, today I casually ask my boss when she plans on leaving for Vancouver. She pauses and says...'Well, things are crazy and I don't know if we're actually going to go!'


No, I didn't say that. But I was silent for a long while. Then I said, "we're just going to hope that it can happen".

Regardless, she'll have a beautiful pair of mittens and a lovely hat. And I'll try not to be sad that they might not get it's debut at the Vancouver Olympics.

Totally Tubular


I've been learning a new technique! The tubular cast on. I haven't been blessed with an opportunity to use this particular cast on before so you can imagine how excited I was to attempt to teach myself a new technique on a project that has a definite deadline and utilized size 0 double pointed needles and stranded colorwork.

So for the past two days I've been trying to figure out how to make this cast on work. Wednesday night, I had figured it out. I was ready to roll. Once got going on the cuff, the Knitters Intuition decided to speak up.
'Wow, that sure looks small.'
'I hope that cuff stretches.'
'Did you cast on for the adult size or the kiddy size?'
'Did I mention how small that looks?'

(image) I finally had to give into the voice in my head and came to terms with the fact that I would have to frog and start over. I pulled out the needles and wouldn't you know, that damn cuff wouldn't stretch over my hand at all. I definitely casted on for the infant size.
At least I was only 4 rows in.

I'm going to go up a size and see if that will solve all my issues...

(image) And here's a scale picture, just in case you might thing it was joking about how small it was.
Back to the drawing board.

Panic Attack


We all know how cool our knitting community is, right? Well back in November, I participated in a little contest Leslie was having over at Nake-id Knits. I participated just for fun - and wouldn't you know it, I won!Well, the poor package that she sent me languished in my PO Box while I made desperate attempts at finishing Christmas knitting. Yesterday I finally was able to remember to get over to the Post Office.First off, the cutest little card! I love stars! Like you didn't all know that already.I can honestly say I didn't see the post revealing what the prize was, so imagine my surprise when I pulled these out of the box!A huge cone of lavender alpaca fingering weight yarn. I love purple and oh-my-god there's so much of it! The possibilities are endless! I've actually been wanting to make the Forest Path Stole for forever, so that will be my first choice for that yarn.Then I pulled out a massive hank of Lisa Souza lace weight. When I say massive, it is no exaggeration! It's like 2,500 yards of massiveness! I have never been so excited to knit some lace in my life...and if you know me, you know that's some serious excitement. I now have to do some serious research as to what this will become. Something not too taxing to my non-lace knitting brain.Something rectangular.Something fabulous.Something that will lend itself to the colorway.Is that too much to ask for? Suggestions always welcome, of course!Thank you, Leslie...I really can't believe you sent all this to me! I'll make you proud, I promise!Oh, I have something else to share with you!The finished Anemoi Hat! I will admit now that my panic over it being too big and too busy may have been premature.Once I finished up the crown decreases, it all seemed to pull together. The pattern doesn't seem as busy and although it still seems a little long, it's not as bad as I thought it might be. It covers my eyebrows and ears, which will probably be good for my boss who is a total So Cal girl and hates the cold. I'm going to give it a nice wash and block and see how it all comes out on the other side.I still fully intend to make a second, plainer hat, if there's time before she leaves. I just want to have all my gifting bases covered. And who knows, if the plainer hat and mittens seem more suited to my boss' style, this lovely hat may just have to stay behind with me. Bummer, I know.[...]

Gauntlet: Thrown


I love a challenge.

Ok...that's not entirely true. I will admit, I will knowingly wander outside my knitting comfort zone, but there are times it would seem that my knitting projects are purposefully trying to break my spirit.

Yesterday, I gleefully wrote about my progress with the Anemoi hat. After posting, I knit a little here and a little there and before I knew it, I was working the crown decreases.

We all know the moment of anticipation when first try on one of our projects. And that moment always comes at a point where success is close within our grasp and to turn back would be folly.

Anemoi and I crossed that threshold at about 9pm last night.
(image) Upon putting Anemoi on my head, I realized I had two problems.
1. It was too big.
2. I love the pattern, but think that it will be entirely too busy for my boss.

So with a heavy heart, I removed Anemoi from my head, returned it to its bag and considered its fate.

As for the size issue, I realize now my gauge was off. In trying to keep my floats loose, my gauge got a little crazy. I should have dropped down to a size 1 needle. I considered washing it in some hot water, but this is a superwash wool, so that option isn't an option. As the brim of the hat is well below my eyebrows, I could frog back the pattern and shorten the crown. I could also rip out the entire thing and start over with less stitches. As it took me only a week to get to this point, starting over is actually a viable choice. But that doesn't take into account issue #2.

I love this hat pattern, but somehow, I think this hat and matching gloves may be too much for the boss. I'm considering a plain hat with maybe just a little colorwork.

So...what to do? I think I'm going to finish off the hat tonight then start on the mittens. I'll definitely be more diligent about staying on gauge. Once that's done, I'll take stock of my leftover yarn and find a hat solution. As the hat has only used up less than 1 skein of each color, I'm confident I can get the mittens and a second hat from the unused 4 balls [two of each color].

This project is really testing me... and in the Olympic spirit, I shall rise to meet that challenge head on.

Winter Winds May Blow...


Hey all! I bet you thought I disappeared. Yea, you're right, I kinda did. But I'm back! With a project to knock your socks off.

Ok...maybe not. Humour me.

At least its a new technique for me...that has to count for something!

Earlier this week, I casted on the Anemoi Hat.
My first Fair Isle project.
In fingering weight yarn.
On size 2 needles.
In the round.

(image) As you can see, my progress has been pretty steady. This is one technique to which being a left handed knitter really lends itself. Two handed knitting has really come naturally to my biggest concern is keeping a steady tension and my floats loose. What a conundrum. Regardless, I'm totally loving it.

Once the hat is done I will cast on for the Anemoi mittens. The set is for my boss, who will be attending the Vancouver Olympic Curling event. It's her Christmas gift, but I figure I have until February to finish them. Totally do-able, right? Right?!?!




I'm knitting as fast as I can!


AUGH! The holidays are starting to stress me out! I'm trying to knit gifts, but I don't know if it's going to be possible. I'm making stuff with stash yarn, with no intended recipient and have a feeling that I'll wind up feeling that nothing I've made will be good for those I have to give to!

What to do?!?!

I guess it's time to take the stress away and just buy gifts.

A few things...


Life here in Superstarra-ville is hectic as usual. I'm becoming overwhelmed by my unfinished projects and by the need to cast on for yet another project. It's exhausting! I think I have a good handle on the holiday gifting and am working at a good pace to get quite a few gifts done in time for the 'C' word.

No, not that C-word.

But I are a few new and exciting things to share...

(image) Flicker 2.0.
Right now I'm working on a second Flicker. V requested one after she saw and fell in love with mine, so here I am again. This one will be beadless as we couldn't seem to find a single bead store in LA that was open when we were out shopping. Amazing, I know. Especially when there is a huge fabric district Downtown with numerous, insanely stocked bead stores.

I'm using a yarn I've never used before, Filatura Di Crosa Zara, and I have to say, I'm really liking it. I'm having a little issue with splitting, but I think that's mostly due to the pointy needles, o' pointy-pointy, I'm using. It's coming along pretty quickly and I'm hoping to have it done asap...

(image) I've also bought some yarn.
I have a single ball of Malabrigo in purple that a received and it was so lonely, I thought I would buy it some purple friends to play with. Sadly, my ball didn't play nicely, so I exchanged those two hanks for burgundy instead. I have no idea what to do with it. I think a third burgundy friend would be a good idea and broaden my options.

Why not, right? You can't take it with you and it is Malabrigo, right?

(image) And a single hank of Malabrigo. I've gone crazy, I know. Green is one of my favorite colors and this hank with it's drab green and streaks of pink really caught my eye. It's Malabrigo, there's no way it would pool ugly, right? Right? Well it won't really matter, since I"m planning on making the Crofter's Cowl with it. The lace will break up the colors and it will be beautiful. Because I said so.

Catching Up...


Here are a few of the projects I've recently finished...BackstoryPattern: wham bam thank you lamb! neckwarmerYarn: Lion Brand Thick & QuickNeedles: US13Exposition: This neckwarmer took a bit less than skein. I was able to knit this up in one evening. I'm not too happy with the bulky seam, so I think I'll pull it out and graft those stitches instead.Other than that, warm & cozy. I love the offset-ness of the edges and that you can fold and twist it around your many different ways to style!BackstoryPattern: Marian CowlYarn: Not 100% sure. Did a burn test and am still not sure.Needles: US13Exposition: Another super quick, super easy project. My first mobius. I made a bit of a mistake, as I seem to have two twist, instead of one. Can't tell, really, but I'd like to try this again.And seed stitch is so much less annoying on size 13s...BackstoryPattern: Claudia BeanieYarn: Patons Merino WoolNeedles: US 4 & 6Exposition: I got this off the needles and was immediately taken with what a great looking hat this is.I made a bit of a mistake on this one too. I did the ribbing on size 4s and immediately switched to 6s for the cable trellis section. Lo and behold the instructions say to switch needle sizes after the cable section. OOPS. Why can I never remember to read the freakin' instructions? ugh. Didn't make a big difference's for a guy with a big noggin. I love this hat! You all must go forth and knit one.And lastly...I'm sure you can guess what this single crochet beaning is going to become...[...]



Yesterday I went down to Torrance for the So Cal Handweavers' Guild Weaving and Fiber Festival. I didn't really know what to expect, but thought it would be a fun adventure. The Fickle Knittress was going to be there, and that was reason enough to go, right? So I called my sister and asked her to meet me over there so I wouldn't be a total loser walking around by myself.

We walked around, checked out the booths, molested a lot of fiber, met Michelle, [who is waaaay cool] and spent practically no money! I didn't buy any yarn, if you can believe it. I think having close to 10 projects in progress was quite a deterrent. We talked to a lot of really nice people [and a few stinkers who didn't know 'excuse me' means move out of the way] and I thought I saw the lovely Natalie wandering around, but wasn't 100% sure, so I didn't say anything to that lady who looked like a fellow blogger. I'm lame, I know.

It was fun all around. I'm especially excited about the new patterns I have to knit up. I could really use an extra set of hands and a month of vacation time.

Every Way Wrap


Thank you so much for all the comments about my little neckwarmer. I'm just glad that it didn't unravel or spontaneously combust. It could happen. Although I have several projects that need seaming or stuffing or hemming, I decided to cast on for something new. Something that won't need seaming or stuffing or hemming! The Every Way Wrap from IK Fall 2009.

(image) I had picked up two hanks of Eco Wool while we were in Seattle this summer. One hank was to be a tam for my cousin and I was planning on using the left over along with the second hank to make myself something. I started the hat - really I did - but realized that this yarn would be entirely too heavy for the hat I had in mind. So I frogged it and now it's mine! All mine! I am amazed by the size of this yarn ball, so I had to take a picture of it, with a tube of Kaiser Permanente Thrive lip balm for scale. HUGE! It will be so warm and cozy wrapped around me! I can't wait!

(image) Of course, I may have to wait awhile, as I am still slogging through the ribbing. I need to take a mental health knitting day. Is there an allotment of days for that?

The Collette Neckwarmer


So, last week I mentioned that I knit a neck warmer without the aid of a pattern.

It actually happened.

As you know, if you've ever read my blog, I am not a big fan of knitting variegated yarn. I am, however, a big fan of buying it. There's something about all those beautiful colors here and there in the many pretty colors...all in one yarn! But alas, when knitted, I hate the pooling and the splotches of's all just...BLEH! That being said, I have been bothered by an orange and yellow hank of Elizabeth Austin Andes in my stash and I realized if I didn't knit it up soon, I never would.

I searched high and low for a pattern for my single hank. I knew it would have to be either something lace [bleh again] or something with a stitch pattern that would break up the colors and keep the ugly pooling monster at bay. I had limited yardage, so a neck warmer would be the best bet. I saw lots of patterns, but none of them seemed to gel with this yarn.

At wit's end, I pulled out my copy of Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book and started looking at stitch patterns. One seemed like the right stitch for the job. The Linen Stitch.

(image) So I casted on a nice 124 stitches, knit a few moss stitch rows then started the Linen Stitch section. It broke up the yarn enough for a mottled look in some places and stripes in others. I would have loved it to be all mottled, but it's all good because the nasty pool monster was vanquished [for the most part]! The only problem I ran into is the moss stitch border wasn't really working out. It flared a bit too much, so I pulled out what I knit and replaced it with a 2x2 rib. Perfect!

(image) It is still in need of a wash, a block, and a label but I didn't want to delay pictures as people were getting impatient. Geez. Ha ha. It fits nicely and the wool is nice and warm...perfect for a friend who must moved to San Francisco. I hope she likes yellow and orange.

I don't know if I would consider myself a designer just yet, but I do feel freed from the written pattern tether. And now I've got all sorts of ideas running around my head! Is this the slippery slope of designing that I've been trying to avoid?



I think I just knit a neckwarmer without the aid of a pattern.

More to come.