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Updated: 2011-11-29T20:38:09Z


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(image) Voice Coach Demystifies Elocution Lessons
Olivia MacDonnell from ConfidentSpeak demystifies diction lessons and shares her top vocal pointers to having an assured speaking voice. 
I think the times of "how now brown cow" repeated at revulsion are an out-of-date thing. The term "elocution lessons" developed a bad reputation of being stiff, uninteresting and drill-like in approach, maybe properly so ; but voice coaching or elocution lessons have changed significantly. They are now simpler, user-friendly and at times systematic in their approach to a confident vocal delivery. 
Therefore to prove it, this voice coach wants to share with you one or two pointers to having a great talking voice. 
Hence there is no rush, don't confuse energy with speaking fast. 
The Drama of Pause Don't be terrified of the silence 
Never underestimate the power of the pause! It shows you are not scared of silence
You'll hold a listener's attention by making potent silences. 
Are you Breathing? 
A listener always is related to a chilled composed communicator. I know.. You understand how to breathe! 
But did you ever essentially consider how your breathing can have an effect on your vocal delivery
To have a strong, resonant voice it is crucial to understand correct breathing. You could need help from a voice coach initially, so here's a helping hand : 
Think about breathing efficiently in the body 
( a big breath is not how much air we take into our body but how deep in the body it goes ). 
As you breathe target the centre of your body expanding 
As you breathe out or speak, the centre of the body reduces 
Think about the message you want to convey 
A voice coach will always ask you "what are you wanting my listener to think and feel about your message? 
Decide on this and the emotion in your voice will follow. 
Think Power Words..Think Vocal Contrast 
The most significant words in a sentence are known as "key power words" These words break the sentence down to its basic meaning. These words need to stand out in some way but how? 
Change of volume 
Pitch Difference 
Articulation of certain consonants 
Adjustment of pace 
Pause before or after 
Try the strategies for yourself! 
So as you can see, not a drill or a tongue twister in sight! Diction lessons have been revamped. 
Hi, Olivia Mac Donnell here. I am the founder of Confident Speak. I am one of a small number of specialist voice and communication consultants working throughout Ireland and the UK.
And finally, if you are interested in elocution lessons please visit us at Voice Coach